the dakota

MML Negaverse AU

Basically the Darkwing Duck Negaverse, but for Milo Murphy’s Law Universe.

Milo Murphy- A kid who always is followed by a trail of good fortune and laughably easy challenges. He is bored to tears, and wishes life would challenge him. Actively seeking danger, but never finding it.

Zach Underwood- A stuck up popular kid that wouldn’t give ‘the commoners’ the time of day.

Melissa Chase- A nervous wreck when it comes to life, constantly looking over her shoulder. Negaverse Melissa couldn’t care less about her grades because she’s to busy remembering everything bad that’s happened in the world.

Bradley Nicholson- Basically a hipster/ modern hippie (Like regular verse Mort)

Mort- (Basically regular verse Bradley)

Mr. Block- Very friendly and goes out of his way to be helpful and kind, even to those who walk all over him.

Brick- Never had ambition for time travel, became an airhead model with no combative skills to speak of.

Savannah- Became a friendly and supportive kindergarten teacher, whose all about people 'learning to reach their full potential’

Vinnie Dakota- Top agent in all of the Bureau of Time Travel (BOTT), and a very intense guy. (Basically regular verse Block)

Balthazar Cavendish- BOTT agent, tasked with saving low priority stuff (like pistachios) only real goal in joining the agency was to prevent the Mississippi Purchase.


California is taking a stand against anti-LGBTQ states

  • California has a travel ban of its own.
  • On Thursday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra blocked any state-funded travel to Texas, Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky because of anti-LGBTQ legislation passed in these states.
  • These four states join a list of others — including North Carolina, Kansas and Mississippi —where nonessential travel is restricted for government employees.
  • Taxpayer money “will not be used to let people travel to states who chose to discriminate,” Becerra said, according to the AP
  • Each of the four states has passed anti-LGBTQ legislation since 2017 began. Read more (6/23/17)

Judge orders environmental impact study on DAPL, a last-ditch hope for the Standing Rock resistance

  • The fight against the Dakota Access pipeline has been a tumultuous cycle of small victories and big defeats. 
  • But even as oil flows through the pipeline, a federal judge might have delivered one more hope to the Standing Rock water protectors.
  • U.S. District Judge James Boasberg handed down a memorandum opinion Wednesday demanding a new look into the possible environmental impact of the pipeline.
  • The pipeline has already sprung multiple leaks
  • It won’t stop the oil flow necessarily, but the judge’s opinion is a small victory for the Standing Rock Sioux, who have been taking their fight to the courts since the encampments were disbanded in February. Read more (6/15/17)

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