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What I’ve learned from Thor Ragnarok(spoilers)

0 - I love this universe and loved this movie.

1 - Thor new nickname is Sparkles and Loki is now proudly known as Icicle(He’s not even angry about it).

2 - Thor might be seen by everybody across the universe as this beautiful overly confident prince but as a kid he was pretty awkward. The golden prince used to find snakes cute and grab them and pet them. Not dogs. Not cats. FREAKING SNAKES!!! So no wonder, the heir of Asgard still find some quality in the snaky ways of his beloved bother Loki. Even as an adult he still ain’t as smooth as you would think. I’m pretty sure doctor Strange wanted him out of his house as fast as possible.

3 - My boy Hogun is redeemed and died with honor. See it wasn’t that hard to give him something to do and to say. Perfect!

4 - The Allfather joined his Queen in Valhalla. Still avoid confrontation with his pissed off kids like a pro, tho. This time better than a nap, he chose to die.

5 - Thor now know what it feels like to get slammed on the ground like a dead fish and to be lied to about your true place and lineage in a family.

6 - Marvel hates ME! Yes, they do because they promised me a hug between Thor and Loki … AND THEY DIDN’T SHOW IT. How evil is that? Tellin’ you Feige you better have that scene in the deleted scenes. I need to see them hug it out and more… for reasons.

7 - We still need a Loki movie. His childhood with Thor is even more intriguing now that this movie showed us how deep their connection goes. No need to elaborate on “Get help” however “A tale of Asgard” movie or a mini series, giving us more insight on what it was like for these two to grow up is necessary. Not just hating each other but playing with each other, plotting together, would be great.

8 - Frigga would be proud of her sons and proud of her people. And very disappointed with Hela.

9 - Dafuq happened to Lady Sif??? Did they kill her in the background??? We must investigate.

10 - I’m gonna miss Asgard’s settings. (Another reason for Tales of Asgard to happen)

11 - Loki can’t help himself when it comes to overcompensation. Have you seen how big that statue was? Have you heard him refer at himself as Asgard’s savior? Oh my frozen diva princess Loki. Never change, please.

12 - Thor thinks black tight suit on Loki equals “dressed like a witch”. O_o

13 - Rest in Peace Mjolnir. We hardly knew ye… and are waiting for your cousin Ultimate Mjolnir to join us.

14 - Everybody should rewatch, once they’re done watching Thor Ragnorak, the massive lie that is the Infinity War leaked trailer.

15 - Hulk is the cuttest giangantic green baby I’ve ever seen. I want one. I want a Fenir too.

16 - Where’s Daryl Jacobson, Thor’s roomate and arguably first Revenger. Is he paying the rent alone?

17 - Thor pulled a Donald Blake by stomping the umbrella on the ground and transforming. But who changed Mjolnir into the Umbrella? We know Thor has visions of the future, so he unherited the divination powers of his mother. He also can call back his outfit like in the Avengers. Is he the one who’s magically hiding  Mjolnir? Is Thor the witcher who dared make fun of his witch of a brother when he clearly practises seidr himself??? -_-

18 - Something didn’t work in the first version of this movie and we lost all the Hobo Odin scenes and the hammer getting destroyed in the alley. More deleted scenes needed.

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