the cutest shes ever been

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im so happy that you're back! please take care of yourself though!!! can i please have some general kanan and mari headcanons like the dia ones please??

thank you kind anon!! i am trying my best <3


- She was the cutest little kid ever, but even from a young age, she’s been a fan of punk and heavy metal. She shocked many adults by perfectly reciting, death screams and all, the most hardcore punk songs, much to her father’s delight, who was a massive punk rocker back in the day.

- The biggest daddy’s girl ever. (don’t you dare sexualise that Tumblr, this is an anti-ddlg zone) whatever her mother says no to, she’ll run straight to her father and beg. It doesn’t take much begging though because Mari has her dad wrapped around her little finger, though he won’t admit it.

- She gets catcalled a lot, but has the snappiest responses. Whenever a guy even steps out of line in the slightest, she puts him in their place with brutal comebacks or witty remarks. It’s hilarious to watch.

- She adores learning languages. She already speaks fluent English, Italian and Japanese, is half fluent in German and French and is starting Spanish and Danish. She learns vocabulary so fast that she’s already having full conversations with people within a few months.

- She’s brilliant at organising trips, parties and days out for Aqours. Her parties are wild; thrown at massive venues with proper DJs and good alcoholic drinks, much to her mother’s disapproval


- When diving, she often finds lots of lost items in the shallow waters, so she retrieves them and sets up a lost and found at her diving shop. You’d be surprised at the strange stuff she’s found: old mobile phones, keys, teddy bears, jewellry, even wallets.

- Kanan is very superstitious. She refuses to walk under ladders or walk on three drains, but keeps four-leaf clovers and rabbit feet as lucky charms. 

- Every teachers dream student. She’s incredibly clever, friendly and polite in lessons, and always hands in homework on time, which are done to her fullest potential. She studies well, and makes brilliant notes, which all result in her fantastic grades.

- She doesn’t particularly like tehcnology; she knows how to use it and all, but she’d much rather spend time outdoors. In fact, she gets very agitated when she’s cooped up inside for too long.

- She has whole folders dedicated to alien conspiracy theories. Everytime there’s something remotely to do with aliens in the news, she’ll tear out the page and keep it. She could spend hours studying space; she adores it.


Téa Leoni + her tough love for Tim Daly


Reasons I love Megan Denise Fox.

Her passion for acting stemmed from the classic film The Wizard of Oz and it’s positively one of the cutest things, ever. She’s been saying she wanted to be an actress for most of her life from when she was very little. Recently she said she feels like she was an actress in a former life, determined to succeed this time in what she failed in her past life.

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The fact that you've come up with the cutest little kid ever and she hasn't even been written yet. Like I genuinely want my future child to turn out as adorable and sassy and caring and loving as the chubbster.

Awww thank you. I think Alex is a ball of joy honestly I was working out her concept w my gf and she got baby fever I think Alex does this to everyone

Hey Miraculous Fandom! What if,

Tikki, Plagg, and the other kwami are the original versions of Ladybug, Chat Noir, and etc and they gave up their physical forms in order to keep providing balance to the world while lending their powers to others.


What if the images in that ancient book, that the Agreste family owns, is actually what the kwami’s looked like in their human forms back in those many years ago.


Sure Ancient!Ladybug, Ancient!Papillion, and Ancient!Volpina all pretty much look like their current Miraculous holders (with the obvious exception of Volpina because who kmows where thats going) EXCEPT for Ancient!Chat Noir. Ancient!Chat Noir doesn’t really look like Adrien at all. So the normal thing to assume is that these are just images of people who happen to own the miraculous at that time or recorded events.


That image, is instead an image of Plagg? Hence, the black hair, green eyes, and more of a cat like essence. AND ALSO, what if this is why Tikki thinks Marinette is the cutest Ladybug that shes ever been with so far? Because the image of Ancient!Ladybug was actually Tikki who basically looked like Marinette in the past.


what if the people in the miraculous book are the kwami in human form?


make me choose:
↳anonymous asked: Hayley Atwell or Natalie Portman
     ↣ “I’ll always really be a slouchy tomboy. I used to beat up my guy friends when I was young. I was called Hulk Hayley at primary school.”


Such a fun night celebrating jordansblah09 and alyciajasmin’s birthday! #somuchfun #the20club

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* FLIRT. "It takes two, to mango. Want to dance?"


                                                                 Cherry was going to cry. They were probably one of the cutest kids she had ever seen, and that was probably the cutest thing she had ever been asked. She covered up her smile with her hand, her other arm crossed under her chest. “Yeah, sure. I’m not much of a dancer, though – are you?”

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my crush is my best friend :(( she's prob the cutest, happiest, prettiest girl i've ever been blessed with and i literally can't be sad when i'm around her bc she's like.. the light of my life. HELP! she's a wlw as well and all of my friends who know (aka like 2 ppl) always say that we'd look cute and that she likes me back BUT I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT! we've been best friends for like 2 ish years and i love her so much she's so cute and funny and i'm getting chills just from writing this

im crying i want 2 feel lov like this 😭😭 Sorry idk how to help i have No experience fjsnhf but i hope it all works out!!