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so if you like el so much you must follow alot of elounor shipping blogs. how can you handle seeing so much elounor all the time!? (and btw i think that lou and el have somewhat of a friendship. do you agree?)

elounor doesnt bother me at all hahaha. and yes i do think they are friends! like i mean even compare them to haylor. they have sooooo much more chemistry, and like i dont want to seem psychic or anything but they have more friendly vibes towards each other. with haylor though there is none (but this isnt about haylor so whatever)
Celebrities With Best Friend Tattoos
Forget friendship bracelets! These stars found a more permanent way to cement – or rather, ink – their BFF status


In perhaps one of the cutest bromance stories ever, the singers decided to get inked together after discovering they both loved the same British cartoon character, a penguin named Pingu, as kids. Their eternal bond doesn’t end there though. Sheeran actually gave Styles a tattoo (a mini padlock on his wrist) in 2013.

Celebrities Celebrate Marriage Equality After Supreme Court Decision

Celebrities Celebrate Marriage Equality After Supreme Court Decision

I’ll forgive Ian McKellan for side stepping Patrick Stewart–the other half of the cutest old guy bromance to ever bro or ‘mance–to throw some confetti with Derek Jacobi in celebration of the SCOTUS ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in ‘MURICA. I don’t have any confetti to throw myself, but tumbleweeds of dog hair make for a half-decent replacement.…

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