the dancing twins


From the top round window, stood a figure in a long dark coat and a simple top hat. A cane was by his side, but he wasn’t leaning on it. In fact his posture was straight as eyes landed on the three making their way to his doorstep.

He knew who they were before they stepped passed the gates. Word in the underground networks of a scientist drifting from employer to employer with his “experiments” by his side. What was odd was not only that he kept them close by without leash, it was that the three regularly switched between hero and villain. When Black Hat looked further into it, however, it was clear that the trio preferred the more… unethical side of the playing field.

Furthermore, the one called Doctor Flug, seemed to be very high quality in his inventions. It made him stand out more than anything else that was surrounding him.

Black Hat needed a mind like that. Flug would put him above rivals and competitors alike.

He wasn’t sure the use for the other two however he could always use the extra hands– staff was an option. He was severely lacking in servant to take care of simple tasks he didn’t have time for, such as dusting. Black hat let out a hum, the sound reverberating in the room and echoing. The room almost seemed to rumble and floorboards creak as if the house had hummed along with him and agreeing with his thoughts.

He had made the decision to hire them the moment he saw the qualifications, of course, but he didn’t have to let the three below aware of that tiny detail. He did want have at least some fun with this. 

Black hat’s grin was nothing but sharp teeth as he moved the way to the window and settling back into his desk chair, waiting.

This would be interesting.


ruubiix  asked:

For the twins au what do you think the Citizens think of having a pair of superheroes that switch genders is? Because I could totally see Alya making some crazy theory about genderfluid shapeshifting alien superheroes or something. That actually sounds just about right for the comic book world after all.

Haha, that is exactly what I figured too! Alya would have a hundered and ten different theories about why suddenly their heroes are the opposite gender, ranging anywhere from clones to twins to gender-changing shapershifters to 4000 year old deities take take the form of humans, and poor Marin and Marinette would have to sit through her talk about it whenever they switched. They eventually become tempted to just tell her the truth if it meant she’d stop theorizing about them being from outer space. 

As for the citizens, I think they might have some theories too but they’re not as obsessed with finding out the truth as Alya.