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Stopcallingmeapollo & Li-prouvaire

ReMis: Turning

The barricades fell, but two men survived: Enjolras, the fearless leader, and Grantaire, his devoted cynic. They return to the street where their fellow revolutionaries died, and Grantaire casts the blame on a grief-stricken Enjolras.

Based on this post

Enjolras: @stopcallingmeapollo

Grantaire: @li-prouvaire


Did you see them

Going off to fight?

Children of the barricade

Who didn’t last the night?


Did you see them

Lying where they died?

Someone used to cradle them

And kiss them when they cried.

Did you see them

Lying side by side?


Who will wake them?


No one ever will.

No one ever told them

That a summer day can kill.

They were schoolboys

Never held a gun–


–Fighting for a new world

That would rise up like the sun!


Where’s that new world

Now the fighting’s done?

Nothing changes, nothing ever will

Every year another war, and barricades to build.

Same old story, what’s the use of tears?


What’s the use of praying if there’s nobody who hears?


Turning, turning, turning, turning, turning

Through the years…

Turning, turning, turning through the years

Minutes into hours and the hours into years.


Nothing changes, nothing ever can

Round and round the roundabout and back where you began!


Round and round and back where you began…

“Bakunin embodies, but in a manner spectacular in a different way, the very same contradictions. He died on the eve of the terrorist epic, in 1876. Moreover, he rejected in advance individual outrages and denounced ‘the Brutuses of the period.’ He had a certain respect for them, however, since he reproached Herzen for having openly criticized Karakosov for his abortive attempt to assassinate Alexander II in 1866. This feeling of respect had its reasons. Bakunin influenced the course of events in the same manner as Belinsky and the nihilists and directed them into the channel of individual revolt. But he contributed something more: a germ of political cynicism, which will congeal, with Nechayev, into a doctrine and will drive the revolutionary movement to extremes.”
- Albert Camus, on Bakunin in 'The Rebel.’

I love stories where idealism and kindness win over cynicism and “realism”. Where everyone tells the protagonist “the world doesn’t work that way” and they keep going anyway. It’s so nice to see things where people work to change things for the better instead of accepting the world the way it is and it just gives me a lot of hope

anonymous asked:

Hey, I love Boondocks and think that through Huey the show expresses many awesome messages. I think it does a good job at giving us bittersweet but still funny view of racial stereotypes and realities in America. The one thing that bugs me about the show is the lack of legitimate (realistic, more than a plot device or stereotype) adult female characters. Do you have any opinions on the female representation?

Hi, I absolutely agree with what you said, both about the social satire and messages in The Boondocks and the utter lack of non-stereotypical female representation.

It’s something I spoke out about before, but I feel obligated to add that what sadden me the most is the show lack of non-stereotypical recurrent black females.

When you think about it every main character of The Boondocks grossly serves as a caricature of stereotypical personalities within Black America;

Huey serves as the cynical, intellectually brilliant, revolutionary,
Riley as the rebellious and troublesome kid who waste his abilities,
Granddad as the elder black family member preaching politics of respectability under the guise of old school values, Uncle Ruckus represent of course, the self hating black person whose every word is full of anti blackness. Yet every Black Women introduced on the show has been very problematic in some way or other; the “crazy” black women, the “bossy” black women, the “bitter” black women. But there wasn’t a single black women (or black girl) that could serves as Huey’s counterpart except from maybe Jazmine DuBois and even so, Jazmine is a young, innocent, kind-hearted child that serves as a contrast to Huey’s character but she isn’t as big an influence in Huey’s life as Grandad or Riley are.

The only significant, non-stereotypical black women present in The Boondocks is Ebony Brown and not only is she pretty much perfect, seemingly without a single flaw, she appears only in a single episode in the show’s third season.

I love The Boondocks but I also have to recognize that it’s representation of black women is highly problematic and full of misogynoir.


Enjolras can never refuse a dare. When he was younger if Courfeyrac dared him to do something, he would do it, even if it was something stupid and he could end up getting into trouble for it. Enjolras doesn’t know why he does the dares, but he thinks it stems down to the fact that he wants to show people that he can do something.

One night at one of the many parties that Courfeyrac has, just to celebrate something minor, a game of truth or dare has started after Joly has finished off the last bottle of wine. Enjolras has learnt some strange truths about his friends that he never thought that his friends would be connected with. He finds out that Feuilly has gotten a spray tan before, Joly wore skirts for at least a month as he believed that they have some medical benefit to him. What surprised Enjolras was, Jehan’s questionable sex life, that he didn’t expect him to have. Bossuet was dared to give Joly a lap dance, which leads to the chair  that Joly was sitting on to break. Combeferre was dared to kiss Courfeyrac, and both of them didn’t mind a bit. Bahrol was dared to ask ten random people in the street to marry him- three of them said yes.

When Grantaire spins the bottle and it lands on Enjolras, Enjolras automatically goes for a dare, as who knows what personal questions Grantaire would ask him. Grantaire smirks before saying ‘I dare you to go on a date with me.’ Enjolras doesn’t want to lose in front of his friends, and he agrees to go with the date even though he thinks that the dare is stupid. Jehan squeals and starts babbling a poem about new love, while Courfeyrac has gone into his desk drawer and pulled out a strip of condoms to give Enjolras, as a 'gift into manhood.’

The date is on the next day and Enjolras is crapping himself right before he . He starts to regret taking the dare and wonders if things would be better if he asked for a truth. Combeferre tries to be kind to him about his date with Grantaire, but it soon ends up as a lecture about Enjolras’s tendency to take dares. There is a knock on the door and Grantaire’s loud voice echoes throughout his flat. Enjolras tries to get Combeferre to make an excuse up, but Courfeyrac pushes him out of the flat, saying 'You don’t want to be a chicken do you?’

Grantaire takes him to a restaurant that is three times fancier than what he was expecting to go. Enjolras was expecting to be taken to the local chip shop or something even worse. He is pleasantly surprised by Grantaire who acts as if he is a proper gentleman. Enjolras wonders if Grantaire had been dared to act like this by one of the Amis, as it is so unlike Grantaire. They end up playing truths at the table while they wait for food. Grantaire keeps asking Enjolras for the truth of, if he is having a good time or not. Enjolras surprises himself and he says that he is. He thought that going out with Grantaire would be horrible, but it was the complete opposite. At the end of the night Enjolras dares Grantaire to kiss him. Grantaire dares Enjolras to go on a second date.

They soon keep going on more dates and Enjolras starts to develop feelings for Grantaire. They both play truth or dare again, where Enjolras dares Grantaire to be his boyfriend. Grantaire happily goes along with the dare, and he is more than happy to agree with it. Throughout their relationship, major things would happen when Enjolras and Grantaire played truth or dare with another. The first I love you between the two of them, was shared when Enjolras chose a truth. Enjolras dared Grantaire to move in with him. Grantaire eventually asks Enjolras to marry him through the form of a dare.

Both of them know that it may sound strange, by using truth or dare throughout their relationship. It is slightly unconventional, but then again they are as a couple, as they are complete opposites, as one of them is a revolutionary while the other is the cynic. When they play truth or dare, it helps them to communicate a bit better with each other, as it means that they don’t need to dance around another to find out what it wrong, and if they do  or say something unpleasant to each other, they are soon forgiven after the normal hugs and kisses and a dare, Enjolras had to die his hair pink after one argument, while Grantaire had to wear a dress after another. They like to get into a competition with another on who can come up with the best dare.

Enjolras likes using the truth or dare to with their relationship, as it gets things straight to the point and it makes things generally easier, and he can find out if Grantaire actually likes his cooking or if he is just lying to make him feel better. Grantaire just likes it, just  because the game brought them together, and he likes things to be interesting, plus it  has helped him to  come up with some rather creative dares for his friends if they play the game.

Idealism vs Cynicism.

Conservatism thrives on a  cultural climate of idealism; the pursuit of individual dreams , the flourishing of independent communities of families . Left wing Utopian ideologies thrive on cynicism. It is always necessary for  Utopianism to adopt an attitude of cynicism torward any  actual good that is in the world so that  it can better sell its version of revolutionary paradise. When a tone of cynicism becomes the dominant one within the culture the Progressive has a natural edge . When  idealism is dominant Conservatives have the edge.. For the Progressive  cynicism is strategic.

 Now as  most of us will realize, cynicism  has become a dominant force in contemporary American culture.  In general it is easier to sell cynicism, skepticism and satire than it is to sell idealism. Cynicism comes off as “cooler” than idealism. There is just one problem : There is no sustenance in cynicism. a society that attempts to live on cynicism will become emotionally barren. Furthermore  the Progressive’s desired utopia will  never arrive to dispel or to replace that cynicism with anything else. The Conservative has the answer but he must actually embody and express the idealism that defines his creed in order for  it to triumph. 



In astrology, scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac. The key terms used to defined scorpios in some shitty astrology sites and books are: “murderous”, “vengeful”, “mean”,“cynical”… Scorpios are much much much more than these silly terms.

Scorpio is associated with reincarnation, regeneration, the soul in general, psychic abilities, occult, magic, death and everything concerned with the unknown (not darkness and evil!). 

In ancient astrology scorpio was represented by the phoenix, which is a mythical creature which burns its excess parts in order to be reborn again. Scorpios are one of the most complex beings in the zodiac, they are submerged within a milieu of deep emotions, instability, sexuality, anger, restlessness and darkness. Similarly they are filled with a world of hurt, purity, intensity, mysteries and profound insecurities. 

The representation of the phoenix in scorpios is that they burn the excess parts of themselves and rise out of the ashes, this can applied to more than one aspect of scorpios. When scorpios are sinking in the oceans of depth within their very souls, they rise above all the sadness and come out stronger and wiser than they were before. When scorpios’ minds are clouded with darkness, revenge and soul-wrenching jealousy, the scorpio learns how to throw themselves into the light (rising out of the ashes of darkness). When a scorpio reaches their final stage of spiritual development, they’d have learned sheer amounts of self-control, wisdom, and profound power.

Scorpios surely have poisonous tongues (they are brutally honest to the point of hurting others), but that’s because they do not want to get hurt by the people around them. They demand to be in control of relationships and friendships because they know how cruel the world can be and they do not want to be hurt by people’s devious motives.  

Because the planet of mysteries- Pluto- rules scorpio, they are very observant and they can read people instantly, blessed with a 6th sense to read people, they can track the other person’s weakness and think about ways to hurt the other person, but this isn’t evil, this is just a defense mechanism which they will rise above when they acquire wisdom and burn the ego and everything brutal and evil. 

Scorpio is associated with the soul, that doesn’t mean that they can be evil all the time, they acquire an intensely pure heart, a pure soul and an ocean of secrets, contradictions, anger, restlessness  and depth brimming within them. 

Scorpios are also co-ruled by uranus and mars, this makes scorpios intelligent beings, with an innate skill at cracking any mystery that comes their way, they are also very revolutionary and cynical because they can read people and they know that people can be evil and malicious. Scorpios radiate an aura of power, fear and magnetism, people find themselves afraid of scorpios because scorpios themselves are afraid of the dark thoughts which cloud them every moment and this fear they feel toward the voices in their heads is directed externally (and that’s why scorpios are considered intimidating). The vengeance they feel towards the people who’ve hurt them is only there to teach them how to acquire self-control and to teach them that they are only weakening themselves by thinking about hurting others. 

Being associated with the soul, scorpios are known for being sexual, vengeful, and dark that’s also when the roles of the phoenix and the enlightenment of the soul kick in. In buddha in order to reach illumination you need to be able to get rid of obsessions and ‘cravings & bad habits’ such as sexuality, addictions, gluttony, murderous thoughts and cynical opinions and views. So in order to completely evolve and reach their spiritual goals, scorpios must be able to burn out the excess parts (sexuality, bitterness, darkness, jealousy and ego) in order to rise above and acquire true power. 

All in all, scorpios feel like devils and angels at the same time, they exist with contradictions and they find themselves confused and blinded by the darkness, insecurities, restlessness and stress… They don’t realize that they are beautiful beings with the power to be able to sink into dark places and come out stronger instead of weaker… Everyone knows how strong and sensitive they are, and everyone admires them, but they do not recognize the pure good within themselves… 

-Řєℓєαѕє тнє вєαѕт