the cutest quote

there isn’t a thing called easy love.

love cannot be called love unless it’s tough. unless it passed through something hard.
unless it could have ended but it’s still there.
unless it makes you grow throughout it all. love is something you fight for because you ‘both’ are willing to.

…“Better?”… Ok so for today’s quote of the day, I’ve chosen a hilarious line from two of my favourite Teen Wolf characters, Stiles and Liam. Ah these two are the funniest and cutest people ever! 😍🔥🙌🏼😭😂


You seem to think that all these guys are under some kind of crazy spell or something and that i’m one of them? But i’m not! This is real okay. And i ran all the way up 5th Avenue in a lightning storm because i wanted to tell you that… Look the only spell that i’m under is yours.”