the dad who knew too little

Yet another from this long list of prompts, completely unprompted.

Number Twelve: “I’m pregnant.”

The text came in at 7:17am, and in the mean time, Stiles had made his way through four and a half breakdowns, all of them for different reasons.

Number One: Male werewolves could get pregnant, and tying into that:

Number Two: Derek had never found it relevant to their two year relationship to share this fun fact. That didn’t say much as to his thoughts on their future together, which stung.

Number Three: Stiles was going to be a father at twenty-four.

Number Four: Just the night before, with Derek in Argentina visiting Cora, Stiles ate a dinner of Cheetos, plain microwaved hotdogs wrapped in bread, and four beers before passing out on the couch with the tv remote in his hand. He was not ready to be a father.

Number Five (still ongoing, more or less halfway through): They were going to have to move because no amount of corner guards or stupid little outlet plugs could childproof the loft. The door to the kitchen was literally a jagged hole in a brick wall. Stiles caught his shins on it regularly, they were always a mess of scabs and bruises.

Actually his entire body was a mess of scabs and bruises, because that was his life now, had been since sophomore year: fighting off the forces of supernatural evil.

Too bad he couldn’t childproof his life.

Oh god, they were going to have to move out of Beacon Hills. Away from the pack.

Nothing was stable in Beacon Hills, it had been eight years of panic and anxiety and near deaths and actual deaths. They couldn’t bring a baby into their current lives, Stiles wouldn’t even bring an adult into this hellhole. Who was trained in firearms. With combat experience.

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“Where did the coffee table go ?”- Bruce Wayne x Reader

Just something short and stupid written in 5 minutes during my lunch break.  Didn’t proof read (I never do, I never can re-read anything I wrote so like meh) so sorry about any awful mistakes. Sometimes, I have really shitty ideas haha, hope you’ll still kinda like it though ^^’ :

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“The mysterious case of the disappearing furnitures by detective/Batman’s partner Richard John Grayson, 8 and a half years old : 

Recently noticed that furnitures around Wayne Manor have gone missing.

_Suspects : Bruce Wayne, (Y/N) Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth or a stranger. 
_Motive for Bruce Wayne : reminds him of his parents so he’s changing them ? But that wouldn’t explain why they’re changed on a regular basis.
_Motive for (Y/N) Wayne : …I don’t know yet, but will find one, she’s too nice to me and maybe it’s a trick so we DON’T suspect her ? Maybe she has a huge furniture dealing web out there in Gotham ! 
_Motive for Alfred Pennyworth : Less to clean.
_Motive for “stranger” : Those furnitures must be expensive, selling them might be good, but then why does Bruce not react ? Maybe it’s a mind trick that stranger is playing on Bruce, getting rid of every pieces of furniture his parents bought ? 

All of the suspect have a motive, and a good one if I might say, and I will find what is happening to all those poor furnitures ! 

09/08/01, chest of drawers disappeared.
10/08/01, new chest of drawers arrived, Alfred rolled his eyes at it.
14/08/01, lawn table gone.
14/08/01, a bit later, saw Alfred took down a few pieces of Bruce and (Y/N)’s bed, the headboard I think.
18/08/01, started my interrogation : when I asked Bruce he became very pale and looked “horrified” (according to (Y/N) who entered, she said : “what’s that horrified face my heart ?”). I’m not sure what horrified means, but it doesn’t sound nice…maybe he feels guilty ? When I asked my questions about the broken and missing pieces of furniture to (Y/N), she just burst out laughing.
26/08/01, today, almost the entire living room was empty, I asked Alfred and he said he was remodeling…I think he doesn’t want to worries me about our furnitures being stolen.
01/09/01, Saw da Bruc Dad Bruce sneaking out with the a plank that I believe is from the coffee table in the living room…very suspicious”.

Smiling, Dick stops reading the clumsy handwriting he had when he was eight and puts down his old “very important cases” notebook back on his deck, sighing, nostalgic. 

Oh the good old days when he was the only “Batboy” (who was he kidding ? Dick knew that without little brothers his life would be boring. He makes a mental note though, to hide this forever from his brother’s sight, they would mock him too much for almost everything written in that thing).

“Where do all the furniture go ?” was his actual first case, and…oh ew, just thinking about what he discovered, a few years after he “opened the case”, where those furnitures went, was grossing him out. 

But he still couldn’t help but smile at his younger self. 

He was a rather cute kid wasn’t it ? His mom would agree.

His mom. 

“(Y/N) Wayne”, the woman who was “too nice, must be a trick”…Oh he was so wrong about that. You were nice because you were the best woman in the World. You were more than nice. You were…Oh man you were the best in everything ! Your hugs and soothing wordsgot him through so many difficult moments…

One of the only thing “bothering” him about you, was still kind of awesome.

It was so damn disgusting sometimes. But also overly adorable.

Your only “flaw” was to be too in love with Bruce, and vice versa. 

You two could be so gross when together, forgetting the world around you, kissing and embracing and EWWW ! 

Sometimes, your sons had to make sure you both knew they were here by making loud noises, and even then, more often than not, they’d be the one leaving the room rather than you two stopping being so goddamn in love. 

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The first days are an emotional blur, joyful and exhausting. You cry because you’re your baby’s only food source and she’d starve without you, so helpless and small. You cry because you love her so much. You cry because you haven’t slept more than 5 hours in the past 3 days combined. You cry because you hurt. You cry because you are, thankfully, finally a mother with a baby in your arms.

People will tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps, and I’m sure it’s wonderful advice, but it is hard during the day. You’ll want to watch her and hold her and possibly spend a few moments interacting with your partner.

You might find it hard to believe that the baby in front of you is the same baby that was in your belly, that you’re finally getting to know the little being that you carried so long. It’s so surreal to finally put the name to the little face. It will seem more and more fitting as the days go on.

You realize that getting up to pee a million times a night while pregnant is infinitely easier than getting up to feed and change a crying newborn.

You buy a crib for the nursery, a Pack ‘n Play with a bassinet level and newborn napper feature for your bedroom, and then an Auto Rock ‘n Play. You even briefly try co-sleeping. Nothing works as easily as you hoped because your baby likes to sleep while being held, so you keep hoping and praying as you try, try again.

You won’t believe it when your little baby outgrows her newborn clothes and diapers so fast that she only gets to wear them once (or possibly not at all) and you have a stack of diapers you have to pack away. Then you race to get your 1 month old through all her 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers before those are rendered useless as well.

You will feel worse following delivery than you did while pregnant. Lighter, yes, but more unsteady, sore, and uncomfortable. You’ll get tired of smelling like Tucks witch hazel pads and Dermoplast numbing spray, but they help so you continue to use them. Along with huge pads and the hospital underwear because they fit and you don’t have to worry about staining them. Don’t be afraid to take the ibuprofen and Tylenol. Around 5 days PP you might be hit with a contraction that brings you to your knees. It lasts for more than 30 minutes and you wonder if something’s terribly wrong, if you need to call an ambulance. Most likely it’s normal. Things are all moving back into place and your uterus has to shrink somehow. Take some Advil and get in the shower. Try to breathe through the pain and use some of those labor techniques. You’ll wonder if you’ll ever feel better again. But you will, around two weeks out you will start to feel more normal. (After you’ve gotten over that sneezing cold at one week PP - ouch!)

You fear you’ll miss the teeny tiny newborn who’s just a few days old, but as she grows you’ll only love her more and more.

Towards the end of pregnancy you were probably so DONE being pregnant, but some weeks or months after delivery, you might find yourself missing your belly and looking back at pictures longingly. So try to enjoy it while you have it, and after, remember that the most beautiful part of it all is in your arms.

You’ll wonder how ANYONE does it. How has the human race even survived? It all seems so hard. But you’ll survive too. One day at a time.

You’ll look forward to the day she actually smiles at you rather than blank-staring. And when you get them, her first smiles will be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen and you’ll forever be trying to elicit them.

You’ll learn that everything takes so much longer with a newborn, especially getting ready in the morning and getting to the store. There’s usually multiple diapers and feedings and outfits involved. And that’s ok. You’ll learn to plan accordingly.

Breastfeeding, at first, is scary, especially when you find out your little babe has lost almost 9% of her body weight in 3 days, and painful, even if you’ve met with 3 lactation consultants and bought every nipple cream and shield available.. but this is normal. She will gain the weight back and it will get better. You’re both learning something new.. You’ll be so proud of every ounce she gains because your body did that.

When you’re nursing and she’s fussy or downright mad, you’ll worry and wonder: Does she have an allergy or an intolerance? Painful gas or a bubble? Is the milk coming too fast? Is she exhausted? Does she hate the taste of something you ate? Onions? Chocolate? Milk? You’d do anything if only you knew so you’ll try your best to figure it out.

The Moro/startle reflex. SO. CUTE.

She makes a lot of noise. You might be expecting sweet little coos, but usually a lot of grunts, wheezes, and snorts are involved. And mostly at night.

Sometimes Dad/S.O. will be the only one who can calm and soothe her. Try not to take it personally. Be thankful instead.

When you finally get her to sleep and go to lay her down she’ll stay still and quiet just long enough for you to think she’s soundly asleep and get back to bed. But as soon as your head hits the pillow she’ll start to fuss. It’s uncanny.

You’ll say over and over how she’s getting so big, but at the end of the day she still seems so small.

Your postpartum body will present a conundrum: on the one hand, you’ll be so proud of the beautiful life you grew but on the other hand, you might feel self conscious about the stretch marks and saggy tummy. Keep trying to convince yourself of the former.

You will want to go bra-less so bad, but won’t feel able to due to your new leakiness. Showers become twice as nice.

It will be much harder to eat. Or do anything for that matter. Food will get cold. Dishes and laundry will pile up. It will have been a couple days since you showered. Don’t worry, someone will get to it at some point. Get help when you can.

You may think you didn’t have much of a lifestyle before baby, especially if you stayed in a lot and enjoyed watching tv, but you will soon realize that even something as simple as tv-watching is difficult with a newborn. But she’s so cute that you (mostly) won’t mind.

You will love all her features: her chubby cheeks, sweet mouth and silly tongue, button nose, curious eyes, her tiny fingers and toes, round belly, and soft head. You wouldn’t trade her for the world and, already, you can’t imagine life without her.

You’ll fill up your phone’s memory with hundreds and hundreds of pictures. And will have a hard time deleting any.

The nursery that you worked so lovingly on while pregnant won’t exactly look like a nursery anymore when you realize at 1 month that she should probably be learning to sleep where she will eventually be sleeping, so you move the crib into your bedroom only to have her spend half the night back in the newborn napper in the Pack ‘n Play anyways. You’ll get a bedtime routine figured out soon enough (at least that’s what I’m telling myself, we’re still working on this one!)

Clean baby is the Best. Smell. Ever.

You’ll worry if you’ll be a good enough mother/parent to her and if you’ll be able to grow and nurture her the way she needs and deserves. Try to remind yourself that worrying about this is probably a good sign that you’re going to do just fine.

You’ll dream about your future together. Cuddles and smiles and giggles and story time and bath time and bedtime and trips to the zoo and vacations and first days of school. You know you’ll be loving her deeply for the rest of your life ❤️

—  Some things I’ve learned in the first 5 weeks with my daughter and encouragement to new moms/soon-to-be moms
The Perfect Night

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader

Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Request: Can you do a Peter Parker x Reader where the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and she has really low self-esteem and whenever Peter has to leave one of their dates, she doesn’t really say anything but then at hoco when he tells her he has to leave she’s like “I did not spend almost $1,000 on a dress I knew you’d like to be stood up.” And then yeah she goes home crying and breaks up with him later on.

Warnings: Language, angst, self put down (please know that these aren’t true, you lovelies are absolutely beautiful and worth the world)

Hope this is what you wanted!

Part 2

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Devils Little Princess Part 2 (Sweet Pea)


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It wasnt long until the whole school knew that you wasnt a northsider, but was infact the daughter of the man who started up the one gang no body liked. Veronica didnt judge you too much for it as she knew how it felt to have a dad that didnt have the cleanest record, but she knew her father and his dirty work didnt come close to your father. It did piss you off that Cheryl pretty muched dropped you in it that day, making everyone loose all forms of trust with you, as they didnt know what form of agenda you could have, as for all they know “she could know who the black hood is” which was a pretty pathetic remark. You was literally an outsider, hated by both northsiders and southside serpants, who all probably now knew what was meant by Tall boy calling you the Devils little princess, including sweet pea. You knew he would hate you for even trying to flirt knowing what you was and the thought stung like a bitch.

The sudden overflow of drama for you made you sick, so you decided to stay home. You swtiched off your phone and did nothing but sleep and watch movies the whole day, the normal for any sick kid. You was honestly enjoying the peace until your dad came into your room switching off your TV. You suddenly sat up in your bed, confused and a little flustered as your father never distrubed you in your room. He sat at the end of the bed observing your room running his hand on your velvet pillow.

“You seem pretty sick watching TV sweetie.” He said coldly not even looking up at you.

“Did you not hear me throw up this morning daddy?” you asked knowing full well he didnt “can your little girl not rest?”

He smirked at your sarcasm, scaring you even more. He turned to you, throwing the pillow at you which you instantly caught.

“My little girl can tell me why she was flirting with serpants on Tuesday night.” he replied. You gulped hard at the thought of Tall boy had informing your dad of your encounter. “You know I dont care who you date, but if you’re going to be going around with a serpant, be sure to tell me next time as to protect both of your sorry asses.” he said leaning over kissing your forhead “Oh and do check your phone love, that kid you kind a cutie is making his way to a cell right about now. Southside High just got raided by pigs.”

You quickly switch your phone on to see the continual messages and voicemails from Jughead and Archie:


Y/N??? I need your help, somethings happened and sweet pea and toni have been arrested. Jug

You looked up at your father who was still stood at your doorway smiling too pleasently at you. You got out of bed pulling on a jumper and pumps when your dad threw an envolope on your bed.

“You’re gonna need this.” and with that he was gone.

You ran out your door, jumping into your car driving to the station as soon as you could. You ran to reception cash in hand wanting to see Sweet pea. After trying to describe him to the best of your ability seen as you knew his name wasnt sweet pea the lady finally knew the “very agressive” boy you was talking about. she led you to a room with nothing but a chair, and a phone where you saw him sat on the other side of the glass.

You sat down slowly picking up the phone. You didnt know what the hell to say, as you didnt know if he had heard the news or not. He looked down at the envelope you was holding so tightly and gave you a sick smile

“That money from your ghoulie daddy?” he asked making your stomach turn.

“It’s not like that and you know it.”

“Yet you still tried it didnt you.” He shot back.

You didnt know what to say. You looked up at him with apologetic eyes. It drove you insane that you had met this boy for the first time a few days ago but you couldnt deny the crazy connectioned you had with him. You knew that whatever feeling you had right then he had too as his eyes softened.

“Any friend of FP Jones is a friend of my fathers.” you smiled “He knows who to protect.”

“So it wasnt your dad who got us serpants busted?” He asked making you laugh

“If anything the police was probably meant to round up the ghoulies,” You joked earning a chuckle from sweet “ If you really wanna finish them, you gotta do what they love best.” And with that you told them about how as a kid your dad and FP would drag race in the south side earning territory and how that would be the way to solve the issue they had. 

You rang the buzzer to end your visit, paying for sweet pea, Toni and others who got arrested and walked out of the station with some weight off your shoulder. You took your car keys from your pocket ready to drive home when a firm hand grabbed your hand making you jump.

“Thanks by the way.” Sweet Pea said smiling at you. He had the same look in his eyes that you saw back in the station. You leaned in without a second thought, kissing him softly. You broke the kiss quickly, lingering close to his lips making the corners of his lips curl up. 

“Make sure the plan goes through and you can thank me later.” you replied, getting into your car leaving him with the other serpants. 

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Can you pretty pretty please do serpent jughead falling hopelessly in love with good girl Betty from the north side?? I need some cheesy fluff in my life now😭.

She’s perfect. Everyone knows it, everyone sees it. She wears cardigans with frilly pink sleeves and her hair always smells like some kind of strawberry scented shampoo, her voice sounds like melting honey and their are always navy blue bandaids tucked into her palms. She smiles at everyone, the kind of smile that makes you slow down just a little bit to make sure she’s smiling at you, and she always is, she always knows how to make it seem like you’re the only person in the world. Betty Cooper is perfect and good and kind and every single thing Jughead Jones is not.

Jughead was raised on the Southside, an empty beer bottle as his pacifier and hand me down clothes from the mixed up family next door. He wears leather and grease, his body Is bruised and he doesn’t go anywhere without a cigarette tucked firmly behind his left ear. With a full head of thick black hair and eyes an almost sea water blue he’s for sure a good looking kid, handsome in his own right, but it doesn’t help him much, he’s not interested in any of the girls who come his way, purple streaked hair and fishnet stocking really don’t get him going. There’s only ever been one girl who’s made his heart ache, made his stomach flutter uncomfortably and his palms sweat, and that’s Betty Cooper, perfect girl next door.

He’d never really spoken to her, just watched, observed from his space three booths down from her usual spot at Pops Diner. There was no denying she was absolutely beautiful, the kind of face you expect to see on of those pin up magazines his dad kept taped up in the shed. But she was smart too, not just smart, she was brilliant, her taste ranged from Jane eyre to Capote and jughead often found himself jotting down the titles of the books she would heave into the little booth, tucking her feet under her butt and only looking up to wave as nearly everyone who came in greeted her.

He wanted to know her, wanted to show her his book collection, wanted her to edit his novel. Jughead knew she worked for her school paper he had seen the fancy printed blue and gold Newspaper with Betty’s signature hot pink gel pen corrections scribbled on top. She was an anomaly, something he wanted to study from closer. But he never did.

He didn’t even have the rights to be looking at her, not when she was….who she was.. and he was..who he was. The north and south side were in a clear cut civil war and any kind of peace was not to be extended between two young kids both of their own rank on their own side. Jughead jones , the young Serpent Prince and Betty Cooper, the north sides very own pretty blonde princess.

So he just watched, just observed.

Well.. that was until today of course.

His truck had broken down, the tire completely wrecked by some loose nails in the road, and while yes he was a Serpent, he had absolutely no idea how to change a tire, never learned and never wanted too, well atleast not until now.

“Piece of shit!” Jughead growled, kicking the flat piece of rubber and chucking his now dead and completely useless phone onto his front seat. He slowly slid down to the barren road, his head slamming against the cool metal of his truck.

He was stranded, completely and utterly stranded, and it was hot as hells balls in the beaming sun that pierced through his blazing leather.

“Maybe don’t do that, you might go and give yourself a concussion. I’m no nurse… not yet atleast.”

Jugheads eyes snapped open, his mouth hanging slack as he stared at a giggling betty cooper , the dark haired boy scrambled to his feet, apparently incapable of forming a sentence

“I… I .. uhh.. you…” He floundered.

Betty quirked a perfectly manicured eyebrow, she slowly peeled off her pastel yellow sweater revealing a tight white camisol that had Jughead practically drooling

“I see you’re having tire trouble? Mind if I take a look?” She folded her sweater into a perfect square and placed it in the open front seat of his truck. Once again Jughead just nodded dumbly.

Betty bent down, her tight jeans giving Jughead the perfect view of her tight and toned butt.
“Oh i could fix this in a second flat, you’ve even got a tire and a tool kit right in your trunk!” She turned to him, pieces of her perfectly curled ponytail falling into her eyes as it loosened.

“You don’t have have to do that.” Jughead finally found his voice, she could fix a tire? Was there anything she couldn’t do?

“Well I can’t tie a cherry stem with my tongue.” The beautiful blonde smirked.

Had he said that out loud?! his cheeks burned scarlet red.

“And anyway, it’s no trouble at all! I was changing tires before I could ride a bike.” Betty brushed past him reaching for the tire in his trunk.

“Yeah.. I… thanks.” Jughead , finishing lamely.

She heaved the heavy object to the floor, rolling it to the side and getting to work, Jughead was torn between keeping his mouth shut and just watching the most sexy thing he’d ever seen, or
Asking her questions, all the questions he had always wanted to know.

“I’m Jughead Jones by the way” he shouted over the ticking of the wrench.

The ticking continued but Betty rose her voice
“Well I know that. Jughead Jones, coffee black and at least three burgers a day.” She giggled.

Jughead fell back slightly, she’d been watching him? Just like he’d been watching her? She knew his damn coffee order?

“I don’t mean to sound creepy but we’re always at the Diner at the same time is all, I see you more than I see my best friend.” Betty added a bit nervously, her eyes looking back into his.

“I know what you mean, I think we’ve shared more meals than me and my dad ever have.” He chuckled, Betty’s laugh sounded like Christmas bells on the 25th.”You always get a strawberry milkshake and you never finish your fries”

Betty laughed deep and real, standing up from the ground and wiping her dirty hands on her knees.

“Moderation.” She beamed. “All done.”

Jughead stared in awe at the brand new tire sitting in its spot.

“Is that why you wear the band aids on your palms, change a lot of tires?.” He blurted out, quickly squeezing his eyes shut, who was he to ask such personal questions?

Betty glanced down at her palms before looking back at Jughead
“That’s another story, a long one. Well anyway, I oughta let you get home. I saw that you were in a hurry and all that.” Betty pulled her cardigan from the front seat and gave a little wave, her hips swishing on her way back to the SUV.

“How about I buy you a shake and some of those fries you like so much.” He shouted, his heart thudding in his chest. “I can ya know kinda repay you for fixing my tire and you could.. ya know.. tell me that story.”

Betty turned around slowly, her sparkling green eyes curious

“You asking me on a date Jughead jones?” She smirked, so devilish it looked strange on her pretty face.

He swallowed thickly
“I guess I am.. Betty Cooper.”

Betty turned around again and for a second Jughead felt the burning sting of rejection but a moment later Betty was by his side, her purse clutched in her hand.

“Well? Aren’t you gonna open the door for me?” She grinned.

The smile slipped on his lips
“You got it betts”

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For the idea!

True blood son...and daughter - Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

Summary : Your first meeting with your half-brother didn’t really went well, both of you being quite hot headed…Slowly but surely however, you guys warm up to each other. 

It’s meh, I’m so dissatisfied with my writing lately…hope you’ll still enjoy it :

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-Don’t forget I’m the true blood son ! 

-Oh yeah ? That’s funny because you know what ? I’m the true blood daughter ! So your argument is invalid. Do you think before you speak ?

Your father looked between you and Damian, not knowing what to do…This wasn’t going how he wanted it to go at all. 


Your first encounter with your half-brother Damian was…tense, to say the least. One day your dad came home with the boy, and boom, I guess you had a new brother. You were super excited. At least at first. You quickly realized that he wasn’t really…the nicest. 

Even before your father explained where he came from and all, you knew he was definitely your brother. He looked almost exactly like your dad when he was a kid. Almost exactly, because his eyes weren’t blue but green, and his skin was way darker than your father’s pale complexion. Other than that…it was like seeing a mini-Bruce. You hoped he wasn’t like your dad mentally too, because that was gonna be a nightmare…And he wasn’t. He was worst. Oh my god so much worst. 

The first words he uttered to you were full of disdain : 

-You look weak. 

Your father stiffened, ready to intervene. He knew that with you, this could go only two ways : you’d loose all control and fight Damian, or ignore him completely, much like your mother would. Your mother, Catwoman, champion in ignoring people that annoy her since the day she was born. You took the second option, and with a little smile that made Damian fumed, you turned away from him, going back to the work you were doing on the bat mobile before your dad emerged with your brother. Hum. Half-brother. 

But Damian wouldn’t have it. He already met the other batboys, and he made sure they knew that Batman’s TRUE son was home. He went too you, under your father’s gaze. Your dad was still ready to lunge forward between you two. 

-Did you hear me ? 


Damian was confused. Even Dick, who seemed like the most collected one, reacted to his provocations. And here you were, kinda ignoring him, a smug look on your face. He had to assure his superiority on you, and you had to react for it to work !! 

-You look very weak. 

-You already said that. Redundant. 

-You look like you…

-Hey, listen, I know what you did to Dick, Jay and Tim ok ? Won’t work with me, I don’t care about your little need to feel better than us. So here we go, I’m gonna tell you know : hey, you’re better than me. Cool right ? I bet you feel great now. 

-Well at least you know your place. 

Oh damn. You were doing such a good job. You were being so calm and collected, like your father taught you. You should have kept ignoring him, just like your mom did to people she didn’t like…You knew he was eventually going to say something that’d make you mad. And here. “Know your place” ? “KNOW YOUR PLACE” ? How dare he ?!  

You stood up to face him. He was almost as tall as you, even though he was definitely years younger, no more than 10, and you were already (your age). You were kinda short. Like your mom. In the corner of your eyes, you could see your father coming towards you, but you made him understand with your eyes that he shouldn’t intervene. You needed to do this. And so he stopped, and looked at you two. 

-Do you want me to teach you your place ? 

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BTS| They find out their s/o is pregnant but they are not married

Requests and Confessions? Send it here.



I think, as he is the oldest, he would be happy to start a future with you. He knows that it’ll be hard in fact that he is an idol, but he can’t imagine a better person to be the mother of his child. So when he found the positive test in your bag while searching for the car keys, he would be very happy. He would go to you and hug you from behind, while telling you how much he loves you and that you don’t need to be scared of it.

“We will be great parents. And now go and sit on the couch, I’m going to cook for the three of us.”

Originally posted by minniesuga


Suga just wants one child. And I think this fits his character. Like Namjoon, he wants to build a family “after” his career, to have time for you. When he accidentally found the test in the wastebin, he would just proceed with what he did before. He wouldn’t tell you that he knows it and would may go back to the studio, to think about it. He would come home very late, since there was so many he needed to think about and when he finally arrived at the bedroom, he saw you curled up and hugging a pillow. He smiled and started to think about how the things will be when there’s a third person around, and suddenly he could see you three laying there, cuddling and sleeping. He changed his clothes and hugged you from behind, still smiling. He would wait till you’ll tell him and would support you all the time.

*You’re going to be a great mother. And maybe…I’ll be a good dad too.*

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I think Namjoon is someone who wants childen “after” his career. He would want to spent every minute with them, without being on tour or at a photoshoot. So he was very surprised when his plans got thrown over. He wasn’t sure if he was ready, but when he saw you in the doorframe, your expression was warm and also tensed, he knew that it doesn’t matter anymore. He saw you and he knew, you were the mother of his child and he would protect his little family.

“Let’s just hope that clumsiness isn’t heritable..”

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Total escalation. Like really. When he found your test, he would burst into tears even without knowing the result. He would be so emotional and he wouldn’t be the one looking for you, you would go to him when you heard the strange noises from the bathroom. When you opened the door, a crying Hoseok would hug you. You would stroke his bag and try to calm him, but he can’t since he’s so happy. Of course he knows that it’s going to be hard, but the two of you managed so many hard things and he don’t has any worries that you could be too young.

“Why didn’t you called me earlier?! I wasn’t prepared…”

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Jimin came home earlier, since their practise wasn’t as long as expected. When he saw the test on your table, his first thought was, that he dreamed. You came out of the bathroom, a towel around your torso, when you saw him. When he heard you, he turned and made eye contact with you. You couldn’t read his expression. He slowly walked over to you, still looking into your eyes. When he was centimeters away from you he stopped and asked you:”Is it true?”. You just nodded and he slowly got on his knees. He laid is hands around your stomach and neared his face. When his nose almost touched it, he smiled and kissed your belly before he stood up again and hugged you. He knew there will be things to discuss, but for the moment he was the happiest person alive.

“I love you, you both.”

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Everyone knows how much Tae loves kids. I mean, he wants 5, so you can’t start early enough, don’t you? He is a bit naive, but he would freak out, when he found your pregnancy test in the wastebin. He would directly run to you, lift you up and spin you around.

“Why didn’t you tell me? We need to tell mom and dad. And the others must know. And we need to celebrate that. Jagii, we’re going to be parents.”

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Jungkook wouldn’t know how to react. He didn’t thought about being a father, he was almost a child himself and he don’t thinks about himself as a father. At least not now, in the middle of his career as an idol. When he found the positive test, he would freeze. Soo many thoughts would fill his mind and when he heard your shocked squeal as you saw him with the test, he would slowly turn in your direction. You bowed your head, waiting for him to say something, but he just came over to you and hugged you.

“I don’t know how, but we will make it. I will support you however I can. And when I need to grow up, than I will.”

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Roses In Thorns


Being apart of the countries greatest mafia families had its problems; enemies grew from every thorn and you were one of the greatest roses to target. 

You didn’t expect the greatest thorn to prick you to be he who was assigned to protect you- Jeon Jungkook. 

Genre: Angst, (the good type), fluff, future smut in story line. 

  • BodyguardJungkook, Mafia

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


Part 2

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Part 1- YN POV

“Can you get down?” Taehyung asked, holding the ladder for you steady. You were worried you were going to fall flat on your ass, but it didn’t matter at this moment. You just wanted to get down out of sight and to Emily’s party. You didn’t drug your bodyguard for nothing. 

“Hold on, I’m jumping!” You braced yourself as you stuck your legs out from the ladder and jumped. Luckily, Taehyung caught you.

“Awh Tae, such a ladies man.” You winked cockily as you were set down. You brushed your dress off, happy everything was left in tact and snaked your arm around Taehyung’s. 

“Aren’t I amazing Taehyung, could you do that?” You asked, smirking. 

Taehyung was the boy next door who you grew up with. Your parents both worked in the same…business. Taehyung and you got each other, you had each others backs in times like these. All you really wanted to do was just go out and have some fun, but being apart of the countries greatest mafia families had its problems: enemies grew from every thorn, and you were one of the greatest roses to target. 

You were from a family that had been in this business since 1809 when the opium trade was rife. Your family had a series of alliances with the British, jotted somewhere in the history books as one of your ancestors amassed fortunes spanning Asia. Over time, enemies had grown in great numbers and they targeted those close to the current head of the entire family. Three years ago, your father was given the role of head and you were on the list of most targeted people in Korea, if not South East Asia. 

“I’ve been given more freedom than you Y/N and you know that.” Taehyung said, taking you to the car he had parked.

Snapping out of your heritage thoughts, you figured Taehyung was right. Some things never changed, including how conservative the people in your world could be to their daughters. Tae, while restricted had the freedom to go out and live his life like any normal 21 year old could; provided he had a gun tucked away under his pocket and security detail following him not far off. 

You on the other hand, were expected to be a rose in a steel glass cage. Sheltered, monitored, protected, guarded- you name every protectionate word and you were supposed to be the object of its affection. 

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Niall saw Harry standing with his back towards the playground, he was looking down at the baby he had strapped to his chest with a big goofy grin. Niall looked to his left and smiled as he saw his little girls looking around the busy park for a certain curly haired little boy they hadn’t seen in weeks. He followed their gaze and when he saw the little boy standing off to the side with his arms crossed over his chest and a worried look on his little face he couldn’t help but wonder how hard it was to get him to agree to come to the park in the first place.

“There you lot are! Was about to send a search party.” Niall rolled his eyes as his girls took off towards Harry who was smiling as they soon attacked his legs with hugs. “How is my favorite set of twins? You two been giving your old man a hard time like i told you?” The girls giggled as they looked up at Harry.

“Can we see tha baby?” Harry nodded his head and bent down so the little girls could peek over the baby carrier and see the sweet little girl that was currently asleep.

“She’s bald.” Niall quickly tapped his curly haired daughter on the shoulder and gave her a look. “Sorry.” She quickly whispered to the baby making Harry just laugh as he stood up straight.

“I know who you’re looking for love,” Harry turned around and pointed over towards a tree where his son was still standing looking extremely nervous. “He’s right there, been waiting for you.” With that the two girls took off towards the little boy who’s eyes got wide as he saw the duo heading right for him.

“Da girls have been lookin forward ta this all week.” Niall stated as he took a seat on the bench Harry had his diaper bag on. Harry took the seat next to him and smiled as he saw the three kids running around the tree, he knew that his son was more than likely trying to run away from the twins while they assumed it was just a game of tag.

“Took me twenty minutes to get him here, refused to hold my hand unless he saw me wash em fo a solid three minutes and nothing less.” Niall just nodded his head as Harry let out a sigh before turning and looking right at him. “He hates the park, doesn’t like how sticky everything is and how he gets all sweaty. Makes us rush home so he can shower.”

“Jus tell em it’s a special kinda sticky stuff, gonna give em super sonic speed or somethin.” Harry rolled his eyes at a Niall’s advice just as Harry’s son ran up to Harry holding out his hands with a frantic look on his face.

“Sanitizer!” Harry was already reaching into the diaper bag and pulling out his bottle of hand sanitizer. “I touched the swing dad, full on palm to metal contact.” Harry’s eyes went wide with fake concern as his son rubbed his hands together after Harry placed a decent amount of hand sanitizer on the little boys palm.

“The swing isn’t too bad, remember you love the one at home.” Niall watched the little boy dramatically roll his eyes at his father’s words. Harry tossed the hand sanitizer back into the bag as he peeked down to see that his daughter was still peacefully asleep.

“That’s because it’s mine dad, I’m the only one who touches it.” Harry just nodded his head as he son turned around and ran off towards the twins that were currently sitting in the grass. Niall knew they were probably about to start throwing dirt at each other but he’d deal with that when it happened.

“Right, don’t think the supper sonic speed is gonna work on him mate. He just doesn’t like to be dirty,” Niall went from watching his girls make faces at each other to Harry who was looking at his son with a concerned look. “Or touch people that he hasn’t known longer than three weeks.” Harry’s voice was strained and Niall could see the crinkle between his brows forming.

“Oh relax Harry, he’s a kid fo Christ sake. Dey do weird stuff, go through phases like da girls their thing right now is wet Willy’s. Give em ta everyone they can reach, but next week it’ll be somethin else.” Harry just ran a hand over his face and shrugged his shoulders.

“You better not!” Both men turned their heads in the direction of the little girls arguing under the tree. “No! Don’t tell daddy!” Niall’s eyes went wide as his curly haired daughter grabbed her sisters wrist and yanked her onto the ground.

Niall instantly got up off the bench while Harry watched his son take a step back as the girls began wrestling in the grass. Harry couldn’t help but look down at the sleeping baby in the carrier and smile.

“You’re not gonna be rowdy like that are you my little love?” His voice was barley above a whisper as the baby moved a bit in her sleep.

“What da bloody hell you two doin? What’s dis about?” Harry rolled his eyes as he heard Niall shouting from across the park. When Harry turned his head and saw Niall pulling one of his twins off the other he couldn’t help but laugh.

“She bit me!” Niall rolled his eyes as he placed his little girl on the ground and turned to look at his daughter who was standing up and straightening out her shirt.

“You pulled my hair!” He quickly had an arm out keeping the two girls separated all while Harry’s son watched from a distance with wide eyes and a mouth hanging open. “She started it Daddy, she’s always messing with me!” Harry just watched in amusement as Niall attempted to handle the situation.

“Dats enough. You two are gonna have ta deal wit yer mum when we get home. So ya better make da best of dis time while ya got it.” Niall watched as both his little girls faces went from anger to sheer panic as he mentioned their mother.

“Sorry sissy, wanna play on the swings?” And with that the two grabbed hands and took off towards the swings. Niall turned and gave the little boy who was standing by the tree a smile.

“Ya wanna join em? They might need a referee.” Niall joked and Harry watched as his son took a moment and looked at the two on the swing set before shrugging and taking off to join them.

“Always threatening them with their mom, not quite fare now is it?” Harry asked once Niall was back sitting on the bench next to him. Niall just laughed and shrugged as he took a sip out of his water bottle.

“It works,” Harry just laughed. “She jus gives em dis look and they jus stop whatever dey were doin, it’s like magic.” Niall added as he looked at his girls taking turns on the swing while Harry’s son watched to make sure they were being fare.

“The missus has a knack fo making him just relax and it’s quite amazing to watch actually.” Niall turned and saw Harry looking at his son with a smile on his face. “She can get him to try new things, makes him step out of his comfort zone.” Niall noticed the corners of Harry’s mouth twitch a sign that he was getting worked up. Niall just reached over and placed a hand on his shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze.

“It’s a mum thing mate, no point in tryin ta understand it. But dat little girl ya got, you’re gonna be da one who will fix all er problems. You’re gonna be da one who she runs to fo everything mate, from lookin fo spooky tings under da bed to makin her tears stop when she scrapes er knee. You’re in fo a real treat, a daughter’s love is somethin special.” Harry looked at Niall who was now glancing over at his twin girls who were waving at him with big grins on their faces.

“Thanks Niall, those two are lucky to have you.” Niall glanced over at Harry and gave him a smile and a nod. Harry went back to looking at his son who was laughing as the twins made silly faces at him.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with Niall breaking up little fights between his girls while Harry had to apply hand sanitizer to his son’s hands only a few more times. The two men talked about their wives for a while discussing how they needed to all get together for a dinner night soon.

Before the two little families went their separate ways Harry was surprised to see his son hug each of Niall’s daughters, something he normally wouldn’t do since he wasn’t big on touching. Niall smiled as he leaned over and placed a little kiss on the forehead of the little girl who was now fully awake strapped to Harry’s chest.

“See you soon mate,” Harry said as he gave Niall a side hug due to the baby carrier on his chest. Niall laughed as he patted Harry’s back before pulling away.

“Tell the missus i said hello and she needs ta give my wife dat chicken soup recipe.” Harry just shook his head as he grabbed his son’s hand.

“She’s taking it to the grave Niall, she’s told you that but i will see what i can do. Bye ladies, always a pleasure.” Harry shot the little girls a little wink causing them to giggle.

“Bye uncle Harry!” And with that the two men turned and headed off in the direction of their homes, Harry holding his son’s hand while Niall found himself with one little girl on each side of him as they went on and on about the events of the day.



  • I’ll take you as you are by Behindthecities
    Summary: Even can’t sleep so Isak draw’s him a bath.

  • One More Second by kosekardemomme
    Summary: Isak invites the boys over to hang out with Even, for the first time with just them, just after Christmas. “Evak” can’t keep their hands off each other, though.

  • isak x even | dance so good by BloonStuff
    Summary: When Isak happens upon Even out of bed in the first time in a few days, he decides to make the most of the moment. 


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Peter Parker Crushing on You While Being Tony’s Daughter Would Include (Preference):

- You went to the same school as Peter starting your Junior Year (You’re a year older than him) and you two already knew each other because of the civil war. When he saw you at school at first he was shocked, but he was very happy to see you.

- You didn’t have superpowers, but you were trained in self-defense and you wanted to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Even though Peter knew you were strong, he always worried about you and looked out for you. If you came over and left at night, he’d either walk you or follow you home, just to make sure nothing went wrong.

- Flash instantly tries to flirt with you since you’re “just his type” and pretty obviously Peter’s crush. This makes Peter angry to no end, but you always shut Flash down. He was definitely not your type.

- Peter always trying to do nice things for you, like help you with your homework if you needed it or bringing you food to school if you texted him you left your lunch at home.

- People knew who you were and they were always trying to get close to you, asking you for money, or were just straight-up harassing you. Peter always pulled you out of these situations if he could, he knew they made you really uncomfortable.

- Your dad questioning you when you said you wanted to go to normal school for your junior and senior years, but letting you do it anyway. When he realized it was the same school that Peter went to, it made him a little weary.

- When it came to homecoming, Peter didn’t ask you, and it broke your heart. He was too afraid to ask you and ended up going with Liz, his previous crush. You ended up going on the plane with your father’s stuff that was boarded by Vulture, when Peter saved your life that night he confessed how he really felt about you.

10 Things I Hate About You - Two

One // Three | Four | Five | Six

“Hello, (Y/N).” You nodded to acknowledge your father. “Make anyone cry today?” You let out a breathy laugh, shaking your head as you turned the page to the book you were reading.

“Sadly, no. But, it’s only 4:30.” You looked up to look at your dad, wiggling your eyebrows at him, gaining a short laugh but a wide smile.

“Hi daddy!” Your moment was ruined – Laura bouncing her way toward you and your dad, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek.

“Why are you here so late?” You raised an eyebrow at your younger sister, giving her a questioning look, though you knew exactly why she was home later. Considering you both left school around the same time, you both should have walked through the front door at the same time, too. But, alas, your little sister took a ride from Jason, the man you cared for least in this entire world. She had no idea who he was, really, but you thought his egotistic persona was enough o chase her away.

“I, uh, had to stop by Mitchy’s house for some notes I let her borrow.” She gave you a pointed look, as if to silently say, ‘shut the hell up’. You shrugged her off, rolling your eyes before going back to your book.

“Hm? What’s this? It’s from Pepperdine.” Your eyes went wide as you shot up from your seat and tossed your book onto the seat you previously occupied, snatching the envelope to your future out of your dad’s hands.

“Oh, my GOD!” You shrieked, jumping slightly, “I got in! I got in, what the heck.” You plopped yourself back onto the chair, digging the book from behind you while still gazing at the acceptance letter in front of you. You scanned the rest of the words, only registering “CONGRATULATIONS” written in bold at the very top, followed by your name. You had been pining for this college since you were fourteen. Your parents fought a lot after your fourteenth birthday, and you had wished to be as far away from home as possible. You researched schools in California, you, your sister and your parents had visited once and it was your favorite memory. You wanted to go where you only ever felt happy – California was that place.

“Pepperdine? What about NYU? Isn’t Pepperdine all the way across the country?”

“That’s the base of its appeal!”

“Well, I mean, good riddance.” You rolled your eyes at your sister’s attitude, turning to see her smirking at you, causing a smirk to grace your face as well.
“Why don’t you tell dad who drove you home?” You patted yourself on your back in your head, seeing your sister’s eyes grow wide.

“What? Who drove you home?” You sighed in relief as the attention switched views.

“It’s this boy-.”

“Who’s the biggest idiot in school,”

“Please,” your dad signaled for you to stop.

“I think he might actually like me and want to ask me out-,” she was again cut off.

“I think I know the answer, no! The answer is always no! That’s the only rule I have. No dating until you graduated, is that so hard? Your sister doesn’t date!”

“And I don’t intend to.”

“And why’s that?” You gave a disgusted look.

“Have you seen the piggish men that go to my school?” Your sister rolled her eyes and fired back, saying something along the lines of you just being a loser – mad because no one liked you. This sparked a short argument as your father watched until he grew annoyed.

“Okay! Enough, I have a new rule.” You both quieted down, looking up at him from your seats on the small couch. “Laura – you can date,” you gave your dad a surprised look, your jaw hanging slightly. “But, only when your sister does.” This caused you to glance at your sister, seeing as she wore the same expression you wore just a few seconds ago, a smug look on yours.

“But, that’s not fair! What if she never dates?!” This caused you to laugh loudly, earning a glare from her.

“Then you’ll never date! Oh, I like that… and I won’t have to worry about any teen pregnancies.”

“Dad!” A loud beeping noise interrupted Laura, causing your dad to sigh at his phone, saying he needed to go back to work. He grabbed his coat and walked out the door, shutting the door. As you were making your way up the stairs you heard your sister groan. “Can’t you find some equal-to-you loser to take you to the movies so I can experience ONE date?” You rolled your eyes at her theatrics.

“I’m sorry, looks like you’ll just have to miss out on going on a date with Dickhead Bomming.”

“Ugh,” she groaned, turning on her heels, “you suck!”

You suck!” You mocked, rolling your eyes once again before making your way up the rest of the stairs.

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Imagine Chris and your daughter surprising you at work.

A/N: I’m on a roll, two in one day. :D Sooooo muuuuuch fluuuufff. You need to just have a kid already, Chris, so you can be the cutest, bestest dad around. X

Your four year old daughter held her dad’s large hand as they walked through the hallways of Paramount Studio looking for you. They were running errands when they drove past the studio and decided to surprise you with a drop-in, mainly because your daughter couldn’t wait till tonight to give you the rose she- well, Chris bought you.

“Do you think Mama is going like this?” Harper looked up at her dad with your pretty Y/E/C eyes, holding up the single red rose; Chris nodded, smiling. “But wouldn’t she want more than one rose?”

“It’s the thought that counts, bug.” Chris scooped her up into his arms and poked her sides, making her giggle. “And it doesn’t matter how many roses you get Mama, she’s going to love it anyway ‘cause she’s a sucker for roses.”

You were right behind them when Chris said that, as one of your interns had informed you that your husband and daughter were wandering the hallways looking for you. You chuckled softly at the language your husband had chosen to use around your impressionable four year old. It wasn’t bad per se, but it wasn’t a word you wanted your four year old to be spouting.

“She’s also a sucker for chocolates,” Harper said and Chris nodded; another chuckle escaped your throat and you shook your head in disapproval. “We should’ve got her some. I think she likes the golden ones, the ones with the wrappers that she makes into tiny roses.”

“You mean Ferrero Rochers?” Chris quizzed and Harper nodded. “Well done, bug. That is one of your mom’s favorite chocolates and I picked up some at the supermarket. Look at you,” he chuckled, “you’ve got the memory of an elephant.” He made elephant noises, making her laugh and you smile; his choice of words weren’t always the best, but he was still an amazing husband and father.

“Well well well, look who we have here.” You began and Chris turned around with Harper in his arms; both their eyes lit up upon seeing you. “What are you two trouble makers up to?” You asked as you walked over.

“Mama!” Harper barreled towards you as soon as Chris put her down. You bent over, catching and lifting her into your arms when she jumped. “Mama, I’ve missed you so much.” She whispered into your ear, wrapping her small arms around your neck.

“Hey you,” you smiled at Chris as he placed a hand on your arm, leaning forward to peck you on the lips. “What’s that?” You gasped excitedly when Chris pulled away and Harper leaned back to give you the rose she bought you. “Wow, thank you sweetheart. This just made my day,” you smacked a loud kiss on her cheek and she giggled.

“We just thought we’d drop by and see you, give you a few hugs and kisses because you’ve got a long day ahead of you.” Chris told you and Harper nodded in agreement; you smiled. “How’s everything sailing?” He asked and you hugged Harper, holding her close so you could roll your eyes over her shoulder. “That bad, huh?” He chuckled softly.

“You of all people should know how bad directing can get, especially with cocky actors who don’t show up on time. I mean- you worked with Chris Evans, right?” You teased him and he laughed, nodding. “Honestly-” you chuckled wearily then sighed, giving him a small smile, “there’s no one I’d rather work with.”

“Aw, baby,” Chris pouted sympathetically, giving your arm a gentle squeeze. “You know there’s no one I’d rather work with too, but we’re parents now.” He reminded you, rubbing Harper’s back. “It’s time we learn to work with other people,” he said and you nodding, pouting. “Just do me a favor and don’t fall in-love with your next handsome lead,” he winked then smiled when you chuckled.

“Only if you promise not to fall in-love with your next pretty director.”

“The Russo brothers are my next directors,” Chris chuckled and you laughed, “I think I’ll be fine.”

“Mrs. Evans?” One of your interns called and you turned around. Chris smiled because this was the first time he heard someone call you Mrs. Evans at work as you were always referred to by your maiden name; it was probably because he was there. “You’re needed on set.” As soon as Harper heard that, she tightened her hold on you.

“Tell them I’ll be right there,” you nodded and the intern disappeared around the corner.

“No, Mama,” Harper’s voice quivered slightly, making your heart ache as you hugged her as tightly as she was hugging you. “Please don’t go,” she mumbled into the crook of your neck. “I don’t want you to go.”

You felt your eyes start to well with tears and you looked to Chris, pressing your lips together to suppress your urge to cry. “Don’t start,” he mouthed and shook his head, giving you the smile that would always make you smile; it worked. “C'mon, sweetheart.” Chris gently rubbed Harper’s back, trying to take her from you. “Let’s go home, we’ll see Mama later.”

“No,” Harper shrugged off her dad’s touch, making him sigh. “I don’t want to go,” she huffed, clutching onto you. “I want to stay here with you, Mama.” You beckoned your head for Chris to follow you as you started to make your way to where you were needed while still carrying your stubborn four year old.

“But what are you going to do here with me, baby?” You asked gently and she leaned back in your arms so she could meet your gaze. “I’m going to be busy directing and you don’t know anyone I’m working with. It’s not like Daddy’s set, you won’t have Uncle Seba or Auntie Scar or Uncle Rob to play with you.”

“I can just sit quietly and watch you work,” Harper responded with a grin.

“You could, but I promise you you’d have more fun with Daddy at home.” You told her and she wiggled her tiny mouth from side to side, pondering. “Like I said, it’s not like Daddy’s set. You’re going to be all by yourself, sitting quietly. That sounds so boring, don’t you think?”

“Bug, c'mon. You promised you wouldn’t do this.” Chris reminded her and she sighed. He knew you were on a tight schedule and you needed to stay focus which was why he made Harper promise she wouldn’t do any of what she was currently doing before he took her here. “Your mom’s on a tight schedule, do you remember what that means?”

“Yeah,” Harper nodded, pouting.

“So let’s go home so she can finish work quickly and come home in time for dinner,” Chris told her and she looked between the both of you, still pondering who she wanted to go with and what she’d get to do. “Do you remember what we’re having for dinner? Pi…” He trailed off.

“Zza!” She finished, holding out her arms for her dad to take her. “Okay, let’s go home.” Chris smiled at you, a little too smug for your liking. He’d always been good with kids, you knew that before you married him; it was actually one of the reasons you married him. “Bye Mama,” she leaned over and pecked you on the cheek.

“Bye, sweetheart.” You booped her nose and she giggled. “I’ll see you two at home,” you said and pecked Chris on the lips. “Hopefully in time for dinner,” you pursed your lips, knowing there was a small chance you weren’t going to be.

“Just tell your cast and crew Captain America will come in here armed and ready to whoop their asses if they don’t cut their shit out.” Chris told you, smiling; you chuckled because both of you had completely forgotten that you were in your four year old daughter’s presence until…

“Yeah,” Harper nodded with furrowed brows, “tell them Captain America will come in here armed and ready to whoop their-” Chris covered her mouth, both of you laughing, before she could finish.

Misunderstood : Reggie Mantle

request: Can I request a Reggie Mantle imagine maybe where the reader is his gf and friend with the og 4 and they keep talking bad about him but she always defends him and then one day he like sits with them at lunch and they realize he isn’t really that bad of a guy

requested by: anonymous

A/N: I AM THE WORST!!! I am so sorry it took so long. I really really hope you love this. xx, aubree. 

warnings: none :)

word count: 730

(gif not mine)


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Reggie Mantle. Tall, handsome as hell, and one of the most misunderstood people in all of Riverdale. There was only one person he ever opened up to. His best friend turned girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N. She saw the side of him that he hid from the world. To everyone else, Reggie was the douchebag jock who was a little too full of himself. To Y/N, he was the boy who was pressured by his father to be perfect; to be someone he wasn’t.

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Thicker than Water - Part 2

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)


Bucky x Reader series

Summary: Inspired by this post (x)
Being born and raised in a HYDRA family means you must be a devoted member to the organisation, carrying out orders with blind obedience. But after being assigned the suicide mission of being the Winter Soldier’s handler, you slowly start to question where your loyalties truly lie.

Warnings: Violence

Word Count: 1581

A.N: Chapter two here we go! Honestly, this story seems to have a life of itself but I hope you like it so far… I promise Bucky will make an appearance soon (just not yet)

Originally posted by moan-s

April 1996
0835 hours

You were woken up by the sound of footsteps running towards your room. The house, usually silent at this time in the morning, was apparently bustling with activity, with the distinct clang of pans in the kitchen and the sound of chattering voices in what you assumed was the living room.

There wasn’t even time for you to rub the sleep out of your eyes when your door burst open, allowing your older sister to walk in, the barely-there smell of chocolate wafting from behind her and following her as she jumped on your bed with an exited smile. She’d been expecting this day for a while now, so it was not surprising at all to see her wearing a new dress, her hair already tied at the nape of her neck with a big ribbon.

“Happy birthday, Steph” you mumbled, untangling your legs from the bed sheets and wrapping your arms around her. You were shaking.

“It’s okay,” she murmured against your shoulder as you hugged her tighter, feeling the ends of her hair against your bare arms and clinging to her for dear life, sniffling. “You know I have to do this, in a couple of years it’ll be your turn” Stephanie said.

It was her twelfth birthday today, and you knew it was a special occasion. Your father had told you so countless times, always stressing the importance of turning twelve and emphasizing how much his life had changed after he’d turned twelve.

“With my help, you will open your eyes to the world” he’d say “our world.”

But it always sounded so ominous to you. You didn’t want your life to change, you didn’t need to, and you couldn’t wrap your head around the fact that there was much more to know about the world; things you weren’t allowed to know until it was your turn. It was unfair.

“Y/N?” Your sister whispers, pulling away from you and sitting at your side on the bed, her legs swung over the covers without paying much attention to the now wrinkled dress “I’ll always be here for you, no matter what.”

You sniffle at that, looking her dead in the eye and wiping a stray tear from your cheek as you asked, “Do you promise?”

“I promise.”

And, for the most part, Stephanie had kept her word. She’d try to spend as much time with you as she could, but soon, the secrets became too much.

Your sister’s behavior started to change before your very eyes, your interactions becoming shorter and her demeanor turning colder, even hostile sometimes.

She’d cast you aside, choosing to spend most of her time with your dad instead and locking herself up in his study every time you had visits. After a while you barely even spoke, with her being too wrapped up in whatever business your father had initiated her in, and the worst part was that you knew you’d be next.

The only one who knew about your fears was Julian, your little brother. Sweet, gentle Julian who sometimes sneaked into your room to keep you company during the secret meetings held by your dad. Both of you knew your family was part of a big organization, something greater than your family’s industries and wealth; something older, darker maybe, and so you’d stick together most of the time, whispering secrets and sneaking into the halls past bedtime to listen through muffled conversations through closed doors.

It was mischief to him, one he’d gladly partake in as long as you didn’t get caught, but to you, it all meant something more. What kept you going to your father’s study wasn’t just a childish game; it was you, the very same insatiable curiosity that had pushed you towards the cupboard that December night a few years ago. You’d learned something back then, about a mystery man with a secret mission, and now you wanted to keep digging.

Fortunately for you, you now had Julian, your partner in crime, and no one could’ve foreseen how inseparable you would eventually become.

“Together ‘till the end” he’d say every single time you both wandered off on an adventure.

And every time, you knew he meant it.

October 1999
2258 hours 


The girl’s fist connected solidly against your cheek, making you stumble a few feet back, clutching the side of your face with one hand.

It had been almost a month since you’d turned twelve and your father had insisted on you going to boarding school. It was all a lie of course, a façade of what you now recognized as a HYDRA facility; the same place your sister Stephanie had been sent to a year prior. As intriguing as it might’ve seemed at first, the perfect opportunity to learn more about the man they called “the Asset” you were stuck in a training room, getting the life punched out of you by another girl at least four years older than you.

“Focus Miss. Lapointe!” the trainer yelled at you, right before the girl swung at you again, her punch barely missing your head as you managed to crouch in time to avoid the blow.

But ducking wasn’t enough however, as she caught you from the waist, wrapping an arm around it to prevent you from straightening up again, her knee colliding with your stomach one, twice, three times. No matter how much you squirmed, she wouldn’t let go of you.

You fell to the ground after that, your back colliding against the floor while you gasped for air, eyes already brimming with tears. The pain in your stomach was too much and you struggled to breathe in clutching your stomach with one hand while raising the other une up as a clear sign of surrender.

A few strands of hair were sticking to your forehead, sweat dripping from the ends and sliding down the tip of your nose as you tried to sit up but failed, turning your head towards your opponent instead.

The fluorescent light was harsh against your eyes as you turned your head around, your blurry vision scanning the room, looking for your trainer. “Thank you, Miss Waters, you can stand down now” he told the other girl, climbing up the small steps to the ring, his boot clad feet heavy against the mat. “Miss. Lapointe-” -the disappointment was evident in his tone as he approached you, not even bothering to crouch at your level and turning you around with a nudge from his boot instead. You groaned in pain. “Looks like you’ll need further training. I’ll expect you to be here tomorrow at first hour.” Was all he said before he pivoted in his heel and left the training room.

Releasing a pained hiss, you finally sat up, buying your head in your hands.

Failure, you’re a failure.

The small voice inside your head had become louder and louder with time, especially now that you were in the same facility your sister has been, though, unlike you, she’d been transferred a long time ago. It was hard for you, being constantly compared to her and her outstanding abilities. She’d been born a fighter, they said, her reflexes sharp and her body agile, but you weren’t her, and it frustrated you to no end when people wanted you to be.

“You should try shooting, Y/N” said a voice somewhere behind your head, making you jump.

It was a boy, you noticed as he walked from behind a bunch of crates, his hair cropped short and a glint in his eyes; judging by his build and heights, he was perhaps a few years older than you. “You should try shooting,” he said again pointing with his chin at you “obviously you’re not good at hand to hand combat so technically, guns are the next best option if you ever want to live up to your sister’s legacy”

That comment made you frown “Wait how do you know my name? And you know my sister?” You asked him, keeping a careful eye on the key card hanging from a string on his fingers.

“Yeah,” he replied, “ you’re Y/N, the infamous Stephanie Lapointe, HYDRA prodigy and full time mean girl. No wonder you don’t want to be like her.”

You snorted, a laugh escaping your lips followed by a wince. He seemed to notice, because he immediately crouched beside you, wrapping a careful arm around your torso and keeping another one near your hip as he helped you stand up, allowing you to put your weight on him but groaning a bit at the effort.

“There you go, slowly,” he muttered as you let out yet another pained groan “I’ll take you to the infirmary to get patched up, and then we’re going to go shooting.”

This boy was unbelievable “Shooting?” you asked, incredulous, “It’s almost midnight.”

“So?” there was a twinkle in his eyes that reminded you of yourself when you were younger, running around the house with Julian. “It’s the perfect time to practice without other people seeing how terrible your aim is, now come on!” he said, smiling.

“You’re crazy.”

He laughed openly at that, his chest rumbling a little “Actually…” he drew out, stretching a hand to his side so it was placed in front of you “I’m Daniel Blake.”

You shook his hand as a small smile crept up on your face, momentarily making you forget the pain on your abdomen.

“Nice to meet you Daniel.” 

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Choices - Falling Apart

Characters: Y/N, Dean Winchester, Kaylee Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Mick Davis, Arthur Ketch, Garth Fitzgerald, Beth Fitzgerald, unnamed bmol,    

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: character deaths, implied character deaths, implied smut, violence, blood - dunno SPN stuff I guess.    

Word Count: 2200ish

A/N: This is the 3rd and final part of my choices series. It is also my stupidly late entry for @plaidstiel-wormstache’s Push Yourself Challenge. I am so sorry Jessie. My prompt for this part was Rocks by Imagine Dragons.

Thanks to everyone who has followed and offered feedback on this wee mini series. It actually proved a hell of a lot harder to write than I initially though. I am sorry this chapter sucks, but it really was the best I could do.

Thanks a billion to my friend and editor @blacktithe7 - this series would not have been the same without you darling.


Y/N always got quiet when she was nervous. That hadn’t changed one bit, and Dean was desperate to reassure her. There was nothing he could do from his place in the driver’s seat. She sat quietly next to the angel, Dean had had the good senses to call for backup, staring out of the window, so Dean couldn’t even tell her with his eyes that he loved her, and she had nothing to worry about. When he couldn’t get her eyes to met his in the mirror, his eyes moved, and Cas’ blue eyes stared back at him through the mirror reassuring him that she was fine. Cas had healed her before they even got on the road, so physically Dean didn’t have to worry about her.

The drive stayed quiet except for when Y/N spoke up to give Dean directions. Three hours later, they pulled up infront of a small cabin, and Dean jumped from the car before she had a chance to get far. He pulled her into his arms, breathing a sigh of relief when he felt her relax against him.

“It’ll be okay Serenity,” he whispered against her hair, kissing the side of her head. “I’m here.”

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My Body’s Broken, Yours Is Bent

So, @jandjsalmon I know it’s not quite your birthday yet, but since you’re so incredible I think you deserve an early present and I had this finished. I hope you enjoy a lil dark!jug, and dark!betty to go along with him. I’m blushing.

Warning: we got some sin going on in this fic, it gets smutty, because what would a dark au be without it?

Read on AO3

Carve your name into my arm
Instead of stressed I lie here charmed
Cause there’s nothing else to do
Every me and every you

– Every Me and Every You, Placebo


Watching her through the window was a favourite pastime of his, and not just since moving into Archie’s room full time. Whenever Jughead had been hanging out with his best friend his eyes would drift to the glass pane, hoping to catch a glimpse of the blonde girl who’d captured his attention for as long as he could recall.

Sometimes there was nothing. Other times he was rewarded with the view of Betty Cooper, walls down, armour removed. His fingers itched with the desire to run through her loose golden waves, only free from the tight restraint of their hair tie once she was alone and without responsibility. On occasion he’d thank whatever force controlled the universe for a flash of the curve of her ass beneath her skirt, a glimpse at the side of her breast as she pulled her sweater over her head and unclasped her bra before wandering away. Always just out of view, and entirely out of reach.

He didn’t think Archie noticed his little viewing parities – if he did he hadn’t said anything – but Jughead wouldn’t care if he had. He felt as if his need for Betty Cooper was tangible, rolling off his skin in crashing waves, pulling him under the current and crushing his chest with the weight. He was sure that his breathlessness filled the air, that the pounding of his heart rang just as loudly in his friend’s ears as it did his own.

It was a Thursday when their timelines merged seamlessly again to allow him front row seats to his favourite show. The purple bruises around Jughead’s wrists were still blooming despite his father having been crashed out on their couch for hours now. Fred let Jughead in early, silently noticing the way he clutched at the sleeves of his shirt to keep him in place, telling him Archie would be back from hanging out with his football buddies soon enough. Archie’s room was practically Jughead’s room anyway, his view was Jughead’s view. Only, Jughead was far more interested in what it had to offer. He needed the sweet morphine drip that watching her could give him.

Betty was there, waiting for him behind her raised curtain, audience: party of one. Only she wasn’t alone this time. Betty sat on her floral bedspread, long legs curled underneath her as she grasped at Polly’s hand in desperation. If Jughead squinted his could see the way her lamplight cause the moisture in her eyes to glisten verdantly, see the way her lower lip trembled, teeth catching the raw flesh in an attempt to still its quivering. Jughead’s tongue came out to wet his own lips, wishing he could run it along hers instead.

Polly sat next to her sister, hands gesturing wildly as she explained something to Betty with an excited fervour, eventually settling over her abdomen with maternal affection. Betty shook her head, ponytail whipping her dampened cheeks harshly as it swung with the movements.

His gut clenched with the need to fix it.


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