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  • Seventeen
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  • Red Velvet
  • Twice
  • AOA
  • 2PM
  • SF9
  • Seven O’Clock
  • Astro
  • NCT
  • A.C.E
  • Dean
  • Zico
  • Highlight
  • CLC
  • Pristin

True Story:

I was in a 10 year romantic relationship with another woman and we lived together, worked together, bought a house together, had dogs together, went out together, ate good food together, traveled the states and the world together…

And you know what’s one of the first things we discussed when we realized we were serious...having kids and how we weren’t having them. And we did that because we were two MODERN grown ass women.

Just saying. Peace and soul grease!

I can’t believe I’m jumping into the goddamn voting discourse happening on my dash BUT I’M IN A BAD FUCKING MOOD RIGHT NOW SO WHY NOT:

Point Number 1: Mandatory voting is, to me, obviously a far better system than what the USA has now and would push us much further to the goal of actual democracy instead of the myth that we have now.

Point Number 2: When Americans respond as if it’s a bad thing, it’s not them being ~stupid ignorant Americans~ because they are taking it as if we were to make voting mandatory RIGHT NOW without changing anything about our voting system.

Because our voting system right now is UTTERLY ABYSMAL, because our politicians don’t WANT the people of the USA voting. 

It is explicitly racist, classist, and ableist, so if the USA were to make mandatory voting tomorrow, it would basically just be only as a way to punish people who CAN’T vote (as opposed to WON’T vote), who are already at a disadvantage in the United States.

Here’s some “fun” facts about voting in the USA!

-Not every state has mail-in/absentee ballots. Only 34 states allow you to submit early voting without an “excuse” for doing so. So for people not living in those states, that means they must show up at their assigned polling location on that day. So if you can’t make it there because you’re working or don’t have the transportation to get there, or if the building is otherwise inaccessible to you, TOUGH SHIT!

-Election Day is a Tuesday, i.e. a day when many people have to work. Not every state has a law that says a workplace must give a worker time to go to the polls and vote. Hell even some states that do have a law for that, the time is still unpaid. You can see how this deters people who are living on hourly wages from voting.

-Thanks to the boogeyman of ~voter fraud~ that Republicans invented, voter ID laws since 2006 require that people present a government-issued ID at their polling location in order to vote. This disproportionately affects non-white voters (particularly Black and Latinx voters) and while claiming to combat ~voter fraud~ (a crime that happens so rarely it barely counts as a statistic), what it really does is erect another barrier that keeps people from voting.

So in short: I’m kind of super tired of seeing people from other countries where mandatory voting makes perfect sense because it’s an accessible system that make voting as easy possible cluck over those ~ignorant Americans~ who don’t want something that’s obviously such a good thing! Obviously the reason they don’t have it is because they’re just so darn ignorant! NO, it’s because the rich assholes in power in this godforsaken country DON’T want people to vote!

Blah blah blah ~tumblr is America-centric~ whatever, I’m over it right now.

guys I finally did it. my first actual gif. After what. 5 hours of dicking around learning the interface? And with edited colors and everything!

I recognise that the wind in the background looks like pixelated garbage but hey, it’s not bad and I’m really happy with how it turned out!!

Barnes and You: Part Three

Summary: You’re just a mere college student trying to get by; when you’re not in class you’re working at your local bookstore or writing on your laptop. One day, when Tony Stark shows up with the Avengers for the release of his new book, you’re starstruck at the sight of the metal armed soldier.

Warnings: angst, light smut

A/N: This is going to be a multipart miniseries that I’m writing because why the fuck not. Later parts will contain angst, fluff, smut, Jealous!Bucky, and much more secondhand embarrassment. Also, if you want to be added to the permanent tag list you have to send me an ask. Just. Send. Me. An. Ask

(Part One) (Part Two)

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Prison Break fic: Afterward

I tried to resist, but I can’t. I’m tackling a new WIP, which picks up at the finale. Can be read on too. (Chapter 2 is up there, and I’ll put it up here soonish.) Sadly, I can’t post easily to prisonbreakfic, but I’ll update there as I can.

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Day 0 (Exoneration Day)

Sara had been resolute: if Michael’s plan worked, if he truly was exonerated and they found themselves free from this nightmare, they weren’t running. Starting fresh didn’t have to mean starting over. Mike would go home to his familiar bed, to his school, his friends. The house was hers, paid for and in her name, she told Michael, a hint of pride in the jut of her chin. Her eyes had held his: the effort she’d put into making a life for their son there was hers, too, and should have been Michael’s…theirs to share. He’d have that back, she said. He’d get it all back; they both would.

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‘How Old are You?’ (2014) is important because it’s a successful (Malayalam) Indian movie that sheds light on the sexist ageism that is still rampant in Indian society

@danisnotonfire My dash did a thing. I think it’s pretty accurate…


Have some young Sami Zayn without el generico mask on your dashboard. It’s damn cute.

nomoreghostie-anon  asked:

What if the piano represents Yoongi?? That Danger reference totally mindblown me. Maybe, even the piano from Danger represents Yoongi.. And Jungkook is always mad at Yoongi because, just like Sinclair, Jungkook is looking up to him

I mean, Jungkook is Sinclair who’s always looking up for Demian, which is Yoongi, and he wants for him to stay as a role model. But when adolescence came (Danger era) Jungkook realized that Yoongi wasn’t as pure and perfect as he thought he would be…

And then again, in RUN, Jungkook punches Yoongi because he’s still not over the fact he’s not as strong as he pictured it, and now he tries to help him. HOWEVER, in the short film #1, the piano is burning…just like Yoongi in I NEED U. So…

Does that mean Yoongi is dead?? “Min Yoongi is dead” (Yoongi) “I killed him” (AgustD/Demian) ok maybe it’s not that deep but SJFBAJDAJFJABFJAHHD


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