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How would seventeen be like if they were partnered up with you (an idol they have a crush on?) and you guys were going to perform a duet like troublemaker or some? :))

S.Coups: I think he would be really excited about it, but of course he would be nervous. Though I think he would make it his first priority that you were comfortable with the performance, but yeah he will definitely slip in a greasy line every now and then bc he can’t help it ok. But yeah I think he would handle it really well?? Though he would be a bit hesitant if there were any touchy moves and be like “woAH are u ok with this??” and when you’re like “yeah lmao chill” he will definitely blush a lil but he will go for it 100%

Jeonghan: He would seem cool with it but honestly he’s a nervous mess and while you’re practicing he always messes up and slips around lmao. But he knows he’s good looking though, so he makes that to his advantage so whenever there’s a flirty part (which is all the time) he makes sure to make your heart flutter and tbh in the end you stumble as much as him so your choreographer is pretty dang upset. But you two eventually end up making the hottest performance of the year and you two probably end up in a cupboard after the performance bc after all those hours practicing such a hot routine leaves a lot of pent up feelings

Joshua: oH MY he would be so nervous about it, I think he would feel very conflicted. Since you’re his crush he just can’t say no but at the same time he’s so worried if you will be uncomfortable and if you will think he’s a creep??? So he’s always asking if you’re ok while you’re practicing and he’s so hesitant about the touchy moves so eventually you just get really frustrated with him and end up taking control of the situation and makes him touch you the way he should and he’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun: he was born for this performance ok this will be an experience to last the rest of your life. And yes he will be super smooth like honestly he knows he was born to do this and he will leave you so hot and bothered after every practice. But tbh he’s so sweet so just before the performance he will probably tell you that he thought it was so wonderful working with you and even though he was confident in what he was doing he still had doubts and worried if you thought he was greasy and you’re like “nnOO you were amazing ok” and he will probably blush a little and it’s obvious he’s so happy that you felt comfortable working with him (he might even ask u out after the show !!!!)

Hoshi: he’s sO EXCITED to make a performance with you and when you guys meet he’s so excited and nervous so he can’t stop rambling about all these dumb things but once you’re about to start practicing he gets really serious and he made this super sexy choreo and you’re like ???????????? hold on is this the same guy ?? and while dancing he’s quite dominant so he’s not really hesitant if there are any touchy moves and you’re like “woaH ok” but as soon as you finish he ends up being rly nervous again and rambles on about how he could probably improve the choreo and you’re confused but at the same time he’s so cute so it’s all ok even if he’s confusing (it’s also a turn on how he can switch so fast lmao)

Woozi: He would be very serious about it and you would be practicing ALL THE TIME, he would be very keen to please everyone with the performance and works so hard on the song it just ends up draining you so eventually you just have to give him a reality check so you just stop during one of your rehearsals and tells him that you don’t really think this is working out for you. He might be a bit shocked but he probably realises he got a bit too caught up in it and finally confesses to you that he just wanted to impress you with how hardworking he was and that he took your collaboration seriously since he really likes you. It sort of ends up being an unintentional confession and he gets really embarrassed about it but afterwards you two work like magic together and the performance ends up really amazing and tbh you might find yourself with a mutual crush

Wonwoo: Would be acting super professional about it and you really wouldn’t be able to tell but he’s only acting like that because ge just doesn’t know how to act around you???? ??? So while practicing it’s all quite formal and your choreographer will probably be a bit annoyed about it because there’s no chemistry which is the whole point of the performance so one day Wonwoo just decides “fuck it” and he goes for it and you two have A+ chemistry and you’re like ??? woah what the heck but you definitely like it

DK: YOU CANNOT CONTAIN HIS EXCITEMENT and he’s very vocal about his adoration for you but you never really take it seriously because lmao are people really this forward with their feelings ???? but yeah he’s super sweet and he’s a joy to work with tbh (even if he’s a bit awkward with the flirty parts sometimes) and then you guys finally perform and won’t see each other as much you notice yourself missing this dork so you ask him to meet up and he’s like yeS I WILL COME RIGHT AWAY and you’re like lmao I missed this cute ass nerd

Mingyu: oH MAN what a dream this would be lmao, but honestly even though this guy is a walking flirt he is also a huge dork so he’d probably start giggling and stuff while you practice and if you had some more vulgar moves he would be like woAH I’M just going to turn around oK. But yes he is a dream to work with, and yes your performance is like the hottest event that year but he will make sure to catch you after the show to shyly ask you out and it will be like straight out of a movie somehow bc this boy is perfect ?

The8/Minghao: you might expect this boy to be shy in his performance but lmao bOY are you wrong, he will go all out and you will be v pleasantly surprised. BUT he is also a sweetheart and always checks with you if you’re comfortable with the moves and the performance as a whole. He is basically perfect and yes you will end up crushing on this boy because he is a sweetheart but also really hot on stage and it’s like ??? yES

Seungkwan: you might expect him to talk a lot but he’s worried he will say something stupid and start to ramble so he makes sure to keep his mouth shut as much as he can which makes you think he doesn’t like you at first since he doesn’t really talk to you ??? but one day you overhear him talking to the members about how he’s unsure how to act around you so you ask him about it and he starts to ramble which is really cute and ends up confessing but it’s all ok bc it fits with the performance and you two end up a really good duo

Vernon: he will try to act cool ok. And you don’t think much about it first, but he really tries to impress you. He makes sure to have everything ready early (all his lyrics for his raps are done in like 3 sec no kidding) and he practices hard and long on the choreo and he actually does end up impressing you so when you tell him he just gets really blushy bc he probably didn’t expect it to work so when it actually did he doesn’t know what to do and he’s just so cute help this boy pls

Dino: he will literally never stop doing michael jackson impressions bc he thinks it will impress you ok. Like seriously, it’s all he does

sORRY about this taking 800 years honestly I am such an ass, hope this is alright

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