the cutest song tbh

Dating Aaron Would Include: (The Sequel)

• your arguments would consist of who is the cutest and that’s it tbh

 • him dedicating a song to you during one of his shows 

 • dance contests 

 • karaoke at 2am

 • falling asleep and waking up in each other’s arms • nose and forehead kisses!!!

 • worshiping the body in bed *wink*

 • holding your hand, no matter where you two are

 • eating boxes and boxes of pizza together in one sitting

 • nicknames to consider: honey, darling, cutie, muffin

 • preferring a night filled with cuddles and movies over clubs, bars, pubs, etc.

 • him tying your shoes for you

 • him tying you up ;;;)))

 • “I just kind of want to spend the rest of my life with you”

 • softly singing to you while you fall asleep because you just can’t get enough of that goDLY voice of an acTUaL angel

Shameless 8x02 Thoughts

**spoilers ahead!!**
•Ian and Trevor’s whole “chubs” scene and Ian crying in the man’s arms was so :((( it had me flashbacking to season 3 when Ian was crying about Mickey in bed (ik Ian was crying about Monica, but he was also thinking about Mickey too okay!!!)
• The hot tub scene was so… nice!? I love when the siblings just talk. I swear this hot tub is the best thing ever because I think it means lots of sibling bonding moments in there. Also Ian just looks so good???
•Carl cooking is also the best thing ever. Also him giving a girl Monica’s jacket for a blowjob … enough said.
•The song and Kevin’s boob pancakes were the cutest thing. Tbh I just love group moments when people aren’t mad at each other and get along and be cute siblings.
•Kev and V singing Boys II Men in hospital scrubs…great… A+++ scene
•the whole Lip/Sierra/baby daddy buisness literally had my jaw dropping!!! I cant believe that whole situation
•the Shameless writing seems a little bit different to me, and theres a change between the classic Season 1 Gallaghers and the new grown-up Gallaghers… but I still love it!!! It’s a change but still so great. I’m really enjoying S8 :)))

mitam first listen

so to start off, I want everyone to know that at the end of the first listen, louis told all of us to talk about the album on social media, so no I am not breaking my nda :)

Hey Angel - NOTHING like you expect. they described it as the clouds of MITAM and I 100% agree. it’s upbeat and totally a jam.
End of the Day - it was really good & louis described it as like simple but perfect at the same time - the chorus really brings the whole song together. something about liking who you like and saying what you say at the end of the day 

If I Could Fly - FUCK. that literally is all. it’s soosososoosososoo larry (they showed fetus larry videos during like 90% of the song???) and it’s about wanting to be with the person you love & not being complete without them. it keeps saying something about knowing a person on like a private level.

Long Way Down - SAD. they described it as being like on the top and coming down (they sorta hinted at the break) and it says stuff like flying a spaceship but not being able to land it. 

Never Enough - 21939048 times better than what it sounded like in the leak, it’s odd but in the best way.

Olivia - Harry rambled on for about 10 years about how the name doesn’t always mean a person it can mean a place (????) and it’s really cute!! harry’s tweet about summertime and butterflies blah blah blah is from here! (also it had this part where it sounded like something straight out of willy wonka) 

What A Feeling - It was super good and they compared it to fleetwood mac which was 110% accurate 

Love You Goodbye - really isn’t as sad as it sounds - it’s still sad though, don’t get me wrong. the love you goodbye is actually more about wanting to get with an ex one more time before saying goodbye rather than like love you, goodbye. LOUIS HAS A HIGH NOTE AND IT’S AMAZING. (Totally not relevant bc I don’t remember that well but I think it was this song that was giving me really strong apologize by onerepublic vibes) 

I Want To Write You A Song - SO FUCKING CUTE. that’s literally the best way to describe it. it says something about wanting the song to be as beautiful as that person is sweet and it’s just full of the cutest lines imaginable

History - it’s the song we all need tbh. they said it’s for the fans and all the history we have with them and towards the end it says “it’s not the end” 

Temporary Fix - literally no control 2.0. they said it was about being in a bar and seeing some guy who’s had too much to drink and he just won’t stop flirting with this girl so they walk over and offer to be her temporary fix. basically a song about booty calls. niall said when writing it he was thinking of sex on fire so that’s something

Walking In The Wind - it was really cute (that’s a common occurrence??) and it was about like saying goodbye to someone for now but you’ll see them again  
Wolves - as liam said, your girl is hot and there’s a bunch of guys wanting her like wolves. sososososo good like it makes you feel like you could kill a man or something 

A.M. - HOLY SHIT okay so it’s about basically talking shit really late at night with your friends. it says something about talking out of your asses so that’s nice


Day One ● Damon and Bonnie ll Who would have thought?♥

So it’s Bamon Appreciation week and I thought I’d start things out with a bang ;)Just some warning, this may be the cutest bamon vid ive ever made :D ♥I was going to make a gif set and then i was like… nah fuck it, I want to make a video. How can I describe why I ship them with just a gif set? I really can’t put it into words… it’s just… there. I shipped it instantly. I havent read book!bamon but I’m sure it’d only make me ship it harder from what I’ve heard tbh. Bamon is…everything. THey’re refreshing, and solid, and they ground each other, and they’re real. I believe damon can truely be who he is around bonnie and she still believes in him and doesn’t try to change him into something(or someone*cough*stefan*cough) that he’s not. They aren’t toxic and obsessive like the other ship that shall not be named. Every scene with them whether it be happy, emotional, angry, powerful…i dont know how to even put it on paper. It just all flows wonderfully, and there is chemistry that you can’t deny, a chemistry that was lacking in other areas of the show. So I pray to God and Jesus that they continue to build on our amazing bbys relationship and make it into something real and something great. :3 ♥