the daily superman

Under the pretense that he’s checking up on his investment, Bruce Wayne often likes to visit the Daily Planet. Whenever he sees Clark, or after making it a point to find him, he likes to loudly tease him and call him Superman.
He does it all the time and Clark, a nervous wreck throughout the entire visit, hates it so much because he’s terrified that his cover will be blown.
But Bruce continues to do it and everybody else just finds it hilarious, because it’s CLARK KENT the clumsiest human being alive there is no way he is or ever will be Superman wOw Bruce Wayne is so ridiculous

Superman’s “Secret” Identity Headcanon

  Literally everyone at the Daily Planet knows that Clark Kent is Superman.  This is the dork who would go over and lift a 400 pound desk with one hand and go “Oh hey there’s my pen!” And then put it down and panic like “Did anybody see that?” “No, Clark” “Oh good” New reporters see him and go “But that’s -that’s -” “Superman, yeah, we know, shh don’t mention it he thinks he’s keeping it a secret.” Meanwhile in the villains gallery: Metallo “I’ve found out who Superman is!  He’s Clark Kent, that reporter from the Daily Planet!” Lex Luthor “We know, you fool.” “We should attack him at home!” “What, you think he’s less bulletproof when he’s at home in his pajamas?”


Superman Motion Poster - ‘Hope Never Dies’ - JUSTICE LEAGUE

You are my Superman but I am not your Lois Lane and that’s okay because you have taught me to be my own Superman and one day I won’t feel like I want to be someone’s Lois Lane
—  At least you taught me a good thing, even if you broke my heart // JustScribbledWords