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For the poke drawing meme; #18 with fairy? Maybe?

18. Alternate type (fairy)

Fairy-type Bidoof flock around puddles the morning after a thunderstorm. If you leave out sweet berries near your well, Fairy-type Bidoof will gather and make sure the well never runs dry.



Didn’t do a whole lot today other than my morning chest workout, but I kept busy enough to rack up the points!

Also weighed in at 219.6 this morning, down 2.4 pounds from last week! I understand that a lot of that could be water weight, but that’s why I only weigh myself once a week and don’t pay too much attention to it. But I am more than happy with how I’m looking and feeling right now, I think this may be the best shape I’ve ever been in!


parallels between the original 5/new 5
most of these are just vague theories at this point and im gna develop this later

obviously, homer/french- sports, strong connection shown thru the reflection scene (maybe french’s usage of coke makes him more susceptible to like.. casual interdimensional travel idk!!)
rachel/buck singing, the thing w/ the red backpack, rachel says that “there was a lot of hate in that town” gay subtext? (i wish) and buck is misgendered on a daily basis
steve/scott- scott rats out OA to hap, steve kinda rats out OA to his parents. theyre both just stonie dudes who get a redemption arc
jesse/rennata- jesses mom commited suicide and i guess is stuck alone w his sister and rennata feels trapped on the island