the d-tent boys

Nightmares (Part I) - John Murphy

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Pairing: Murphy x Reader
Summary: Murphy has been keeping you up at night, so you finally decide to check in on him.
Word Count: 800
A/N: Yep, this is the first thing I’ve posted here. Feel free to request!

For the past three nights you’d been kept awake by the boy in your neighbouring tent.

That boy was John Murphy.

Despite your silent pleads to make his whimpering stop, it had only gotten worse. This particular night, in fact, the boy was full on sobbing. Not that you could blame him. You’d heard rumours about what the grounders did to him after he was banished.

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The D Tent Boys’ real names in Holes are as followed: 

  1. X-Ray = Rex Alvin Washburn (his full name is revealed in the sequel novel Small Steps). 
  2. Armpit = Theodore Thomas Johnson (his full name is revealed in the sequel novel Small Steps, which incidentally focuses on his life two or three years after Camp Green Lake). 
  3. Squid = Alan. 
  4. Zigzag = Ricky. 
  5. Magnet = Jose. 
  6. Zero = Hector Zeroni 
  7. Caveman = Stanley Yelnats IV 
  8. Twitch = Brian. 
  9. Barf Bag = Lewis.