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The class I subbed for today had a poem on the wall with a bunch of “See you later, alligator” type rhymes. And one of them was “Time to scoot, little Newt.”

And I can’t help but imagine Newt Scamander’s mother saying that to him any time she needed him to go anywhere as a child. And, of course, when Queenie reads his mind and finds out, she thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and says it to Newt all the time. After a while, Tina starts saying it too because 1) it’s hilarious and 2) she’s heard it so much from her sister that it’s become ingrained in her vocabulary. They love it. Newt is exasperated.

Ruff & Tumble

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genre: smut, fluff

word count: 6.5k

warnings: swearing

extra tags: blowjob, handjob, dogs


Dan moves into his new apartment for the dog park downstairs – little does he know that the town comes with more than just fluffy tails.  

AU where Phil has a dog and Dan almost doesn’t know if he likes the dog or the boy more.


The guy looks up from his kneeling position in the grass, and seeing Dan, smiles. The dog next to him, with her fluffy golden curl of a tail, wiggles her butt at him. Dan doesn’t think he’s ever seen a better sight.

That is, until he actually looks up into the owners face.

Oh no, he thinks, Oh, no, no.

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A Valentine’s Promise: Peter Parker One Shot

Warnings: kissing, food, fire, loveeeeeeeee

A/N: this is the cutest, cheesiest thing ever but in the BEST way omg I’m crying why can’t I have a Peter AH!

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(not my gifs)

(I see Peter as being 18 at this time)

Everything was set up. Netflix was loaded, candles were lit, and snacks were out; all that was missing was your boyfriend.

Peter had texted you saying a spider-man thing came up so he’d probably be late… six hours ago. To say you were worried would be an understatement, but knowing Peter, he probably had everything under control.

All you could do was sit and wait.

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you ever have that one person in your life who is just SO DARN CUTE that it catches you off guard sometimes? like you’ll just see them in passing and you’ll do a double-take over how cute they are. or you’ll come across a photo of them and you’re just overwhelmed bc they’re just the cutest lil thing and they make you so happy and you can’t help but smile whenever you think of them.

There are many kinds of ships
  • The Domestic One: The couples you can TOTALLY see living as a domestic married couple, even you can see them having kids. (Examples: Gruvia, JohnLock, Soriel)
  • The Love-Hate One: Couples who argue a LOT, but they care for each other and their argues can occasionally drag them to a hot moment. (Examples: Bubbline/Gumlee, EriSol, LeviHan, BillDip)
  • The "Opposites Attract" Situation: They are very different, but they complement perfectly and it's the cutest fucking thing ever (Examples: CronKri, Alphyne, LadyNoir)
  • The One-sided: One of them wants the other desperately. The other may or not know, but the one with the serious crush is so lovable that you want it to be happy with its crush. (Examples: Percico, Gajevy/Gale, Karezi)
  • The Ones who display their love A LOT: They are very lovey-dovey in public, they also get intimate a lot. They adore New Year's eve, Valentines Day, Christmas and every holiday with a love tradition. (Examples: Calypso x Leo, DirkJake, PercaBeth, Rosemary)
  • The Shy one: they don't display a lot of affection, they surely love each other, but they're really shy. (Examples: Shamy)
  • The crack one: they haven't really met, but you think they personalities go perfect together and they'll make a very good couple. (Examples: PapyTon)
  • And other ones who I forgot
Bokuroo headcanons | Winter

- Bokuto absolutely loves winter. It’s his favorite season; the snow, hot drinks, big scarfes, warm beds, more cuddles and just christmas time in general. Kuroo prefers spring but falls in love with the season over and over again when he watches bokuto, playing in the snow like he’s five again, baking some cookies, laying on the couch with five blankets, giving him kisses on his red nose.

- They’re the cutest couple ever, esp. when it’s cold?? Because you can always see them holding hands, snuggling in the library, giving each other warm kisses, exchanging hugs, drinking hot chocolate from starbucks.. they’re just so adorable and even have matching hats!! One time kuroo forgot his gloves and they did that sappy thing where one takes the left glove and the other takes the right one and they just hold hands in the middle so they both have warm hands.

- To come back to kuroo preferring spring: he just dislikes it when it’s too cold. I mean bokuto is a big help but sometimes when he’s in class he freezes so he actually takes a blanket with him. The teachers aren’t amused but after discussing it with all of them they just gave up and let him do his thing. (Just imagine a big goof sitting in the class w/ a blanket that has a cute cat print??)

- Bokuto is like the master of snowball fights and always wins. When he and kuroo match up no one can stop them. Iwaoi once attempted to fight em but they lost and gave up. They had to treat bokuroo for a coffee and some warm chocolate chip cookies in their nearest bakery. (Iwaizumi swears that he and his bf will win next time. Kuroo and bokuto just laughed.)

Patater Week Day 4 - AU

Alexei laces up his skates on the bench, humming tunelessly but cheerfully. Of the many PR duties that the Falconers have, stuff with kids is one of the few things that he genuinely looks forward to. He’s glad he was one of the ones who got to do it this time. And this, volunteering with the Little Falconers program, was even better than the Children’s hospital because these kids aren’t sick. He could see some kids on the benches some distance away with their parents lacing up their skates, looking at him shyly and clearly gathering the nerve to come over. There was a small group of them already out on the ice, clumped around Snowy and looking at his goalie equipment with awe. They were shorter than Snowy’s waist and it was probably one of the cutest things Alexei had ever seen.

“Are you really Mr. Tater?” A little girl had become brave enough to approach Alexei, her hair in tiny braids and wearing a miniature Zimmerman jersey.

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Star Trek: TNG - Time’s Arrow Part 1 

Same, Guinan…Same.

Boyfriend Series - BTS: J-Hope

- He’s be the cutests thing ever BUT HE’S ALSO RUDE ASF

- Like he’ll be a cuddly ball of sunshine most of the time

- But there will be moments he’s rude but let’s focus on the cute moments

- Holds and kisses your hand because he sees it as his way of letting you know that he loves you without saying it

- Hugs you so tight that it makes you two never want to let go of each other

- Sweetly kisses you on the cheeks and forehead

- Sings, dances, and raps for you and/or with you

- Smiles fondly at you and looks at you in such a loving way that you felt a tad bit flustered under his gaze

- Cuddles with you when you want cuddles because he doesn’t want to invade your personal space if you don’t want him there

- Makes sure you’re happy because then he’ll be happy because knowing you’re happy is enough for him to feel joy

- I honestly feel like he;d be perfectly content and top of the world doing nothing as long as you were next to him

- Texts you all the time but will give you space if you want it

- Gets scared at the idea of losing you

- Loves to work hard knowing he now has one more very special person supporting him

- Will drop everything if you’re not okay just so he can help you

- Calls you when you give off vibes of not being okay

- Protective but understand like you can have guy friends but the moment they cross a line, they’re gonna wish they didn’t because an angry Hobi isn’t one I don’t think anyone wants to see

- Sometimes drives the members insane and sometimes makes them envy him because he’s so in love


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my roommate had a photoshoot with my majestic princess, max. is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ever?

takkatash  asked:

Also pls write me some sweet sweet asanoya hcs because they don't get enough love NDNWKDKDJDJD SMOL&TOL

  • It’s already universally accepted that Noya totally steals all of Asahi’s hoodies and t-shirts. Asahi does not mind, not one bit, he thinks it’s the cutest thing ever to see his smol boyfriend drown in his clothes.
  • Asahi likes to spend his days off reading on a big comfy armchair with a good book and a cup of tea.
  • Noya will 100% squish up with him on the armchair with either a game or comic book/manga and they’ll just spend the afternoon together silently enjoying each other’s company
  • If Noya is cold he’ll push his head under Asahi’s hoodie or jacket and hug him. Asahi may or may not buy winter clothes in a size too big occasionally.
  • Noya has a pet tarantula that Asahi is terrified of.
  • Noya will let it crawl on his body and spend hours trying to convince Asahi “she’s not dangerous! Look!!” “Noya please, my heart!”
  • Asahi likes to be the little spoon sometimes; even if Noya’s only big enough that he has to wrap his legs around Asahi’s waist.
  • They both really like forehead kisses and will give each other as many as they can
  • Noya learns how to do hair so he can style Asahi’s and he gets really good

After seeing this image (which is the cutest image ever *blushes*) 

It gave me an idea! 

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I know Jack likes to do different stuff on his channel! You know what would be really neato?! (I know Jack has told us multiple things he does to de-stress) It would be really awesome if Jack could do a video where he would have really nice relaxing music in the background and he would just closes his eyes and just do deep breathing exercises for a little bit (it doesn’t have to be that long)!

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(I know what your thinking, Jack is suppose to be bouncy, and energetic all the time, hahaha)

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Believe it or not he gets stressed out just like you or me! I know I would watch the heck out of that, and there are so many people who are stressed that watches Jack to get them in a much happier place where they started from!

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I use YouTube to de-stress, which works to an extent, but it doesn’t really help me before I go to bed (which I’m guilty of watching Jack at 8:30pm, 9:00pm before I’m suppose to be going to bed, ooops, hahahaha) 

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Nerdiest Lovers ~TJ Perkins Imagine

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TJ x Reader 


It wasn’t that hard to see that you and TJ had something going on between the two of you. One of your friends pointed that you and TJ should just date already. She shipped the two of you but you were afraid to tell him how you felt. You didn’t want to ruin the friendship, he was the cutest nerdiest guy you ever met. 

When he left for the cruiserweight , you had hopes that he would get his wish to be a champion and be on the main roster in the WWE. In his eyes you could see that this was something he really wanted to do. 

“ I’m going to miss you” you mumbled, pouting as you stood with him at the airport. 

“ Don’t do that” he cupped the side of your face, his thumb going to your lips running his thumb over your bottom lip. He thought you were the cutest thing ever. His heart was racing seeing the way you were looking at him, with your wide eyes and pout on your face. He wished he could kiss you right now. 

Wrapping your arms around him,burying your head into his neck breathing in his scent. He wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you tight to him. TJ wished he could take you with him. 

It was getting hard for him.

Pulling away, you cupped his face with your hands brushing your thumbs over his cheeks. 

“ Go get em” a small smile lit on your face, it was weak. You wanted to cry right there and there but held back , swallowing the lump in your throat. He let go of your hand, walking backwards watching you in the distant. 

Closing your eyes, a tear fell down your cheek. TJ watched as you silently cried putting a hand to your mouth, his heart fell into his stomach. He wanted to run back to you hugging you not letting you go. He couldn’t stand seeing you cry. 

TJ and you are best friends growing up, he grew up next to you telling you his dream was to become a professional wrestler. He wanted you to always be by his side, watching him, supporting him just like you did through high school and college. 

He called you his number on girl. 

Although through the years, TJ has been seen different in your eyes. He took your heart, he grew into a gorgeous guy. But you never told him how you felt because you didn’t want to lose him. You’re friendship meant so much to you, if you couldn’t have him then you’d be his best friend through the years even if it hurts watching him look at someone else, hold someone else’s hand, smile at someone else. 

When he had his match in the Cruiserweight, you saw him with the title. It brought tears and amount of happiness you felt for him. First thing TJ did when he ran backstage after his interview, he called you. 

“ Y/N! I did it..” he said. 

“ I am so happy for you TJ. I knew you could, I wish I could be there for you” 

“ Me too” then he hung up on you before face time calling you. When you saw his face pop up, he was smiling at you while holding the purple Cruiserweight title for you to see.

“ It’s purple, nice” giggling, he rolled his eyes knowing it was your favorite color. He looked at the title before looking at you through the phone, he winked saying, “ I can’t wait to see you.” 

“ Soon, maybe”you shrugged sighing, work has been a hassle. They kept you at late hours and you were getting more tired than ever. 

You and TJ stayed talking a little more before he had to go get showered and head back to the hotel. That night he wished you good night sending you a picture of himself while holding a plush toy you hide in his back saying he found it. 

When TJ found the plush toy in his suitcase, he chuckled knowing you put it in there. It was a little dog plush toy that you kept in your room. He kept it with him, hoping one day you’d come see him. 

That day came sooner than expected. The Cruiserweight roster have been put on Raw. They were in LA and you already gotten a ticket to see him. He had no idea that you were coming. 

I miss you so much, TJ texted you. You’re heart melted getting a message from him. He was extremely busy but he made sure he made time to send you a message, a selfie or tag you on twitter. He was so sweet and you wished more and more that you were his girlfriend instead of his best friend. 

You drove up to the arena where RAW was being held, excited to see the look on TJ’s face once he sees you. You got front row tickets, getting out the car you walked towards the arena. 

The closer you got, the more nervous you got. No one knew how much you love TJ, he was your best friend but he meant a lot to you. Biting your lip, you handed your ticket. It was being scanned, your phone buzzed letting you know you had a text.

Getting your phone out while taking the ticket, so many people where. You already went to the bathroom before and grabbed something to eat before coming here. Making your way to your seat, you stopped gasping seeing how big it was. 

It was amazing to be here. Getting to your seat, you glanced at your phone seeing TJ texted you. 

Why haven’t you called me? :( </3 Awe he was upset that you didn’t talk to him today. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to talk to him. You wanted to surprise him, for him to see you in the crowd.

I’m sorry, I will later you texted back with a heart. Right away he send you a blushing emoji with a heart. It was too cute. He was too cute. 

The show started, you stood up putting your phone away watching every match closely. The camera ran by you and you hoped that TJ saw you. You’re phone did buzz, a wide smile appeared on your lips knowing it was him. He saw you backstage. 

When it was time for his match, you screamed throwing your hands up seeing him coming out. TJ scanned the crowd, he did see you backstage and was so excited seeing you here cheering for him. As he walked down the ramp, he turned to see you smiling wide at him.

For you, he broke character rushing to you hugging you before going to the ring. He winked at you, you watched his match closely. Cheering for him, yelling and booing his opponent. 

“ you got this TJ!” you yelled. He heard it, looking at you and nodding his head before he turn the tables on his opponent giving it all he got. As the show came to an end, a security guard made his way over to you.

“ Miss, TJ Perkins requested for you to come backstage” he said to you. “ Okay” you nodded following the security guy backstage. Walking past many superstars and women, you were brought out of your trance when you heard your name being called. 

“ Y/N!” turning your head just in time for the person to crash into you sending you to the ground. You laughed, seeing TJ above you smiling down at you.

“ Hey there” you giggled. He got off you ,letting out a hand for you so you could get up. You grabbed onto his hand, he helped you up before bringing you into his sweaty chest.

“ Ew, TJ your sweaty” “ Oh shush. I am enjoying the moment” you laughed, he was such a goof sometimes. But that was one of the many things you loved about him. 

Pulling away, you looked into your eyes while he looked into yours. It felt like no one else was around. Just you and him. 

“ Damn, she has a nice ass” someone muttered. It was right behind you, TJ looked over your shoulder seeing one of the crew members talking about with the other crew member. TJ pulled you closer to him before telling them, “ Keep your eyes to yourself, thanks. She’s mine” he growled underneath his breath and you swear it was the sexiest thing you ever heard.

Pulling away from him, you arch your eyebrow glancing at him, “ I’m yours?” 

A blush reached his cheek as he rubbed the back of his neck looking elsewhere but you. “ Uh..” was all he had to say, you giggled leaning up kissing his cheek.

“ Go get showered and change, I’ll wait here” He nodded rushing but not before placing a kiss on your forehead. 

It didn’t take him much longer as he came back to get you. He took you to the parking lot where his rental car was, you got into the passenger seat as he drove back to the hotel. 

His room was nice, his room mate wasn’t here yet. 

“ Is it okay if I’m here?” you plopped on his bed as he took off his shoes. 

“ Yeah, I don’t see why not?” you shrugged before bouncing a little as TJ laid down next to you. 

“ Did you enjoy the show?” you nodded. “ You did great out there like always” you turned your head to look at him. He glanced over to you, a strand of hair was in your face so he leaned on his elbow, pushing it away. 

His fingers went to your cheek stroking it. It’s been awhile since he touched your skin. It was soft just like he remembers. He cupped the side of your face, stroke it smiling at you but his smile dropped as his face turned serious. 

He looked down at your lips then to your eyes asking you for permission. You nodded your head. TJ leaned down brushing his nose against yours before brushing his lips against yours. He was hesitant to kiss you. 

You wrapped an arm around his neck bringing him down kissing him softly. His hand went to your neck pulling you so you rolled on top of him. His hands were on your hips before moving to your back rubbing it while he kissed you.

Softly pulling away, you stared into his eyes. They held love in them.

“ TJ…”

“ Y/N” you both said at the same time, you laughed telling him he could go first.

“ Y/N, from the moment I saw you, I wanted to know you. Once I got to know you, I found myself liking you. As our friendship grew my heart was yours from the beginning of it. I am in love with you, I know distance may be hard between us but we can work. I will do anything to have you by my side.. please be mine?” 

“ Of course Perkins, you had my heart since we met. I love you too dork” he leaned up capturing your lips with his, turning over so he was on top now making you squeal into the kiss. 

He pulled away from the kiss brushing his nose against yours, rubbing it giving you an eskimo kiss before he kissed you again mumbling against your lips, “ Mine.” 

You were happy to be his.