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Birthday part 3 (CollegePapyrus)

It’s Sans’ b-day and it seems things are looking as gloomy as always…

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Hi!! I know this might seem like a very weird request, but I have a soft spot for Harry and Narcissa getting along! Do you know of any fics in particular where they have a nice relationship while/before Harry is courting Malfoy (or vice versa)? Thank you!! Still if you don't get to this, thank you so much for all your hard work with your blog!!!!


Two Hearts That Bleat As One (dracogotgame)

Rating: PG, WC: 5.3k, Summary: After the war, Draco was prepared to spend the rest of his days alone and miserable. Then that damned goat showed up. This is a remix of icmezzo’s brilliant Love Lies Bleating.

Claimed (dragontara)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 8.1k, Summary: Harry is investigating a crime when he crashes right in the middle of the Veela mating party. Five Veelas are very interested in Harry and already have him cornered, when one surprisingly familiar person jumps in for a rescue. But if you thought it was difficult to get five Veela suitors off your back when they were only showing interest and trying to impress, try to deal with a fiercely protective and possessive Veela, who is determined to claim you and taking no for an answer.

Twelve Hours (eidheann)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 14.9k, Summary: The last thing Harry expected to see while leaving the takeaway was Malfoy dumping his garbage into a bin on the kerb of a Muggle neighborhood.

Where Your Heart Is Set (hazel_wand)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 13.3k, Summary: Draco comes home from school to find that his mother has decided to rebuild their family to include Andromeda, Teddy… and Harry Potter.

The Cider Press (sassy_cissa)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 9.4k, Summary: Sometimes Mother really does know best.

Draco Malfoy’s Worst Christmas Ever (It’s All Harry Potter’s Fault) (coffeejunkii)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 11.1k, Summary: All Draco wanted for Christmas was a quiet holiday. But then Harry Potter caught Dragon Pox, Severus Snape’s portrait needed a temporary caretaker, and Narcissa Malfoy decided that she would no longer put up with Lucius’ newfound love of flobberworms.

Foundations! Verse (Saras_Girl)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 364k (Total), Summary: Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.

Mending White Picket Fences (radcliffe_bass)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 12.7k, Summary: Two years have passed since Molly Weasley and Lucius Malfoy died in the final battle. Arthur and Narcissa, due to the strength of the support group they joined shortly after their spouses died, have moved on, and have found love in each other. Their wedding is scheduled for next summer when Ginny, Draco and Ron graduate but they both realise that between now and then, some things will have to change. To help ease the two family’s transition from friends to family they are spending the holiday together. Now Draco’s forced to spend his Christmas with a bunch of redheads and an annoying flirt of a saviour who just won’t let Draco out of his sight.

The Years Before Love (lomonaaeren)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 13.1k, Summary: Harry didn’t ever dream he could have a family beyond the Weasleys. But then, at one point he didn’t dream he could have a family beyond the Dursleys, either. He tries not to think too much about those years, but in a way, they’ve made him what he was and given him what he has now.

Moving On (nimrodel_13)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 25.1k, Summary: After the war, the Ministry forces Draco to turn the Manor into a building open for public use as part of his sentence. So he turns it into an Inn. Surprisingly, it is going quite well until his father’s ghost appears in one of the Manor’s rooms and scares away all of his guests. As a last resort, Draco seeks the help of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived-Twice turned intrepid Ghost Hunter. Because if he can’t maintain the Inn, he may lose his home…

A Remedy For All Seasons (cutecoati)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 14.8k, Summary: When Draco Malfoy returns to work on a mysterious outbreak of children’s disease, Harry is not surprised to find him a nuisance. In most regards, that is.

I’m always trying to figure out what to say about this goddamn song.  Part of me wants to say, ‘Look, it’s about revenge,’ but as soon as I say that… no, that’s not quite it.  Part of me wants to say it’s about the satisfaction of not needing revenge… and I say, ‘No, that’s some new age stuff.’  I think it’s a song about the moment in your quest for revenge when you learn to embrace the futility of it.  The moment when you know that the thing you want is ridiculous and pompous and a terrible thing to want anyway.  The direction you’re headed is not the way you want to go.
—  John Darnielle, discussing his song “Up the Wolves”
the signs as mountain goats songs

Aries: “The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton”

Taurus: “Last Man on Earth”

Gemini: “Up the Wolves”

Cancer: “Oceanographer’s Choice”

Leo: “Lion’s Teeth”

Virgo: “Never Quite Free”

Libra: “You Were Cool”

Scorpio: “Commandante”

Sagittarius: “See America Right”

Capricorn: “Lovecraft in Brooklyn”

Aquarius: “Tianchi Lake”

Pisces: “Steal Smoked Fish”

BigBang new MV expectations

GD: Got dressed in the dark. Dyed his hair with KoolAid. Bouncy, Bouncy. Falls on his back shrieking and kicking his legs in the air. What are those? 

Taeyang: Who thought that hairstyle was a good idea? Gold chains, gold chains. Look at ma abs! Sweaty body rolls. Girl, I just want to grab you and spend all night….reading you some bible versus that I think you would enjoy. 

Seungri: I’m Sexy. My concept is sexy. I may be the youngest, but I’m sexy. I’ve been working out! Flips a table,,, Wasn’t that sexy?!?

Daesung: Sunshine, eye smiles, cute puppies and rainbows. OR dark dungeon S&M, there is no in between. 

T.O.P: I’m outside?!? Runs around frantically. Does a hundred cart wheels. Chases a goat. Damn I’m Good!!! 


Invader Zim screenshots I forgot to upload 2 years ago from S1 Ep “WALK OF DOOM”. These were really in the backgrounds!
“Love or die!”
“Warm the globe”
“Stop making babies”.
“The goat what’s you”

There’s gonna’ come a day when you feel better.

You’ll rise up free and easy on that day,

And float from branch to branch, lighter than the air.

Just when that day is coming, who can say, who can say?


sleep like dead men. wake up like dead men.
and when the sun comes, try not to hate the light-
some day we’ll learn to walk upright

[…] crawl ‘till dawn, on my hands and knees
god damn these vampires for what they‘ve done to me.

the mountain goats - damn these vampires.

(I love this song and this band, and when it came up on shuffle, I couldn’t help but think of Simon Lewis and Raphael Santiago, and while it’s not quite the same message, aspects of this song just fit.)

Imagine bringing guinea pigs into the bunker

“Y/N, please tell me those aren’t what I think they are.”

You turned around slowly, holding the guinea pigs in your hands.

Once Dean saw them for sure, he rolled his eyes and folded his arms.

“I told you the rules about bringing pets in here.”

Technically,” you began, “The only rules you have are about cats and dog… and goats.”

“Damn, Y/N,” he sighed, “You know what I meant.”

You held the guinea pigs up under your chin, smiling at him hopefully.

“Damn it,” he mumbled, “Fine. Keep them. But they’re not staying in our room.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” you grinned, walking towards a spare room, “Sam helped me set up their hut in here earlier.”