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doodles of quiglet because even tho we’re never told that they don’t find each other we’re also never told that they DONT find each other and get married and have a party w their friends n family

You’ll be fine. You’re 25. Feeling [unsure] and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. Take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel okay all the time.
—  Louis C.K.

Solarpunk is exactly what we need right now. The immediate future is almost always bleak in mainstream movies and books. If society hasn’t utterly collapsed, the masses are being controlled by some tyrannical government. 

The post-apocalyptic future is infinitely interesting, since there are countless ways to imagine it. Mutants of all kinds, reformed landscapes, the marriage of old and new technology, survivalism–these are fucking fascinating concepts to explore.

But solarpunk offers the same opportunities for imagination in these areas. Androids–humans fused with technology for a myriad of interesting reasons; reformed landscapes–we have a chance to explore what the future could look like if we had direct control over shaping the earth in a way that not only benefits us and our planet, but is also beautiful; the marriage of old and new technology–this is the prime chance to explore the possibilities. “Futuristic” technology exists, but it’s not easily distributed on a mainstream level. Solarpunk offers a chance to imagine what it would be like if we could make these planet-saving technologies widely available, integral pieces of our society. In addition, there are some practices that are simply best when done by human hands and not by a machine. Combining these life-enriching, hands-on simple tools with efficient and seemingly magical new technologies is something I would love to see in my daily life.

Solarpunk is optimistic, innovative, leaves room only for growth and imagination, and directly relates to the problems our planet is going through. By engaging creatively in the solarpunk direction, we can create some real tangible change that could steer us away from the bleak future we all seem to expect. We can live in a green world again, shaped by our imagination and respect for our natural resources, finite and (relatively) infinite. 

It Is Never Too Late...
  • to find love
  • to start your career
  • to pursue a passion
  • to begin your recovery
  • to start being true to yourself
  • to love yourself

daily reminder: you are braver than you think you are. you’ve braved so many skinned knees and soft purple bruises. you got up. you carried on playing. you laughed and smiled like you had never felt pain. remember that when you meet eyes that can skin you alive and peel you back to your final layer. remember that when words hit you like bullets and they blossom under your skin like violets. when they show like bruises. you can get up. you will play again. one day soon you will laugh and smile like you have never felt pain.

20 reasons why Malia Tate is the Queen of Teen Wolf

In response to buzz feed: 20 reasons why Malia Tate is the REAL queen of Teen Wolf.

***in response to Malia haters on Twitter, not trying to bash Holland, or Lydia. Just a lil jab go Will Wallace !

1) She has literal beautiful character development, she grows so much as a person in half a season, more than Lydia did in 3 seasons. 2) She fought for the pack, no questioned asked, immediately. 3) realistically was concerned and could not handle the deaths of chimera’s, like a normal person. 4) Puts her family first. 5) Cares about Stiles, so much more than Lydia does. Platonically or not. “I should be protecting stiles” - Malia “he’ll be fine”- Lydia rolls eyes. 6) Promotes self confidence for every young person watching the show. 7) Kicks literal ass on the daily. 8) Is optimistic, but can always hold her own. IE. When theo offers to help her, but she never lets him completely control her. 9) She was given up and forgotten by her birth parents. Her birth mother attempted to kill her when she was 8 years old, killing her adoptive mother and sister in the process. Was then forcefully alone and on her own for 8 more years. Is almost killed on multiple occasions, again by her birth mother, who shot her repeatedly and was going to kill her. Yet, through all of that, she lives with the guilt of blaming herself for her family dying AND continues to fight for everyone else. 10) Does not get phased. Is more determined after getting knocked down. 11) Does not let anyone control her life. She does not hide her emotions, she is independent af. 12) straight- up. Honest and Blunt. What’s better than that? Need an example? Just watch any episode from season 4. 13) Compassionate. She worries about everyone else in the pack. She doesn’t just worry about herself. *cough 14) Loves unconditionally. We see this in her relationship with Stiles and her relationship with her adoptive dad. 15) The quickest learner. She was out of society for 8 years, then jumps right back into high-school and is shown taking the same classes as “the genius” Lydia. 16) Determined. Sets her mind to something and always succeeds. She has never given up on something that she wanted. 17) She isn’t fan serviced or the “central hero,” just because buzz feed ran out of things to say about her. 18) slayed from day 1. No delays or struggles. Just fought and slayed. Shows so much skill and control, so quickly. 19) Selfless. She never once has judged anyone for there actions. She even trusted stiles when he was possessed as the nogitsune and never once judged him after killing Donovan. 20) IS A LITERAL ACTUAL TEENAGE WOLF. SHE ACTUALLY HAS FANGS AND CLAWS AND SHIFTS AND HAS LEARNED TO CONTROL HER ABILITIES AND WILL USE THEM IN ANY WAY SHE CAN. AN ACTUAL FEMALE WERE COYOTE. thank you.

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This is your daily sign to keep going. To trust yourself and believe that good things are indeed coming. Never give up one yourself. 

i know times may seem bad right now. bad days happen, that’s part of life. but even so, you must keep going. you’re worth it in every sense of that statement. dont give up yet. amazing things are headed your way. please be patient :))