the dagger and the coin

WHEN (not if, get fucked if people cancel this film series) we get more films

I can’t wait for the other Rangers to get their weapons

I liked the little homage to Trini’s daggers when she threw whatever it was she grabbed at Rita, she’d be awesome with a pair of badass yellow power daggers, literally the only one immediately competent with her weapons and she overuses them, she needs to like…calm down maybe not everything is “I bet I can hit that with a dagger”

Zack had his pick axe action when they were digging out the coins, so imagine when he gets his power axe like this dude is going to LOVE HIS DAMN AXE LOOK AT MY AXE GUYS. BOOM. BOULDER IS NOW TWO BOULDERS. He’s like Thor but with an axe. He names it.

Billy smacking people around with his power lance, swinging it around like awww yea, knives on each end apologising like crazy when he accidentally cracks Kim around the head with it, and really doesn’t when he wins several spars purely from tripping the others over with it

Kim getting annoyed because the others keep whistling the Mockingjay tune when she draws her power bow back, she keeps getting asked what her elf eyes see and can we all just stop calling her Hawkeye and or Merida pls thanks, let her just take this damn shot

Migraines - Thorin Oakenshield

Warnings: pain, the bad stuff.

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader

Request: Hi! Could you do something fluffy with Kili or Thorin? Like maybe reader is with them and the company and has a migraine or is on her period and he tries to take care of them? Thank you soo much :)  ((Anon))

A/n: As a person who gets migraines all the time (they’re genetic) I totally loved this request! There’s a Kili version of this coming up!


Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood


Migraines are the worst, what’s even worse is when they’re genetic. You just get them, whenever you smell something terrible or if your sleep schedule is thrown off course, or if you haven’t eaten that day and it’s already night. The migraine you had now was caused by awkward night watches that made you want to tear your hair out just to make the pain stop.

“What’s the matter?” Thorin was on night watch with you tonight, he was sitting on a rock beside you, his sword lying on the other side of it.

“I have a migraine, it sort of feels like someone’s beating my skull in with a hammer.” You rub your temples, elbows on your knees and leaning forward. You felt nauseated, and dizzy, you needed sleep but you couldn’t ask for it.

“You should lay down.” Thorin says, but you shake your head immediately in response.

“I said I’d take the first watch with you, I won’t leave you to it alone.” He looks back into the cave, the fire was nearly dead, everyone was asleep, even Gandalf.

“Come; lay your head on my leg, then you may sleep but still stay on watch.” You smile but don’t refuse and lean your shoulder against the rock and your head on his thigh.

You were so tired, god, you were so tired. If anyone came up the side of the mountain that the cave was on looking for a fight you wouldn’t be able to fight. Your limbs ached from exhaustion and your head pounded. You closed your eyes tried to take some steady breaths and Thorin, probably thinking you were sleeping already, laid his hand on your head and slowly stroked your hair. You smiled, he didn’t see it.

When you wake up you don’t realize you’d fallen asleep. It’s just barely dawn, the sun shines golden pink light on the side of the mountain, glaring in your eyes. Thorin is still sitting next to you, his hand still on your head, but his eyes are closed and his chin in touching his chest. He’s sleeping. He looks so peaceful, less like the grump that you always thought him to be and more relaxed, calm even. You sit up, shoulder aching from leaning against the rock and he wakes up when his hand leaves your head. Gandalf blocks the light from in front of you as he walks to the cave. He smiles at you as he passes.

“Breakfast is served.” Bilbo hands you and Thorin each a bowl and a slice of bread. You take it and eat it eagerly, almost forgetting your manners as you realize how hungry you are.

“The sun rise is beautiful.” You look at the sky, everything look like it was bathed in pink, orange, and gold.

“Yes, almost as beautiful as you are.” You look up at Thorin for a moment before back down at your bowl, blushing madly and smiling widely.

“You’re very kind.” Gandalf still stands at the front of the cave, and you hear a bag being caught, filled with coins.

“Oh no, you didn’t!” You stand up, Bilbo snickers, “You did not make a bet on when Thorin would tell me he likes me!”

Fili laughs, you turn around to throw him a sharp glare and he shuts up almost immediately. Thorin smiles.

“Calm your fiery spirit, a bet is a bet.” Thorin’s voice is happy, and it makes you smile.

“Well I don’t like it.” You cross your arms over your chest. Bilbo catches a bag, you glare at him, Thorin laughs, the sound puts you at ease.

“If one more person tosses a bag of coin to another dwarf someone will be hit.” A bag jingles as it lands in Kili’s hands. Everyone looks at you expectantly as you straighten up with cool fury.

“Thorin-” You put your hand out- “Dagger, please.”

“Of course.” The handle of a blade lands in your hand and Kili stands up.

“You’d best start running, laddie.” Balin says to Kili who immediately starts to run straight down the trail.

“KILI!” You yell as you run after him, Kili continues to run, laughing loudly.

When you come back it’s with Kili behind you, and you’re tosses a small bag of coin in your hand. You hand the dagger back to Thorin.

“Why didn’t you stop her?” Kili asks Thorin who looks right to you.

“I would never try to halt the fury of a queen.”

Lost in Paradise (m)

Summary: The Summer Court is an eternal place of warmth and beauty. Deep within this court, past the grass and hills, lies a small cave full of flowers and fresh water. It is this cave, this paradise, which brings you and Yoongi together.
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: fluff, angst, smut || summer faeire au
Warning: small scene featuring heat play
Word Count: 12,480 (final 2,000 is basically smut)
A/N: You do not have to read Trick or True to understand this one however, Jungkook is mentioned in passing. Inspired by the Iron king by Julie Kagawa. All credit for photo goes to the bighit official site.

The very first time you set eyes on Min Yoongi is on a summer day much like any other in the lands of the Summer Court; the sun bares down from its place in the center of the pale, blue sky, it’s rays hot and sweltering yet oddly comforting. Familiar, almost, to those who have grown up and lived each day in this Court of eternal summer.

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Arthur! Run!

Arthur hates hearing those words, usually together. He really, really does. True, he hasn’t heard them a lot—most people are very much concerned about their own skin alone when things go sour. In all honesty, he would rather deal with that over those that actually care about him.

Worse, everything’s on fire.

It’s not the time to play, ‘Whose fault is this?’ But, the answer is that it’s Alfred’s. It’s always Alfred's—Alfred, with his stupid armor and his stupid sword and his stupid, sunbeam smile. Alfred whom, currently, only has a shield between himself and the dragon that’s stepping on him. Logically, the dragon’s far superior in strength, so Arthur supposes Alfred would be dead already if the overgrown serpent weren’t having a lot of fun spitting fire everywhere.

Their supplies are burning, their newly met party members are burning, and Arthur’s books are burning. Everything’s burning and it’s a sheer miracle that Arthur isn’t, that Arthur’s not engulfed in flames, and that Arthur’s mage robes haven’t succumbed to singe as imbued with magic as they are.

The worst part is that he’s absolutely useless here. What can he do? His job is to sit in the back with salt and chalks. His job is to recite incantations from books that very much require you to hone the power of the book itself in order to cast magic. He has a few books like that and right now they’re all burning, the magic screaming, and there’s nothing he can do.

He’s not from a powerful race, he’s not particularly talented, and he has no trump card or magic 'get out of danger free’ item.

The dungeon party has failed; they will all die here.

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Tradition (Viserys Targaryen x Sister!Reader) AU

“Viserys, you don’t have to-” Daenerys was cut off by a scoff.

“The ‘crown’ your mutt of a husband bestowed upon me last night did not work so I will leave.”



“Viserys, please-”

“NO MORE!” He pulled a bag and began to put things in it; a short dagger, a coin purse and some other things as he stormed around the room picking up objects, his face twisting in disgust at some of the Dothraki wares.

“Viserys, I’m sorry but you threatened your nephew-”

His chuckle cut her off this time. It was dark; full of malice and unlike the drunken laugh of bitterness he had as he stumbled his way into the tent where the gold was poured over his head. “Dany, you clearly do not understand, do you? I AM A KING! THIS IS TREASON! You and your dog’s spawn is no nephew of mine as you are no sister of mine. I am leaving and when I get the throne you will have no claim. If I have to slay you and your army of filth to ensure you have no claim, so be it.”

“But what about Y/N? What will happen to our- my sister?”

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Title: Stolen

 Summary: When Nori gets arrested, again, for stealing, even though he doesn’t need the gold anymore.  To stop it from being an issue, you come up with a creative way to satisfy his uncontrollable urge to pickpocket.  

 Warnings: Language. Theft. Fluff.  

 Masterlist of Fanfiction

“Damn it, Nori!” You shouted at Dwalin when he came to you and told you what happened.  “Why can’t…he doesn’t…”  You put your head in your hands and let out a loud yell, venting your frustrations before you took a deep breath and looked to Dwalin.  “Have you told Dori yet?”

“No.”  The guard gruffed out before leading you down the path towards the cells.  “Thought you were a better choice.”  

You nodded, sighing again as you passed some other guards.  “Thank you, Dwalin.  Dori would just scream at him, that wouldn’t do no good.”  

“Aye.  That’s what I thought.  Thought maybe a pretty lass who was givin’ her heart would be able to, though.”  That smirk, that damn smirk on his face, you were going to wipe it off with his axes if he didn’t stop.  

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10 More 1 Sentence Hooks!

1. The Paladin wakes up to find a dead prostitute in their bed, and they don’t remember a thing.

2. While walking down a remote trail the party finds a baby in a basket with a note that says “It’s your problem now”.

3. The local foppish son of a lord has challenged a member of the party to a duel.

4.The party is being chased by some crooked law enforcement and the only place they can hide is the bar of one of the party’s Ex(girl/boyfriend)(Yes, Casablanca)

5. There is a new designer drug that has hit the streets, it has minimal negative effects and is not addictive, but dealers keep ending up dead.

6. A young peasant needs help wooing the duke’s daughter, he offers the location of some lost ruins as a reward.

7. Assassins keep attacking the party, they have nothing on them besides a dagger and some odd coins the players don’t recognize.

8. The dead keep appearing in this small town, several locals have litterally been scared to death.

9. Use of arcane magic is slowly driving all the mages of the kingdom insane

10. A party member receives an official letter from a magistrate telling them that someone they care about has been murdered


anonymous asked:

ermAHGERRRRRDDDDD wee lil lexacoon sculpt is super adorable. i know u posted a to scale pic of lexacoon's dagger along with a coin (penny?) a while back but by chance do u have one with the finished version? thanks and feck yeah i'd throw money at a wee lexacoon in the case u are making them to sell

Hey thanks very much! Here’s a scale pic for ya

I’m on the fence if I want to sell this one specifically yet. Still playing with the idea. Was sorta a test run one. I definitely want to make some more though, and those I would be willing to sell :)

Mayura Trevelyan // Herald of Andraste

I was tagged long time ago by @mactirian​. Thank you!  💖💖💖

Muse Aesthetics
BOLD any which apply to your muse.
Italicize what they like.

remember to REPOST & not REBLOG. feel free to add to the list. 

fire. ice. water. air. earth. claws. fangs. wings. scales. gold. diamonds. grass. leaves. trees. roses. metal. iron. rust. rain. hail. snow. lava. fog. sky. clouds. storms. swamp. flowers. silk. leather. cotton. ribbons. bells. sun. moon. stars. blood. dirt. mud. porcelain. silver. steel. sugar. salt. fragrance. lilac. lily. glass. wood. paper. wool. fur. smoke. ash. ocean. sail. bruise. scar. wind. spices. light. dark. dawn. dusk. shadow. paint. charcoal. kettle. wine. hard liquor. sweat. dust. bare feet. canine. feline. coffee. tea. books. scratches. burns. split lip. split knuckles. petals. thorns. hay. glitter. heat. cold. steam. frost. candle. coin. sword. dagger. spear. fists. axe. staff. arrow. trident. hammer. shield. spikes. sand. rocks. roots. feathers. crystals. pearls. rubies. sapphires. emeralds. amethysts. herbs. shells. waves. lightning. thunder. sunlight. moonlight. clay. stone. brick. lions. bears. wolves. tigers. coeurls. jaguars. dragons. eagle. falcon. bluebird. raven. fruit. meat. poison. medicine. bones. ink. dance. prayer. tower. key. lock. spring. summer. autumn. winter.

Ways To Advance Your Roleplaying Experience Pt. 2: Character Design - Creating a Compelling Look

One of the fun parts of creating your own characters is designing their appearance. It’s easy to rush past this part, and many people do, but you’d be surprised how many roleplaying elements can be lost when you don’t take the time to design your character.

Both how your character reacts in different areas as well as how people interact with them can be greatly influenced by their appearance. For example…

original: Patty was a small thief boy with choppy hair and tight, non descript clothes.

Now that is a pretty generic and simple description, and you can easily play with just (and there’s no harm in that!). However, with a broad description like that, everyone may picture your character differently from how you picture them and proceed to react, respond and just generally interact with you differently based on those ideas. Below are a few detailed descriptions that can all fall under Patty’s original and general description.

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Vox Machina: child edition

Vex’ahlia, eyes wide with the moon hanging full overhead in the forests, curious and learning slowly that the night holds no dangers for nature, nor one who knows nature itself, ignoring the cautionary stories of the dark more and more every day as leaves slowly crunch beneath her feet and her fingers brush bark

Vax’ildan, clinging to corners, his dagger dull and ill-fitted in his smaller hand, eyes sharp on the coin purses on hips with a hunger deeper than any rumble in his belly, desperate to do more than hide but unsure of how to proceed, eager to escape the shadows of the city and embrace them all the same

Percy, pilfered falconer’s leather gloves and smudges, stiff in the shoulders and hating the rigor with which such posture was imposed, channeling all frustration into the precision of trinkets and spokes and switches left mostly-finished before moving on, idea after idea flowing out where words fail him

Scanlan, back already used to bending over work, swinging his feet and humming as he tightens the loosening strings in the old instrument cradled in his lap, strumming once, twice, turning a knob, and smiling with tired satisfaction as he takes a moment to play for no one but himself and disappear into the melodies for a few minutes

Tiberius, scrunched into a corner with his knees drawn up and feet resting one over the other to stave off the cold of the floor, a too-large book resting on his lap full of old text with faded ink and cracked maps, hands running over the images with reverence for the secrets of the world

Grog, knees hitting the ground hard over and over, covered in sweat and soreness, lungs burning as one of the herd nudges a wooden club toward him with a foot, blistered hands making a fist in the sand before yanking himself up and charging with rage, taunts becoming cheers, head caught between anger and the gut feeling that there must be other ways to live

Pike, waiting with a face of wicked sunshine in some hidden place, quiet feet waiting for opportunities to surprise her uncle as the days wear on into nights, worshiping eyes gazing with solemn anticipation up at the night sky, feeling so small yet so big as she whispers the name of a deity and feels a fire in her chest she knows she will understand more one day

Keyleth, sneaking away in the morning sunshine, hopping across rocks in the river with unadulterated joy, climbing to the tops of trees to breath in the air, letting her lungs grow strong on the smell of it as her hair whips around, eyes squinting hard to spot the end of the horizon and wondering if her feet will ever reach such a place

wayfaringreader  asked:

Could you make a rec list for underrated scifi and/or fantasy? Thanks!

Ooh, a challenge. I dig this! 

Science Fiction

These recs are bit all over since sci-fi is a genre with many sub genres such as Alternate history, dystopian, Space Opera, etc. 

Underrated Sci Fi List
Top 25 Underrated Science Fiction Books
Most Underrated Science Fiction


Little Known Fantasy Books
Best Fantasy Books Under the Radar
Hidden Gems: YA Fantasy Novels

Vax and Grog’s Pranks

“He started it!” “AND I’M GOING TO FINISH IT.” “Nuh uh!” “Uh huh!” 

Grog pranks Vax: 7
Vax pranks Grog: 11

Thanks to agent-of-chaotic-order, @BabbaForrest, @EBalensuela, @GraphixDave, holpike, i-encourage-violence, icecream-s-coops, and @SilentEnGee for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 61.

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TOG fanfic

So I saw the headcannon that throne-of-feels wrote, and I thought, why not???? So I decided to write a fic!!! Sorry…I kinda got carried away haha.

Prompt:  Aelin asks Rowan to pick up a dress or some books, and realises he doesn’t have enough money. So he ends up spending hours looking for money on the floor because he’s too awkward to ask anyone else.

Rowan gripped the note tightly, silently cursing Aelin as he strode through the streets, trying to ignore the passers-by who took one look at Rowan’s tattoos and looked hastily away. He tried even harder to ignore the people who bowed to him, their Prince Consort.

For the first time in months, Rowan had woken up to an empty bed, Aelin’s side unusually cold. She probably has a council meeting; Rowan had thought to himself as he got up and started dressing. It wasn’t until Rowan had started to brush his hair, the small diamond encrusted brush (Aelin’s personal favourite) getting caught in the snags, that he realised that Aelin had left him a note on her pillow.

It was pink, of course. And if Rowan knew Fireheart, his carranam and mate well enough, it was lavender scented. Rowan brought the note up to his nose and sniffed. Yes, definitely lavender.

In Aelin’s swirly, yet slightly messy handwriting, it read:

Rowan, pick up the dress that I ordered at Geirn’s boutique. Oh, and I need some new books to read. I’ll trust your judgement.  
Love, Aelin

Rowan groaned out loud, cursing Aelin in his head. He did not need this. Gods above, he had plenty of important things to do today. And yet…Rowan realised that he couldn’t face Aelin knowing that he had placed his work above her.

Rowan smirked at himself. Gods, he was becoming sentimental. Aelin would laugh in his face, except she was the first one to say “I love you”.

Shaking his head, Rowan threw on his black cloak, sheathed his daggers at his waist and shoved a few gold and silver coins lying around the table into a coin purse, dropping it into his cloak pocket. Honestly, how much could books and a dress cost?

Rowan looked around the town, trying to identify Geirn’s shop out of a sea of identical shops. The town smelt like pine and snow, mixed with morning dew and dust. Aelin had told him once, when she had snuggled up against his chest after they had made love for the first time, that he smelt like Terrassen, like pine and snow.

Rowan had secretly sniffed himself after Aelin had fallen asleep, but he couldn’t detect it. He had told Aelin about it later, and she had laughed, claiming that he did in fact smell like pine and snow. And then began to trail soft kisses on his jaw. Honestly, Rowan had forgotten what he had said later, he only remembered the wicked grin on her face and his exhausted state afterwards.

Rowan continued walking down the dirt road, his shiny and newly polished boots gradually becoming a dark grey colour. He knew that some of the people were probably wondering why the Prince Consort was out shopping alone, without any guards to protect him. Rowan almost considered it a personal dare-a challenge. Was anyone game enough to take on an immortal fae warrior with centuries of experience?

Rowan reached a store with windows advertising long elegant gowns with green and white sign that read Geirn’s in cursive blue print. Rowan almost sighed in relief. He would probably kill himself-or Aelin, actually probably Aelin-if he had to walk further, had to put up with more stares and bows.

Rowan strode through the door, hearing it fall back into itself with a loud clank. The seamstress looked up, and almost dropped the dress that she was embroidering. She got up, her pale blond ringlets falling across her face as she bowed low.

“Your Highness,” she stuttered, her cheeks colouring as she tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ears.

Gods, Rowan hated being bowed to. It was bad enough being a prince in Maeve’s court, but now…being married to the Queen of Terrasen did have some set-backs.

“Call me Rowan,” he said, making sure to lighten his tone. Don’t growl, he told himself sternly. Be friendly.

“Of course, Prince Rowan,” the woman said awkwardly. “Are you here for Queen Aelin’s dress? We could have shipped it to the palace, Your Highness.”

Of course they could’ve. Honestly, if shipping was possible, why did Aelin send him off on this errand?

“It’s no trouble,” said Rowan evenly. “I was just in town.”

The woman nodded briskly, and rushed to the back of the store, quietly shifting through a rack of dresses. Rowan looked around the store, taking in the rainbow assortment of gowns hanging along the walls. It was a simple shop, yet elegant and well designed.

The woman returned with a silver gown threaded with gold, the sleeves a delicate silvery lace. “Here you go, Your Highness. I hope the queen likes it.”

Rowan gave the woman a small smile, taking the dress into his hands. “How much does it cost?”

“Queen Aelin already paid for it,” she replied, her eyes on the beautiful dress in Rowan’s arms. “It’s my best work yet.”

“Thanks,” said Rowan, turning his back on the woman and heading out the door.

Now he just needed to buy the books. There were at least three book stores on the street, and Rowan walked towards the quietest one-the one that promised the least amount of noise.

Aelin didn’t specify which books she wanted, so Rowan picked out random ones. He chose a few romances, some fantasies and a historical novel. Rowan made sure to choose the books with titles that sounded like sex was involved. Aelin especially enjoyed those kinds of books, though only the gods probably knew why.  

He carried the tower of books to the counter, trying to balance the books without them dropping. The bookseller smiled when he saw Rowan, and bowed his head in respect. “Prince Rowan! What a lovely selection of books.”

“They’re for Aelin,” he said awkwardly, feeling the need to explain the abundance of romance novels in the pile.

“Ahhh,” the man said, nodding. “The queen does love to read.”

Rowan stood quietly, as the man wrapped the books in paper and placed them in bags.

“That comes to seventy five silver coins, Your Highness.”

Rowan almost spat in surprise. Seventy-five? Were books really that expensive? Rowan took out his purse and counted.

All of his gold and silver coins came up to seventy. “Shit,” Rowan cursed, feeling around the purse for any remaining coins. There were none left. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why didn’t he bring more money?

“Is everything alright, Your Highness?” the man asked, a worried and slightly shocked expression on his face.

“Yes,” Rowan said hurriedly. “I left my coin purse in my carriage. I will be right back.”

“Your Highness could take out one book,” the bookseller suggested, already reaching for the bag.

“No, no,” said Rowan heading towards the door, dropping the gown next to the books along the way. “I will be right back.”

After the door slammed shut, Rowan began to walk around the town, trying to inconspicuously search for dropped coins, while appearing to be out for a stroll.

What would the people think if they saw their Prince Consort looking for money on the street like an urchin?

Rowan looked in sewers and crates. He looked under trees and under carriages. He even tried to feel around on the ground for coins hidden amongst grass. No luck. Rowan almost gave up on all hope when he saw a shiny gold circle a few paces away.

Rowan ran towards it, uncaring of the curious eyes fixated on him. He had stopped caring hours ago, when he realised that coins didn’t magically grow from trees.

He picked up the coin, its edges filled with dirt and rocks. Finally! Rowan pocketed the coin and ran back towards the location of the book store.

It was closed.


Rowan looked around the street and realised that it was dark and mostly devoid of people.

He growled in frustration. All those hours wasted, and he still couldn’t get the books.

And that gown… Gods above, Aelin would burn him alive.                        

Once Rowan returned to the palace, he found the whole place quiet and dark. How long was he out? Was the entire palace asleep? The guards nodded to him as he entered, and Rowan returned the gesture.

He entered the unusually quiet palace, trying to think of an explanation for Aelin.

Rowan was lost in his own thoughts and almost jumped out of his own skin when the entire palace suddenly erupted in light and  hundreds of men and women dressed in suits and ball gowns shouted, “Happy birthday, Prince Rowan!”

Rowan looked around, dumbstruck, and caught the mischievous grin of his mate. She was wearing the silver and gold gown, and on a table beside her sat the books that he had tried to buy that day.

Rowan felt a faint blush colour his cheeks and the entire audience smiled as Aelin walked over to Rowan and kissed him.

“I hate you,” Rowan hissed as he broke the kiss.

Aelin planted another light kiss on his cheek and said, “Happy birthday, Rowan. And I hate you too.”

What to Read While Waiting for The Winds of Winter

You’ve gotten through all of ASOIAF, including the short stories for Dunk & Egg and the Dance with Dragons, so now what?  Contrary to what many may believe, including people that know us in real life, the ladies of FireandLunch actually read a variety of things.  And since it may be a while for TWOW, we thought we would share some recommendations that are at least somewhat similar or related to ASOIAF/GoT.  And please share any other recommendations you have!  It’s going to be a long wait for winter…..

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A Momento of Hitler’s Visit to Rome

May 3rd - 9th 1938

aka ’ Hitler and the King of Italy’

Since Mussolini had honored Hitler by visiting Germany in September 1937, the Fuehrer decided to return the favor by visiting with his good friend in Rome on May 3, 1938.

  During his visit to Germany, Mussolini honored Hitler by declaring him “A Corporal of Honor of the Fascist Militia” (Mussolini was  the “First Corporal of Honor”). Oddly enough, both dictators were both corporals in the First World War.

During his visit to Italy, Hitler wore the insignia of this distinction on his left shoulder and a Fascist Militia dagger at his side. 


Commemorative coin struck to honor Hitlers visit to Italy


Hitler with Hess and von Ribbentrop

PHOTOS  3,4, and 5

Hitler appears to be ignoring the King in this photograph taken during a break in the parade on the “Via del Trionfo.”

Hitler is clearly wearing the shoulder insignia of a “Corporal of Honor” and the Fascist Militia dagger for high officers and “Corporals of Honor.”

A joke was being told literally behind the kings back and film footage of it shows it being shared by Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler and others. (all things considered, it might actually have been about the king)


Hitler shaking hands with his good friend Mussolini


A certificate regarding Hitlers Fascist corporal of honor chevron badge


A fascist dagger similar to Hitler’s honorary dagger 

Although Mussolini was Head of Government, King Victor Emmanuel III, the Head of State would, be Hitler’s official host. Hitler was surprised, and perhaps a bit chagrined, as he thought he would be visiting his friend Mussolini.

 Hitler arrived in Rome with four trains bearing his entourage, which included Hess, Himmler, Goebbels, Ribbentrop, Keitel, Frank, Sepp Dietrich, Admiral Raeder and, in an unprecedented happenstance, Eva Braun, who wanted to go shopping in Rome. Of course, no one knew her true status as Hitler’s lover. Most thought that she was just another of his secretaries.

 The King and Mussolini met Hitler, and much to German leaders’s disgust, they rode through the streets of Rome, in an open carriage with top-hatted footmen. Hitler asked if the House of Savoy had ever heard of the automobile.

Hitler’s discomfort did not end with the carriage ride. He was lodged in Prince Umberto’s private apartment in the Quirinal Palace, the official residence of the King, which Hitler described as “a dirty old museum, smelling like the catacombs.”

The King disliked Germans and abhorred Hitler, calling him “a physiological degenerate.”

 Hitler, in turn, detested the King, saying that he was “an acid and untrustworthy little man.” Hitler urged Mussolini to abolish the monarchy, saying that the court and the King were anti-fascist. Even if he had wanted to, Mussolini could not, as the army was Royalist and had sworn personal loyalty to the King just as the Germany Army had to Hitler.

 During his visit, Hitler was conducted through the Colosseum and shown various ruins from the Roman Empire, in the heart of Rome. He laid an obligatory wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier killed in the First World War and was greeted by a huge crowd of Italians in the Piazza Venetia, where he and Mussolini addressed the crowd from a balcony.

 Mussolini later took Hitler to Naples where two watched a naval review from the battleship Conte di Cavour (which was later sunk on November 11, 1940). The review included all of the Italian Royal Navy’s submarines (more than  100) doing a nautical ballet, rising and sinking like a school of porpoises. Hitler was quite impressed with the Royal Navy ships and thought that they would be very useful in any future war.

Hitler was not so impressed, however, by the Royal Army’s parade down the Via del Trionfo (Street of Triumphs), or the military exercises at Centrocelle  that included  many obsolete cannon WWI artillery pieces and little, two-man tankettes. After the military review, his hosts took him to Florence where he admired ancient marble statues and architectural structures.

 Hitler left Florence on May 9, after six days in Italy, no doubt vastly relieved that he did not have to return to Rome and the King. Reportedly, he actually enjoyed his visit once he had escaped from the King and was able to spend time with Mussolini.

As the two dictators bade each other good-by, Hitler declared, with tears in his eyes, “Henceforth, no force will be able to separate us!”

After his trip, Hitler never wore the fascist corporal insignia nor dagger again and swore that he would never again visit Rome although his veneration of Mussolini remained intact.


Magic in Every Book’s DAD Recommends:
I asked my Dad to write down is Top 5 for these categories and here it is! I figure my Dad has 50 years of reading experience so here’s some recommendations to broaden your horizons!

Science Fiction

  1. The Expanse series by James S.A. Corey
  2. Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey
  3. Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness
  4. Mote in God’s Eye by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
  5. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

High Fantasy

  1. A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
  2. The Long Price Quartet by Daniel Abraham
  3. The Dagger and the Coin by Daniel Abraham
  4. War With The Mein by David Anthony Durham
  5. Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss


  1. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
  2. Boys Life by Robert McCammon
  3. John Carter series by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  4. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
  5. Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

Horror and Thriller

  1. Charlier Parker series by John Connolly
  2. Dead Zone by Stephen King
  3. The Alienist by Caleb Carr
  4. Felix Castor series by Mike Carey
  5. Ghost Story by Peter Straub

Graphic Novels

  1. The Sandman by Neil Gaiman
  2. Lucifer by Mike Carey
  3. Unwritten by Mike Carey
  4. Y The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan
  5. Young Avengers by Allan Heinberg