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People misunderstand me.“

"I like uncertainty in roles, and I like uncertainty in art, really.”

“Without sounding overly pompous about it, I don’t really trust certainty in anything, actually. Especially as I get older. Except love. I’m certain of love, I guess.”

“As soon as you get two actors in a room and they’re locking eyes, they’re doing a scene.”

“It’s more fun to keep stuff secret.”

“There are about 20 people in my life that I want to love me, and none of them are the ‘Daily Mail.’

—  Favourite Martin Freeman quotes

My humble imagining of how Sherlock’s birthday party went down. I would have loved to see it in the episode but at least we know it happened. :)

Daily Doodle #9 - January 9, 2017

Art belongs to me, do not repost without permission!

This was quite the crash-course attempt at color and lighting…gah. Gotta learn how to paint again :P

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Yourfavisproblematic is more problematic than most people they have on there. It seems they don't even know what half the publications they quote from are, i.e. The Daily Mail. As Martin Freeman was just mentioned, he's a prime example.

And most of the people that they accuse of antisemitism are Jewish. They clearly aren’t aware that self-deprecation is a staple of Jewish humor.

New York man charged with hate crime for placing gun to Muslim cab driver’s head

  • Two days after Donald Trump’s inauguration, a white man threatened a Muslim cab driver at gun point in New Paltz, New York. 
  • Now, he has been charged with two felony hate crimes.
  • New York State Police said Andrew Plachecki, 26, placed the gun to the taxi driver’s head and called him a “motherfucking piece of Muslim shit” early Sunday morning. 
  • Plachecki, reportedly intoxicated, pointed the gun during a cab fare dispute with the driver.
  • The cab driver, who works with Jon’s Taxi, called his dispatcher and signaled a state police cruiser. 
  • Soon after, New York state troopers found Plachecki at a nearby gas station and arrested him.
  • On Monday, the Daily Freeman reported that Plachecki received two felony charges: “menacing, displaying a weapon as a hate crime and reckless endangerment as a hate crime.” Read more

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Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch

Reported by the Daily Mail: There’s been wild social media speculation over what Benedict Cumberbatch has named his baby but I can reveal the Sherlock star and wife Sophie Hunter have settled on the rather elegant moniker Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch. Carlton is a family middle name shared by Benedict and his actor father Timothy. (x)

Christopher is one of Martin Freeman’s middle names.