the cutest dogs in the world

  • dog people: Oh hey cool dog! My family had a golden retriever when I was a kid, is it ok if I say hi?
  • Dog People™: This is my dog Bark Twain. He's 30% pit bull, 45% albino Mongolian wolverine herder, and 25% Mexican silver back coyote. I guess that makes me a #pibblemommie! I saved him from a high kill shelter; they were literally about to put him to sleep him when I found him. Like, literally they were putting the needle in his leg when I burst through the door and swooped him up in my arms. He's simultaneously the most difficult dog to handle and won't listen to anybody else except me because I'm the Alpha, *and* he's the most sweetest cutest harmless baby angel in the world!!!!!!!! It's all in how you raise them! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I could totally see Bertha (elite 4 ground type member from gen 4) having a Zygarde pup. I just thought the idea of a cute old lady with a legendary neon green dog was cute.


“I also think it’d be nice to turn into a huge watch dog and be there for you. You can sleep on me like I’m a pillow! I’ll protect you so that no one can even lay their fingers on you. Or I can be a small puppy, crouch on your knees and be all cute…hehe” - Yoosung the world’s cutest boyfriend (well, at least to me)


Having a bad day? Here’s a dimpled, handsome, & giggly cutie playing with a dog ♡

Imagine the otp walking around, doing a bit of shopping, when suddenly Person B stops dead in their tracks. Right in front of them is the world’s cutest and most fluffy looking puppy they have ever seen. Que person B trying their hardest to get person A to let them get it. Like “Please babe. It looks so cute. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase.” And Person A is like “sweetheart. We live in an apartment with no backyard. We can’t get a dog.” But person B just looks at them with these ridiculously huge and watery eyes and Person A just crumbles and huffs out a “fine. But we have to name it something intimidating.”

They end up naming it Doug.