the cutest lil thing on this earth tbh

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You mind giving some of your favorite sh blogs with maybe some of the reasons why you follow them?

k so i hope you’re ready cause this is going to be a mess of me just rambling about all my baby mamas/fathers! you can’t ask me something like this without me being extra™️

@philpshaes my first ever ever sh mutual, my hunnybun, the little sister i never had ok so salma is honestly the cutest thing that has ever roamed the earth i am forever amazed at how smart??? and kind???? and did i mention smart???? someone her age shouldn’t be so level headed ok like there was a point she told me she doesn’t have time for boys her time needs to be spent on fucking shit up and tbh i have never been so proud ok and here i go again crying cause i love this lil bean so much and i just want nothing but the best for her ok bye.

@magnuswinchester let me tell you about this thirsty hoe alright she came into my life when todd ruined us with that malec pic you know the one that had alec shirtless and magnus over him with dem arms, yeah that one. so she came into my life on a full on vent on how she is forever ruined and the rest is history. bless this girl for that ask because if it not i don’t even think they’ll be a thirsty4harrysquad. she inspired all this i went through this journey of harry thirst with her and im honestly so grateful. i really cant put into words how much i adore and treasure her! kocham cię marta.

@hcrryshumjr is the person i want to thank the most. she already knows this but her love for harry inspired me from the very beginning. ellie needs to know how much she matters to thing blog cause honestly all that love you have totally reflected into all of us and for that i am forever indebted to you my love. she’s also so talented???? and kind????? and funny???? and just an incredible human bean????? yeah so ellie is pretty much wifey material.  

@swans-hooks-and-books speaking about wives. this be my wife right here. heather is a true genius. seriously no one does it like the way heather does i am forever in awe from her skills and how humble she is???? how can someone be so kind and wonderful is beyond me. one day we’re going to meet up, watch a shit load of musicals and get married and i honestly can’t wait 

@laurenkmyers has broken my heart but like in a cute way?? ok so lauren did bring spartacus and all the pain into my life but also all the greatness of it too??? i love nagron so much??? and im happy to have more gay sons??? anyways so yeah i am in gratitude for having this lovely person be one of my amazing mutuals.

@alecmagnu im always yelling at cause she be ruining my life ok but here’s the thing allie, don’t ever stop what you do my dear. every time you post something im just in love and you have one of the most original and brilliant blogs on the block that blesses tf out of this fandom

@melbopo and i believe we bonded over sweaters? cause holy fuck that’s just the best thing. mel be the most supportive and adorable shawty there is and don’t ever stop sending me random things alright i can’t live without them! her edits are also so??? how you write so well???? and don’t get me started on her cooking alright!! that shit is goals and someone needs to put a ring on it!

@darkprincemagnusbane stole marta from me but it’s cool im not bitter or anything haha no but im lucky we finally got to chit chat about you know science 👀

@jezthemadficster is an amazing writer who is also one of the kindest and incredible beans on earth????? like wtf we live so close to each other and we haven’t met up to talk some serious harry thirst alright but no homo tho i don’t want your boo to slap me with their mothers olla lol

@capstevierogers and i just started talking and idk why it took us this long????? cause i think we’re soulmates?????

@lecrit probably one of the most talented writers i’ve come across and i honestly admire and cherish them so much. bright lights, small town is currently ruining my life but in the best way possible

@fraywoodbane makes really really REALLY good headcanons and she’s also my other emma and i fight anyone to protect her

@mattlightwood and i are probably going to runaway together tate is just amazing and deserves all the love for being so presh.

@nanachiwoo is the cutest to ever cute okay i love her to pieces she my main boo

other really great blogs,

@abloodneed(mybabyboy), @mbanewood, @alecgaywoods, @softsnowyjace, @j2asndh, @highwarlok, @warlocksrune, @puppysimon, @alecsplushpillow, @mrspotterblack05, @ffsmagnusbane, @parabatr3, @spoopyjimon, @harry-shum, @vlctoraldertree, @banesarcher, @highwarlockkareena, @matgeo, @iguuus, @raphaelsdumort, @idiotgonewrong, @pumpkindaddario. @katisith, @izzybabewoods. @alecblushed, @wanderprojects, @alectightwood, @magswoods, @the-burning-tiger

im probably missing a lot of people and for that im sorry blame on the pregnancy