the cybernetic brains

@brucesterling made a great point about cyberpunk, in which he points out that all the terrible things we’ve done to rats can be done to a person.

Also remember that, once computers are intergrated into humans, everything that can be done to your computer can be done to a person: malware, ransomware, spyware, intrusive ads, forced updates, abandoned support, etc.

All the problems you have with Windows 10 or Android, only now it’s about operating your cyborg body.

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rhack: "please, don't leave."

Jack’s never seen Rhys this still, never felt his hand this cold in his grasp. 

Jack hates the way the IV is jabbed into Rhys’ knuckles, steadily draining sedative into the omega’s slack body. There’s nowhere he can look on Rhys’ that doesn’t remind him of the reality he’s trying so hard to escape. His body is thin and fragile underneath the wan blankets, his eye and ECHOport taped up with gauze, his lips slack and colorless and drooling onto his pillow.  

Rhys has been still and lifeless ever since he came out of surgery. The doctors had taken Jack aside and told him they’d done all they could do, and that it was a matter of waiting at this point. Despite the anger that had seized Jack’s chest at the effete response, exhaustion and grief and desire overwhelmed his desire for murderous retribution, and he’d remained at Rhys’ bedside ever since. 

Rhys had taken a nasty fall in their kitchen, banging his head against the granite countertop and knocking something vital loose in the cybernetics inside his brain. Or, at least that was what the neurosurgeon had theorized had happened. All Jack knew was that he’d come home to find his mate sitting unresponsive in a pool of blood trickling from his eye and ECHOport. 

And now, six hours later, Rhys’ is sitting unresponsive in a pristine white hospital bed. Great.

Jack gently squeezes Rhys’ hand, heart clenching when he feels no reassuring twitch back. No nothing. Jack wonders if Rhys even understands someone’s at his bedside. 

Cold fear twists its hold in Jack’s stomach. The alpha feels ill, his head fuzzy as he leans forward to rest his cheek against Rhys’ chest, desperate to feel the only sign of life in Rhys’ body. His heart beats weakly against Jack’s ear, but it’s something for the distraught CEO to cling to as his only lifeline. 

It’s all he can do. He can’t lose Rhys. 

They’ve been together for almost twenty years, but it’s not enough. It’s not nearly enough.  

Jack can’t bear to be left alone.

“Please…sweetheart….don’t leave….” He murmurs against Rhys’ chest, pressing an encouraging kiss with every thump of the omega’s faint heartbeat. 

  • Some ORCA Cybernetics based characters. 
  • Octavia here will be your question answering Guru. He will be the knowledge base for all your Heavy Cream questioning needs from now on. That big head of his houses an equally large, and robust database and Cybernetic brain. 

  • Prairie on the other-hand is quite the heavy handed thug, though highly ranked, and good with the ladies…

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#Russian #scientists have created an #avatar project in which they intend to transfer a #human #consciousness into a genetically created #cybernetic avatar as early as #2015. They have already successfully transferred the #brain and #consciousness of a #monkey into a computer system. By using a sophisticated #virtualreality program The monkey’s brain cannot distinguish between the virtual reality in the real world. ‘Before #2045 an #artificial body will be created that will not only surpass the existing body in terms of functionality, but will achieve perfection of form and be no less attractive than the human body. Once again proving that we are living in a #HolographicUniverse and that we ourselves, are in a fully immersed #hologram We Are The #SIMS. #HolographicUniverse #WakeUp #4biddenknowledge reporting live
From #TheMatrix

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  • Aries: It is highly suggested by the stars that you brush up on your Shirley Jackson this week. Not only will reading The Lottery help you in your American Lit class, it will prepare you for this month's lottery. Things are looking lucky for you!
  • Taurus: The stars are lying. But don't let them know that you know.
  • Gemini: Self awareness is more important than ever in these stressful times. To reduce stress, make detailed lists about the state of your mind, body, and soul. Update these lists every three hours. If you miss one, you will have to start over again. Also, deep breathing can be useful.
  • Cancer: Looks like you're going on a date this week! Just make sure to let your spouse know in advance.
  • Virgo: Don't forget your grocery list next time. And don't shop on an empty stomach. And try not to buy brand name products. Stock up on coconuts and almonds, as they are high in psychic nutrients.
  • Libra: He loves me, he loves me not. I really wish he'd be more consistent.
  • Scorpio: On the Southern Hemisphere, trees are technically growing down. But that doesn't bother them. Trees are just super chill like that. Try to be more like trees.
  • Sagittarius: Your cybernetic brain-organ needs a tune-up. Consult your nearest electro-orthopedist. They can't help you, but they will give you the name and hotel room number of a woman who can. Meet her at the agreed time. Be prompt.
  • Capricorn: Just have fun this week. Quit your job, binge on ice cream, move to Fiji. You can figure it all out later.
  • Aquarius: It's all relative, really. It might not be that bad. Chin up.
  • Pisces: Question everything. Question societal norms, oppressive status quos, reasons for authority, gravity, grammar and punctuation, these assorted configurations of lines and dots that make up the Roman alphabet which we interpret as communicating information and meaning from one mind to another, and the profound delusion that anything is in any way comprehensible at any time.
Psycho-Pass 2 ep 7 - Tougane's sealed personnel file, the cymatic scan, etc

I wasn’t going to make a PP2 post on ep 7………….until my kouhai told me how people are all !?? at Saiga’s comment that “transferring a lot of organs is like transferring one’s Psycho Pass” and think it’s bullshit. Uh, isn’t the mental linked to the physical, and vice versa?

Admittedly, there is no detailed, concrete definition and explanation of exactly what the cymatic scan is or how it works - and trust me, I have searched high and low and I own most of the printed materials. I think that’s on purpose, though - like the reveal of what the Sibyl System is was the focus of season one, the shortcomings of its tools are the focus of season two.

But anyway. The usual summation of commentary from Japanese fans this week under the cut, along with things on the cymatic scan and Kamui’s legion. Also, translations of the personnel files that Shimotsuki copied, which……………..I didn’t notice the first time through, but are definitely worth reading.

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