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Ima be that person and... Alright I'll leave you alone - tuckington?

“Did you know?”

Washington turns to see Tucker framed in the doorways, his hands curled into fists. The new armor he wears makes Washington feel automatically uneasy, to see the domed helmet of his friend Maine and his monstrous parter the Meta on someone else’s head. He dismisses the pair of foot soldiers he’d been lecturing and starts to walk off the field, slowly, expecting Tucker to follow.

“Did I know what?” he asks, though he has his suspicions.

“Epsilon’s plan to kill himself. Again.” Tucker is keeping up, his voice low and aimed to injure. “Did you know?”

“I didn’t,” he says.

“Would you have told me if he had?”

That one isn’t as easy to answer. And it doesn’t get any easier when Tucker grabs his shoulder and spins him around.

“I said,” and even though Washington knows that Tucker is’t really the Meta, he can clearly hear Omega through his voice, “would you have fucking told me?”

Off guard, Washington reverts to regulations. “If it was important, I–”

Tucker shoves him away and storms off; alarms are starting to go off in Washington’s brain, echos and parallels of the corrupting influence of the original AIs, and he all but jobs to catch up.

“Tucker, you know I’d never–”

“No, I don’t,” and his only warning is the buzz of the sword but its enough to jump back before he loses a limb. “I don’t know fuck all about what to expect from you anymore. Or anyone. You stupid,” Tucker’s voice cracks, and he spins to slash at the nearest object, a set of old Warthog tires that squeal and sizzle under the plasma blade, “fucking Freelancer pieces of shit. Both of you. All of you.”

“All right,” Washington says slowly, completely lost, “I’ll leave you alone for right now. I’ll come back a little later and we can–”

“No you won’t.”

Tucker plunges his blade one last time, as deep as he can, into the heap of molten rubber and kills the blade. His shoulders are shaking, and Washington sees the flash of multicolored AI hover at the back of his head; purple, then yellow and pale cyan. 

“You’ll never come back. I– we– nobody every comes back to Blue Team once they leave. We’re not worth it to them.”

“Church,” Washington breathes in the silence. “You’re not upset about Epsilon. You’re upset about losing Church.”

“Three times, man,” he says; fragile and fallible and yet still so goddamn strong. “Three times, he had a choice, and never once has he picked us.”

Washington approaches Tucker with caution, laying a hand gently on his shoulder and coaxing him away from the melting tires. “Have you let Grey check you out, yet?”

“Not that I know of, but who could resist these buns and thighs, huh?” It’s the first he’s sounded like himself since the end of the Hargrove mission, and Washington finds their fingers laced together as they walk. He can’t really say he doesn’t like it, either.

“Let’s go see how she’s doing, okay?”

“Okay, Washington,” Tucker says, and squeezes his hand.

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Okay but.. I need more cuddle stephew ficlets in my life. ~🌸

11 years is a long time to know someone. At almost 31, it was about a third of Matthew’s life. He’d known Stephanie for roughly 33% of his current life span, he’d spent approximately fraction of 1 over 3 kissing her and holding her and loving her. He’d lived over a decade of the three he’d existed watching her, studying Stephanie meticulously. In his mind, she was the greatest theory he’d ever met. A riddle, a mystery, a scientific equation he was delighted to spend the next ten years and beyond unravelling. Fnaf and Undertale and the universe itself was a childish question, a grade 2 science test, something easily answered and pointless to him in the face of Stephanie and her greatest riddle that, 11 years later, he still couldn’t solve.

“Say it again?” Matthew asked softly. From their position curled on their bed together under the blankets, foreheads pressed gently together, he could see her smile slow and sweet and a little fond. The bedside lamp barely shining through their duvet’s blue fabric cast soft cyan shadows across the curves and contours of Stephaie’s face, and Matt reached up a slow hand to trace the ridge of her cheek and outline the shadows painted a faded blue on her soft skin like the sky itself was swirling around her bones.

That was one of his favourite things about Stephanie: she was a contradiction, a contrite disagreement with those who tried to box her in. She was one of the strongest people he knew, probably strong enough to carry the entire world on her back (as if she didn’t carry Matthew’s entire world in her chest already, tucked neatly beside her heart), but as they laid there forehead to forehead with the silky feeling of her skin under his fingertips, she seemed something fragile and soft. The fire, the strength, it was tucked away and Matt would always be honoured that she gifted him this private and vulnerable side of her.

The sound of Stephanie’s laugh pulled Matt out of his attempt to catalogue and memorize the minute details of her skin under his hands. “I’ve said it how many times?” She teased, and that smile grew and Matthew felt himself fall a little more in love with the woman in front of him. “Say it again, just once more?” A life time of data analysis, a millennium of studying and cataloguing and recording every breath Stephanie took and every smile and every kiss and every word would never do her justice. His perfect mystery, the most beautiful proof he could ask for that not everything had an explanation but damned if that would stop him, was something indescribable. Her alluring irrationalities and nonsensical sense should have driven him crazy in the worst kinds of ways.

Matthew Patrick had always loved a good mystery.

“I love you.” The words, even just a soft statement breathed against his skin still left him reeling. Stephanie Patrick’s greatest mystery, the one he would spend the rest of his life theorizing about; the fact that she loves him. An enigma machine in and of itself, Matt could drop his strange habits of recording in a closet, wearing irrational clothing, and singing while cooking and still she would translate it into love for him time and time again. It was a phenomenon, a mystery, a confusion, a gift, a prayer, an answer and a question. It was love, and Matthew would never be able to find an answer that satisfied him as to why Stephanie loves him.

Matt pulled her closer, feeling the absent ache in his chest ease like it always did when he finally got to hold his wife. “I love you too. I love you so much, you’re like an answer to a question I’ve been asking for years.” He whispered against her hair and smiled as Steph wrapped her arms around his ribs and squeezed. “Or rather, you’re a question that’s so much more fun to try and answer than any other question I’ve answered.”

He felt Stephanie press a kiss to his collarbone, and the ache returned in a sweeter sort of way, like the ache of someone squeezing their partners hand or the tingling of his legs falling asleep when Stephanie sat on his lap for too long. “I don’t think I’m that much of a mystery, I think I’m pretty clear most of the time.” Steph laughed, and Matthew could feel his world lighting up. He shuffled a little further down on the bed until they were face to face and softly kissed Stephanie on the outside corner of her eye that he was pretty sure held the meaning to his life in it’s depths. “And yet, you’re still the most beautiful question I’ve ever had someone ask me.”

I was able to get out of my recent funk when I drew a sketch for my side blog. To keep this momentum going I’m going to try take life one sketch at a time.

Anyway I made another Kyuranger OC. This is Cetus Navy. I wanted to experiment with body types in this sketch. Kyuranger is the first Sentai series where each character has a relatively unique silhouette, so I tried a body type I don’t normally draw. I designed Cetus Navy to be a strong-fat type character. We came close with Kyoryuger Cyan, but he gets thinned out when he morphs.

Keeping in line with the whale theme, she’d be considered Team Mom if Xiao is considered Team Dad. For abilities I thought that she’d have a trade-off. Either she has a moment of strength that rivals Champ, or she focuses more on stamina and can go great distances but at a casual pace.

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Prompt: Garnet comforts Pearl after an anxiety/angst attack.

“It’s not going to be ready! It’s not going to be ready and it will be all my fault!” murmurs Pearl to herself, her hands trembling. The wrench drops deep into the drill casing.

“Oh REALLY!” she says in a fit of pique, trying to grab at it and wincing as something metallic scrapes over her arm, leaving a line of raw red. Tears sting at her eyes, and she tugs her hand back, rubbing the butt of her palm over them to stop the flow.

Peridot and her had been working so hard, but the constant litany of casual warnings from the small green gem had been taking their toll on Pearl. Of course she understood how terrifying the cluster was in theory, in practice she’d been able to push it out of her mind, just focusing on her work. 

Peridot was unable to stop talking about it though. The crust cracking abilities. The terrifying tremors when it would begin. How close it was to breaking free and how fast it would do so once everything began.

They were on a deadline and Pearl didn’t even know what it was! She hated this, the uncertainty. War had been chaos, every minute of every day, they’d never known if it was their last. When it had ended, what Pearl wanted most from her peace was ORDER. And now it was all coming back. Every terrifying second of death looming, expected and unwavering.

Her shoulders start to shake as heavy tears fall from her eyes, over her cheeks. She can’t do this. She can’t go through this again. Everyone was counting on her and she was going to let them all down, she just knew it! Why did she ever think she could even do this?

Warm arms are around her, and Pearl gasps softly, shaking, as she feels a familiar chin resting on her shoulder. 

“I thought you might need some help,” says Garnet, her voice low, warm. 

Pearl snuffs, trying to pull back the tears. “I-I don’;t want you to see me like this. I thought I was getting better. Being stronger.”

Warm hands topped with gems stroke over her arms, and she hugs herself as Garnet hugs her. Pearl takes a breath, but the tears won’t stop.

“You have been very strong. You are very strong.” Garnet says, her voice showing hints of warmth one would have to have known her for years to spot. Pearl has known her for millennia. 

“I’m going to get us all killed,” whispers Pearl, her voice threatening to break, just like she feels she might.

Garnet gives her a squeeze. “We’re all in this together. We’ll support each other.” Her fingers trace over the abrasion on Pearl’s arm, and then Garnet presses Pearl slightly into the drill as she reaches down,plucking the tool from the machinery with ease. 

Pearl knows her cheeks are a dark cyan now, and hopes Garnet doesn’t.

“I think it’s my turn to be strong tonight.” the soothing voice says in her ear, and Pearl finds herself smiling as her trembling calms. They would work on this together. There were certainties in her life too, like Garnet.

“Thank you.” she breathes, hugging Garnet’s arms to her. Her rock.


Daigo Kiryuu’s Great-grandson. The younger brother of Amy-nee-san. Transforms into Kyoryu Navy using the Tobaspino Beast Battery. In great contrast to Daigo, he’s a coward. He’s the unmanly type who often hesitates. 


Seems to be Ian Yorkland’s descendant. Transforms into Kyoryu Silver using the Bragigas Beast Battery. He’s found popularity as a musician, and his singing and self-accompaniment with the acoustic guitar is considered second to none.


A young man who seems to be descended from Nobuharu Udou. He transforms into Kyoryu Blue using the Stegocchi Beast Battery. He’s pretty much the only one who takes after his ancestor. As he seems to have come from the Tohoku Area, (north and east of Tokyo) he has a very strong Tohoku Accent.


Souji Rippuukan’s great-grandson, he transforms into Kyoryu Gray using the Bunpachy beast battery. He’s got a short temper and is easy to provoke, he’s a member of the future oriented leisurely generation. Somehow, his great grandfather Souji is still alive and kicking, even in the year 2114!


Amy Yuzuki’s great granddaughter, and Dai-kun’s older sister. She transforms into Kyoryu Cyan using the Ankydon Beast Battery. She’s always getting into the coward Dai-kun’s business. She’s a very dependable older sister.


Utsusemimaru’s descendant, he uses the Plezuon Beast Battery to transform into Kyoryu Violet. In the year 2114, Bowling has become hugely popular, and Uppi is a Professional Bowling superstar.

youngstilinski said: "ugh teach me how to gif/edit and all that bullshit pls"

I’m probably not even qualified to answer this question, but here goes.

Nick I don’t even remember if you were joking I just saw this in my inbox and now I was like “oh okay here goes”.

The most important thing in editing and gifs is the coloring, so that’s what I’m going to give a tutorial of.




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