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Ok but like am I the only one who thinks the way Harry drinks from a straw the cutest thing ever I don't know why I find it so adorable!!











Arrow Interview | TVLine Studio Presented by ZTE | Comic-Con 2016  

Six of Crows Laser Tag AU
  • The only reason this outing happens is because Nina comes across a groupon in one of her magazines and drags everyone there
  • The car ride consists of Jesper, Matthias, and Kaz betting with each other who will get more points (the girls+Wylan roll their eyes)
  • Once at the arena Kaz teases Inej about how she’s too small for the vest so she “accidentally” whacks him in the head with the gun.
  • Somehow Nina makes the vest look like something off of a fashion runway and everyone in the general vicinity is jealous
  • Matthias is almost too big for the vest “I think the straps are going to break” “Don’t move too much” “How?!”
  • Jesper helps Wylan buckle/strap into his vest and it’s the cutest sight ever even Kaz grins
  • Before the game starts they size up their opponent (another innocent looking batch of teenagers) and Kaz being Kaz formulates a clever plan so they can win “It’s just a game.” “No, no, it’s never just a game.”
  • Obviously Jesper is every laser tagger’s nightmare, like he’s shooting with pinpoint accuracy even when he’s standing at awkward angles or can’t even see properly
  • Inej lives up to her title and manages to sneak around and shoot people in the back even though she’s wearing a vest lit up with neon lights
  • Matthias and Nina are the ultimate dynamic duo, they work together to corner the other members of the team before one of them takes the shot that will keep the opponent’s gun from working for five seconds
  • Wylan, to everyone’s surprise, is the best at finding the bases of the other teams and taking them out before anyone can even notice he’s made it in
  • Kaz is so lowkey about this whole affair he’s just half-swaggering half-stalking about, flinging his arm out to shoot every now and then, but he never misses
  • But when someone manages to get Inej (which is quite rare) he suddenly turns into a laser tagging machine and she’s just watching him overreact, laughing in a corner “DON’T SHOOT MY GIRLFRIEND” “Dork.”
  • Every now and then Matthias runs into a wall/column because Nina gives him a kiss as a reward for scoring points for the team
  • Jesper enjoys going up to elevated platforms/catwalks so he can snipe at people from above, Wylan usually covers him and gives him encouragement
  • By now the other team is wondering why these people take the game so seriously but they’re also thinking that they should just forfeit
  • The Crows are basically breaking about all of the laser tag rules but none of the staff really want to intervene so Inej continues scaling all of the obstacles and Matthias keeps on sprinting down the corridors
  • When it’s over they’re looking at the screen and they’ve won (Kaz smirks smugly) but it’s a fun little surprise when Wylan is the one who scored the most points
  • They decide that they must make laser tagging a constant presence in their lives.
SVT: You Fell Asleep on Them

Genre: Fluff


“Seventeen’s reaction/imagine to you falling asleep on them + DK + JUN”

Seungcheol: It was getting late at night when you two kept rambling about random stuff in bed. Seungcheol saw that your eyes started to droop from sleep, so he asked you if you were ready to go to bed, but you insisted no. So he decided to start talking about things that wouldn’t pick up your interest so you can finally go to sleep. Once he was certain he smiled, seeing his princess finally asleep in his arms. He thought you were the cutest thing ever and just smiled to himself.

Wonwoo:  He finally had a day off. So of course, he decided to spend it with you on the couch watching tv shows and eating everything. You were sore from the night before (^_~) and you were also tired. He smiled to himself seeing you fall asleep in his arm, and half smirked knowing one of the main factors was he kept you up all night. (*_*). So he lowered the volume and started humming a soft tune to you and just admired your face for the rest of the time.

Mingyu: The boy was finally able to come home early from practice and he wanted to cuddle and make different foods and do everything, and you did as well. Even though you had a long day and your eyes were heavy, you still wanted to be awake and spend as much time with him as possible. When he saw you were falling asleep on him, he debated whether or not he should wake you up or let you sleep. He didn’t want to be rude so he decided to carry you to the couch and just talk and chill, letting you drift away into dreamland.

Vernon: He had finally came home from practice and he was tired. But he still wanted to talk to you since he wasn’t able to all day. After getting ready for bed and blabbing on you both started to talk less and less, having sleep deprive the both of you. When you fell alsleep first, he smiled to himself. He decided it was time to just sleep with you close in his arms.

DK: Seokmin came home to see you sleeping already, so he decided to go and change into some sweats. When he climbed into bed you had woken up smiling, seeing that he was home. He smiled back and took you into his arms. You two started talking about how boring both your days were, and because you were already half awake. This made you more sleepy, but you wanted to hear him talk more so you tried staying awake. When he saw you asleep, he tucked you into the blanket and wrapped his arms around you, smiling to himself.  

Jun: You decided to stay with Jun until his practice was over. It was around dinner time when you came, so you thought why not. But it started becoming really late and you were getting tired. so you decided to sit on the floor next to the wall. Jun notice and chuckled to himself, so he asked Hoshi for the group to take a break and went to you. When you saw him coming you tried to act awake, but Jun saw right through it. He asked if you wanted to go home, but you said no, so he gave you his big hoodie, and sat down next to you. He rested your head onto his lap and ran his fingers through you hair. When your eyelids finally gave up, he lifted your head slowly, and put it onto your bag, chuckling to himself how you could sleep anywhere and everywhere.

Seventeen as people in my dance class
  • S Coups:The one who tries to lead us all, fails miserably and mutters under his breath about how we never listen to anything.
  • Jeonghan:Hair flips on a 5 minute-basis, so beautiful it physically hurts to be in same room. A graceful ballet dancer with a secret meme side.
  • Joshua:Friendly, not overly talkative and has a musicality no one can compare, the cutest bean ever who is the peacekeeper when things go horribly wrong. Is good at EVERY STYLE OF DANCE.
  • Junhui:The one girl who never brings the right shoes to the right class. *Puts ballet shoes on* ‘THIS IS A BALLET CLASS YOU IMBECILE’ (aka Woozi @ Jun), has about six guys going on the trot and always wears red lipstick bc she is ‘fierce’
  • Hoshi:Usually the one making up the choreo, one of the wittiest people in my dance group, in uni studying dance, is SAAAH CUTE. Usually found with Seokmin and Seungkwan, they make the whole group laugh.
  • Wonwoo:She looks kinda cold and then once she fell over a water bottle onto her face whilst performing a leap and sometimes goes slightly crazy. Tells bad puns.
  • Woozi:A small, angry ball of FIRE. A look can kill. Underneath is a huge softie with great musicality and a great taste in music. Incredibly good at modern and can kill a hip hop routine.
  • Seokmin:The smiley one who takes all the rude things people throw at them as ‘constructive criticism’. Is literally the happiest bean around and if there ever isn’t a smile on her face something is TERRIBLY wrong.
  • Mingyu:*cough* me *cough* Also happy and smiley, constantly confused and falls over nonstop due to their long ass legs that cannot be controlled. Usually, when doing kicks and leaps, kicks someone somewhere, usually in the back on the head, but has very good rhythm. A living meme.
  • Minghao:Ok so I know I should probably make Chan the youngest but the youngest fits Minghao so well. A shy ADORABLE smol bean who gets on with the dance and learns it quickly, may be the youngest but is one of the best dancers. Secretly blunt and brutal af.
  • Seungkwan:The freaking sass master of this dance class. Is usually placed at the front as she performs with the sassiest style I have ever seen. Extra af, struts when she walks and makes everyone laugh like no one else can.
  • Vernon:“Hey do you wanna see this meme?” Raps constantly about everything we are doing. An excellent hip hop dancer. ‘nuff said.
  • Dino:Is not the baby but is treated like the baby, is such a fantastic dancer and literally can nail even the hardest of moves in about 5 minutes. Chooses the music we warm up too. THE CUTEST.
Pokemon Go Leaders Headcanons
With @kagubae
  • Blanche looks like they can kick your ass. They can. But they can also be the cutest sap ever 
  • Candela and Spark are the two who get into trouble. Blanche is the one who has to come and bail them out.
  • Everyone thinks Spark is a fuck boy but he’s asexual
  • Candela is a mix between butch and lipstick lesbian, depending how she feels that day
  • Spark is sunshine and give his Pokemon just odd names like limberbutt and pants
  • Secretly, Blanche enjoys getting mistaken as the wrong gender.
  • Candela is the best cook of the leaders. Cooking just isn’t Blanches forte and gets frustrated when it doesn’t turn out the way they wanted. Spark just throws together whatever’s in the pantry and has ideas like “Ohh! What If we put mustard on the pizza??:D”
  • All three were friends when they were younger but got separated around their late teenage years when they joined their teams. Although they feel like their against each other, they make time to hang out together like the good old days, especially for birthdays and holidays
  • Spark and Blanche have a tradition of giving Candela a gag gift and she still has them all to this day
  • Blanche collects those fancy little glass animals(but Pokemon) and Candela or Spark will gift them to Blanche randomly
  • Candela helps out at the local soup kitchen, Blanche sponsors a LGBTQ+ community centre and Sparks volunteers at pet shelters
  • Blanche will talk down sass anyone who makes fun of or insults Spark. Candela just fuckn fights em. Don’t mess with Spark.
  • Blanche is either a total tsundere or always a cool calm cucumber even when openly flirting w/ Candela
  • Candela can’t handle those sweet and embarrassing words coming from such a calm and cool Blanche
  • Candela and Spark were the first people Blanche came out to as nonbinary. They were fully supportive and went out for drinks to celebrate.
  • Spark and Blanche knew that Candela liked girls. They both waited until she was ready to come out.
this day, man.
  • me:yes, just a quiet day to relax and-
  • Marvel:These are the Black Panther cast!!! They look like art!!! BRIE LARSON OWNS YOUR ASS NOW!!!
  • DC:Suicide Squad!!! Wonder Woman!!! JUSTICE LEAGUE!!! BARRY ALLEN JUST WANTS FRIENDS!!!
  • CW:Tom Felton in The Flash panels making Grant Gustin blush!!! Supergirl cast being welcomed into CW!!! Hoechlin being teased by the whole cast!!! THE NEW KIDS BEING ADOPTED INTO GREEN ARROWFAM!!!
  • me:oh my god l e t m e l i v e
  • friend:hey did you know chitoge and raku just said 'i love you' to each other
  • me:THEY WHAT THEY- WHAT?! holy shit this is the best thing I've ever heard today!!! I LIVE!!!