the dame edna experience

Taken from BONG 2 credit to DMTVArchives

Full name: Alan Charles Wilder
Date of birth: 1.6.59
Place of birth: Hammersmith Hospital
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 65 kilos
Family details: Father: Albert; Mother: Kathleen; Brothers: Stephen & Andrew
Favourite TV show: Dame Edna Experience, Comic Strip, Test Match Special, Wildlife On One
Favourite film: Performance, The Godfather, Bladerunner, Koyaniskatsi, Clockwork Orange
Favourite thespian: Donald Sutherland, Robert Deniro, Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange, Malcolm McDowell
Favourite city: Paris, Rome, Berlin
Most prized possession: Album collection
Favourite own song: Shake The Disease, Stripped, Never, Everything Counts
Favourite group / singer: Kraftwerk, Smiths, P.I.L., Philip Glass, Talk Talk and many more.
Favourite song: Strawberry Fields
Biggest niggle: Cleaning up cat shit
Biggest fear: Losing my marbles (and hands)
Most hated thing EVER: London cab drivers, James Stewart acting, Jeremy Beadle
Ambition: To be very rich and very happy
Previous jobs: Tape op, DJM studios
Qualifications: 3 “O” levels, Music, English, French
First concert attended: The Who, Hammersmith Odeon
If scientists could make men pregnant, would you volunteer?: No