the cutest of pies


Can these two literally make more movies together please? Skip to about 7:00mins which is when Luke and Josh come in

They’re so cute omg 😂🖤

doctorginsberg  asked:

I haven't seen Wonder Woman yet but Steve looks like he's the cutest of cutie pies

He is! Movie!Steve is very sweet and I’m excited for you to watch it soon! Chris Pine + that script + the concept of Steve Trevor itself = WINNER.

Here’s how I know that he’s resonating with more than just the usual suspects: I went to see the movie with my sister - who is the greatest sister but until recently legitimately thought Wonder Woman was dating Steve Harvey (GOAT). When we got out of the theater we talked for a bit and then she said, “You know, I finally get the point of Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman didn’t just fall in love with him because he’s the first guy she ever met, she fell in love with him because he’s such a good guy and he shows how good we as humans can be.”

Needless to say, I was very proud of her and managed to wait a good twelve seconds before I started proselytizing about Wonder Woman #300 and she started ignoring my barrage of geek again.


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seriously i was just gonna post a link to my ravi tag and wanted be like ‘HERE YA GO BITCHESSSS!’ but i decided to do this……coz bb ravi is just too precious and there are precisely 6 bb photos of him so works well for me 

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