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щ(゜ロ゜щ) - Mechas and robots Sam 


From wahn of mah previous artworks (AU! Invoker Jack and Mecha!Sam) 

That boi always inspire meh to draw new things ! i always feel so creative !


Also - It’s pretty rare to read meh sayin’ that but i’m very proud of this !

Mostly because that’s somethin’ i wanted to do for years now and i feel like i reached a goal that i thought i would never achieve. 

I hope to dig deep and deeply this kind of art style. ∑(゚ロ゚〃)

Special thanks to @disturbug for their precious art references .That really inspired me for the “unknow mechas “ and that will inspire me for a lot for others! 

fan-art-ic  asked:

How did Coran get his scars in your species swap au???????????

The human!Coran I got in my au is based on @thebiscuiteternal species swap au human!Coran, cause i luv. 

so copied from biscuits blog how human!Coran got his injuries-

“Coran had a nasty time with backstabbing, too. The practically legendary crash that scarred his face, back, ribs, shoulder, and hip, and left him permanently grounded from flying was due to an act of sabotage by a member of another squadron who was jealous of Coran’s spotless flight-and-fight record. Though the sabotage was proven, no suspects were ever named, so Coran more or less had to deal with both the physical and mental trauma and the scandal himself.”