the daedric prince of madness

Elder Scrolls: A Summary
  • Arena: Help! You must find all eight pieces of this staff to defeat the main antagonist! Did I mention that all the pieces are in eight different locations scattered all over the world? Have fun!
  • Daggerfall: Help! You must choose to give this all powerful Numidium to one of six potential factions! This will in no way affect the outcome of the next game however! Have fun!
  • Morrowind: Help! An all powerful self-created God, Dagoth-Ur is rising. You, the reincarnate of a long-dead hero must destroy the Heart of Lorkhan to defeat him once and for all! By the way, good luck with that whole claiming to be the Nerevarine thing. Have fun!
  • Bloodmoon: Help! Werewolves are attacking a fort on an island off Vvardenfell! When you're not defeating Dagoth-Ur, come help us solve this mystery! Oh, and a Daedric prince is involved? Have fun!
  • Tribunal: Help! Sotha Sil of the tribunal is going mad, and must be defeated, so as to save Morrowind! Oh wait, Almalexia, are you okay? Have fun!
  • Oblivion: Help! The emperor is dead! Quick, find his illegitimate son so we can stop Mehrunes Dagon from invading Tamriel. Whoops, lost the Amulet of Kings, it won't be that hard to get back, right? Have fun!
  • Shivering Isles: Help! A portal has opened up and it leads to the realm of the Daedric prince of Madness! You must go try and close the portal! Don't accidentally become a daedric prince yourself or anything! Have fun!
  • Knights of the Nine: Help! We must restore the Knights of the Nine to take down a historic enemy back from the dead! You have time to do that whilst shutting Oblivion gates, right? Have fun!
  • Skyrim: Help! You, the one we tried to behead for no reason, you are a Dragonborn! So yeah, only you can stop Alduin, fabled dragon, world eater, from destroying Tamriel. Just try and avoid that civil war happening too. Have fun!
  • Dawnguard: Help! A faction of vampires have appeared, we must create a new faction of vampire hunters to stop them at any cost! Wait, why are you a vampire now? Have fun!
  • Dragonborn: Help! That creepy werewolf island is back! This time another Dragonborn is jealous of your new found fame! Oh dear, another daedric prince is involved this time... Have fun!
  • Hearthfire: Help! I need a new Thane, and you need a house! Also, adopt some children... have fun!
  • Online: Help! Molag Bal is invading Tamriel and will enslave everyone! You, the Vestige, are the only one that can stop him! Oh, and can you deal with every single village in Tamriel's problems? Have fun!

“Time for a celebration! CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!” -  Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness, The Elder Scrolls

My favourite prince currently. If you don’t know him or want to listen to his story again, check this out!

So, yeah. I might refine this later. I pulled this off really last minute for our AMC convention this weekend. I feel bad for not having anything new since 2 cons ago. Come check us out!


         The Prince of Order, Logic and Deduction, and has taken account of every detail of the world and of every action that has ever taken place on Mundusor Oblivion, long before they actually happen. As a result, he believes in certainty and determinism, and that the concept of individuality is an illusion. Jyggalag was at one time one of the most powerful of the Daedric Princes; he was so powerful that the other Princes began to fear him and his power. As a result, they cursed him to live in opposition of everything he stood for, to live the life of a madman and bring chaos and insanity rather than order and logic. Henceforth, Jyggalag became known as the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath.

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“Does it bother you, knowing you have stepped beyond your boundaries? You show up an awful lot for a Daedric Prince of shadows and secrecy,”

Roleplay stuff with Mike on Nocturnal and Old Sheogorath before the Shivering Isles hero broke the curse and became New Sheogorath eeeyy.

In Mike and I’s canon, the reason the Daedric Princes managed to team up together to bring down Jyggalag was because Nocturnal stepped up and got them to put aside their differences and work together, something that Jyggalag was convinced they could never with how chaotic they were. Nocturnal then rather made it her job to make sure that her fellow princes were always kept in check. She gave frequent visits to their planes, helped settle disputes, and overall acted almost like a mother figure. Because of this, she also made sure to frequently check on Sheogorath, to make sure the curse is still in effect to prevent Jyggalag escaping and causing more havoc.

Now Sheo, being the Daedric Prince of Madness, he tends to see what buttons he can push to maybe break her. After all, it is technically Nocturnals fault every three hundred years or so, he is forced to watch his plane be destroyed.

Yaaaay backstory. I am getting way too invested in my versions of the Daedric Princes. 


February 2nd

Summoning Day: Sheogorath

Today is the summoning day of Sheogorath,  Daedric Prince of Madness, Fourth Corner of the House of Troubles, Lord of the Never-There, Sovereign of the Shivering Isles.

Norms swathe our fragile, mortal society together. Tightly, we hold onto these norms, whether we wish to or not. Have you not experienced that sensation when upon seeing someone in a public area doing something anomalous and strange, you feel compelled to find another set of eyes in the room? And when you find those eyes, do you not yearn to see understanding in them? You’re searching that person’s face for a facial gesture that reads “Yes, that person is being strange. I noticed it, and you have noticed it as well.” It usually comes in the form of a smile and a flash of the eyebrows. The “Don’t worry, I’m sane,” look.

Why? Why do we do this? Is it because we’re hoping we’re not the only sane one? Or are we afraid of being mistaken for an accomplice to the bizarre person we’re speaking of?

Either way, we’re falling deep into that pit of normalcy.

Many of us suffer from some ailment of the mind. Perhaps it is small like an itch that keeps coming back, annoying yet easy to get rid of. Perhaps it is hefty, heavy, and hampering. A weight on your shoulders you can’t budge. A endless dance between grief and obsession. A smothering of damp cloth. A pinprick of constant vigilance. Whatever the ailment, the stigma is similar.

Annoyance. Disappointment. Worry. Anger. Or, sometimes worst of all, Indifference.

That is why Sheogorath is such a prevalent Prince. Some say He will drag you down to His level. But what if you’re already at his level? Birds of a feather as they say. Society may deride us, but Sheogorath can provide us with a home. Some will find comfort in this. Some will wish to linger in the Isles for just a bit longer. Others will be inspired to face the world anew. Whatever the reaction, remember this: norms enfold our delicate society together. If we exist outside those norms, people will become wary. But it is not our jobs to make people comfortable. We must find comfort in ourselves.

“May all Thought be linear and all Feeling fleeting.”

Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of Madness. He was not supposed to exist. His true form is Jyggalag, the Prince of Order. His fellow Daedric princes grew jealous of his power, and cursed him to change his form into the being Sheogorath, the opposite of order. However, he still manages to outsmart his fellow Daedra. His amount of power has not changed- merely the expression of it. He continues to be elusive, his motives unknowable, and his impact on the mortal world impressive and terrible.

(I decided to try something a little less weird, so I re-painted this character. XD)


Oblivion - Shivering Isles III - Sheogorath

Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of Madness. His realm in Oblivion is known as the Shivering Isles, otherwise known as the Madhouse, or the Asylums by the Imperial Census of Daedra Lords. It is separated into two communities: Mania, the fantastic, colourful side, where art enthusiasts and insane revellers reside, and Dementia, the horrific, dark and ominous side, which carries a much greater resemblance to New Sheoth than the former.

Sheogorath's best moments: T.E.S V Skyrim
  • “You are far too hard on yourself, my dear, sweet, homicidally insane Pelagius. What would the people do without you? Dance? Sing? Smile? Grow old?”
  • “You know, I was there for that whole sordid affair. Marvellous times! Butterflies, blood, a Fox and severed head… Oh ho ho! And the cheese!”
  • “Was it Molag? No, no… Little Tim, the toymaker’s son? The ghost of King Lysandus? Or was it… Yes! Stanley, that talking grapefruit from Passwall.”
  • “I’m a mad god. The Mad God, actually. It’s a family title. Gets passed down from me to myself every few thousand years.”
  • “I am a part of you, little mortal. I am a shadow of your subconscious, a blemish on your fragile little psyche. You know me. You just don’t know it.”
  • “Now you. You can call me Ann Marie. But only if you’re partial to being flayed alive and having an angry immortal skip rope with your entrails. If not… Then call me Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness. Charmed.”
  • “Now that’s the real question, isn’t it? Because honestly, how much time off could a demented Daedra really need?”
  • “And as for you, my little mortal minion… Feel free to keep the Wabbajack. As a symbol of my… Oh, just take the damn thing.”
  • “You take care of yourself, now. And if you ever find yourself in  New Sheoth, do look me up. We can share a strawberry torte. Ta ta!”
  • “Ooh, ooh, what kind of message? A song? A summons? Wait, I know! A death threat written on the back of an Argonian concubine? Those are my favorite.”
  • “You know, you remind me of myself at a young age. All I cared about was riding narwhales and sleeping in honeycombs and… drinking babies’ tears. Word of advice, if you ever ride a narwhale, mind the pointy end.”
  • “Do you mind? I’m busy doing the fishstick. It’s a very delicate state of mind!”
  • “Hmmmm… "Fixed” is such a subjective term. I think “treated” is far more appropriate, don’t you? Like one does to a rash, or an arrow in the face.“

anonymous asked:

Does Bron's lineage mean that he is the descendant of the DP of Madness and Martin Septim? If so, imagine his face if he found out.

Yeah, that about sums it up… :D Sadly, the only person able to offer that piece of information just happens to be the very same Daedric Prince of Madness, and I doubt Bron would take seriously anyone who also delivers gems like “Do you mind? I’m busy doing the fishstick. It’s a very delicate state of mind!“ and ”You know, you remind me of myself at a young age. All I cared about was riding narwhales and sleeping in honeycombs and drinking babies’ tears.

Still, I can just about picture the conversation taking place afterwards…

Marcurio: So, you just met Sheogorath who basically told you that your ancestry includes one Daedric Prince of Madness and some Septim who turned into a dragon?

Bron: Haha, yeah. Crazy, huh?

Marcurio: That… would actually explain so much.

Bron: I hate you.

I… uhm… well, that’s certainly an interesting turn of events.

But on the other hand… it had to happen at some point, since I already roleplay as two completely insane people on two askblogs…

So… Hello, my lord. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

((And I think this is the perfect opportunity to tell you how much I love your Askblog! :D You portrait Sheogorath in the most perfect and entertaining way possible! ))

theory: sheogorath is the daedric prince of chaos but mortals have learned to identify him as the daedric prince of madness because madness is the form of chaotic behavior theyre most familiar with