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โ€ข strawberry saga continues (๐Ÿ“);

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19 things i learned at the age of 19:โ€จ
1. if he broke you, he wonโ€™t be the one to fix youโ€จ
2. people are here one day and gone the next, appreciate them to the fullestโ€จ
3. make sure he know how you feel about himโ€จ
4. make sure he knows when heโ€™s hurt youโ€จ
5. gather the courage to walk away from things and people that hurt youโ€จ
6. but only if the hurt surpasses the love and happinessโ€จ
7. you are not your mistakes, donโ€™t let anyone ever tell you otherwiseโ€จ 8. if you mess up, get up and fight even harder because nothing worth attaining is easyโ€จ
9. put on your favorite pair of jeans, your cutest sneakers, your warmest sweater and go out into the rainโ€จ
10. be kind to everyone, yes everyone, until they give you a reason not to be, then be as cruel as youโ€™d likeโ€จ
11. what people say when theyโ€™re angry may seem as though it is the most painful thing youโ€™ve felt, but i promise you, it hurts them more than it does you once it has come out of their mouthsโ€จ
12. even when it feels like the whole world is against you and there is nothing left to fight for, fight for yourselfโ€จ
13. you may think that youโ€™ve gotten your whole life figured out, but i promise you, you will change your mind so many times and thatโ€™s okay, life is about taking different paths until you get to your destination โ€จ
14. even if you have no idea what you want to do with your life, get up in the morning and do something anyway because the more places you go and the more of life you see, the more youโ€™ll love lifeโ€จ
15. wake up with a smile on your face, even if itโ€™s forced; one day, i promise you, it wonโ€™t beโ€จ
16. just because you cry, it doesnโ€™t make you weak, it makes you human; so let the tears fall and pick yourself up and donโ€™t cry for the same reason againโ€จ
17. tell your little sister you love her, she sees the pain youโ€™re in and she hurts just as much as you; let her know sheโ€™s appreciated โ€จ 18. your mom has been through so much, and sometimes it gets to be too much for her and all she can do is let it out; sometimes sheโ€™ll release it on you, that doesnโ€™t mean she loves you any lessโ€จ
19. and lastly, when you find comfort in a boy with the softest brown eyes, remember that he is dreamy and he is exactly what you need at that moment, but you cannot make him your home because he isnโ€™t vacant
Disposable pt3

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy.

Part 1, 2ย , 4

You made a series of excuses to get off the phone with Namjoon before curling up under your covers and wishing you hadnโ€™t gone out the previous night. Namjoon insisted that he meet your boyfriend, and you agreed to have lunch with him out of desperation to make him stop talking (it didnโ€™t help that you ran out of reasons not to go).ย You had lots of friends who were men, surely you could ask one of them to pretend for a day.ย 

You wracked your brain trying to remember what had happened, but all it was doing was making your headache worse.ย You werenโ€™t thinking straight and you knew it. You needed coffee and a cold shower.

Your phone was still buzzing every few seconds, and you finally looked at the other messages.ย 

โ€œSince when are you in a relationship??โ€ย 

โ€œWow heโ€™s cute!! How have u never introduced me!?โ€

โ€œNever knew you were the secretive type! How long have u been seeing him?โ€

โ€œYouโ€™ve been seeing a hot guy and u never thought to tell me?โ€

You groaned. All of the messages were from different people, various friends and coworkers. There were more texts that you didnโ€™t even open, you suspected they all said about the same thing. You opened Haniโ€™s message again, sending a quickย โ€œWhat did I apparently tell the whole world last night?โ€

She sent a picture in response. It took you a second to register what it was in your hungover state. It was a screenshot of a snap, captioned withย โ€œCutest boyfriend ever!!โ€

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19 things i learned at the age of 19:
1. if he broke you, he wonโ€™t be the one to fix you
2. people are here one day and gone the next, appreciate them to the fullest
3. make sure he knows how you feel about him
4. make sure he knows when heโ€™s hurt you
5. gather the courage to walk away from things and people that hurt you
6. but only if the hurt surpasses the love and happiness
7. you are not your mistakes, donโ€™t let anyone ever tell you otherwise
8. if you mess up, get up and fight even harder because nothing worth attaining is easy
9. put on your favorite pair of jeans, your cutest sneakers, your warmest sweater and go out into the rain
10. be kind to everyone, yes everyone, until they give you a reason not to be, then be as cruel as youโ€™d like
11. what people say when theyโ€™re angry may seem as though it is the most painful thing youโ€™ve felt, but i promise you, it hurts them more than it does you once it has come out of their mouths
12. even when it feels like the whole world is against you and there is nothing left to fight for, fight for yourself
13. you may think that youโ€™ve gotten your whole life figured out, but i promise you, you will change your mind so many times and thatโ€™s okay, life is about taking different paths until you get to your destination
14. even if you have no idea what you want to do with your life, get up in the morning and do something anyway because the more places you go and the more of life you see, the more youโ€™ll love life
15. wake up with a smile on your face, even if itโ€™s forced; one day, i promise you, it wonโ€™t be
16. just because you cry, it doesnโ€™t make you weak, it makes you human; so let the tears fall and pick yourself up and donโ€™t cry for the same reason again
17. tell your little sister you love her, she sees the pain youโ€™re in and she hurts just as much as you; let her know sheโ€™s appreciated
18. your mom has been through so much, and sometimes it gets to be too much for her and all she can do is let it out; sometimes sheโ€™ll release it on you, that doesnโ€™t mean she loves you any less
19. and lastly, when you find comfort in a boy with the softest brown eyes, remember that he is dreamy and he is exactly what you need at that moment, but you cannot make him your home because he isnโ€™t vacant
chocolat love

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Pairing: Jungkook x Y/N

Genre: Fluff, semi-smut, police officer! Jungkook

Word count: 1979 words

Summary: Jungkook enters the praline shop you own to pay you a visit and show you how much he’s missed you.

Jungkook has been known as one of the best police officers in one of South Korea’s provinces ― Busan. He always knew how to deal with thiefs, drugsdealers and other criminal because never had one of them knew how to escape from him. He was like a lion and people couldn’t stop him nor hide from this unstoppable man. The city was almost secured if there wouldn’t be so much criminals, who gave him so much work to do.

People admired his built physics and his handsome features. He had a broad chest, muscled arms, a sharp jawline, those thighs which makes girls drool and not to forget; those eyes. His eyes were so captivating that even the commissioner couldn’t look away from them. His gaze was so strong that criminals were afeared of him, they thought he could kill them on that spot just by staring at them. Leading them to reflect on why they become a criminal in the first place and it also led the malfeasance peeing in their pants, out of fear,  right in front of him. That all with Jungkook having a small yet attractive smirk on his well sculpted face. He was a very attractive man.

Everything from his nose bridge to his ankles was more than perfect. As if a famous painter painted him and brought him to life. 

The thing that people have been discovering lately was he hanging out with an ordinary girl on his free days. That girl was not a girl but his girl. In other words; his girlfriend. That made every single woman in the city sad and kind of jealous, but that didn’t bring harm to you. You were just an ordinary girl who owned a praline shop and was friendly to all of your customers. You seemed normal and boring to other people and that made them think why he would date you when there are better girls out there. But Jungkook saw something whole differently in you. You were a small kitten he had to protect at all cost, you were a rare form of beauty, someone with the cutest giggles and you were the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. You were like his world to him and only him.

The way you two fell in love was really simple. It was a normal day like any other when you were selling pralines to your customers. When the last customer left at the end of the day ― a man came in. He was wearing black clothes and had a quiet large bag in his hand, as if he knew he would have to carry a lot by entering a small store located in a small street. His presence only told you that things were going to be difficult and dangerous so you straightened yourself up and inhaled deeply. You never dealed with unfriendly and rude customers before but the feeling of being around him was fearful ― leaving you with a bad feeling. Before you could greet and ask him which kind of chocolat he wanted, the man pulled out a bat from beneath his jacket and asked you to put all of your money in the bag.

While you were terrorised and confused as to what you could do to save your life, a police officer walked past your small store and saw everything happening from behind the glass. He didn’t hesitate to run into the store and help you out. While the man was shouting at you to put all the money in his bag, you were full fear and concern as you approached the cash register. The man kept shouting insults at you out of anger since you were too slow. But when the door swung open and both your heads turned into the direction of the door, a breathtaking man in a police uniform came in. You totally forgot about a robber standing in front of you and got lost in your thoughts. The young man who entered your store a mere seconds ago fixated his sight directly on you. Your eyes locked and his strong gaze immediately softened. He didn’t hesitate to push the robber on the floor before pushing the bat out of his hands. He quickly pulled the handcuffs out of his pocket and handcuffed the aggresive criminal. The police officer felt a feeling that could be described as ‘possessiveness’ when he saw you standing there. You were like a little lamb who was to be attacked by a big bad wolf and he wanted to shield you behind his back. Another police man came immediately in and took the criminal with him to the police station after he had checked upon him.

The police officer who saved you walked slowly up to you as he rubbed his hands together, your gazes still locked with each other as if it was a line between two people who were calling out to each other. “Are you okay?” He asked you carefully and putted his hand on you shoulder. The contact made your cheeks heat up in an instant as you received a ticklish feeling in your tummy. “Y-yes…” you stuttered and looked down at your feet, feeling shy because of his brown orbs. “My name is Jungkook” he smiled so sweetly you could melt right on the spot you were standing on. Jungkook  jungkook  jungkook “(Y/N)” “That’s a beautiful name” he winked and retired his hand from you shoulder, the heat immediately disapearing and got replaced by emptiness. That moment self another police agent shouted his name to come back outside the store. He gave you a last smile before he left the store ― but you were faster and quickly called his name. “Thank you!” You quickly smiled back and ran up to him to give him a small box with chocolats you found beside the cash register.  “Why?” He asked with a small smile on his face. “As a gift for saving me” it was your turn to smile up at him. He chuckled so beautifully and ruffled your silky hair. “Thanks (Y/N)”

After that day he regularly came into your small store to buy chocolats and start conversations with you. He sometimes would flirt with you just to see the red tomatoes plastered on your cheeks, it was cute in his eyes while you were embarrassed of it. Scolding yourself why you always had to blush when he spoke to you, even a small 'hello’ could make you red within the second. You actually couldn’t deny the fact that his voice was more than sexy sometimes. It was soft yet rough and he was like an alpha who found his mate. No wonder every girl in the town fell for him.

After a few more days he asked you out on an official date. You being you first stuttered before asked him if he meant it seriously. He chuckled in response and replied that he was more than serious and that he wanted to spent more time with you. You agreed and were excited for your first date since you never had a boyfriend before nor were you desperated for love before. All of your 'love adventures’ didn’t exist since every boy you were falling for turned out to be a one sided love so you had to take comfort by looking at dramas on the television. 

Weeks rolled by until you became his official girlfriend despite sometimes having to stay alone since he also has night shifts on some days. Another thing was; you were his and only his. Guys who checked you out on the streets when Jungkook was around got it difficult because of him. He’ll give them one of his scary glares just to make sure they’ll know who you belong to. Jungkook also wanted to protect you for everything and everyone. If you ever had to go outside in the late evening or the night and it was his shift, he’ll accompany you. Give you one or two kisses before saying goodbye. You had to admit that it was attractive to have a protective boyfriend but at the other side he’ll get easily jealous. You remember the first time you two went on a late at night date and an unkwon man came to you while Jungkook was going to the toilet. He came out and  saw your confused and uncomfortable expression, giving him every right to scare the other guy to death. That night he stayed glued to you, not once leaving you alone. And when you came home he showed you something you never experienced once. You gave him your virginity and he give you the love he had for you in return. A few months later the both of you moved into a tiny appartement in the city. It was since then that almost everyone in the small city knew about the both of you.

He was wandering around when your small shop came in his vision. With a smug smirk on his face he entered it since he missed you so dearly.

His hands wandered every part of you while he breathed loudly in your ear as you palmed him through his pants. “(Y/N) don’t” he warned and bit your earlob. He started to leave wet kisses along your neck and eventually bit on your sensitive spot making you moan. After painting your skin with his saliva and red, blue and purple marks, h e trailed down to your collarbone. Knowing that you were sensitive in that area, he but down on it and sucked until another mark came to light. He straightened himself up and discarded your blouse while kissing you hungrily on the lips. He licked the outside of your lips and waited for you to open your mouth but you wanted to tease him by not opening your mouth. “(Y/N)” he growled your name against your lips as he kept pecking it, waiting for you to open it so he can explore your cavern like he usually does in heated moments like this. “I freaking need you right now” he murmured against your heated skin. You being a real brat kept your mouth shut as you tightly held onto his biceps when his hand travelled downwards your body. When his hand made contact with your innerthigh and as he decided to grip onto your calve, you let an unwanted moan out. Jungkook took his chance and entered his tongue in your caverne. The both of you shared a heated kiss together with your tongues interweaved. You kept moaning when his hands stayed really close to your centre but he didn’t do anything. “Jungkook~” you moaned and tried pulling back from the kiss. All that while pulling on his belt. Jungkook chuckled at your eagerness and finally pulled back from the kiss. “Payback is a bitch, right?” He smirked and you just hided your head in the crook of his neck, peppering his soft skin with red marks so every woman in the city knew who he belonged to. Before Jungkook could dove back in another heated kiss, his name was being shouted from outside the shop.

“Jungkook? We have to go!” He heard his co-worker. With a sigh he pulled back from you and fixed his uniform. “I have to go, love” he said as you pouted. He quickly stole another peck from you before turning around. You quickly fixed yourself too before calling out to him. “You’ll come back later, right?” You asked, desperated to finish what you started a few moments ago. Jungkook turned on his heel and gave you an apologetic look before saying. “I can’t, but we’ll see each other this evening at home” he smirked and then got out of your small shop. Leaving you with excitement and butterflies in your tummy

A/N: this was a special birthday present^-^ happy belated Jungkook day!<3

Best Friends with Jimin would Include

@myhollanderheart asked: I was wondering if you could do a being best friends with Jimin would include post. And is it too much to ask for a Jungkook one as well? [Slightly edited]

Best Friends with Jungkook would Include | Masterlist

  • First off let me start by saying: You have a literal angel as a best friend
  • I’m talking, hugs, forhead kisses, back rubs. Basically so much skinship it looks like yall are dating and you cant even get mad at people for assuming because even you know it looks that way
  • You feed into his ‘I need compliments 25/8’ kink because you love seeing his cute little smile and hearing his cute giggle
  • God he loves you so much and is so thankful for you
  • Seriously, he tells how much he loves and appreciates you any chance he gets
  • And God help Taehyung and Jungkook if they try and ask youh to hang out because man oh man
  • “Y/n-ah!! You are my best friend!!! Dont let them take you away from me.” @ you
  • “Yah!! She is my best friend not yours!!” @ jungkook and Taehyung
  • Honestly he loves watching you and Jin cook for everyone, sometimes he’d even ask if he could help
  • It literally looks like mom, dad and son in the kitchen
  • I think a best friend relationship with Jimin would be so much like a romantic relationship (minus the kissing, hand holding, and sex part) you feel me?
  • Jimin would be the friend to stay up with you all night if you were sad
  • Crying with you or just being there to be a shoulder to cry on
  • You made him promise to talk to you if he was feeling down or less than
  • He always kept that promise. Calling you at 3am because he feels he isnt worth anything and in response you invited him over for late night cuddles
  • Cuddles were both of yalls answer to everything
  • Seriously. For everything.
  • I honestly believe that a friendship with Jimin is such a loyal long lasting, beautiful friendship
  • Yall’s parents were probably friends which resulted in yalls friendship
  • Or yall met at a party and both of yall were cute and giddy off to the side of the party
  • Been friends ever since
  • “Oh Y/n-ah what would I do without you?”
  • “Probably starve to death or play video games with Jungkookie 25/8”
  • I’m not saying Jimin is someone to fall easily or quickly but I am saying I think the more he knows and hangs out with someone the chance is higher
  • Somewhere along the lines yall fell for each other but said nothing
  • In conclusion Jimin is the clingy best guy friend everyone needs in thier life
  • Genuine advice, platonic (or not) hugs, forehead, and cheek kisses, cuddles and a great support system
  • Also his protective ‘mom’ side wpuld come out occassionally making sure you ate, slept well, making sure your car is running smoothly etc.

1. why is teen wolf so scary wtf damn
2. scott is such a dad figure omg
3. “there just rumors. they don’t
know anything.” -mason
“tHEY KNOW evErYtHing” -corey
4. mAKE PEAcE wiTh gErArD mY ASS
5. fuck you nolan
8. lmao gerard pulling out the “what is this ‘we’???”
9. “you tell him to run” FUCK OFF GERARD U OLG SAGGY ASS
10. monroe u fake ass bitch one minute ur fucking murdering my heart next ur being a kind lil counselor ok ok i sEE YOU BITCH
11. “i won’t condone bullying of any kind” oh word?? did you not fucking kill brett & lori????
12. fucking done with ur bullshit
13. malia concerned for scott pt. 2 is the cutest shit ever
14. literally scott is a great, peaceful person who just wants everyone to get along and prosper & people contiNUOUSLY KEEP TRYING HIM
15. “we can take ‘em” COREY SAYS ABOUT A WHOLE FUCKING TEAM OF JOCKS oh honey u gotta big storm coming for u
16. scott: world peace!!
monroe: ur world peace can suck my dick
scoot michael
17. malia & lydia are so fucking badass
18. wow the lacross team is nothing like it use to be what are they teaching these over grown children??
19. liam does not d e s e r v e this!!!
21. coach breaking up a fight what an og & telling the students to fuck off
22. ^^ that’s why coach is my fav yES
24. fuck theo u lil snitch
26. why does everyone throw in the murder card wtf
29. dylan sprayberry’s sister is in this episode omg
30. theo ur a lil demon but i love u, u asshole
31. so much is happening rn & it’s so much to handle omg
32. i hated monroe from the fucking start
34. lol my babes are so smart
35. i’m an actual mess what

can i get clingy tae when is arthritis is bothering him u rat ass hoe. jk luv u. how bout u hit me with that boyfriend hoshi shit this time and when ever he sees a dog he has to stop dates to make friends with the pup PLEASE!!!
Member: Hoshi (svt)
Genre: fluff
A/N: thank you!! @ first request and as for the second request bite me u lil shit remember who makes meals for you (for context one of my best friends sent this in after we joked that he would never stop requesting needy tae even when we were 80)

  • So Hoshi is like one of the cutest people ever I think the universe has established this yeah
  • But he also really loves,,, dogs
  • Like he loves you you’re his whole world his everything his one and only yeah yeah 
  • But dogs man,,, they’re so cute and he just wants to hug as many as he can (am I writing about Hoshi or am I writing about myself)
  • Dogs are the best kinds of friends they don’t steal toothpaste like Seungkwan keeps doing because he forgets to buy himself some more 
  • Plus they don’t steal the covers until he cuddles them like you do 
  • The first time Soonyoung stopped a date just to pet a dog was already a few months into your relationship
  • He decided to take you to a park this time around, the two of you munching on street foods and holding hands
  • And it’s really cute!! He dressed up a little for you,,, like he’s got on this patterned button up and some black skinny jeans and his hair is styled all nice
  • He literally looks like the kind of boyfriend you’d take home to your parents in that moment 
  • And he keeps offering you bites of his because he knows it’s one of your other favorite flavors and he wants you to eat lots of yummy things 
  • Plus he thinks your smile whenever he offers you a bite and insists you take some is so cute cause you just look all bashful and giddy and sometimes you blush a little 
  • And quite frankly. Soonie is LIVING for it 
  • It’s just going real swell and you don’t have a care in the world until Hoshi stops
  • You pause and look at him like ??? because you’re worried he saw something that freaked him out or something 
  • But no he just saw this border collie and was looking at it with the most >:0 expression 
  • And you’re like ”,,,Soonyoung do you wanna go pet the dog”
  • “yeS PLEASE”
  • And you guys go over and politely ask if he can pet the dog and the owner is like uh yeah okay and oh my god
  • Hoshi with dogs??
  • The best thing, your eyes are blessed
  • Literally he crouches down and the dog like jumps onto his knees and he’s rubbing its ears and cooing to it and the dog is so happy and licking his nose 
  • And you’re just,,, oh my god this is the cutest shit I’ve ever seen
  • You take a picture of course who wouldn’t and it’s IMMEDIATELY your phone background
  • And after a while Hoshi tears himself away from the dog and like,,, his appearance is rumpled now because the dog made his shirt wrinkled and sniffled his hair, which made it messy, and he’s got fur all over his clothes 
  • But Soonyoung is just “Totally worth it man”
  • And your date continues and he’s somehow in an even better mood than before
  • This dog befriending routine continues,,, not super often though
  • It’s just when you guys go to like parks and beaches, plus he doesn’t stay with the dogs very often because he knows he’s on a date and he’s gotta pay attention to you 
  • And honestly you don’t mind,, it’s so so cute and he seems so happy with the dogs and you get lots of pictures of it and sometimes you even join in on loving up the pupper 
  • But one date you guys are at the beach just strolling along
  • He seems like he has something on his mind?? But he’s not saying anything about him
  • You know him though, and you’re sure he’ll mention it eventually whenever he’s ready to talk to you about it so you don’t press him 
  • And then you guys see this bigass boxer walking down the beach and normally Hoshi would be ALL OVER THAT and befriending the dog
  • But he looks away with a little pout and you’re like???
  • You ask him “Why aren’t you going over, don’t you wanna pet the puppy??”
  • He sighs a little and goes “Well,, one of the guys mentioned it might bother you that I always go and pet dogs on our dates”
  • And you’re like WHAT
  • Quickly you grab his cheeks and assure him that there’s no way in hell you mind, it’s ADORABLE and you LOVE watching how excited he gets
  • Plus dogs only like amazing people which is just more proof to you that he’s the one for you???
  • And when you say all that he gets a squishy lil eye smile and he’s like “Really?”
  • You’re just “YES OF COURSE now go pet that dog honey bunny”
  • He’s so grateful to have someone like u who encourages his dog loving habits god bless

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I don't give a damn what anyone says, Goku x Chichi were fucking since he came back from Planet Yardrat. Every scene that their not on screen together their at home screwing all the time and when you do see Goku or Chichi separately it's only coincidence. They go on cute little dates and dancing out in the forest and take baths together and do hella cute shit. Their perfect, fight me xD I love Goku and Chichi

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They are always doing hella cute shit or screwing behind closed doors, haha. It’s not important to the plot to show all that but there’s plenty of down time to imagine it and I DEFINITELY believed they got it on after he came back from Yardrat. Like. Look at how Goku has already changed out of that complex outfit and Gohan is still in his Saiyan armor getup. You know Chi-Chi wouldn’t have let Gohan stay in that if they all came home at the same time, so Goku had to have told Piccolo to babysit Gohan for a bit while he had some fun times with Chi-Chi. I can’t see it any other way, damn it xD

Their dates probably ain’t conventional at all but they totally go out on Nimbus riiiiight? like c’mon, if you had a cloud like that, you’d go out and see the world like Aladdin showing Jasmine a whole new world on his magic carpet ride RIIIIIGHT LOL 

People that say they ain’t the cutest shit ever are just missing out on how great this couple is, I swear.

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enough christmas (okay, it's never enough, but... i want summer ._.)! what do you think about some normal and nswf summer time / beach time storys?

Sometimes Marco abuses his family’s power. It’s not for bad things per say, just really selfish reasons. Like now.

“This sand is so soft!” Ace cheers from where he is buried in the ground. Sabo laughs while patting the side of the sand mountain that he build around Ace’s body. 

“It’s amazing that we have this whole beach to ourselves! You would think that other people would want to come out and enjoy it too.”  Sabo comments tickling Ace’s nose with a small red flag. The raven hair man giggles from the action before his face burns red.

Ace hates it when he giggles, claims it’s not “manly” even though it’s one of his most common reactions to things and honest to Sea Maiden, the cutest thing in the world. It shouldn’t matter if it’s manly or not.  

Still, he is self-conscious about it, meaning Marco has to work on showing that it’s okay to giggle even when Ace butts head with him for it. 

“That was adorable yoi.” The man says sitting down on Ace’s other side. He makes a giggle too, knowing it sounds a bit odd in his deep voice but Ace is looking at him now with a little smile which he counts as a win. 

If Marco, “the manliest man” according to Ace giggles it should be alright to do the same right? 

“Behold! M.t Ace!” Sabo yells sticking the flag in the sand with a wide smile and gleaming eyes. Marco likes how the sun reflects on them, especially since he is facing the ocean, giving a perfect example of how Sabo holds the same color of the sea in his gaze.  “I now claim this mountain in the name of Sabo!”

“What about the name of Marco yoi?” The older man asks amused as Sabo does a victory dance with his arms. Ace is cheering the great adventurer Sabo on from his sand prison and Marco is glad he abuses his power ever now and then.

After all, when a commander of the Whitebeards slaps a “Beach Reserve” sign at the entrance with Whitebeard’s symbol and his own signature no one dares to defy it. 

“Marco can’t handle all the adventures of M.t Ace! Only Sabo the adventurer can!” 

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please send me a ship and I will tell you

*screeches* TSUCHAKO im such a hoe for this beautiful ship

who’s the cuddler: TSUYU, my beautiful frog daughter runs a lil cold so shes always wrapping herself in scarves and sweaters and of course cuddling with Ochako every chance she gets. She likes to rest her head on Ochako’s shoulder during lunch, she’s always holding Ochako’s hand even just walking through the halls together, and people always find them cuddled together napping on the couches of the common room at the yuuei dorms. 

who makes the bed: Tsuyu, she can’t help it, its the inner mom in her. Besides Ochako is a sleepyheaded groggy mess when she wakes up and Tsuyu basically has to carry her down to the kitchen for breakfast every morning. Tsuyu doesn’t mind though, she thinks sleepy Ochako is possibly the cutest thing in the whole wide world, and of course, she’s right. 

who wakes up first:  Again Tsuyu!! Ochako is not a morning person, and neither is Tsuyu really but if she didn’t wake up Ochako the chances are that she would sleep easily until noon and Tsuyu does not want her getting in trouble for missing class with Aizawa Sensei. 

who has the weird taste in music: Neither of them! They more or less listen to the same type of music. Ochako has a knack for finding really sweet acoustic covers of top 40 songs and Tsuyu mostly just listens to whats on the radio or whatever Jirou shows her during study hall.  

who is more protective: Ochako, she is ready at all times to throw hands for her frog princess’s honor. Okay, that might be a little dramatic but Ochako IS a touch dramatic when it comes to protecting Tsuyu. Tsuyu is possibly one of the nicest people Ochako has met in her whole life and she knows what it’s like to feel like you had to grow up too early and deal with things other kids their age don’t have to deal with, so she wants to protect Tsuyu from everything bad in the world to preserve her kind heart a little longer. She really admires Tsuyu for watching after her siblings all the time while her parents work and she knows how guilty Tsuyu feels about leaving them behind for their aunt to watch and moving into the dorms. She frequently accompanies Tsuyu on visits to her aunt’s house to visit her younger siblings. 

who sings in the shower: Ochako, that sweet angel, bless her heart. She does not have a great singing voice by any means but that doesn’t stop her from belting out her fav tunes in the shower stalls of the yuuei dorms. She is always the last of the girls to shower because she wakes up the latest, sometimes Tsuyu waits up for her but shes usually by herself (which she secretly loves so she can practice her whistle notes in privacy). 

However when all the girls are getting ready around the same time on school mornings she is always sure to start a mini karaoke party in the stalls and before you know it they’re all singing some godawful rendition of “we’re all in this together” at 7am and the boys can hear it from across the hall, which of course sparks their own high school musical renditions of “get’cha head in the game” with Kaminari and Kirishima leading the front while Bakugo rolls his eyes and threatens to blow them all up. 

who cries during movies: Tsuyu!! She really really loves animals and any movie that concerns them is guaranteed to make her cry instantly if anything bad happens to them. Same for children, tsuyu cannot handle crying or sad kids without falling into a fit of tears herself. Only proves to Ochako that Tsuyu is indeed the kindest person on the planet. It makes her sad to think that people think of Tsuyu as rude just because she says whats on her mind, how could anyone not love such a kind warm hearted person like Tsuyu? Don’t they know she only says those things because they are true and someone needs to say them? Don’t they know that she would never intentionally be mean or rude to anyone? Don’t they know that Tsuyu knows what it’s like to be bullied and despises bullies more than anything in the world?? Ugh, Ochako really loves this girl. 

who spends the most while out shopping: Again, neither! Tsuyu frequently had to go out grocery shop for her family and take her little brother and sister clothes shopping before the start of a new school year so she knows how to budget. Ochako has spent most of her life feeling guilty asking for even the littlest of things from her parents so she tends to not ask for much at all. 

If one is running low on cash one month, then they’ll pay for dinner that time, and vice versa. They both understand the importance of money but hardly think it should be something they let stress their relationship or become nit-picky and greedy with each other over. Ochako knows that if she needed to borrow money she could confide in Tsuyu and Tsuyu knows that Ochako would do the same for her no questions asked. They both prefer to spend money on experiences rather than things anyway and they only really splurge on dates with one another. Dates to the amusement park, cat cafe visits, train tickets to a new city they wanna explore for the weekend. That’s the typa stuff they save their money for. 

who kisses more roughly: Ochako! And poor Tsuyu is a blushing mess every single time Ochako plants one on her. Tsuyu is a little shy and super insecure about her tongue, as odd as that sounds, it’s just the world they live in. She’s always thinking “who would want to kiss a frog”. But then there’s Ochako, one of the sweetest girls in 1-a and definitely one of the nicest in the school, and certainly, the prettiest girl tsuyu has ever seen, and she wants to kiss Tsuyu all the damn time. Ochako is always kissing Tsuyu on the cheek, in front of friends, family, and even Aizawa sensei. Ochako is always leaving Tsuyu blushing and Tsuyu loves her for it, although she really wishes she wouldn’t in front of Aizawa sensei because he always just rolls his eyes and looks like he would really love a 10,000 year-long nap after watching Ochako get all gushy and lovey-dovey about her girlfriend. 

who is more dominate: Ochako, she is not afraid whatsoever to say what she wants and takes absolutely no bullshit from anyone ever. Not that she really has to with Tsuyu because Tsuyu is easily one of the most honest and open people Ochako has ever encountered. Tsuyu, however, can be a little shy and insecure when it comes to dating. She doesn’t understand why Ochako even likes her, let alone loves her, so she isn’t as forward when it comes to flirting or complimenting Ochako. Of course she wants to tell Ochako that she is the prettiest girl she’s ever laid eyes on, every second of every day, but that seems a little excessive to Tsuyu and besides, what if Ochako thinks she’s weird for it? 

Ochako is the exact opposite, however. She is constantly raining down compliments on Tsuyu and flirting with her in front of all their friends. They kiss on sidewalks and in the rain because Ochako thinks its romantic. They share sweaters and scarves because Ochako wants people to know they’re dating. They hold hands at every waking moment, partially because Tsuyu hands are always cold for some reason so she doesn’t mind that Ochako palms always seem to be sweaty, but MOSTLY because Ochako wants to show Tsuyu off to the world and say “See this??? This is my girlfriend and we are in love and I do not deserve her but I am so thankful for her.”

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10 wow my heart cannot handle how fuckin cute they are. My daughters are beautiful pure girls in love and I would die for this ship to be canon. I mean who honestly read “ochako hon” and “tsuyu hon” and didn’t automatically die??? No one with a heart that’s who. 

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Any hcs on Urbosa and sand seals? Btw I just found this blog and am over the moon for it

aw shucks, we’re glad to hear that!! ♡♡

- praises them for their functionality! she hates how difficult it can be to run or walk on sand, so she uses the seals to her advantage

- LOVES to watch sand seal races! she’ll join in every so often, but for fun and not competition because she always wins

- domesticates them, but doesn’t want to keep one as a pet. this is to benefit her people

- on that note, she invents sand seal combat and trains her warriors (particularly spear-wielding) how to fight while riding a seal

- secretly thinks they’re the cutest things in the whole world, but she’s got a reputation to uphold so she keeps it to herself

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Intruder (Damian Wayne x Reader)

You were staying with the Wayne Family for and Damian finds out about Santa.

Pairings: Damian Wayne x Reader
Warning: Like two swear words..

a/n: I don’t know why but I was thinking about Santa and a possible reaction of Damian popped up.

Twas another Christmas Eve in the Wayne Manor, but this year (y/n) had joined them. Everything was normal so far; Jason was reading books on the rooftop, Dick was failing at cooking, Tim was procrastinating for he hadn’t wrapped any of his gifts yet and Damian and (y/n) were chatting by the fireplace.

“So Damian, Have you ever written letters to Santa?” You asked curiously. He gave a confused look and replied “Who is Santa?” He raised a brow. Your jaw dropped looking at him in surprise. “You don’t know who Santa is?!”.

“I spent my years climbing mountains not celebrating this absurd tradition.”

“Yeah, but how about Dick or Alfred or Bruce! They’ve never told you?”

He shook his head frantically. “Well, Santa is a sorta chubby man who wears a white fur trimmed red jacket and matching hat. He gives gifts to children around the world.”

“He sounds okay.. I mean they are way more better people like him or shall I say animals” Damian calls Titus as the beloved dog comes running to him. Damian pats his head.

“You guys are seriously the cutest but Santa even has songs sung for him.He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve bad or good so be good for goodness’ sake.” You sing.

His eyes widen. “Um. Can you go more into detail.”

“Well, Santa takes note of good kids and bad throughout the whole year then during Christmas he travels to every house on his sleigh with his Reindeer and goes down the chimney of each house to deliver presents. He’s a fairytale though.” You explain.

“He sounds like an assassin.” He speaks. “He’s not. How are they even similar?” You ask laughing. “Well, He has a list. He watches you.. Are you sure this ‘present’ isn’t death?” He explains. “Damian, He isn’t real, okay? and even he was, he’s a good person.” You reassure him. “Ugh. Fine I will not look for him, but if a man wearing red jack and hat comes in I shall protect you.” He crosses his arms.

“I don’t need you to protect me, I can protect myself.”

“You haven’t even started training with Bruce!”

“You don’t know anything.” You smirked.

“YOU HAVE?!” He had a qenuinely shocked expression.

“Yep. I mean do you think I’ve just been spending my days here playing solitaire or something.”

He smiled.

“That’s why, I-”

Suddenly Jason comes in wearing a red jacket and hat. “JASON IS SANTA. THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING” Damian shouts. He tackles Jason and punches him in the face. “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO WATCH CHILDREN WHEN THEY SLEEP YOU FUCKING CREEP.” He yells at him. “DAMI NO.” You started running over to them and pulling Damian off Jay.

“Here Jay. Sorry, Damian punched you..” You gave him an ice pack. “Eh. It happens all the time” He mumbles. You looked at Dami. “He doesn’t follow my bidding!” Damian protested. “Hey, What’s that on your shirt.” You asked walking to him. He looked down and you flicked his nose. “What the hell was that for?” He asked. “That’s not how you’re supposed to treat your brother.” You rolled your eyes.

Jason started laughing hard. Damian’s face flushed as red as Santa’s hat. You crossed your arms. “Fine I shall try to treat Todd better..” He grumbled still as red as ever. “Good.” You pinched his cheek. “I’ll be by the fireplace I’ll see you there.” You shot Dami a smile and strolled to the living room.

Jason still laughing hard managed to squeak out “You got (y/n)ed.” He held his stomach from the pain his laughter was bringing him.

“Shut up Todd.”

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Can we just talk about how Jonah is so perfect like literally he's the perfect BF I swear he's so kind and he's about that personality and his heart is so pure and war paint is the best song and ahh I'm so sad that I'm too young to legally date him ๐Ÿ˜ฉ (I'm 15 so that's 4 years and he's 19 so legal issues haha rip) BUT I SWEAR HE'D BE THE CUTEST BF AND I lowkey want him to get a gf it'd be the cutest thing ahhh sorry

YES YES YES!! Jonah seems like one of the most amazing people in the whole entire world. He is such a sweetheart and he cares for every single person that he meets. He would be such a good boyfriend because he would always ask you how your day was, he would always make sure you were comfortable in situations and he would always be ready to cuddle you and comfort you when you need it. HE IS SO PURE!! Like everything that he does he does with a kind heart and pure intentions like oh my goodness I cannot get enough of this boy!!!

remember when taylor and ed performed everything has changed together nearly every night on the red tour and ed wore ridiculous hats and taylor couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole song and WHEN ED DRESSED UP AS A CLOWN DURING WANEGBT TO SURPRISE HER and then taylor invited him out as the special guest not ONCE BUT TWICE in england and germany AND WHEN TAYLOR SAID “MY GOD HE’S GOT THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL”??? i love them i can’t believe they invented friendship

EXO Reaction when they propose at Disneyland

Time to post something, love you all! This will be long, hope you all like it. Iโ€™m sorry if they kinda look the same. It was hard bringing 12 different ideas for proposals xD
Admin A~

/I donโ€™t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

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