the dangler


I’m just going to leave this here and run away giggling madly.

I’ve been given VERY specific feedback from you-know-who to keep an eye on this kid. I don’t know why, all he does is push around his pills and strangle his lower dangler. It’s boring.

Gromflomite Veterans Reflect on Blood Ridge

By Xanzzit Knaplorp

It’s been 27 glaagnars since the Battle of Blood Ridge. And while the 25th anniversary might seem like a more significant milestone, this year should be even more interesting. 

This year marks the first anniversary with Earth as an official member of the Galactic Federation. With many of the horrible atrocities from that fateful day committed by Earth human Rick Sanchez, the buzz around this new planet is not sitting well with some of the surviving Gromflomites.

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Transition drill with our Ragnarok holster setup as a thigh rig attached to my warbelt. With a check drill when bringing the primary back online. If a threat presents itself during the transition back to the primary, the pistol can quickly be utilized.

Once the stoppage of the carbine is identified, pistol returns to holster quickly, and the primary is fixed.

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