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as finals week approaches, zuko is the one who settles down with a zen playlist and a cup of tea and meticulously writes tiny notes in cramped handwriting on 3x5 notecards. he studies mostly in the mornings and afternoons and in quiet corners between classes. sometimes he likes to retreat to the library.

sokka, meanwhile, stocks up on junk food (mostly pizza rolls and oreos) and makes multiple daily trips to the campus coffee shop. he studies best at night and he has a giant cork board covered in color coded notes that he continuously adds to. he takes breaks from reading to watch youtube videos and sometimes about whatever he’s been studying, but usually they’re more along the lines of geico commercial compilations.

((finals are either here or on their way for pretty much everyone still in school atm. don’t know about you guys but i’m slowly dying. what do you do to help yourself concentrate???))

Yet another illustration for the Post section of the Brown Daily Herald, for an article in which the “writer talks about problems with the narrative of sweeping all the Ivy Leagues, the way in which the myth of elite schools is constructed, and extends this phenomenon to other recent events in pop culture.”

Jay x Reader

“Jay x reader please where reader is Chad’s sister and Jay steals her handbag, but finds an inhaler and medicine in it. So he sheepishly returns it too her and aplogizes with lots of fluff please xx" 

 For vengeancechoseus

Note; theres like eight drafts saved right now, with six more request in my inbox. Some of these have been in here longer than others, but tbh I’m just going through the list and choosing which ones I feel like writing right now. That being said, these are gonna come in random order, but don’t worry if you requested something it will be up! Its just a matter of time. 

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Mouthful of White Lies

Ichiruki. Angst. Post-TYBW, before 686. Canon-compliant in the worst way. Consider yourselves warned for ichi//hime and implied ren//ruki. Also, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it ishihime. Thanks to @leohzy and @hashtagartistlife for the read-through. ~2100 words.

I can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me/what happened to the soul you used to be

Fall rushes in on the cold wings of a storm that strips the leaves off the trees and tosses them into soggy piles up against doorways and into the gutters. Ichigo scuffs his feet through the piles on his twice daily walk between the campus and the apartment complex where he lives. It rains in icy gusts that chill him to the bones and make him hunch his shoulders and turn up the collar on his jacket. He walks, hands stuffed into his pockets and head down, earbuds pushed into his ears to discourage any friendly overtures that aren’t already put off by the scowl that darkens his brow and twists his mouth.

Kurosaki Ichigo, substitute Shinigami no more, is twenty-one years old, ginger-haired, and outwardly, completely happy with his life. He’s got a job and an apartment, he’s got papers to write and exams to study for and a girlfriend to dote on, who dotes on him in return, but there’s something missing.  Ichigo has never been the kind of person that spends a lot of time on self-examination, but he is intimately familiar with the shape of the thing that is missing – it is a little under five feet tall, possessing eyes the colour of a twilight sky and is the reason he used to get up in the morning.

Ichigo turns off the sidewalk, and heads into the apartment complex, where his flat waits, dark and cold, to welcome him home. He toes his shoes off at the door, and drops his bag and his keys on the floor next to them. The rain falls in sheets against the windows, and Ichigo flips the blinds closed, preferring not to look out at the sodden city. He hates the rainy season.

He pads through his flat, opens the fridge, decides there’s nothing of worth inside it, closes the fridge, and stands, aimlessly, in the middle of his dark kitchen. He should eat. He should study. He should call Inoue. He should - do a lot of things. Instead, he stands, shoulders slowly hunching forward, in the middle of his kitchen, until the ringing of his phone shatters the silence.

Ichigo startles, and then flings himself towards the entryway and his bag. He fishes his phone out and accepts the call without looking.

“Yo,” he says, and there’s a startled inhale on the other end of the line.


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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a recently committed student who'll be attending Smith in the fall. I'm from Southern California, and I haven't ever owned winter boots or coats for daily use. Boots: on campus, do people tend to wear half-waterproof boots like Bean Boots, full waterproof technical gear, or something else? Coats: What length do people usually wear, are they puffy down coats or more fashion-forward like pea coats, and do people tend to own multiple coats or just one general-purpose garment? Thanks much!

A lot of this depends on your preference, and how cold you get. Winters get pretty snowy and cold at times so I would recommend investing in some winter gear. Boots: I actually have bean boots and didn’t even bother brining them to school this past year simply because during most of the winter they are useless to me. My feet get really cold, easily and the bean boots aren’t warm enough. Also, when it snows they are typically too short and if you have to walk through some snow you’re likely to get quite a bit of snow inside them. A lot of people have tall winter boots like Sorel’s (the taller the better in my opinion), and I have a pair of AMAZING boots that I get a lot of strange looks for but they’re honestly the best. They’re called Moon Boots. Here’s a pic of my friend and I in ours:

Jackets: honestly the key for winters in Northampton is learning how to layer properly. Some people wear pea coats during fall and spring but in the winter they just aren’t as practical. Some people wear ski-jacket style coats all winter and other people wear long down coats to their ankles, it really depends on finding what works best for how cold you get and your price range. As a first year I had a small ski-jacket style coat and found my thighs and bum were always freezing so I ended up getting a double layer, long coat to my knees and I was happy as could be with that. 

-Madeleine ‘19

So before this year ends, I’m gonna go ahead and post my resolutions for 2017. I’m really excited for next year, I can already tell it’s gonna be awesome :D Thank you @aoademic for tagging me ^_^

1. Be studyblr-worthy.
I LITERALLY started this blog yesterday, and I’m really happy to be seeing some followers already. Therefore, I want to actually live out my life well so that I can make great content. That means investing in little things like taking better notes, not hitting snooze (HAHA) or getting Starbucks more often to set the studying mood.

2. Write more essays or stories.
This year, I want to participate in more writing contests to get a little more money or just for the sake of knowing I can write well by winning (i love competition!) If possible, I want to join my school paper as well.

3. Be a better leader and a kinder person.
Some people irl actually say they’re scared of me (omg) and I want to be nicer to others, especially in leading groupmates or classmates. I can be really harsh and judgemental on people aroud me, and that has to change :)

4. Manage my time wisely.
I cannot adequately stress how my perfectionism always gets the best of me, leading me to waste time often, so I need to properly schedule to avoid that. Maybe I’ll have to change up my sleep schedule, but it will be worth it :p

5. Take care of my body.
Because of schoolwork, I tend to skip meals, do all-nighters and eventually neglect how I look (ahhhh), so I want to be more mindful of that. Perhaps walking more around campus or daily workouts will do the trick.

If anyone wants to do this challenge, go ahead xD I tag (i hope you don’t mind me tagging you) @midnitelatte, @ambivalentstudies, @aescholar, @catalinastudies and @honeydewstudies take it :)) A happy new year to everyone!

Worlds Apart *Closed*

Blake growing up was always a fan of flowers and birds…anything natural really. So in college, it was no different. Instead of studying (y’know.. since midterms were coming up), he went to the atrium on campus almost daily. 

Today he brought bird seed because he noticed that one of the birds was sitting on a nest. He walked over close to where the nest was and he put some bird seed next to him. He then pulled out his sketchbook and started to draw. After a few minutes, he decided that bringing bird food might not have been the greatest idea. Or sitting so close to the nest. 

“I’m not gonna touch the babies! I’m not! Don’t look at me like that! I’m not doing anything wrong.” He huffed as he spoke to….well.. spoke to the bird. 


you jump, i jump

For griffinandblake, who also lives a Rory Gilmore/Logan Huntzberger lifestyle and supports all of my flailing over this ship, so here’s a Bellarke AU as a thanks for chatting with me about it :)

Bellamy heard the snickers of passersby as he stood in his dorm’s vestibule, leaning against the brick wall, blindfolded. He knew he looked silly, that he was just asking for someone to stick a sign on him or something. It was a college campus, after all, filled with plenty of delinquents just itching to cause trouble. Still, the instructions in the envelope that had been taped to his bedroom window last night had been very specific. So here he was, waiting, blindfolded, being laughed at.

The things he did for the Yale Daily News.

“Oh good, you’re ready,“ An amused, light voice chimed as someone tugged on his arm violently, almost causing him to trip as he was towed outside.

“Hello to you too, Clarke.”

Her hand just tightened on his bicep in response, and he didn’t need to see her face to know that she was smirking at him.

“Was the blindfold really necessary?” He grumbled.

“Only way they would let me bring you.”

Bellamy scoffed under his breath, because even if these mysterious ‘others’ had insisted, he was pretty sure Clarke would’ve required the condition just the same, if only to see him in this ridiculous state. He had already agreed to abide by any rules she or the other members of the Life and Death Brigade proposed, so she pretty much had free reign for the whole day in that respect. He just prayed that she respected him enough to only make him look silly for half the time. That much he could handle, given that this story was going to make his college newspaper career, or at least that’s what Anya, his editor, had told him.

The sound of a car door opening jarred Bellamy back to his current situation, and soon after he was being shoved into a back seat. As he felt the top of his head just graze the car doorframe, Clarke chuckled.

“Watch your head,” she advised.

“Hoping I’ll get concussed and pass out before I have a chance to see anything?” Bellamy shot back, only a little annoyed at her seemingly careless guidance.

The only answering sound was the car door slamming shut as Clarke jumped in next to him, her leg pressing tightly against his, which made his pulse jump in an annoyingly nervous way. Fumbling for his seatbelt, because god knows who was driving, his fingers accidentally brushed her hip, and he heard her laugh again before helping him.

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So someone asked me about what’s in my pencil case. Lately I’ve been obsessing about these boxes from HEMA, because they contain everything; markers, pens, fine liners… But I still have my glittery pencil case that I got from a friend for Christmas. So I have a lot of pens in all kinds of colours to be honest, I think I’m a little bit obsessed but I think it makes me a good studyblr. I have lots of BIC pens, because I think they’re the best, they last a lifetime and they’re very smooth to write with. I also really like fluorescent pencils because a grey one isn’t as fun as a bright pink one.

So my conclusion is that everyone should have HEMA boxes and BIC pens because I think they make studying FUN (or at least bearable) :D

Your letter suggested that we will now be satisfied, but questions “at what cost” to Smith College. We have seen this sentiment echoed again and again amongst our fellow students and faculty. What would honoring a symbol of imperialism and oppression have cost the students harmed by this selection? We have seen so much discussion about the hypothetical damage to Smith’s reputation and its future. What about the very real damage to very real students? Smith advertises itself as a campus for all. What would Lagarde speaking have cost those students repeatedly asked to smile, recruit, fundraise, and ignore the erasure and abuses they suffer daily on campus? You have mentioned that the dissenting students were a small minority. This seems irrelevant—if even one student feels unsafe and silenced at Smith, that is unacceptable. The administration should be considerate of its students’ varied backgrounds, and not just when said students can be touted as examples of diversity. The protesters did not silence Christine Lagarde, but it has become apparent that Smith’s administration wishes Mme. Lagarde had been granted the opportunity to silence the students who were uncomfortable with her selection. Since when has Smith College become a place where women are encouraged to lower their voices?

Open Letter to Kathleen McCartney

Smith Students take a stand amidst the media uproar of Smith College’s recent commence speaker protests.