the cutest little peanut




18 Weeks Checkup 👶🏾 💕

Today’s appointment went pretty smooth and all is right on track. Had to give blood, got the results of genetic testing and went over the final birthing plan wit my doctor. @clydetherabbitgreen and myself also got a peek at our Peanut! Well what he/she allowed us to see, it was hard to get a good new because Peanut wouldn’t stay one place. Here are a couple views we decided to share. 

We also found out the GENDER!! We’ll be sharing soon 💗💙

anonymous asked:

What kind of powers do you think iKON would have ?? ✨

Hanbin: The power to make you go crazy and rethink your life because he’s making your panties wet but then wonder why you stan him cause he’s a dork and meme in the next second and then you’ll realize how much you love him cause he’s so hardworking and what are you doing to your life–

Bobby: The power to be hot and cute at the same time and have so much swag but be such a kid with his winnie pooh plushie bECAUSE HE IS ADORABLE BUT SEEMS SO BADASS SOMETIMES AND WHAT EVEN.

Jinhwan: The power to make you cry because Kim Jinhwan is the cutest and most handsome little peanut the world has seen and needs to be protected because he’s emotionally fragile and looks freaking damn hot as a girl.

Yunhyeong: The power to make you buy at least 2 Nivea Lipbalms just because you realized how important it is to have moisturized lips all the time, plus make you crave food at 2 am in the morning because you need Song Chef to get ya some of that food (and make you face-palm because lamest grandpa on earth)

Junhoe: The power to give you all these freaking feels because Goo Junhoe is hot and he knows and it’s not okay because how can you not cry when you see his sassy face??????

Donghyuk: The power to make you realize angels do exist on this earth and that’s why you can’t help having that big-ass smile on your face when you see this actual angel. 

Chanwoo: The power to make you have these mixed feelings because how did Jung Chanwoo turn from the kindest world’s maknae cutie to the badass handsome tall sexY GUY WITHING JUST A YEAR???????

- Moyo