the cutest people on the face of the earth


Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,196

A/N: This one is for one of the greatest people on earth, @shawns-love , ily a lot. Shawn as a father…


Y/N’s P.O.V

Shawn has basically been pregnant with me during the last 4 months. He would wake me up in the middle of the night saying he was craving a cheeseburger and did I want one. I mean, obviously I did, but who’s the pregnant one here? Watching the excitement in his face as we set up the nursery and picked out clothes and toys and bedding was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s been looking forward to meeting our little baby since the very first day it was confirmed that I was pregnant. I love him for that. For always supporting, and loving, and caring for me.

All of these heartwarming thoughts are flooding my brain as I stare at Shawn pacing back and forth in the hospital room. “Shawn, baby, I’m fine. My contractions aren’t that close together yet. Have patience.” I say to a frantic Shawn, trying to calm him down a little. He just huffs and stands still, tapping his foot restlessly on the ground. “Shawn. Come here.” I reach out my hand as Shawn walks over to me, a defeated look on his face. “I’m sorry. Sorry,” he says, taking both of my hands in his, “I’m just so nervous and I want everything to go as perfectly as possible. And I just really love you so much and-” Shawn’s tangent is interrupted by the doctor finally entering the room with a warm smile on his face.

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Voltron Reality Show Hc's

Okay, so a few weeks ago one of my favorite artists @pngpotpies made a text post saying how cool a voltron reality show would be. i really liked the idea so i decided to write some headcanons on it! 

  • The premise of the show is following the 5 paladins as they all try to all live in space together with two actual aliens.
  • (Their lions are the ‘booth’ they talk in to gossip, like people do in reality shows)
  • Hunk and Lance are childhood best friends, but otherwise they’re all strangers to each other. 
  • Pidge: “I’m only here for complete nerd purposes, remember that before trying to befriend me.” Lance:”So you’re saying you wouldn’t go against me at Mario Kart in space?” Pidge: “…touché”

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Boyfriend!Taekwoon (Vixx’s Leo)

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Boyfriend!Hakyeon (part 1) Boyfriend!Hakyeon (part 2)
Boyfriend!Jaehwan (part 1) Boyfriend!Jaehwan (part 2)   
Boyfriend!Wonshik               Boyfriend!Hongbin  (part 1)
Boyfriend!Hongbin (part 2)  Boyfriend!Sanghyuk

  • Omg so Jung Taekwoon here we go
  • I feel like as I’m shy and introvert myself I will hopefully get his personality right
  • To start off with, he probably didn’t like the idea of going public with your relationship unless you’ve been dating for quite some time
  • When you first met him you were like 
  • ??? Does he even talk ????
  • but once you guys got the chance to speak in private he would be such a sweetheart 
  • you’d fall for him instantly
  • he’s honestly the sweetest guy
  • unless he doesn’t get his coffee in the morning
  • then he’s suuuper grumpy lol
  • hates pda but loves skinship in private as long as no one can see
  • he probably wouldn’t go further than hand holding in public tbh
  • unless he was feeling really affectionate that day
  • then he might hug you as well lol
  • wouldn’t tell you he loves you that often bc he’s too shy
  • but once he does you know it’s sincere
  • he would LOVE to go on cafe dates
  • can you imagine him sleeping with his head on your lap omfg
  • would love to just cuddle you and watch music videos or something
  • when he would be around you he wouldn’t be as quiet as he is on camera
  • but he’d still be fairly quiet
  • also.. i have to say this…
  • I don’t think that he would be as dom as a lot of people think
  • he’s such a sweet guy and just……. no…….
  • he wouldn’t be into dom/sub things at all…. :///
  • back to the fluff!
  • if he saw you wearing his sweatshirt or something…. o m g
  • he wouldn’t say anything but he’d come up to you and hug you really tight
  • and his entire face would be red i swear
  • honestly whenever taekwoon is being remotely affectionate around the rest of vixx they’d tease him so much
  • but they’d be really happy for him
  • and you’d have to calm leo down so that he wouldn’t kill them
  • honestly, jung leo is the cutest person on this earth

(I’m gonna try to upload boyfriend!Jaehwan tomorrow but I’m not making any promises bc I procrastinate a lot lol)

Pancakes and Kids?

Request: Could you do a imagine of being Izzy’s best friend since childhood so Max has grown up around you and one early morning he comes into your and Alec’s shared room (you’ve been dating for over a year) demanding pancakes which you agree to not but not before telling Alec that you’re kids better not try to pull this crap which makes him get all fluffy and sentimental thinking about your future???

Pairing: ReaderXAlec

Word count: 1.1k

Authors Note: Hi, thank you so much for this request it was so fun to write! I absolutely adore Max he is the cutest!

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*GIF is not mine*

Y/n’s POV

You had lived in the institute for little over 4 years, so you knew every single hiding place. Where on earth was Max you thought to yourself. He had gone to hide about half an hour ago and you were starting to worry.

Then suddenly out of nowhere a little Shadowhunter jumped out in front of you, in the cutest dinosaur pajamas.

“ Boo!!” Max’s little scream made you laugh.

“Oh! No! You scared me!” You say dramatically putting you hand over your heart before scooping Max up into your arms. He was light as a feather but according to your boyfriend of 2 years, Alec, Max was the heaviest thing in the world.

“ Its time for bed Mr” you say as you carry him to his room. When you arrive to his door, your turn the light on with your elbow and walk to his bed. You pull his duvet from the bed and gently lay Max down, he had fallen asleep as you were carrying him. He must of been tired from hide and seek all day, you knew you were.

You turn his night light on and just as you are about to leave and turn his main light off you hear a small sleepy voice.

“ Nanite Y/N ” followed by soft snores.

“ Goodnight Max” you whisper, afraid to wake him.

It was only 9 pm so you decided that you would go see your best friend Izzy. She had asked you to come along when you had finished hide and seek.

You finally made it to her door, and you knocked whilst walking in.

“Hey Izzy” you say softly. Walking over to her bed.

“Hey Y/N” she smiled as she saw you.

“ You said to visit” You giggle at how strange that sounded.

“ I did indeed” she laughs “ I just wanted to know if you wanted to baby sit Max with Alec tomorrow because me, mother and father are going to Idris for something” she says looking at her hands.

“ Of course anything for you Izzy your my Parabati, I love you” you give her a reassuring smile holding her hand.

“ Thank you Y/N” she grins pulling you into a hug.

“ I better get going you know how grumpy Alec gets when he’s tired” i sigh pulling away.

“ Yeah go deal with Mr No Fun” she laughs. You giggle whilst heading to the door.

“ Goodnight Izzy” You say turning at her doorway, she smiled back in return. Then you head back to yours and Alec’s room.

You push the heavy oak door open to be greeted with a freshly out the shower Alec towel drying his hair, it was still wet. He had gray sweat pants and a plain navy blue t-shirt on. His face lit up as you entered the room.

“Hey” He says softly as you close the door, still facing him as you do so.

“Hey” you smile back, you hadn’t seen him all day because he and Jace had gone out on a mission with Clary.

“ How have you been?” He asks walking towards you. Finally reaching you and pulling you into a hug. He smelt like soap and his aftershave which made you snuggle deeper into his chest.

“Okay, I played hide and seek all day with Max” You mutter into his arm. Alec’s head was resting on top of yours and he moved to kiss it.

“ You know, you spend more time with Max than you do with me” he chuckled, the sound was comforting, he rarely laughed since Clary had got here.

You pull your head away to look up at your gigantic boyfriend, he had a goofy, boyish smile plastered on his which made you melt a little inside.

“I like Max more, that’s why” you say as serious as you could whist pulling away, only to be grabbed by Alec’s huge hands. He had picked you up and thrown you over his shoulder. He began to walk over to the bed and you were kicking and squealing for him to put you down.

Suddenly you were flopped on to your bed and Alec was hovering over you.

“ We both know I’m your favorite” he grinned, before pressing his lips to yours, you kiss back slowly, savoring the moment.

He then pulls away, and heads over to the bathroom.

“ where are you going?” You say quickly.

“ To brush my teeth” Alec smirks through your en suite bathroom’s doorway.

“ ugh!” You whine, flopping back on the bed. But then decide to put your pajamas on.

As Alec left the bathroom you bumped his shoulder giving him a playful smile. Then you went to brush your teeth.

After, you headed straight to bed. Alec was already snoring under the covers, you just roll your eyes.

After slipping under the duvet and turning the lights off, you laid down. You were suddenly pulled across the bed, so that your back was to Alec’s front and you had two strong arms around you.

“ I love you Y/N” he whispers and kisses your neck, which made you blush.

“ I love you too Alec” you whisper, a smile spread across your face. Then you drift off into a deep slumber.

Suddenly something jumps on top of you. You spring to life only to find Max spread across you and Alec, the light seeping in through the curtains indicated it was morning.

“ Max?” You say groggily, still half asleep.

“ Y/N! You’re awake!” Max says jumping off of you poking Alec in the face, making him groan.

“What” Alec whines, stretching his arms.

“ Can Y/N make me pancakes for breakfast?” He asks with puppy eyes. I couldn’t refuse, he still had his dinosaur pajamas on.

“ Of course, you go get dressed then wait for us in the kitchen” you yawn out.

“ Yeyy!!” Max yells jumping of the bed and running out of the room.

“ I’m telling you now our kids better not wake me up this early for pancakes because I’m not doing it” you sigh, closing your eyes again. Suddenly you felt Alec straddle you and pull your eyelid open.

“ What?!” You sigh.

“ So we are having kids then?” He says with the cutest smile on his face.

“ Well, I would like to have kids, don’t you?” You question with a worried expression.

“ Our kids would be so brave, It would be a pleasure to have kids with you Y/N” he grins. Bending down to peck you lips. After pulling away he just stared at your face whilst rubbing his thumb against your cheek bone. 

“Your so beautiful” he states making you blush like mad.

“Your even more beautiful when your embarrassed” he chuckles.

“I hope our children look like you, they would be the most angelic people on this earth” he says softly, whilst kissing your neck.

“That’s so sweet, but do you not realize how hot you are?” I question. He looks up and grins. For the second time this morning he pressed his lips to yours, you kissed back instantly, after a few minuets Alec pulls away, catching your breath as he pressed his forehead against yours.

“ Y/N?” He whispers after a couple of seconds.

“ Alec?” You whisper back.

“ Would you like to get married one day?” He says softly, looking you in the eye.

“ Yes. One day” you say back just loud enough for him to hear.

“ To me?” He questions, frowning.

“ Of course to you, you idiot” you say pushing him off you, what a way to ruin the moment Alec. You quickly peck his lips and head to the kitchen to make them damn pancakes.

Pocket Seungkwan

Scoups || Jeonghan || Joshua || Jun || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi || Dk || Mingyu || The8 || Seungkwan || Vernon || Dino

» Pocket seungkwan is the cutest thing ever on earth
» You had originally gone to the pocket people shop because your best friend wanted to get one
» So naturally
» Like the great friend you are
» You went with them
» The two to you looked for a while
» And a certain someone caught your attention
» While your friend was talking with little pocket vernon
» You caught a little squishy cheeked pocket person staring up at you
» He had his face pushed up on the glass
» And his little hands right up against the glass too
» And it looked so freakin cute
» You immediately dropped down to his level and put your hands up right next to his
» It was more like two fingers right up against his hands
» The first thing he did was blow air into his cheeks and make them puff out
» You thought you were going to die from the overwhelming cuteness of this pocket person
» And when your friend finally decided that pocket vernon was the one for them
» You were right next to them
» With cute little pocket seungkwan
» Walking into your house with a new friend was the most thrilling thing ever
» From day one seungkwan was all about climbing on you
» From getting up onto the top of your head
» To crawling around into your pockets
» He’d definitely be the type to like play with your fingers or something
» Since he’s always sitting on your shoulder
» Or in your pocket
» Whenever you are out and talking to people
» Seungkwan will whisper sassy little comments
» Usually making you giggle in the middle of your sentence
» You’ve gotten a lot of weird stares because of this
» But the sass doesn’t end there
» The two of you totally have sass battles at random times
» He’d also give you great fashion tips
» Help you pick out your outfits and such
» Quality
» Gets so excited when it rains
» Like so so excited
» Especially loves autumn
» So when autumn rolls around he’d always be begging you to go out on walks with him
» And get all the giant sweaters
» For both you and himself
» Matching sweaters
» Omg he’s all about those
» You guys would always be talking and laughing with each other
» Ah he gets scared all the time too
» So he’s always jumpy at night and such
» Totally sleeps next to you
» Simply because he’s too scared to sleep in his own little house
» Super sensitive lil guy
» Sings all the time
» So much
» And so beautiful
» You could listen to his voice forever
» Pocket seungkwan saving us all with his cute cheeks and flawless vocals

Harry Styles - People Are Always Shipping You Together Imagine

[Cuuuute. Enjoy!]

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Pi Day//A Ned Imagine

Anon said: what about a pushing daisies one where you’re the new waitress and Chuck basically throws Ned at you and he’s all blushy and embarrassed and you think that he is the literal cutest human being on the face of the earth

Embarrassed Ned is the best Ned


You wove your way in between the throngs of people, orders being shouted between you, Olive, and Chuck.

The three of you finally managed to make your way into the kitchen, where you collapsed onto stools. “Ned, you seriously need to hire more wait staff,” you huffed, still slightly out of breath. “Especially on Pi Day.”

The Piemaker didn’t respond, and you snapped your fingers in front of his face. “Oi! Anyone home?”

He started. “Sorry, what?”

You rolled your eyes. “More wait staff, pen, and a pad of paper,” you told him. He’s cute when he’s spaced out, you thought.

“Right.” He handed you and Olive fresh notepads and new pens and the two of you went through the doors to the mob of people, leaving Ned and Chuck in the kitchen.

“So, are you going to tell her?” Chuck asked nonchalantly.


“Oh, please,” Chuck said, rolling her eyes. “You’ve had a crush on her since she started working here. You should tell her.”

Ned’s face turned red. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Chuck smiled. “Sure Ned.” And with that, she was back out the door, conveying table orders to you, Olive, and Ned.

That night, after the Pie Hole had closed, the four of you and Emerson sat down at a booth with slices of pie.

“Cheers to a very successful Pi Day,” you said, holding up your glass. The others echoed your statement and the five of you ate your pie and chatted.

Eventually, Emerson and Olive went home, leaving you, Ned, and Chuck at the booth. Chuck faked a huge yawn. “I’m exhausted, I think I’ll go to bed.”

“And then there were two,” you said after Chuck got up and left. 

You looked across the table at a very red Piemaker.

“You okay there Ned?” you asked. My god, I think he might be the actual cutest thing on the planet, you thought to yourself.

He took a slightly shaky breath. “I’m fine.”

You snorted. “Liar.”

He looked at you, slightly taken aback. 

“Look, Ned, if you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine, but don’t lie to me about it, yeah?”

He nodded sheepishly and the two of you lapsed into an awkward silence. 

“I think I’m gonna head home,” you mumbled. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” You put on your coat and grabbed your bag and headed out the door, hearing a small: “See you tomorrow,” making you smile. What you didn’t see as you got into your car was the Piemaker smacking his forehead in frustration.

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More sapphic Pidge related headcanons, please?

I’m always ready for wlw Pidge

  • Whenever you’re sad, she’ll be right there with you and will give you 100% of her attention and let you sit on her lap with your head on her shoulder (even if you’re taller/bigger than her b/c she so tiny)
  • She’s going to meme at you whether you like it or not.
  • She’d never admit it, but she for sure has a scrapbook of you two full of cute pictures and stories she wants to remember forever
  • It takes her mother a little while to warm up to having a gay daughter, but eventually you two are able to make her understand that it doesn’t matter.
  • After that, she’ll actually start to like having you around, especially seeing how happy you make Pidge.
  • She will show you so many baby pictures of Pidge and Matt, who were two of the cutest children ever to walk this earth tbh (especially Pidge)
  • Pidge is the worst cook in the world. Unless you want to eat chips & salsa or microwave pizza for your meals from now on, please teach them. She’ll help you cook, she’s just The Worst at it.
  • The first time you two go to a pride parade they are so hype!!! She’s so happy to meet so many people who’re just like you two, and she gets a big grin on her face because she feels so at peace and at home.
  • She thinks dumb couple-y fights are dumb. That being said, y’all have them constantly.
  • “I have the prettiest girlfriend in the world!”
    “No, shut up, I have the prettiest girlfriend in the universe.”
  • She’s going to try to avoid lesbian stereotypes at all cost. She will not own a single cat or flannel shirt. 
  • However, the only stereotype she fits: she will kick ass in softball.
  • If anyone says ANYTHING bad to you two in public when you’re holding hands or w/e, she will fucking DECK THEM.
  • She is small but she is mighty
  • Uses the excuse “I’m too gay for this” too much in situations it doesn’t apply to.

I have so many lesbian Pidge headcanons and I love it

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I disappeared off the face of the earth and I come back only to remember: issa is pure and i love her?????? she's great. like y'all- this artist- this blog owner? freakin' amazing. good art, good posts. Much love issa, you're amazing and doin' great <3 <3

This is sincerely and genuinely one of the cutest and sweetest things I’ve ever gotten in my inbox?? Thank you I love you ashdjffsk

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do you have any roan headcanons bc i feel like you are The hc person and hes in the next ep so i accidentally fell in love with him again

i do but none of them necessarily line up with canon since asmy and i are hijacking jason’s canon for our fix it fic and part of that is hijacking roan so

but some things abt roan that just feel like they make sense to me:

  • you know all this fine stud lexa stuff going around? roan’s the post apocalyptic azgeda version of that. you saw that snazzy coat he had in 3.03. dude was a prisoner and still lookin fine as hell. he’s got all the nice ice nation fashion and totally rocks it
  • i go back and forth on roan being bi vs. gay but he’s definitely queer
  • this is where im ignoring the fuck out of canon. ontari is his annoying little sister. not by blood, roan’s an only child, but she’s around so much she pretty much feels like a sister. the sibling rivalry is certainly there
  • no doubt just as extra as lexa, if not more. you think lexa’s dramatic as hell? roan sees her “clarke of the sky people has honored us with her presence” and raises you a “is that death i hear stalking me” lexa would probably tell him to chill out if she spent more than an hour around him
  • has never lost an arm wrestling challenge in his life
  • a sarcastic bitch
  • pros: definitely has the cutest laugh ever
  • cons: has the best poker face on earth and almost never laughs cause he knows its not the least bit intimidating
  • does 70% of the things he does out of pure spite

cherryandsisters  asked:

Aight I'm gonna ask you since you're an expert on solangelo but, if the two were animals, what would they be?

You went to the right totally expert on Solangelo because while I’m on the cat Nico stereotypical mentality (because let’s face it that kid is a black cat which some people think it’s a bad omen so he feels left out but the other 90% of the world with some common sense thinks he’s just a normal cat, which is basically a furry Night Fury and the cutest grumpy thing to walk the earth)

But Will. I’ve got the perfect animal for Will. Will is a suricatta/meerkat, because these are little cute hyperactive mammals running around the sunny warm desert that eat deadly scorpions for breakfast (and lunch and dinner) but are still the most selfless cute little things ever, they are very social and they groom and fuss over each other all the time. Also they run with their tails up which is really cute and adorable. And the best? They spend every second of the day out in the sun being cute and adorable but their houses are underground tunnels and when a threat comes they go back to the safe Underworldground.

(also I’m not finding any sources on this but when I was a kid I was taught that to scare predators they would pile up on each other to form a tall wall and impress their attacker, and this sound like the completely stupid plans Will makes, also it somehow works too)

Edit: Adding visual proof of Will being a actual suricatta


External image


External image


External image