the dad was kinda cool

You know what gets me everytime?

when Allura is giving away the bayards..

and everyone get their own special weapon

and look so cool

and excited

and happy

and then comes Shiro’s turn…

And you knoooooooo he was watching them all get all the weapons and getting all excited himself like “oooh I wonder what my bayard is gonna turn into! the black one must be a very special one! cuz i dun see it here.. Allura is probably saving the best for last!”

and hes standing there like “I’m so ready! give it to me! sooo ready! gimme!

and Allura’s just

Shiro, I’m afraid your bayard was lost with its paladin.

and his face just goes:

and then he like smiles and all “I guess i’ll just have to make do..


Huntress- Part Sixteen: Wayward Daughters

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E16 so warning: SPOILERS

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Perched on the table, your legs swinging underneath you shared a bored look with Uncle Dean as he paced the room. Your Dad had his arms folded, but hadn’t given up yet. You knew Mick would come, he’d never turn his nose up at a meeting with the Winchesters- you could only dream.

“That’s it I’m waiting in the car-” Uncle Dean declared, readying himself to leave. Only, Dad stopped him. “Wait, come on-”

“No. Okay I didn’t sign up for this reporting for duty crap!”

“Just wait.” You sighed, not bothering to deal with any conflict.
“Sorry I’m late.” Mick’s voice made Uncle Dean turn round, shooting him a frown. “My report ran over. Everything’s been a bit hectic till uh…well,” he glanced down at the blood stain “Well. Best not to dwell.”
“Must be so hard for you.” You rolled your eyes.

“Okay, enough. What’s the deal?” Dad silenced the argument before i escalated any further.

“Case in Wisconsin. Looked like an animal attack. The girl’s in the hospital, but her brother lost his heart. We recon it’s a werewolf.”
“That left a survivor?” You raised an eyebrow.
“Maybe it got scared before it could finish the job?” Uncle Dean suggested. Mick shook his head doubtfully “Perhaps but it usually takes more than just a fright to put a werewolf off it’s meal.”
“The hell do you know that?” Uncle Dean scoffed.
“I studied them at Kendrick’s.”
“Kendrick’s?” Dad echoed.

“It’s where British Hunters train. Kinda like Hogwarts.” You explained.
“Not cool.” You countered.

“The case sounds easy enough.” Uncle Dean shrugged, ignoring any more points to be made.
“Then you won’t mind if I tag a long?” Mick tilted his head, aware he’d get some serious reactions out of that statement. You snorted, “Nice one, mate.”

“Mick, hunting isn’t really what you’re suited for…” Dad was trying to be a little more nicer about it than you had been. “There was a reason Mum never taught you.” You smirked- no doubt offending him in the process.

“I’m a fast learner.” He remarked “Our team were thinkers. We need to be ready for whatever happens next.

“One moment.” Uncle Dean threw his head back, gesturing for you and Dad to have a “talk” about it. When you were outside he rolled his eyes “No way this is happening.”
“Dean, these people have some serious knowledge.”
“I have that same knowledge, though!” You protested.
“Y/N’s right. Besides, you can’t learn this crap in a book. You put on a flannel, you pick up a gun and you go out there and you get good fast or you get dead faster.”
“He might come in handy.”
“What if he get’s himself killed?”
“I heard that.” Mick appeared at his side, making Uncle Dean back away a little from him: “Good.”

Unfortunately, Mick was in the back of the Impala next to you so you sat on one side, staring at your phone screen. To add to the excitement, Mick had one of his stupid podcasts playing. Sure, you liked interesting facts, but this was just torture. “Had to listen to one of his podcasts?” Uncle Dean frowned at his brother. Mick paused it, not wanting to miss anything.
“It’s educational. Besides, I’ve been wanting to listen to this one.” Dad sighed.
“And there I was beginning to think you weren’t so bad.” You rolled your eyes, getting a smile from your Uncle.

After they continued to argue over hunting, you took a headphone out and decided to see if it was worth getting into. “I’d take a handful of silver bullets any day over that crap!”
“That crap, meant that the last werewolf seen in England was in the 20s.” Mick sassed. You mimicked Mr K’s posh accent “The last serious werewolf case in the United Kingdom was in 1923. I can’t believe you listen to him.”
“Thank you for that, Ketch.” Mick rolled his eyes.
“Any time, Davis.” You sassed.

“Were they all evil?” Dad asked, going back to the werewolves.
“I’m sorry?” 
“Well not all werewolves are. We had a friend who was bitten, but he learnt to control it. Alongside lots of others.”
“Werewolf’s are natural born killers. Monster’s don’t just stop becoming monsters.”
“Mick-” You wanted to stop him, but he kept going.
“They live to kill!”
“Not everything’s in black and white you know.” You sighed.

Mick might have ignored you. Or perhaps he didn’t care: “Turn here.”

After flicking through endless lore books on all sorts of mythology, Dad, Uncle Dean and Mick arrived back from the hospital. They’d gone for more information, but it felt like they’d gone for a holiday at the speed they were taking things. They got in and began to explain what had happened.
“She wasn’t bitten?” You were surprised to hear that “You sure?”
“Positive.” Mick didn’t look at you when he spoke.
“So now what?”
“Well. You remember Jody?” Dad turned in his seat a little to face you.
“The Sheriff Hunter?”
“That’s her. She has two uh…adopted daughters. One of them, Claire Novak, is here working on the case. She’s gotta be about your age actually.”
“Novak?” You repeated it, you could have sworn you’d heard that name somewhere before. “Isn’t that…Cas’ vessel’s name?”
“Yeah…” Uncle Dean nodded “How did you know that?”
“He told me.” You shrugged.

Not that you’d admit it, you were excited to meet another Hunter your age. You just hoped she wasn’t a jerk…but, if Jody brought her up how bad could she be?

You sat down next to Dad on the sofa, Dean sitting the other side of you. Opposite was who must have been Claire. She had long blonde hair and the sort of eyes that changed from blue to green. She wore a jacket like yours, only it was green. She had the Hunter look for sure. Her head tilted and eyes furrowed in your direction “Who are you?” She asked. 

“Y/N.” You answered, not sure what else to say.
“Claire, this is my daughter.” Dad explained. Her eyes widened and she smiled a little “Daughter?”
“Sup.” You nodded.
“Your accent…British, right?”
“Which one?” You rolled your eyes.
“There’s more than one?” 
You smiled “That’s cool.”

“You hunt?” She asked, obviously curious.
“Duh.” You smirked, making her smile.

“Beers all round.” Mick appeared, placing beers down on the table. “Who are you?” Claire was now even more confused.
“Mick Davis. British Men Of Letters.” Mick took her hand, shaking hers and his at the same time.
“Long story.” Dean sighed.
Long story.” You agreed.

You and Claire both reached for a beer when Dad and Uncle Dean stopped you. “No.” They both said, dragging the bottles away from your grasp. You both shared a look before sitting back.

“Either way. That alibi…massive lie.” Claire continued.
“Hayden’s Mom said the same thing.” Dad nodded. “Where was she?”
“Local dive bar. Eating trash…anyway she was on a date. But the guy was a total douche-bag. Motorcycle, weird-ass hair, snarky…grabby.”
“Grabby?” Uncle Dean echoed, he did not like the sound of that.
“I’m a big girl,” Claire assured him “I handled it.”

“Better call it a night.” Mick rose, having barely been seated for a minute.
“It’s 5:30.” You frowned.
“My reports due in at six sharp. Nice meeting you.”

You watched him go, becoming more and more suspicious but it was too ealy to say anything. “So…” Claire spoke up “Your foreign exchange student it totally lame.”
“Which one?” Uncle Dean joked. You hit his side, making him almost drop his beer. “Ow!”

Anyway,” Dad cleared his throat “Why aren’t you with Jody?”
“She’s busy with Sheriff stuff. Said to call if anything came up.”
‘Sheriff stuff’ sounded incredibly vague to you.

You watched in fascination as Claire dressed herself up to look twice her age. “Why do you keep staring at me?”
“How?” You asked in amazement.
“It’s so I pass as FBI. Why what do you usually do?”
“Wait in the car…” You admitted, realising how pathetic that sounded.
“That sucks.” She chuckled “Come here, I’ll show you.”

The Hospital was pretty big with endless corridors and hallways, but you found your way to the right room. Last night Hayden, who was in the hospital before, had died.”
“Any idea what happened to her?”
“The autopsy isn’t till tomorrow…it’s hard to tell. Perhaps a heart attack.”
“At her age?” You asked, well aware she was probably similar age to you.
“Well…yeah that’s what’s weird. Also, when we first found her she had gashes all along her arms. Now…” The Doctor pulled back the sheets to reveal her bare arms. There was no sign of any sort of wounds.

“Excuse me.” The Doctor left the room, leaving you all to ponder over the case.
“What the hell?” Claire started off with the same words that had been running through your mind since you’d arrived.
“What if she…turned?” Dad suggested.
“I guess that would explain how she healed…but then how did she die? And you said she wasn’t bitten.” You pointed at Mick who stuttered for words.
“Not that I saw.”

“None of this is making any sense.” Uncle Dean shook his head.

“But if she did turn then that means the werewolf wanted her turned.” Mick suggested. “So it’d have to be friends…family…”
“Someone from the bar.” Claire finished.

“Okay, Sam, you and Claire go talk to the girl she was supposed to be crashing with. Me and Mick’ll hit the bar. Y/N, pick a side.”
You rolled your eyes and followed on after your Dad.

Claire grabbed her headphones from the back of the car before putting her hand on the door handle. “Okay, so you wait here.” She ordered your Dad, making you chuckle.
“You really think she’s gonna want to talk to some old skeezer…or us.” 
“She’s got a point, Dad.”You patted his shoulder before spelling aloud “B r b.”

After getting the information you needed from her friend you headed back out, only you paused in the doorway. “You coming?” Claire raised an eyebrow, turning round.
“I will be. Just need to uh…make a phone call.” You said, heading round the back.

You hovered over the caller ID before pressing “call”. It rang for quite some time, reaching the point where you almost didn’t think they were going to pick up.
“Y/N? What’re you doing?” He answered.
“You called me yesterday,” You began “Why do you keep calling me?”
“I can’t say it to your face..your Dad might overhear me and then that’ll just spark even more questions.”
“So what if he does hear you? All you do is say dumb stuff.” You sighed.
“I’m sorry. I should never have intruded on your family.” He sighed.
“You keep saying that. In every damn voice mail you’ve left.” You snapped. “I’m fed up. Just say it to me. It’s ridiculous! We see each other every other bloody day and you ignore me. But the moment you’re not near me you call up to say sorry for everything!” 
“You’re right…I’m not as brave as you.” 
“I swear to God the next time you call me I’m going find you and throw your phone off a cliff. Stop it. Stop leaving voicemails I never listen to and stop apologising. I don’t care anymore.”
“Mick. Grow up.”

You hung up. Fed up of Mick calling you. So what if he had things to say? If they were that important he’d say them to your face. He’d left those messages a few months back…he kept apologising and you’d had enough.
When you turned the corner you were greeted with the sight of Claire walking off in a huff from your Dad. Oh boy.
“What did you say?” You asked, looking impressed he’d managed to piss her off that quickly.
“Jody thinks she’s looking at colleges.” Dad sighed.
“And?” You shrugged, earning a shocked look.
“Yeah. If she wants to hunt she wants to hunt. She’s not stupid.”
“I know. It’s just not as simple as that.”
“It should be.” You sighed.

You were about to add to your point when you noticed he wasn’t fully convinced, but froze when a cry of pain erupted from the nearby woodlands. After worriedly glancing at your Dad, the pair of you leapt into action. 

You raced down towards the noise, fiddling with the inside of your jacket t grab your knife from the pocket. Only, when you reached the incident there was no obvious threat. “Claire!” Dad shouted, kneeling down beside her and clutching her close to him. She was still just coming out from an unconscious state, her eyes blinking into reality. You knelt down in front of her and examined her for wounds. Your eyes landed on her shoulder. The army-green jacket had a rip where the rims of the tear where dyed crimson. Blood was pouring from the scratch…no…bite

“Dad…” You managed, trying not to make it anymore painful for her. Dad glanced down to where you were looking and his face fell. “Oh God…”

“How long do I have?” Claire’s shaken voice filled the tense air.
“Sometimes it takes a full moon and sometimes it just takes time.” Dad answered.
“Can I help?” Mick asked.
“Stay out!” Uncle Dean snapped.
“I understand you’re angry-”
Dad didn’t let him finish “Listen. You killed a kid. We’re not angry we’re done!”
Mick turned his helpless eyes to you and you glared back “Don’t look at me I’m not helping you.” You spat, drawing your attention back to Claire. You sat down next to her and peeled the bandage back a little, examining her wound like you could help.

It had worsened considerably more since you’d last seen it. Now a deep red with swelling purples surrounding the teeth marks. You stuck it back over, patting her back gently. 
“Listen to me,” Uncle Dean knelt down in front of her and clasped hold of her hand. “I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but you can live with this.” He assured her.
Claire shook her head, “No…not me.”
“All you have to do is lock yourself up a couple nights a month. Other than that you’ll be just you.” He carried on, ignoring her protests.
“Dean listen to me!” She cried, making him stop “I can barely keep it together on a good day. I don’t want to hurt Jody…or Alex…I’d rather die.” 

You watched her eyes glisten with tears as she spoke, her hands shaking a little. You understood her completely, if you ever reached that a point in your life you know which route you’d take.

“Mick…there’s an experiment…it says here one out of nine subjects were cured.” Dad read over your shoulder.
“That experiment was on mice. It doesn’t work.” Mick sighed, but when he saw Uncle Dean’s stern glare he explained “We experimented with the blood of some werewolves.”
“You can reverse the early stages in rodents.” You piped up “Not humans.”
“How do you know?” Uncle Dean snapped, angry you were so against the idea.
“Because we tested on a human once.” Mick answered for you.
“And?” Dad pushed, his eyebrows raising expectantly.
“She died in agony.” You whispered, not looking anyone on the eye.

Claire hadn’t given up, it seemed: “Second time lucky?”
“No.” Uncle Dean stated “You don’t get a vote in this.”
“It’s my life.” Claire protested “I get all the votes.”
“Sam…Y/N…wanna back me up here?”
“It’s her life.” Dad agreed.
“Don’t, Claire.” You sided with Uncle Dean, not wanting Claire to die the same way the last one did.
She glared at you “Why should you get a say and not me?”
“Because I’ve seen what happens.” You argued, trying not to shout at her.
“That was one time.” She scoffed.
Please.” You were out of reasons “You can’t.”

“Watch me.”

“Okay….what do we need?” Uncle Dean changed his tune, having decided.
You stared at him in shock, feeling very much in a corner. Mick hesitated “Uh…blood from the werewolf that bit her.”
“Okay, me and Sam’ll go. Y/N, you stay here and make sure he doesn’t kill again.” Uncle Dean pointed at Mick.
You nodded reluctantly, you couldn’t believe they were actually going along with this. When the door closed you slumped back in the chair, lost for words and to tired to say anything if you knew what to say.

After a few minutes of silence Claire spoke up- “Why are you so against this idea?”
“Like I said, I’ve seen it happen. It didn’t end well. Not for anyone.” You sighed, sharing a worried glance with Mick. Then, you got angry. “Why did you tell them. If you’d have kept your stupid mouth shut none of this would have happened!” You shouted at him.
“I-I didn’t mean…”
“Shut up! I’m fed up with you and your-” Your rant was broken by Claire hissing of pain, she stumbled over some furniture as she tried to turn in the mirror to see her bite-mark.
You held your tongue, forcing yourself into silence so she didn’t feel anymore stressed. “This is your fault.” You murmured before helping Claire.

“It burns!” She managed through her deep breaths. The three of you watched as her wounds began to heal- she was beginning to turn.
“Claire, we need to tie you up so you don’t hurt anyone and so we don’t have to hurt you, okay?” You said calmly.

She ignored you and reached for the gun, Mick grabbed it in the nick of time and held it out in front of himself. “Please, you don’t understand.” Claire hissed through the pain “It’s happening. Give it to me!”
You froze. You didn’t know what to do anymore. Death by a bullet would be less painful than what was to come…but what if she was right? What if it did work? “Then you do it!” She begged. Her desperate eyes then fell on your gun in your pocket “Or you! If you want me dead so bad!”
“That’s not what I want…Mick put the gun down.” You ordered him.
“I know a man that would shoot you right now without second thought. Every instinct I have tells me to do the same…but my instincts haven’t been so grand of lately…” You listened curiously as Mick explained “So sit down. I’m not gonna shoot you.”
You offered your hand as she stumbled towards the sofa, helping her sit down. She didn’t let go.

“With any luck, when you wake up this will all be over.” Mick trid to reassure her as he put everything together ready to restrain her.
“If I wake up.” Claire corrected.

A loud crash tore your attention away from her as a man with a skull mask opened up the doors. “Stay back!” Mick shouted. He attempted to shoot the man with his pistol, but the man was much quicker. He dodged and slammed his fist into Mick’s head, making him unconscious. You and Claire shared a worried look, she smashed a vase onto his head, but it didn’t seem to phase him. You reached for your gun yet realised halfway that this must be a werewolf. Bullets meant nothing and you were out of silver. That hesitation was your mistake, a heavy object smashed into the side of your head and you were out cold.

“Claire!” A familiar shout dragged you into reality. “…Y/N!”
You felt two strong arms haul you up off the floor, forcing you to look into their eyes. “Dad..” You groaned, feeling the dried blood on the side of your head.
“What happened?” He asked, running a thumb over your wound. You winced but didn’t complain as he made sure you were okay “The wolf…I think he took her.”
“Three versus one and you couldn’t stop him!” Uncle Dean shouted. He wasn’t just angry at Mick but you as well. “Dean, come on. That’s not fair.”
You ignored your Uncle. “We need to find her.” You tried to ignore the pain on the side of your head as you dragged yourself up, not accepting the help from your Dad.

“I put a tracker in her pocket.” Mick said.
“You planted a bug on her?!” Dad shouted in disbelief, making you flinch a little.
“You can kill me after we find Claire.”

Ready for a fight, you charged into the building. Dad went straight for the werewolf, tackling him to the floor. You followed Uncle Dean to where Claire was tied up, only as he reached for the rope you grabbed onto his jacket and tugged him back. “She’s turned!” You warned over the timpani of clatters. She growled, her sharp teeth and bright eyes revealing how there was no more Claire.
Despite her reins she broke free and lunged at the pair of you. Immediately, Uncle Dean stepped out in front of you and threw her against the cabinets behind. “Sorry, kid.” He apologised.

A blur appeared in your peripheral vision and you ducked just in time, parrying to the left before kicking the wolf away from you. You then leapt over to where a gun, fully loaded with silver bullets, was lying. You reached for it in a panic, cocking it and aiming. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

The shot rang out, followed by the wolf collapsing in front of you. You watched as it fell to the floor, the needle still sticking out of it’s neck.
You handed Mick his gun back without bothering to look at him. He took it before kneeling down next to the werewolf, taking out the needle to extract the blood.

“Move.” You warned him, watching as Claire began to waken.
He side-stepped away, joining your Dad and Uncle. “Is that thing ready?” Uncle Dean barked.
“Ready.” Mick handed it to him, stepping away once more.
Just as she fully regained consciousness she lunged at Dad, who blocked, allowing Uncle Dean to inject the blood.
She hunched over in agony before staring upwards, her eyes somehow even more yellow than before. Somewhere between a scream and a growl erupted from her throat before she collapsed.

You couldn’t bare this any longer. Minutes, that felt more like years, of watching as Claire shook and cried out and shifted and screamed. You tore your eyes away.
This couldn’t be happening. Not again.

“I need some air.” Uncle Dean mumbled then left the room.

You held your head in your hands, not wanting to watch any longer.

Her cries grew louder as she adjusted her position in a constant cycle. She growled and hissed and cried. She whined and groaned and jolted. She twisted and shouted and…

She fell still.

You glanced up, Dad managed a quiet “Claire?” before raising his voice “Dean.”

Uncle Dean walked back in, he noticed your pale face, your Dad’s blank stare and the silence. His eyes fell on Claire’s still body and his heart sank.

A small murmur made you properly look up. You watched in amazement as her sharp claws retracted and her body stirred. Claire’s eyes, her eyes, opened slowly. “You guys look like crap.”

The drive back to the Bunker was silent on your part. You half listened as the brothers upfront bickered about nonsense and lightly argued over small-talk. You didn’t wear headphones.
Your eyes followed the scenery outside back and forth along the roadside, but your mind was elsewhere.

You barely noticed that you’d made it home until the slam of Uncle Dean’s door dragged you back to reality. “You coming, kid?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.
‘no’ you wanted to say, thinking about curling up into a ball and falling asleep there and then just to prove a point: “…Yeah.”

Part 17: Power

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anonymous asked:

reapers + undertaker and their teen child edition headcanons?

*screams* im still a teenager so this feels HECKING WEIRD to write

Parents To Teenagers: Reaper Edition (with Undertaker)

-she’s not a regular mom she’s a cool mom
-“if u break my son’s heart i’ll break your face”
-“lemme take a pic of you two” “moooommmmm you’re embarrassing me”
- is heartbroken once her baby starts being embarrassed by her

- (dad that all his offspring’s friends have a crush on lmao)
- busy but is one of those parents who still attend PTCs
- his child sends him memes, he is bamboozled
- calls them “sport” like he’s jay gatsby or sth

- treats his kids like friends once they reach teen years
- “what do you mean i’m too old”
- kinda like grell tbh IM NOT A REGULAR DAD IM A COOL DAD
- his kid’s gonna go emo and he’s just gonna get major flashbacks to his own youth

- “i dont trust that kid jeremy” (idk why he named his kid jeremy okay stop)
- ruffles their hair in public
- “but why do you need a new phone” “because it’s old dad” “it still works though doesn’t it?”

- if his kid is into sports he’ll practice with them AND HE WILL HAVE NO MERCY

- “you have to be back home by 10PM alright? I need you to swear to me”
- lowkey follows his children everywhere
- “DAD YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME” “Im just worried about you”
- gets social media just so he can follow his children, he gets blocked


SiblingTale: During the War

Before and After Photoshopping =3= comparison

Why haven’t I been uploading any art recently?

It’s because of THIS art!

Originally it was just a random sketch of Neve. Then BAM! This appeared. So I spent like a month colouring this QwQ

Of course I ain’t really pleased with the colours because I have limited colour pencils and I kinda rush some parts.

So Ya~

Anywayz here are the Characters:~

•Undyne’s Dad
•Undyne’s Mom
•Unnamed Monster
•Unnamed Human

single dad!luke trying to french braid his little girl’s hair one morning by her request but he just can’t get it so he tries to persuade her into rocking “a really cool bun…like uncle ashton!” or something but she’s getting upset and starts crying and they’re already running late for school so he panics and picks his little munchkin up and heads next door to your place, knocking frantically until you answer, your own hair still a mess as you grip your steaming mug of coffee in your hands, and luke immediately begins babbling on about how his mum showed him once how to french braid little girl hemmings’ hair but he just can’t remember and she’s still in his arms sobbing and sniffling away until finally you put your hand up to silence him and hand him your coffee in exchange for the four-year-old and you start bouncing her a bit in your arms to calm her and assure her she’s going to be hitting the school yard in no time with the prettiest french braids in town and you sit down on the front step, encouraging her to crawl down in front of you, and luke leans on the railing watching you work your magic on his daughter’s hair and make her giggle as you mildly tease, “oh my, daddy made a mess here, didn’t he?” and you look up at luke and smirk, him simply staring back longingly with so much gratitude, and dare he say, love for you, for always saving the day

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Random fact: I was born with both kidneys on the right side of my body, and if I relax my muscles completely you can feel one side is emptier than the other... Most people gets grossed out by it, but I find it kinda funny?

That’s.. really cool, bruh

My dad has a dimple in each cheek, my mum has none.
I have one in my left cheek, and my sister has one in her right cheek.
Genetics are weird.

u kno now that it’s not being forced down my throat christianity is actually pretty interesting

Escape; pt. 3

Reader x Jungkook // (???)!AU // 3640 words

Summary: Everyone has a number over their heads that says how useful they are to society from 0-100. You have a number ‘4’. You leave the city for some peace but you meet your cocky neighbor who seems to get on your nerves.

Genre: Fluff?

Y/L/N refers to your last name/family name

A/N: Friends, I’ve been battling jet lag and wrote this at like 4 am. Took a nap and looked through for typos but idk my brain just idk. Hope y’all like this aha. 

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6


Initially, he didn’t really like that Jungkook was the one that brought you to the gala and he certainly wasn’t happy with the fact that the both of you seemed to be quite close but now it was a different story. Perhaps baby Jeon will finally be useful for once.

The gala comes to an end and everyone clears the hall. You move quickly towards the exit, hoping that you will be able to avoid your family. Please don’t see me. Please don’t see me.

“Ms. Y/N, Y/L/N, please make your way towards the photo corner! It’s the first time in a long time that your whole family has been here together so we need a photo to commemorate the occasion.”

You shut your eyes and tilt your head back in frustration. You’ve been spotted. You gulp nervously as you look at the overly-excited woman in front of you. You try to step out of the way to move towards the exit but she only moves to block you.

“Uhh, I d-don’t think they— “

“Y/N, quit stalling and come here now, “ Your father says rather sternly from across the room.

You bow apologetically and stand next to your brother who has been throwing mean looks at you throughout the whole night. You can’t help but feel out of place as you stand there plastering on a fake smile. You know the moment that the photo taking session is over, you were in for a whole lot of shouting from your family.

Your family moves towards a secluded corner of the hall. Your brother’s grip on your wrist is so strong that you’re sure it’ll bruise tomorrow morning.

“Y/N,” Your father begins. He stops to sigh while pinching the bridge of his nose. “What kind of stunt do you think you’re pulling? Coming to the gala without giving us notice? Are you trying to get our attention? What is it?”

You look down nervously at your feet and shuffle them slightly. “No, dad. I just… I was invited.”

“You are always invited. You are a Y/L/N. You’ve never been one to attend these events. So, why now?” Your father says with a condescending tone. You almost let out a scoff. You can’t believe that your father had the nerve to say that you were always invited. He had been the one who had always told you that these events wouldn’t suit you.

“Am I? Then why haven’t I ever received a formal invitation? Yeah, I’m “invited” but I’m not welcomed aren’t I? I know, I’m an embarrassment to this family so yeah I’ll just leave now.” Your tone laced with anger. You felt frustrated and slightly hurt. You just didn’t want to deal with all of this tonight so you bowed towards him and turned to leave.

Your brother was quick to move and he tugged your wrist harshly.

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what kind of parent is Gavin for their high school student though?

He’s the supportive one.  The one who tries to help with homework, but ends up calling Ryan over to help him.  

And the kinda cool dad?  Like everyone knows who he is (and Ryan too) and whenever the kids’ friends hang out, he lets pretty much anything go.  He doesn’t let them walk over him, but he just can’t help but let them do what they want within reason.

if big hero 6 had a gag reel
  • Hiro: Tadashi is gone! *he slams his fist so hard on Baymax he pops a hole on his chest* ...T-that wasn't supposed to happen...
  • --------
  • Tadashi: Someone has to help! *runs but trips on the first few steps* D-darn, and I looked kinda cool running off like that...
  • ------
  • Fred: ...D-Dad? *loud fart noise*
  • Stan: ...*gets up and leaves the set without saying a word*
  • ------
  • Fred: Welcome to mi casa! That's Spanish for my house! Oh wait, was I supposed to get that wrong...?
  • -----
  • Tadashi: I'm not giving up on you. *grabs Hiro by the legs and tries to lift him but accidentally bumps his head on the floor and then on the bedpost*
  • Hiro: Times like this I wish I was the older brother in this movie so I can do that to you too.
  • ------
  • Yokai: *when confronting Krei, his mask won't lift up* H-hey, I think this thing is stuck--h-help? I think we got a real setback here!
  • Krei: *mutters to someone offscreen* He doesn't know I tampered with his mask, don't tell him.
  • -------
  • Gogo: *runs Wasabi's car directly in the path of the camera*
  • Director: ...There goes a hundred thousand dollars off my paycheck again.
  • -------
  • Wasabi: We can't go up against that guy! We're--ummm--
  • Gogo: How hard is it to forget one word? Nerd!
  • -------
  • Yokai: *after a montage of him tripping off of his platform of microbots countless of times* I am getting too old for this...
  • -------
  • Baymax: *while Fred is singing Fred's Angels, he starts beatboxing*
  • Hiro: Okay, I didn't teach you that... *looks at everyone*
  • Everyone: *bursts into laughter*
  • -------
  • Gogo: *throws her disc, it hits the camera instead*
  • Director: Goddamn it, not again!
  • -----
  • Hiro: *falls off the moped as they were getting away from Yama*
  • Yama: *helps Hiro up* Whoa, that was one heck of a fall--you okay?
  • Hiro: ...are we filming Tadashi's death scene yet? *is dazed*
  • -----
  • Aunt Cass: Are you two okay?
  • Hiro and Tadashi: Yes, Auntie.
  • Aunt Cass: *pinches both their ears* Then what the f--- were you thinking--
  • Hiro: You can't swear in a Disney movie, Auntie.
  • Tadashi: See? He told her.
  • -----
  • Hiro: *throws Mochi up the stairs, glass breaking and other things breaking are heard*
  • Baymax: You missed, Hiro.
  • -----
  • Callaghan: I want my daughter back.
  • Krei: *on the side, making faces as he mimics Cal*
  • Callaghan: *looks at him, covers his face with microbots, and then chuckles about it* Not this time, Krei.
  • ------
  • Cass: Stress eating! *chokes on donut* G-great, that's more stress that I don't need--cut! Cut!
  • ------
  • Baymax: *in the middle of their fight with Yokai at Krei Tech* L-low batteryyyyyyy--
  • Yokai: Uh-oh, someone didn't charge their nursebot before filming...
  • Hiro: Could you not.
  • -------
  • Fred: School mascot by day, but by night-- *flips around, accidentally lets go of his sign and it flies into the camera, destroying it*
  • ------
  • Tadashi: Hiro-- *signals for him to follow him to his lab, but forgets to open door and hits it facefirst*
  • ------
  • Honey: *on the side, applying makeup to Baymax's face*
  • Baymax: I fail to see how makeup will make me a better healthcare companion.
  • Honey: Don't resist it; it brings out the roundness in your face.
  • Hiro: You know that'll all be ruined once we get to the fight scenes, right?
  • ------
  • Baymax: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain? *displays Hiro's internet history on his chest rather than the chart* Oh no...
  • ------
  • Callaghan: But you should know that Mr. Krei has cut corners and ignore sound science--
  • Krei: *on the side, mimicking Cal's words while making a face*
  • Callaghan: *makes a bewildered face at him*
  • Krei: Oh, I thought we weren't filming.
  • Hiro: Why do these two have a higher paycheck than I do again?
  • -------
  • Tadashi: Someone has to help!
  • *before he could run in, a sudden storm suddenly rages down on the entire set*
  • Hiro: I guess you're not gonna die today, huh, bro?
  • -------
  • Baymax: Tadashi is here. *points to Tadashi on the director's chair; everyone laughs*
  • Hiro: *laughs into the camera* And you thought we would kill him off, did you?

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Well the last episode was full of gorgeous things... Running Ezekiel, angry Morgan, Gabe being a badass, shocked Negan, him dragging Simon out of there... btw my mom HATES Negan. With passion XD Meanwhile I'm like: umm he's kinda cool mom >__<

Lol same here Xd My dad really dislikes Negan and Simon even more XD

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Pt. 2 Gladstone got nearly everything from his mother, looks, luck and personality as well. His father was the strict snobby kind( not a bad man at all or Daphne wouldn't be interested in him). Gladstone and his dad occasionally butt heads over glad's laziness and over reliance on his luck, but his dad just wanted him to make something of himself is all. Theirs no basis for this at all, but I think Gladstone​ thought Donald's dad(Quackmore) was kinda cool and perfered to hang out with him.

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Could you talk more about that neighbors au?

LOL I saw this last night and had a dream I answered it omfg I wish I could remember my dream answer


• what if Burr is a dancer in this au and he’s always practicing and driving Alexander crazy because the music is so loud and he can hear Aaron leaping and jumping and stomping to music while he’s trying to write!!!

• maybe he has Theo too and she’s a girl scout and she KNOWS Mr. Hamilton can’t resist her adorable face and delicious cookies and Alexander really wants to stop eating them especially because he doesn’t work out so he’s getting a little chubby, but he’s got the hookup right next door! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

• what if Alexander has Philip and maybe one day Philip comes home from school and he lost his key to the apartment and his dad isn’t home yet so he has no idea what to do! But Mr. Burr is home and let’s him stay there until his dad gets back. And he was kind of scared of Mr. Burr at first but then he realized he’s kinda cool, and…hey…..Mr. Burr and his dad would make a pretty cute couple…

• Drunk!John showing up at the apartment complex and he means to do what he usually does when he’s drunk and can’t drive home, which is go to Alexander’s and sleep on his couch. But he gets the apartment numbers mixed up and ends up in Burr’s apartment somehow and knocks out on his couch.

Burr probably freaks out when he gets up and sees a grown ass man passed out and drooling on his couch, making it smell like alcohol. He checks the man’s pockets for anything suspicious and after finding nothing, gently shakes John awake with one hand and holds a baseball bat in the other. Can’t be too careful!

• Alexander hears about this and laughs but also apologizes to his neighbor about thirty times until eventually Burr is like ‘I’ll accept your apology if you let me take you out tonight.“ Bc he’s SMOOTH

• neither of them have cars and so they both walk to the same bus stops but probably at different times, which is why they never see each other. But they take the same bus home, Alexander probably getting on it first, and Burr a few stops later.

Imagine Aaron getting off the bus and walking towards his apartment and of course Alexander is behind him doing the same. And it’s been about five minutes and Burr is like ‘Okay just chill, he probably lives over here too.’ And then he reaches the apartment building and while he’s opening the front gate, he expects to see the stranger keep walking but nope. He stops a few feet behind Aaron. Starting to get a little suspicious, he skips out on the elevator and stakes the stairs all the way to the fourth floor where he lives, hoping he’s just being silly and this is nothing. He stops at the fourth staircase and leans against the wall to catch his breath before opening the door to the fourth floor. Except, as soon as he walks out…the elevator 'dings’ and opens up to reveal the same man from the bus and Burr is really freaking out now so he starts speed walking towards his apartment but the dude is still right behind him and Burr reaches his door and Alexander stops right next to him and eventually he’s like 'I KNOW YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING ME SINCE I GOT OFF THE BUS AND WILL KICK YOUR ASS IF YOU DONT BACK THE FUCK UP.’ and Alexander is confused as hell because 'Dude…I live here.’

• Drunk!Burr locking himself out so he sulks against his apartment door the same time his neighbor comes home. Alexander invites him in but of course, Burr says 'No, it’s alright. I already called my friend she has a spare key.’ but he just looks so pitiful so Alexander decides to sit across from him and talk about random things and make Burr smile until his friend gets there.

• Burr who is good friends with Jefferson and Madison so they come to his apartment pretty often and Burr regrets this decision after a week because Jefferson is always arguing with his neighbor at a ridiculous volume for the entire hall to hear. Burr’s never even said a word to him, but now he’s receiving glares on Jefferson’s behalf whenever he runs into his neighbor.

• Burr is a stress baker and sometimes he bakes a little too much and has no idea what to do with it all so he puts the extras in baskets and gives them out to his neighbors and Alexander is in HEAVEN okay not only does he get this ridiculously handsome man coming to his door a couple times a week (Burr is stressed a lot okay), but he’s bringing cupcakes and brownies and muffins and sometimes even bread and Alexander is 100% convinced he is going to marry this man if that means great sex and constant baked goods.

• Alexander and Burr hooking up at a bar one night and expecting to never see each other again when oops, they find out they’re neighbors.

• Something in Alexander’s apartment is broken and Burr hears him in the hall talking into the phone about how much it’s gonna cost him and how expensive it is so Aaron offers up his services for free! Imagine him showing up in jeans and a tight ass tank top with his toolbox and Alexander SWEARS he’s seen a porno or two start like this

• Alexander pretends that things are broken (or even breaks things on purpose) so Aaron can come back and he can watch him work and probably stock up on spank bank material for the next thirty years but Aaron figures out what he’s doing and long story short, it ends in kitchen sex, right next to the 'broken’ cabinet. (:

• Alexander being a stress cooker so he cooks these huge ass meals and usually he invites his friends over so they can all get rid of it, but they’re all busy that night so he decides maybe nows a good time to start making friends with his neighbor! Who is Aaron Burr and maybe he was about to order a pizza because he was too tired to cook, so this is impeccably timed!

Basically give me Alexander’s hot neighbor basically moaning about how delicious his food is and at one point, even liking some of it off of his finger and Alexander trying his hardest not to climb over the table and offer himself up as dessert

• Alexander hearing someone crying next door and it sounds just pitiful okay HE wants to cry just hearing it. So he grabs a few movies and some popcorn and he knocks on the door and probably says something like 'I know we don’t know each other but I heard you crying and thought maybe we could watch a movie or two? Or maybe we can talk about it, if you want?’

• Burr with a crying ex who’s on their way up to his apartment so he knocks on his neighbors door and begs to stay there until they leave.

• Stripper!Burr. That’s it. Alexander goes to a strip club for one of his friend’s bachelor parties and he comes home only to find out the stripper that was all over him actually lives right next door.

That’s all, folks! For now, at least lol.