the cutest song tbh


Day One ● Damon and Bonnie ll Who would have thought?♥

So it’s Bamon Appreciation week and I thought I’d start things out with a bang ;)Just some warning, this may be the cutest bamon vid ive ever made :D ♥I was going to make a gif set and then i was like… nah fuck it, I want to make a video. How can I describe why I ship them with just a gif set? I really can’t put it into words… it’s just… there. I shipped it instantly. I havent read book!bamon but I’m sure it’d only make me ship it harder from what I’ve heard tbh. Bamon is…everything. THey’re refreshing, and solid, and they ground each other, and they’re real. I believe damon can truely be who he is around bonnie and she still believes in him and doesn’t try to change him into something(or someone*cough*stefan*cough) that he’s not. They aren’t toxic and obsessive like the other ship that shall not be named. Every scene with them whether it be happy, emotional, angry, powerful…i dont know how to even put it on paper. It just all flows wonderfully, and there is chemistry that you can’t deny, a chemistry that was lacking in other areas of the show. So I pray to God and Jesus that they continue to build on our amazing bbys relationship and make it into something real and something great. :3 ♥