the dancing dragons

Pennywise HC’s

dragon-thorn said to wetclussy: Do you have any Penny heartache/grieving hcs?  

💔 IT hasn’t experienced this kind of emotion in a long long time, they’ve pretty much forgotten how it feels all together.

💔 Pennywise, or IT, are not really one to get so attached to something, or someone. So for them to have grown so close to whatever it was, then losing it, emotions ERUPT from within their being.

💔 Once experiencing it again, it is almost too much to bear. Overtaken by sadness and sorrow, IT is unable to hold they’re Pennywise form, constantly shape-shifting in pain and agony.

💔 Since Pennywise is it’s favorite form, being unable to keep it stable does not help resolve they’re situation. Resulting in weeks up to months of constant roaring in grief.

💔 Tears will fall, blood is shed (they’re own and those unfortunate souls near them). Many times they’ll end up in a sad wet puddle in they’re lair, sobbing, weeping, wallowing in grey waters as they’re emotions go to the extreme no matter what emotion it is. Going absolutely insane (if they weren’t already).

💔 Whatever/Whoever they lost, once the storm ends, a shrine is made to remember, it is in a special area tucked away under the large horde in they’re lair. IT will often visit it, clean it up and add things to it. Sitting in front of it, lost in thought of their loss.

💔 If the pain is great enough, an early hibernation might take place, for IT to get away from it all in a death like sleep.

💔 The Pennywise form has returned and is stable, but this sad clown’s laughs and giggles continue to fall flat for awhile longer. Being that they were so overflowing with sorrow and grief, getting it out of their system takes a very very long time. But eventually, they come to accept their loss.

💔 Every loss they experience, it gets that much harder to get to them. They will push those urges and emotions deeper and deeper, so they have to ever happen again.

Yeah, very peaceful years indeed.