the cutest thing

aaaaah, r y a n

  • shane looking like if he just rolled out of bed is me every day
  • tommy bahama
  • “i’ll paint the hell out of you, however i want” “you paint me in your free time?” shane’s face is EVERYTHING
  • “i’m actually upsate rigth now” “good”
  • yay for shane liking the thing, let’s see how much that lasts…
  • ryan’s face at 11:16 is the biggest mood ever
  • that’s my boy, dragging the goverment during his afternoon tea
  • shane’s expression is literally “hoe don’t do it”
  • shane: “OH MY GOD” + ryan is the cutest thing in the world wearing his tinfoil hat
  • “i just don’t want you to have any satisfaction” and “i’m not gonna give it to ya” it’s everything i ever wnated for some reason
  • i’m glad you do realize the hat was a bad idea, ryan
  • “the ship had no wings, jimmy” sounds like a passive-agressive post on tumblr as we call out some dumb shit people should know by now
  • (background music this ep is awesome, guys)
  • ryan is so happy punching skeptics in the face, let him have this one
  • boogaras win this case, yay! (like… this is b - 1 to s - every other episode, but i’ll take it)
  • ryan putting the tinfoil hat on shane’s head, djnfiednfirng
  • “leave my house, town dunce?” “town dunce? because i believe the things you believe in?” “OH SHIT!!! *loses his shit*” “alright, if you say so…” I LOVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH
Well, if this wasn’t the cutest DnP Play the Sims 4 video ever

Between meeting Nuki, who is the cutest and most wholesome thing that makes me want to cry:

And Dan and Phil being adorable while bickering over names:

This was a fucking good Sims episode, and the long break from the series made me realize how much I missed it. I’m so excited for new episodes, especially now that they have a dog. The Sims series is coming back in a big way.