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“People shouldn’t be allowed to eat and drink on buses….creepily listening in to people’s conversations, that’s totally fine, but eating? No!

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I drive school buses daily and when I hear parents complain to me about something I didn't do right or I didn't punish one child for poking their ''baby'', I literally want to hand them the keys and say ''YOU F*ING DEAL WITH 200+ KIDS A DAY, I QUIT''

As an Rper who plays Rachel living in LA, I get extremely tired of looking through website after website, for places she can go, vegan restaurants, theaters, ect. I am very grateful for my rp partner, who actually lives there and helps with all the suggestions for the things our characters do in the rp.

For those of you who are like me, and can be lazy I decided to create a little guide to:LA Living/visiting, from the information I’ve picked up from researching and it will even have little pictures. It’s going to be a little long because let’s face it, LA is huge but I promise by the end of it you’ll know what you need to know!

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