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Wayhaught’s first sleepover. For the anon that requested a prompt about Nicole and Waverly trying to get comfortable their first night sleeping in the same bed. I hope you like it! 

Waverly laid next to Nicole in bed and stared up at the ceiling fan. Both women were out of breath. Both women were blissfully satisfied. Nicole turned her head to look at Waverly and Waverly turned hers to look at Nicole. They exchanged a look and then burst into laughter.

Waverly rolled over onto her stomach as she giggled. “It just keeps getting better.”

“I didn’t think it was possible.” Nicole huffed out one last chuckle before turning on her side to face Waverly. She couldn’t stop smiling even if she wanted to. Waverly sighed and let her head drop onto the pillow.

“I should probably get going soon. It’s late.” Waverly groaned at the thought of leaving Nicole’s warm comfortable bed.

Their sexual relationship was still somewhat new. New enough that they had yet to actually spend the night in each other’s beds. It was usually due to the fact that Nicole had work early in the morning, or Waverly had Wynonna waiting up for her back at the homestead. And also due to the fact that…well, sharing a bed, sleeping together was a lot more intimate than they thought.

But on this particular night…the thought of leaving was excruciating to both of them. “Don’t go.” Nicole whispered. Waverly turned her head to look at her stunning, messy haired girlfriend. “Stay with me tonight? Please.” Nicole’s fingers gently tucked a piece of hair behind Waverly’s ear.

“Are you sure?” Waverly asked. “Because really it’s not to much I can just th-”

“Waves, please. I need you to stay.” Nicole’s admission brought a smile to Waverly’s face.

“Well if you need it…who am I to say no.” She giggled. Nicole leaned over to place a gentle kiss on her girlfriend’s lips. Waverly pulled away with a smile. “But if I’m sleeping here tonight, I do have one request.”

“Anything.” Nicole smiled back.

“I’m gonna need more than just this blanket.” Waverly gave Nicole a guilty smile, as if to apologize for the request. “I just get really cold at night and if I only have one bla-”

“Multiple blankets for my baby…coming right up.” Nicole pecked Waverly on the lips before sitting up and throwing a shirt over her head. “I’ll be right back.”

As Nicole gathered the blankets Waverly texted Wynonna to let her know she was staying at Nicole’s…to which she got multiple raunchy responses, of course.

Waverly looked up when she heard Nicole’s bare feet patter back into the room. “Jesus Nicole,” Waverly laughed at the stack of blankets piled high in her girlfriend’s arms. So high that Waverly couldn’t even see her face.

“These are all the blankets in the house.” Nicole smiled as she put them down at the foot of the bed.

“I didn’t need all of them, just a few.” Waverly laughed.

“Well now you have your pick.” Nicole smiled as she walked back to her side of the bed and got back under the covers. Waverly sat up and picked 3 out of the 10 blankets Nicole had brought her. Nicole leaned up on her elbow, resting her head in her hand as she watched Waverly’s naked back move.

“What do we do with the rest of them?” Waverly asked as she laid the extra blankets over the one already covering her.

With one hard kick, all the blankets at the end of the bed toppled over and fell to the ground. “That.” Nicole grinned.

Waverly laughed as she laid back down beside her. For a moment they just laid on their sides staring at each other. “So how do you usually sleep?” Nicole asked with another smile.

“I don’t know. On my side I think…”

“Really?” Nicole nodded.

“Surprising?” Waverly asked.

Nicole shrugged “I just pictured you as a sprawler.”

Both laughed again and then Nicole opened up her arm. “C’mere” she said tapping her side. Waverly gladly curled into Nicole’s body, their leg tangling together.

Waverly hummed at how warm and soft Nicole felt. She was comfortable for a moment before Nicole gasped. “Jesus Waves!”

“What? What’d I do?” Waverly asked quickly sitting up.

“Your feet are icicles!” Nicole laughed.

“I told you I get cold.” Waverly laughed with her before she laid back down. “Do you want me to move?”

“No.” Nicole laughed and kissed her cheek. “Do you want socks?”

“It’s pointless. I just end up kicking them off.” Waverly sighed.

“Here…” Nicole lifted her legs and pulled Waverly cold feet under them. “I’ll warm em’ up.”

In a matter of minutes Waverly’s feet were warmed up, and Nicole was more than comfortable with Waverly in her arms. That was until Nicole’s arm, the one resting under Waverly’s head, fell asleep. “Hey Waves…” she said softly. “My arm is getting tingly.”

Waverly lifted her head and let Nicole pull it free. “I was comfortable.” Waverly groaned but smiled up at her girlfriend.

“I’m sorry.” Nicole apologized.

“It’s okay baby.” Waverly smiled as she rolled onto her side to face Nicole. Both of their eyes were getting heavy. Waverly could see Nicole drifting off “Goodnight.” Waverly whispered before gently kissing her lips.

After a few minutes of trying to fall asleep Waverly began to toss and turn. She always did this before trying to sleep. She was known for being somewhat restless.

“Do you always toss and turn this much?” Nicole asked but kept her eyes closed.

“I’m sorry.” Waverly sighed. “I’ll try not to move.”

“Hey no…” Nicole opened her eyes and gave Waverly a sleepy smile. “Roll over.” She said. Waverly rolled onto her side, facing away from Nicole. Seconds later Nicole was curling her body against Waverly’s. Her body curved against the smaller woman’s frame, one arm warm and secure under her own body, the other arm draped over Waverly’s chest. Nicole gladly took the roll of being the big spoon to Waverly’s little spoon. “Is this okay?” She asked quietly.

Waverly nodded and snuggled in closer to Nicole’s body, so close they were almost sharing a pillow. “Mmmmm hmmm. You’re so warm.” She thought outloud.

“You’re so soft.” Nicole whispered as she gently kissed the back of Waverly’s neck. “I’m really comfortable. Are you comfortable baby?”

“Yeah.” Waverly blissfully sighed. “This is perfect.”

Those were the last words they said before falling asleep.

Waking up was a different story. They did not wake up in the perfectly positioned nest they had fallen asleep in. No, Nicole woke up shivering.

She glanced over to find Waverly wrapped up in three layers of blankets like the cutest burrito she had ever seen. With anyone else she would have been mad about the stolen blankets but Waverly was hard to be mad at, especially this early in the morning. Nicole got up and grabbed a few of the extra blankets she had kicked off the bed the night before. She draped them over herself as she got back into bed.

She watched her girlfriend sleep for a few minutes. Waverly looked so peaceful, so angelic. Her hair was a mess and her mouth slightly opened, but Nicole was sure she had never seen anything so adorable in her life. She would have stayed their all day if it wasn’t for Calamity Jane pawing and mowing at the door. Nicole got up quick in hopes that her cat wouldn’t wake Waverly.

“Alright I know you’re hungry.” Nicole said as she closed her bedroom door. She leaned down and scooped up the orange cat into her arm. “Come on let’s get you some breakfast.”

As Nicole opened up the can of cat food and scooped it into the tiny bowl she began to talk to her cat, like she always did. “I don’t know CJ, she just seems different ya know? This feels different.” She stared off into space as she spoke. “Last night was just…God it was amazing. Our chemistry is unbelievable.” Her impatience cat could care less about the words coming out of Nicole’s mouth, she just wanted her food. The orange fuzz ball meowed loud enough to knock Nicole out of her daydreaming state. “Okay okay. God you’re a shitty listener, you know that?” She said as she placed the bowl on the floor.

The redhead let her cat eat while she started a pot of coffee. She sat at the kitchen table and wait for the brew to finish before pouring a cup for her, and a cup for Waverly. After a putting few drops of milk and a spoonful of sugar in each mug she made her way back to the room.

The sight before her made her stop. Waverly still wrapped in her blankets, but now sitting up resting against the headboard. She was looking down at her phone.

“Morning sunshine.” Nicole grinned as she made it into the room. Waverly smiled and put her phone back on the table. “Coffee?”

“Please.” Waverly nodded excitedly.

“How’d you sleep?” Nicole asked as she got back in bed.

“Mmmm” Waverly sipped her coffee. “Other than you kicking me, pretty great!”

“I did not.” Nicole groaned.

“Oh you did.” Waverly laughed. “It’s okay, those long legs have to go somewhere I guess.”

Nicole giggled. “I’m sorry. Hey but you stole all the blankets!”

“Did not!”

“Waverly…” Nicole laughed into her mug. “They’re all wrapped around you right now.”

Waverly glanced down at the pile of blankets surrounding her. “Sorry.” She gave Nicole another guilty smile.

“It’s okay baby. You looked like the cutest little burrito this morning.” Nicole placed her mug on her night stand and laid back down on her pillow, Waverly followed.

“Truthfully, it was probably one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time.” Waverly smiled.

“Me too.” Nicole nodded.

Spoilers for Spiderman: Homecoming

Overall I really enjoyed Homecoming. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was a lot of fun to watch in Civil War and really comes to life here. He’s just a giant dork who wants to do the right thing! (sound familiar?) The supporting cast was quite lovely too, especially Liz and the Vulture. The relationship he has with Peter has to be one of the most fun and dynamic ones we’ve seen in a really long time.

That said, I need to vent about Tony’s “mentor” role to Peter. Tony doesn’t have nearly as much screen time as the promotional material would suggest, but they keep advertising his role and involvement with Peter as super important. I’m pretty anti-Tony tbh, so I won’t be kind here. That said if he is your fave, and you don’t feel like reading any negativity, you’ll probably want to skip this.


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BTS Reactions~ When you start to become colder because you like them:


Every Friday night with Jin was a movie night, whether it was with the other members or not. 

Last Friday you realised that you’d fallen for him, unintentionally. You had tried your hardest to stay away from him this past week, as you didn’t want to slip and have anyone find out. But of course he noticed, and he was confused as to why you cancelled on this Friday. You never cancelled.

He would just not stop calling and texting you once it became clear you were ignoring him. To be honest, he was worried that he’d done something wrong, and was scared that he’d lost all chance of being with you. He liked you, but was prepared to stay friends forever with you if it meant that he got to be around you. He liked you that much.

So he decided to visit you at home. Opening the door with the spare key he knew you kept under the mat, he entered, finding you on the couch, scrolling through your phone, looking at pictures of you and him.

“Y/N? Are you okay, you’ve been avoiding me-”

“JIN! You could have told me you were coming here!”

“I did. I texted you, but you haven’t read them.” he sighed. “Tell me what I did wrong, please…”

“Jin…” You looked down at your feet. You had to tell him now, or you’d never be able to come to terms with yourself.

“Is it weird if I only just realised that I like you?” You whispered.

He was over the moon.


Usually, you’d jump at the chance to hang out with him. So when he asked, and you refused, he was worried about you, scared that he’d hurt your feelings somehow and most of all, confused.

“Did I do something wrong? What’s up, Y/N? Tell me, please.”

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just busy, and I have somewhere I need to be. I’ve got to leave, now.” You twisted yourself around, and left for home. Your heart was beating so fast- you’d just lied to his face- but it was better this way.

Later that night, you were stuck indoors, eating chips out of guilt, and watching crappy TV shows. You didn’t care. All you could think about was him.

He sat in the living room of the dorm, the rest of the members doing their own thing. He couldn’t care less right now about Jungkook’s overwatch ability or Tae’s new wonderfully dumb idea or Jin’s new homemade recipe. He had you on the brain, and was itching to speak to you and get some answers.

Then you got a text. From him. You didn’t want to read it, but you did.

From: Yoongi
If you’re so busy, why is your bitmoji still at home? I checked your snapchat. Why have you been lying?


To: Yoongi
Look, I’m sorry. You’ve not done anything wrong, trust me on that, but I think it’s better we stay away from each other for a while.

From: Yoongi
I’m not staying away from you unless you tell me why.

This was it. You had to tell him someday, and apparently today was the day.

To: Yoongi
You’re probably gonna reject me straight away, but I like you. In a non friend way. I’m confused about it myself, but I know my feelings are genuine.

The second he read that text, he whipped his coat on, and got a late night uber to your house. He was so happy he could cry. He knocked on the door, sweating.

“I feel the same way.”


You weren’t your usual cheerful self. You were no longer laughing at him when he did something stupid. You didn’t want to come to the studio to watch him dance. You weren’t you.

He was worried for you. He kept trying and trying to cheer you up, but to no avail. He started seeing less of you, day by day, and knew that there was something you weren’t telling him. His mind went to the worst- and he couldn’t stand it any longer. He needed things to be normal between you both again, he needed to see you smiling and he needed to get some answers about your strange behaviour.

He decided to ask your best friend, to see whether she knew anything.

“Well, she hasn’t told me anything directly, but I can tell exactly what’s wrong with her.” she whispered to Hobi, as Jimin and Kookie were around.

“What? I need to know, please.” He whispered back, begging to find out so he cheer you up.

“Well, don’t say you got this info from me, but she likes someone, and has only just realised that she likes them and is in denial, out of fear of rejection.”

His heart sunk. He’d always liked you, from the second he met you. He’d fallen for you and couldn’t get up, but he liked it this way. But before he even had a chance to confess, someone else had stolen your heart?

B/F/N watched as Hobi’s face crumbled, and giggled a little.

“That someone is you, idiot.” She laughed.

His face lit straight back up again, and his sunshine personality was brighter than ever before. He couldn’t believe this.

“I’m gonna go find her!” He yelled, before running out of the studio.

“You go do that!” your best friend yelled back, laughing. She found it the cutest thing ever, as she’d been shipping it since day one. 

Jimin and Kookie looked at B/F/N, confused.

“What was that all about?”


You’d been avoiding him any chance you had. He’d noticed, obviously.

You were out on your morning walk, with your dog. You took the same path every morning. Namjoon took this opportunity to talk with you.


You jumped, back, your dog barking wildly. “What the hell Namjoon?! You scared me.”

“Sorry. Anyways I wanna talk with you.” he smiled.

“About what exactly? I don’t believe we have anything to talk about.” You scoffed, walking faster. But he kept following you, catching up with your steps.

“That’s exactly my problem. Why do you keep avoiding me recently?” He grabbed your shoulders lightly, halting you in your tracks. “I’d like to know.”

His heart was racing. This always happened whenever he talked to you- he couldnt help his attraction to you, and he loved every last detail of you. But he had convinced himself that it was never going to work out, and that he was better off not even speaking of it, as to not make things awkward between you both. He didn’t want to lose you, or feel the pain of being rejected by you.

The thing was, you couldn’t tell him. Things were far better this way, or so you thought… well, you were going to have to at some point, so why not now?

“If I tell you, will you stop bugging me for the rest of my dog walk?” You asked.

“I promise.”

“You better not break this promise, like you break everything else-”

“I won’t. You can trust me on this.”

You hesitated a little. But it was now, or never. 

“I’ve liked you for some time now. I like you, Kim Namjoon.”



You were sitting backstage at an award show, helping the staff out as they prepared the idols to go on camera. To be honest, you had wanted to cancel, but all of bangtan had invited you and you couldn’t just let them all down, just because of a stupid little crush. On Park Jimin.

“Hey! It’s Y/N!” Tae ran up to you, attacking you with hugs.

“tOo tiGht TAE!” You said, waving at all the other members. Jimin just gave you a look, and you sighed a little. Little did you know, he was worried he’d done something to upset you, and wanted to apologise, but he didn’t know how.

“Oh yeah, sorry!” Tae jumped off of you, and you went back to the costume rack to help carry some accessories.

Once you’d finished all your mini errands, you found yourself wandering down the dressing room hall.

“Wow, there’s really a lot of idols here tonight~” You whispered to yourself, before stumbling back around a corner.

You heard Kookie, Tae and Jin teasing each other. They were obviously being filmed for a Bangtan Bomb, so you didn’t wanna get in their way.

“Everyone’s in a good mood!” Jin giggled.

“Everyone except Jimin hyung~ He’s salty because the girl he likes is here, helping out with the staff and is ignoring him.” Kookie said, and Tae slapped him on the shoulder.

“Idiot! Now the clip has to be edited.”

You stood there, as they wandered out of sight. The girl he likes? You were the only girl aside from his stylist that he knew here- wait a second.

He likes you. Jimin likes you.

You had to find him, fast.

“Bangtan Sonyeondan onstage in two minutes!” Someone yelled.

You ran faster, holding your dress up slightly, so you wouldn’t trip up. You weaved your way through the crowd, over to the members.

“Y/N! We’re about to go onstage-” Namjoon said, before you interrupted him.

“Jimin! I’m sorry for ignoring you these past couple days. We can talk about this later but-”

“Bangtan Sonyeondan onstage now!”

You whispered into his ear before he got pushed away-

“Jimin, I like you back.”


Opening the door to the busy practice room, you were shaking slightly. But you had to calm yourself before you did something dumb around him. I mean, it was reasonable considering you’d only realised yesterday about your feelings for Tae, and almost immediately after rushed out of the building and went home. Last night you ignored all his texts and calls.

He was probably wondering why, and that scared you. You didnt want to lose the friendship you had with him- and you were completely certain you’d get rejected if you confessed, so why even think about it?

“Hey guys! I’ve got a secret I wanna tell you!” You chuckled, trying to keep your mind off of him. (Not exactly an easy task, when he was literally feet away.)

“Ooooo!” yelled Hobi, “Tell us!”

“Not yet, you have to finish practicing first- you do have a stage on Saturday…”

You put down your backpack, containing the ‘secret’ - a box of the member’s favourite donuts you picked up on the way to the building. Looking up, you saw Kookie, taking a sip from his water bottle.

“I know what the secret is, ya know.” he whispered, winking at you.

“Well, what would that be?” You giggled. He couldn’t possibly know about the donuts, they were well hidd-

“HEY Y/N!” Tae shouted, jogging over to you, “You alright? I texted you-”

“Yeah, phone was dead,” You interrupted, avoiding eye contact. you could feel your face going red and didn’t want him to notice, so you turned away, leaving Tae confused. He thought he’d done something by accident to piss you off, but couldn’t figure out what. walking back into formation, he started to wonder if you were really, truly mad at him. He didn’t want that- having a crush on you, his best friend, was already so much torture.

“And that proves my theory.” Jungkook smirked, “Your secret is that you have a crush on hyung.”

“Wait, what? Oh my god.” He’d hit the nail on the head. “That wasn’t my secret, but is it really that obvious I like him?”

“Seriously, don’t hide it, you idiot. Go say something to him, the feeling is mutual, trust ya boy- wAIT you’ve got donuts in your bag, haven’t you! You lil sneak!” Kookie reached into your bag, pulling them out. “I FOUND THE DONUTS! ALSO Y/N LIKES TAE HYUNG! HE LIKES HER BACK! LETS EAT!”

You looked over at Tae, both your faces red.




Being an introvert with a crush on an introvert- your best guy friend- an interesting yet painful experience. The second it clicked in your head that your sudden feelings of warmth and comfort around the man were ‘love’ feelings, you instantly went into ‘don’t speak unless spoken to’ mode, and stayed away from him as much as possible.

You did realise that it probably made it all the move obvious, but what exactly were you to do in this situation? You’d never experienced this before, and were hopeless around guys you found attractive, much like Kookie himself. Sitting in bed, wrapped in sheets with your computer screen on your tumblr dash, you sighed, staring at the screen, almost like you were expecting it to move.

Until the screen did move- your skype popped up, Kookie’s face on the screen. You scrambled to deny the call, but ended up answering. Dammit, butterfingers.

“Oppa…” You mumbled, covering your red face.

“Yah, don’t call me that~” He smiled. He was sitting at his desk, pen on paper, writing out lines over and over, trying to come with the best way to confess to you. He promised Jin he would do it today. “You were about to sleep?” 

“N-no, just on the internet,” You answered.

“You’re acting a little bit strange, red in the face and stumbling over your words- Y/N, dont tell me you have a fever- I can come over right now with some meds and stuff and help you out asap-” 

“No, its not that.” You laughed a little, at his misconceptions. “I’m just having some problems and trying to think of a way through them.”

“What kinda problems? I’m all ears.”

“Uh, guy problems…” you mumbled, going even more red. You could see him go crimson too, clearing his throat.

“Oh, um, me too actually.”

“You have guy problems? Ewwww, Jungkookieee.”

“NOnononono!” he laughed, “I have girl problems just as much as you have guy problems. For example…” He trailed off, looking at you in the eyes, “There’s this one girl that I have some kinda feelings for… but she’s not really into me, at least I don’t think so.”

Your heart sank. Who could this girl be? She was an idiot- who wouldn’t want to date the awesome Jeon Jungkook? “Why isn’t she interested? She’s dumb, haha.”

“I think she’s been avoiding me as of recently. I don’t know why-”

You then realised that he was talking about no one other than you. 

“Kookie- I don’t not like you, I like like you.” You blurted out. Then there was a pause. Oh god, what if he wasn’t talking about you?

“I really, really wish I could kiss you through the screen.” He whispered.

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Reasons I love Megan Denise Fox.

Her passion for acting stemmed from the classic film The Wizard of Oz and it’s positively one of the cutest things, ever. She’s been saying she wanted to be an actress for most of her life from when she was very little. Recently she said she feels like she was an actress in a former life, determined to succeed this time in what she failed in her past life.

Love (Father!Jimin)

Plot: Just some father!Jimin fluff

Word Count: 416

A/N: so I have no real clue what this is but I was feeling soft and cuddly bc of that video of Taejinmin cuddling and my heart is fragile so I wanted to just really hammer in those soft feelings and write some father!Jimin (all of the father related posts are here) adoring his bby girl bc will I ever be bored of father!BTS??? Will I ever get tired of writing it ??? Will I ever not go back to it when I want something to make me smile ???

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

You had never seen Jimin smile as widely as he did on the day he saw his newborn daughter. You remembered seeing the tears in his eyes when she was placed in his arms after what felt like an eternity later to him. You remembered seeing her wrap him around her finger before she had even opened her eyes for the first time, seeing him fall asleep with his head rested on her bassinet, seeing him be the first one awake when she cried. 

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Téa Leoni + her tough love for Tim Daly


Such a fun night celebrating jordansblah09 and alyciajasmin’s birthday! #somuchfun #the20club

Hey Miraculous Fandom! What if,

Tikki, Plagg, and the other kwami are the original versions of Ladybug, Chat Noir, and etc and they gave up their physical forms in order to keep providing balance to the world while lending their powers to others.


What if the images in that ancient book, that the Agreste family owns, is actually what the kwami’s looked like in their human forms back in those many years ago.


Sure Ancient!Ladybug, Ancient!Papillion, and Ancient!Volpina all pretty much look like their current Miraculous holders (with the obvious exception of Volpina because who kmows where thats going) EXCEPT for Ancient!Chat Noir. Ancient!Chat Noir doesn’t really look like Adrien at all. So the normal thing to assume is that these are just images of people who happen to own the miraculous at that time or recorded events.


That image, is instead an image of Plagg? Hence, the black hair, green eyes, and more of a cat like essence. AND ALSO, what if this is why Tikki thinks Marinette is the cutest Ladybug that shes ever been with so far? Because the image of Ancient!Ladybug was actually Tikki who basically looked like Marinette in the past.


what if the people in the miraculous book are the kwami in human form?


make me choose:
↳anonymous asked: Hayley Atwell or Natalie Portman
     ↣ “I’ll always really be a slouchy tomboy. I used to beat up my guy friends when I was young. I was called Hulk Hayley at primary school.”