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gentle reminders

in case you weren’t certain, Mofftiss got it wrong, wrong, wrong.

who you are, does matter.

it matters a lot. not only to you and the ppl in your life, but to the ones indirectly affected by you as well. we all must continue our strivings to be better. so, i hope you’ll continue to create and consume fanworks. to be a part of tht which; moves, inspires, and delights you. first tho, take care of yourself…

because, dove-who you are matters. 💖💖😘😘

“It’s a universe where it’s a physical impossibility. Biological determinism. Ill fate.

Like a goddamn Greek tragedy.

Technically, it doesn’t change anything. Harry knows this. So why does it feels like everything has changed all of the sudden?

Why does he feel like every hope he ever had has been crushed? Hope for something else, something more.

The finality of it all makes his ribcage constrict.”

Where your heart is by @tvshows-addict and @anhcor

Thank you so much for this amazing, mind-blowing masterpiece! I was incredibly inspired by the fic, so I managed to put together this little drawing. I hope you like it! :)

Enjolras: What’d you want, Jehan?

Jehan: Oh I didn’t need anything, Grantaire wanted to talk to you.

Enjolras: …

Enjolras: He did?

Jehan: Yup! He’s doing a computer thing. People like ask questions and he answers them! Maybe it’d be a good way to get word out about Les Amis?

R: Jehan-!

Enjolras: Oh! Grantaire, what a good idea.

R: …

Jehan: Here, I’ll scoot, you sit.

Enjolras: Right!

Jehan: I’ll talk to you later, R.

Enjolras: Okay so how does this work?

R: …

Enjolras: Well?

R: *sigh* 

R: Questions get asked, you answer them.

Enjolras: So what first then? They don’t know who I am.

R: Then introduce yourself. The internet is watching.

Enjolras: Alright, well. Hello, all, my name is Julien Enjolras, but don’t call me Julien. Please just call me Enjolras.

R: Or Enj. Or Angel Arse. Or Apollo, or-

Enjolras: Enjolras. Anyway, I’m in my third year of university and I’m one of the founders of our group “Les Amis de l’ABC”! Our mission is to make France and the world a better, more accepting and inclusive place. We hold rallies and protests and generally try to actively make change! Our meetings are Thursday nights from seven until nine at the Café Musain. We’d love to have you join our ranks or ask any questions about our group or starting one of your own!

R: Y’know, Apollo, I did say to introduce yourself. Not your justice club.

Enjolras: What am I if not a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves?

R: …alright, whatever. Look, you guys, just ask him questions about himself since he can’t hand over the information on his own apparently.

Enjolras: Hey-!

R: You all got what you wanted. The ask box is open for Enjolras.

[ask box is open for Enjolras!]

A pirate dad and his pirate son go on an adventure! 

(The happy pirate music I drew this to~)

  • Gaul: By the way, the villagers wanted to buy you.
  • Me: What? Why?
  • Gaul: I guess they liked your horns. Offered 500 gold each for you and Selena.
  • Me: I'd offer you 500 gold NOT to sell me, but, uh, I don't have 500 gold.
  • (later, the villagers enchanted me, knocked me out, and then carried me off, so I'm probably not dead, but for purposes of playing, I may as well be)