the cyclades

I am draped in dreams. A cloak of awakenings and glorious revelry. I am defying gravity. I bathe myself royally, drenched in celestial longing. I am a renegade. Daring to love myself the way I am. Daring to be seen and not sold out. For me, I am shining my light. No permission needed. 

Oia, Santorini

We are sending our first batch of postcards from Santorini today! If you would like to receive one from us during our travels check out our Patreon link in bio 🌞

A special thank you to @houseofbohemian for this beautiful Goddess shawl. I cherish it like the treasure that it is.

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Είναι ωραία η θάλασσα γιατί με σένα μοιάζει..
Tinos, Cyclades.

Όταν ανακαλύπτεις φωτογραφίες που έχουν βγει πολλά χρόνια πριν..