the dante circle

Okay, I know it’s been asked before, but I gotta say it:

HOW in the seven circles of Dante’s Inferno did Darth Vader not know that Leia was his daughter?

Who else could possibly look almost exactly like Padme and have Anakin’s extreme proclivity to sass?! 

a hint, dear Anakin: it’s not your nieces Ryoo and Pooja.

Like seriously, I want to know. How is it that he did not take one look at her and be like, “I sense a sass I have not felt since…” and then realize “flames of Mustafar! I’ve been hornswoggled!” (okay, okay, so he wouldn’t actually swear by Mustafar and say “hornswoggled”. He’d probably let out a very colorful monologue in Huttese though.)

No really, Anakin. What is it? Is it the mask? Are you too distracted by your Sithly day-planner? (Monday: kill insubordinate stormtroopers. Tuesday: enslave planet. Wednesday: think about how much I hate Obi-wan. Thursday: self-loathing time. Friday: look terrifying. Saturday: nod at everything Palpatine says. He has lightning and most of me is made of metal. It’s common sense. Sunday: eh, probably more self-loathing and a decent interval of rage and hate for myself.) How is this not obvious to you, Anakin? It’s as obvious as you and Padme were when you thought you were being discreet. Remember, Padme did kiss you in front of Obi-wan and Yoda once. So that’s how obvious this should be.

Old Friends - Part One

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Prompt: I want to request something 🙊 - The reader and Negan were/are best friends (or more) before the apocalypse started, they were together everyday and had lots of fun! They got seperated when it all began and they were thinking of each other everyday ‘til the day comes they see each other again. (Hope you understand what I mean, haha) – Via @lilablauerhimmel

Ships: Negan x Reader – Platonic
Words: 1,390
Warnings: Curses
Category: Fluff


You had joined a small community only a few months back. The community only had about thirty people including yourself.

You had been on the road before then, wandering aimlessly through Dante’s seven circles of hell (or that’s what it seemed like). You had been alone since the beginning, since the very first day that this shit storm hit. For all you knew all your friends and family were dead. Yet you would still look up at the sky and hope against hope that they were somewhere looking up at it also.

It was a small community but it was close knit and everyone knew everyone else so it had taken you a while for them to trust you, but when they did that might as well have handed you the leadership position on a silver platter. You had been organizing them, sending them out on constant scavenging trips and making sure that everyone had a job to do and that everyone was organised.

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Dante’s Nine Circles Of Hell (As depicted in “Inferno”)

“Hope not ever to see Heaven. I have come to lead you to the
other shore; into eternal darkness; into fire and into ice.”

Just as the first circles of Dante’s Hell are the circles of incontinence, where those who lack self-control are tortured by their runaway desires, Marx’s sphere of circulation, the market, is where producers are tormented by the movement of their products, which they cannot control.
—  William Clare Roberts
from Marx’s Inferno

anonymous asked:

What is your dream holiday destination? and no Rooney Mara does not count as a holiday destination.

you are quite right anon, Rooney Mara, in fact, isn’t a holiday destination. She is a one of Dante's circles of hell.

But my dream holiday destination would be Venice I think, or Vienna. Istanbul is up there and so is Bora Bora. Lots of places basically.