the cutest baby you will ever see

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Hi~ I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely looove your comics and that everytime I see a new one in the tag they always make my day, so thank you!~ And will you ever draw more of the adventures of tiny baby Shinichi and baby Kaito? They are the cutest in you style btw!

thank you so much! sorry for the delay in answering this, i wanted to have the time to make a little comic to go with it :’)

shinichi’s first arrest! also the first and only time kaito has ever been caught by the fuzz. the next step is to start learning disappearing tricks to get away when shinichi catches him doing something bad, and after that he’ll learn to disguise himself as shinichi to frame him

this is after the boys have finally been colour-coded (and labelled), too. toichi and yusaku are getting better at telling the difference


Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Warning(s)?: just a whole lotta fluff and tOm WiTh BaBiEs

Word Count: like 800???

Summary: your sister somehow trusts you and your boyfriend tom with her baby for a whole week,, here’s to hoping it goes well.

A/N: another cute lil bullet form imagine bc ik u guys loved the driving with tom one ;))


  • okay so your older sister was going on an impromptu vacation with her husband and she asked if you could stay at her house for a week and take care of their 11 month old baby girl
  • her name was bryn
  • obviously you said yes
  • but instead of just breaking the news to tom the normal way you decided to have a little fun with it
  • so you told him you had something important to tell him and he followed you into you guys’s living room
  • he sat down on the couch while you stood, biting his nails in nervousness as he looked up at you and waited for you to talk
  • “don’t be mad at me but.. i think i might be pregnant”
  • his eyes went bigger than you’ve ever seen them before
  • “wait baby seriously?” he stands up and starts to walk over to you
  • “i mean i wasn’t expecting this at all but now that i think about it i obviously want you to be the mother of my children and darling it’s gonna have your eyes and-“
  • “hahahaha tom I’M KIDDING i’m not pregnant. but we are for real having a baby”

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100 Sentence Prompts

(thank you too @inqusitor-sane for a few of these)

1. ‘Stop being such a stick in the mud!’
2. ‘Come dance with me.’
3. ‘They are just like you.’
4. ‘Just hold on, you’ll be alright.’
5. ‘I won’t leave you, never.’
6. ‘I’m sorry.’
7. ‘This is so not the time or place for this.’
8. ‘Jackpot!’
9. ‘You’re blushing.’
10. ‘You got something on your face. Let me clean it off.’
11. ‘What did you say?’
12. ‘Before sunrise, they are your child/children’
13. ‘How did we get in this mess?’
14. ‘Are you okay?’
15. ‘Who are you?’
16. ‘What was that?’
17. ‘Will you marry me?’
18. ‘That’s not what I meant!’
19. ‘Liar!’
20. ‘I wish I could stay in this moment forever.’
21. ‘This isn’t like you.’
22. ‘What’s in it for me?’
23. ‘I hate you.’
24. ‘Tickle fight!’
25. ‘You’re my one and only.’
26. ‘It’s been a while.’
27. ‘Let me walk you home.’
28. ‘It’s just you and me tonight. We can do whatever we want.’
29. ‘When was the last time you slept?!?’
30. ‘Make a wish’
31. ‘I’ll never forgive you.’
32. ‘You know me too well.’
33. ‘Just hold my hand.’
34. ‘Wake up, please.’
35. ‘This wasn’t supposed to happen.’
36. ‘I never wanted to hurt you.’
37. ‘What are you hiding?’
38. ‘It’s a beautiful night.’
39. ‘They are so your child/children.’
40. ‘I’ll miss you.’
41. ‘Remember when [event]’
42. ‘It’s so hot out!’
43. ‘But I thought you liked this?’
44. ‘What have you’ve done?”
45. ‘No one can know.’
46. ‘Everything will be okay.’
47. ‘You’re sick.’
48. ‘I’m never letting go.’
49. ‘There is only one bed.’
50. ‘You look lovely today’
51. ‘There is so much blood.’
52. ‘I can’t!’
53. ‘I’m not afraid.’
54. ‘Tell me something I don’t know about you.’
55. ‘Let’s ditch this place and do something fun!’
56. ‘How did you talk me into this?”
57. ‘Today is a new day.’
58. ‘My clothes look good on you.’
59. ‘Where am I?’
60. ‘We are going to have the cutest babies ever!’
61. ‘I think we’re lost.’
62. ‘How did you know?”
63. ‘It’s not what it looks like.’
64. ‘Keep your eyes open.’
65. ‘Do as I do.’
66. ‘You’re cold.’
67. ‘You think it will lighten up soon?’
68. ‘I can’t see anything.’
69. ‘What did I do to get you again?’
70. ‘Look what I found!’
71. ‘Just breath.’
72. ‘Let’s go to bed.’
73. ‘You believe me, right?’
74. ‘Let’s go exploring!’
75. ‘That’s so sweet of you.’
76. ‘I think we’re stuck.’
77. ‘I need to leave.’
78. ‘You look beautiful, no matter what.’
79. ‘Stop!’
80. ‘You’re hurt, let me help.’
81. ‘I dare you!’
82. ‘What happened here?”
83. ‘Just this once.’
84. ‘We should go home.’
85. ‘Let’s go for a swim!’
86. ‘For science!’
87. ‘Move over.’
88. ‘We have to help!’
89. ‘This must be the happiest moment of my life.’
90. ‘It’s just a cut.’
91. ‘I feel stupid.’
92. ‘This is one heck of a storm.’
93. ‘Hit the deck!’
94. ‘A kiss for good luck?’
95. ‘I didn’t know you could sing.’
96. ‘You’re so cute when your sleeping.’
97. ‘I will always protect you.’
98. ‘Forever.’
99. ‘Run!’
100. ‘Sit, relax, I won’t bite.’

Idk why do I do this to myself but I couldnt help it Im so sorry

I can totally see Yuri dreading the time Victor and Yuuri decide to have their first child, because knowing the two assholes, they’ll put him first on the list to babysit. Also, Yuri fucking hates children.

He just doesn’t get the fuss about babies everyone is all about, even his own boyfriend seems to love babies. They’d often talk about it, because yeah, they both want to have a family of their own eventually. Its just that Yuri always pictured their family being him, Otabek and a bunch of cats.

“Its stupid, Beka! Babies are stupid and this argument is stupid! Just the thought of a loud, stinky, gross mess of a human bothering me every waking moment makes me want to barf. The smell of milk all around our apartment? Fucking disgusting! And not only that. Are you really going to tell me you’d rather have endless sleepless nights trying to console a crying piece of shit instead of awesome nights of awesome sex? No thank you.”

And Otabek would just look at him and shake his head, smiling fondly. Because he knows Yuri’s childhood wasn’t easy, and maybe he just wants a few more years to be young and careless. Otabek gets it, and he can wait to have this conversation later, perhaps he’ll change his mind.

When Victor and Katsudon announce that they’re adopting a baby, Yuri’s reaction is slightly disappointing. He just rolls his eyes and stomps out of the room yelling back to them “Congrats on the worst decision you’ve ever made, you fuckers!”. Otabek thought that Yuri would’ve given into the concept of babies a little by now, but clearly that wasn’t the case.

Time goes by and Beka slowly gives up on the idea of having children with Yuri. Maybe its true, people don’t change.

But then the Victuuri baby arrives and everybody is thrilled. Otabek drags Yuri to see it because “even if you hate to admit it, they’re your family”. He tries to avoid any kind of contact during most of his time there, deciding to go for a beer downstairs while everyone else is gushing over the baby. Eventually he gets bored and goes to find Beka so they can finally go home.

But he wasn’t expecting to find Otabek with the baby in his arms, the light hitting the room just right, leaving everything looking rather ethereal. Yuri feels a familiar tug in his chest, just like when he realized for the first time that he was balls deep crazy in love with his boyfriend.

“Beka,” he hissed with his hands balled into fists, “what the fuck?”

Otabek turns to him with a questioning look on his face, and its just then that Yuri notices the blush on the other boy’s cheeks, very similar to the one he feels crippling up his own face.

“How dare you look like this? With a baby?!” Yuri says as he takes a step forward. When he’s close enough, he mindlessly runs a finger across the baby’s forehead, then looks up to find Otabek smiling softly, and maybe wants to die.

Also, he suddenly remembers they’re not alone, and sees Victor and Yuuri staring at them, looking as mushy as always. But surprisingly, he finds himself not being bothered by it for the first time ever. Actually, makes him feel kinda warm.

So yeah, maybe babies are not such a bad idea after all.


My way to say thank you for your art, sorry this is so shit.

Hoseok Scenario: Be My Baby.

Request: (HS) Biker!JHope has a crush on Shy!Reader. Reader thinks he’s bad news so pushed him away, but turns out he’s the most cutest/fun person ever scenario??? (: love your work so much! Keep it up and Love y'all!!💕

Genre: Fluff / Romance

Hoseok took a deep breath, thankfully you couldn’t look through his helmet and see his nervousness, well, it wasn’t like you were looking at him per se, in fact, you weren’t looking at him at all, as always, and this was Hoseok’s biggest dilemma because he wanted you to look at him, to pay attention to him, to want to tell him good morning and ask about his day just like he wanted to do with you. He sighed, he didn’t know if he should give up his crush on you or what, but it was difficult since you worked at his uncle’s carwash and he had been going there for the past weeks part to help out his uncle, and part to see you.

He took off his helmet and went down from his bike trying to look like he’d not been thinking about you for ten straight minutes while sitting there and went inside to find you near one of the two offices. He gathered all his confidence and his best smile to stand in front of you.

–Y/N, morning –

You eyed him up for a full minute without saying anything, how did you pull off that boring black and blue uniform so well? –Good morning… excuse me –

You smiled politely and walked past him, Hoseok wanted to hit himself, would it be too desperate to go after you? He turned around before he thought properly about it and followed you. –I’m Hoseok – he added with another smile and you looked at him in that same way that he couldn’t decipher, he didn’t know if you were this silent normally or what.

–I… I know – you said softly and Hoseok wanted to throw a party. Well he was sure he’d said his name to you over five times, and maybe his uncle had talked about him to you too, you continued ordering some oil bottles and not paying much attention to him so Hoseok deflated a little, but he considered the fact of you remembering his name an advance, he was decided to stay positive. Then you looked at him again with a polite smile and he deflated a little more. –Um… I’m a little busy, do you need something from me? –

Hoseok tried to think fast, dammit he had nothing to ask for aside from your number out of the blue and he didn’t want to come off like a total creeper or greasy, so he just stared at you a little lost and denied. You nodded and then you were going away so he was only left to look at you doing so, observing your cute braid, the way you walked so nice, the blue shirt a little big on you but that somehow you managed to pull off and those black pants that were tight to the point of perfection on your equally perfect legs and he had to take a deep breath and look elsewhere. You were going to be the end of him without even knowing about it.

You looked warily outside the office, Hoseok was still there and you sighed. He made you nervous in a weird way, you supposed it was because of his look. You had observed him getting down from his bike, taking the helmet off with smooth moves and he was definitely like the typical bad boy of the movies, the one girls whispered about, with his leather jacket, his helmet under his arm and his scary looking bike outside, he had to be it and if there was something you knew about bad boys, was that they were trouble.

You’d tried to stay neutral about him, you weren’t the most talkative out there anyway or the most outgoing and Hoseok seemed to be the type of crashing from party to party and from girl to girl, his kind smile was just a facade, it had to be, you decided.

You didn’t even know why he always tried to talk with you despite you trying to maintain the contact to the minimum, he was after all your boss’ nephew and you needed the job to save the money. When you took a peek outside again, Hoseok had taken off his leather jacket, he was wearing a gray t-shirt that wasn’t exactly tight, but enough to outline his body really well, Hoseok was fit and lean and your cheeks heated up a little, he was attractive but that didn’t mean he was good for you.

He caught your eyes on him and a smile stretched on his lips, he waved at you and raised his chin a little and you looked away, dropping a few of the documents you’d been holding in the process.

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Clears throat. SCARMON.

  • You figure out within a week or so of the Curse being broken that Adam is exceptional with Chip. It warms your heart seeing him interact with him and take care of him. There’s something about Adam with Chip that makes you wonder if he hasn’t self-dubbed himself as his older brother.
  • Absolutely sneaks snacks and goodies for Chip even after Mrs. Potts said no. It’s probably the cutest thing ever. The two of them walking down the hallway, towards the kitchen and whenever they hear someone coming, they’ll hide behind the curtains. Once in the kitchen though, Prince Adam will give Chip anything his heart desires. Even sweets. Adam’s gotten spoken to a couple of times because of this by Mrs. Potts personally, but he’ll always look down at Chip who’s behind her and give him a small wink. An assurance that even though he’s getting told off, he plans on continuing the devious behavior.
  • Convinces Mrs. Potts to let Chip stay up past his bedtime. All. The Time.
    • It’s usually Chip who plays this out though, giving his mother puppy dog eyes and saying, “Adam’s almost done with the story, one more hour please?”
      And with Chip being her soft spot, she gives Adam a glance and agrees. One more hour.
  • Prince Adam has never personally made a cup of tea for himself, so he spent an evening with Chip who was all too willing to show him how to make the perfect cup. They probably ended up making close to one hundred cups, to which the only solution was a giant tea party with everyone in the castle.
    • Adam’s pretty impressed with himself to be honest. He’s beaming with pride, ruffles Chips hair and explains to you, “I’d have probably burned the water if it wasn’t for him.”
  • Piggy-back rides through the Garden during summertime. Prince Adam acting like he’s going to throw Chip into the pond. It’s just a joke, and though Chip knows that, he plays along and yells, “Please don’t do it!”
  • No doubt, Prince Adam is in the process of teaching Chip to read. Probably simple folklore from the area, but Chip has also shown interest in History and ironically, Romance.
    • Prince Adam lets you take care of the Romance genre though, as it’s still a cliche to him even though the Curse he was previously under was broken by true love. You always joke around and say, “he can’t read romances even though his life is basically one big romance novel.” To which Prince Adam pretends to gag, before giving you the sweetest smile. What you said was true, and he knows it and really, he wouldn’t change it. 
      • If the two of you ever kiss in front of Chip, you’d never hear the end of it. “Why would you do that right here?” “EW” “Can you not? Please?”
  • Mrs. Potts has absolutely noticed the unique bond between her son and Prince Adam. She brings it up one evening before bedtime. Adam smiles at her and says, “I never got these sorts of things when I was a child. You knew my father, you knew love and tenderness were out of the question.”
    She grins reassuringly at him, pressing her hand to his cheek.It reminds him of his mother’s affection. The last time he ever saw her, the love inside of her heart and the love she held for her son.
    Mrs. Potts says, “Well, I can assure you that you’ve made his life much better, dearie. He’s always wanted a big brother.”
  • Prince Adam is the way he is with Chip post-curse, because he never got the chance to be a child. He knows what it’s like to have your childhood taken away in the worst way, and while the Curse was still active, Adam promised himself that if it was ever broken, he’d give Chip the childhood he deserved. With a mother and father, family and friends. No child deserves to be alone.
    • “My friends,” He started softly, “I don’t ever think I had friends my own age or of my own interest. I made friends with the staff of the Castle. Cogsworth, Lumière…” Adam paused and tucked back some of his strawberry blond hair, “I do know that there are a lot of children without that opportunity, some without a family as well… And I want to help them.”

      He’s on the verge of sobbing, a few tear drops having rolled down his cheeks onto his hands. You smile tenderly at him, cupping his cheek lovingly and kiss his right cheek. It was moments like this that made it hard to know that Prince Adam was once so heartless. “It’s alright, love. I’ll be with you in whatever it is you want to do.”
      • Though he still taxes the villagers(Not heavily anymore), whatever money he receives goes out to help children that need it. Whether they need a family, food, education. Prince Adam wants to help.After all, there is more to life than just his wants. 
  • Nearing the fisrt year of the two of you together, you start to get heavy baby fever. You see and take note of how Prince Adam is with Chip and just adds to your want to start your own family.

It’s late at night and the two of you are getting ready for bed. Prince Adam is watching from bed already as you sit at the vanity, brushing back your hair. You glance into the mirror back at him, smiling before saying to him, “When I first met you, I never imagined you’d be amazing with children.”
His eyebrows raise in slight amusement. “Well, I was a Beast when you first met me. I imagine children were out of the question at that time.”

You laughed in agreement, sitting on your side of the bed. Your back to him, you rubbed your hands together, took a deep breath in and whispered gently, “Well, I see you now with Chip. You’re so wonderful with him, it’s so natural and so loving. I just wonder…”

He’s curious as to what you’re thinking. Sitting up slightly, he reaches out, brushes his cool fingertips along your back and tells you, “You can ask and tell me anything, (Name). No need to be hesitant.”

“If you’ve ever thought about having children with me.” You said flat out, your cheeks on fire.

“Of course I’ve thought about it.” Adam chuckled softly, perhaps, a bit nervously at what you were implying. “I’ve seen you with Chip as well. You’ve got a natural inclination to be.. tender and understanding with him…” 

Swallowing, he nodded to his own words, “My mother was like that…” Scooting towards you, he sits down and cups your cheek in his hand. Turning your head so you could look at him, he places the lightest kiss possible against your lips and murmurs against them, “It’s okay to look at me.”

Gazing up, you catch eyes with him. A bit cross eyed because of the close proximity of your faces. Lifting your legs up, he rests them on his lap and leans forward to hive you another warm kiss. “Whenever you want, we can try…” Adam says gently, “I want children with you, (Name).”

Thanks for reading, guys! reblogs and likes are appreciated. Have a great day. -Em.



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Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Request: Hey, I was hoping that you could write an imagine for me💙 I was thinking about an sebastian stan x reader where the reader has just become famous and is always talking about their crush on Seb when she was younger, and then he notices and starts having this one night stand type of relationship with the reader, until he starts to have feelings for her. Can the reader be a really ironic, strong and unreliable person at the beginning, who doesn’t believe in true love, that at end falls in love and changes her mind?

A/N: Hiiii, sory for taking so long! I wrote a few other versions of this but decided to settle with this one. Hopefully I made the right choice. There will be a second part, probably quite a few more parts. When is the second one coming? I have no idea. Hope you enjoy reading this!

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words: 4,308

Warnings: none??

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Gabbyyy did u see in the kids interview Liam said he'd like to have a mini size rhinoceros as a pet.... zayn named one of his dogs rhino. I think they both like rhinos! My dorky children ❤

I did see it! (+)  Aren’t my babies the cutest?

Of course, we all know they already have a baby rhino. Here’s his baby holding their other baby:

Have you ever been more endeared??

No, no you haven’t.

Baby Boy

Summary: You meet Harry and his baby, and he’s pretty sure it’s love at first sight for him and his baby. 

Warnings: Single parenting? Is that a warning? Mentions of mom leaving? It’s fluff.

Requested: No. I love single dad Harry and will down with this AU. Also, I promise I’m working on what’s in my inbox, I’m just in a bit of a stump with it and needed a break. 

Update: Read Part Two Here!

Harry smiles down at the little boy in his arms, he was a terror and handful, but moments like these made Harry never want to live a life without him. Looking down at the little boy, Harry was glad he inherited almost none of his mother’s traits, the only obvious difference was Leo’s brown eyes. 

The bell above the door chimes and Harry winces, “Don’t wake up. Don’t wake up.” He whispers to the sleeping boy, letting out a sigh of relief when Leo doesn’t stir his arms. 

“Your son is so cute!” Harry looks up at the sound of a new voice, wincing when he feels Leo lift his head to assess the stranger. You smile down at the little boy and Harry feels a little helpless. You’re gorgeous, he thinks, as you lean down to offer a hand to the little boy before looking up at him hesitantly. “Sorry, I should ask, can I play with your baby?” 

Harry laughs, “You can, but I must warn you, he’s teething and likes to put everything in his mouth.” You nod as you take a seat in the chair next to Harry, offering your hand for Leo to play with. 

At first the baby only stares, but he eventually grabs your index finger and tries to chew on it, whining when you pull away, “And what’s your name?” You ask in a significantly higher voice than before. Harry doesn’t answer, only watches you and his baby with a look of awe. You look up at Harry and smile questioningly at him, “Oh! His name is Leo, because he was born in July.” Harry frowns at his admission, people always made fun of him when he told them why Leo was named that. 

You laugh softly, going to tickle the little boy. “That is just the cutest thing ever. I’m Y/N.” Leo laughs loudly as your fingers graze his tummy. 

“I’m Harry.” He smiles kindly at you and you melt, a hot dad with an adorable baby? Today was your day, you just had to find out if he was seeing somebody or not. 

You nod, “Can I hold him? You look like you could use a break.” Harry blushes as he allows you to take Leo from his arms. 

“Is that obvious how tired I am?” Harry asks as you begin to play with Leo’s hands, smiling softly at the little boy who looks just as entranced by you as Harry is. “I thought I hid it pretty well.” 

You laugh, “You looked like you were falling asleep with him when I walked in.” You look up and see Harry staring at you and smile, “I just hope you don’t fall asleep on this cute little guy’s mom when you two hang out.” 

“I’m not married to, or seeing his mom.” Harry smirks at your obvious curiosity of his situation, “She signed away rights, he’s all mine.” He reaches out and pokes Leo’s tummy and you nod. 

“I can’t imagine how hard it is doing this all on your own,” You frown, “I’m sorry.” 

Harry shakes his head, reaching out to pick Leo up from your arms when he reaches out for Harry. “Don’t be. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides, it’s not just me. I have friends and family who help out so much and a good boss who understands when I need time off or random sick days.” Harry presses a kiss to Leo’s forehead, “I got lucky.” 

The bell chimes again and you look up, “That’s my friend, I’ve got to go.” You frown looking around, “But I would love it if you called me and I got to hang out with you two again.” You smile as you quickly scribble your number down on a napkin and passing it to him. 

Harry watches you walk away with a smile before looking down and giving Leo a high five, “Did you see how pretty she was?” 

Leo doesn’t respond, like expected, but he does drool a little on Harry’s shirt and Harry thinks that’s a good enough agreement.

Here is fluff to apologize for not posting in a few days, I hope you enjoyed it. I might just continue with this, I kind of like it. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a good day! 

Dance For Me


Request: Can you do one where Shawn comes all the way from tour for you birthday and tells you that you are going to go on tour with him as his personal dancer ? Xx

Word Count: 1,813

A/N: I really hope you like this. 

Dance For Me

“That was so sick, for real tho!” Your friend said, giving you a high five.

“We killed it!” You said, clapping your hands.

You had been working on this choreography for so long, without getting it right, it had actually started to annoy you, but this time, this time, you both killed it.

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Going to the VMAs with Ethan would include...

Originally posted by punishmedolans

‌•    Ethan’s mouth dropping as he sees you all fancied up.

‌•    He then closes his mouth and smirks -  ‌the all too knowing smirk that means he is more than just impressed. 

‌•   Wow babe. That looks really nice on you.. But I would prefer it on the floor.”

‌•   Him getting sidetracked every two seconds on your way there. “Hey baby, we should go get a coffee?” “Ethan we have to get to the VMAs now or we are going to be late!” 

‌•  Posing with him on the carpet and being the cutest couple ever. 

‌•  Grayson also walking over and all three of you get funny photos. 

Sitting down in the middle of both boys and they’re trying to get your attention at the same time causing an outburst. “Y/n! Look at this funny video!” “No Y/n don’t look at Gray, look at my video.” “Hey I said look first.” “They’re mine, so shut up.” “Boys we are in a PUBLIC PLACE may I remind you.”

‌• Ethan whispering dirty things in your ear as you watch the awards being given out. “You look so sexy right now I wish I could shove you against a wall and -” “Ethan Grant Dolan!” 

‌•  Grayson cracking jokes the whole time causing attention to be brought to the three of you. “Wow is that a fish on her dress?” “Yeah. I think it’s really sofishticated..” “Grayson I may be your twin brother but even I thought that was bad.”

‌• Ethan petting your hair and you getting angry because it took four hours to do. “Ethan stop touching my hair it took a long time.” “Bite me.”

‌• Posting a photo on your social medias of you and Ethan being all goals - because come on.. You’re literally the cutest couple there is.

‌•  Going out to dinner with Gray and E after the awards. 

‌• Ethan touching your thigh and rubbing up and down under the table.

‌•  “Ethan if you don’t stop right now you aren’t getting any later.” “Okayy…”

‌•  Grayson and you talking the whole time at dinner while Ethan sat there uncomfortably. 

‌•  Getting done with the dinner and saying bye to Gray, and right as you got in the car Ethan jumped on you.

‌•  “Mmm… Baby.. I’ve been waiting all night for you..” “Well you’re not gonna have to wait any longer ..” 

‌•  Basically just you and Ethan being super cute and fluffy - not mentioning horny Ethan throughout the whole day though ;)

A/N - I’m sorry for this being so short but that’s all I could really think of tbh.. Feel free to request and thank you for 200 followers !! 

watch ookiku furikabutte

- guys hold hands
- coach: “who wants mihashi?” abe: “I DO!”
- abe, to mihashi: “i like you, not just as a pitcher. i like you as a person too” I DIED
- mihashi is the cutest son you’ll ever adopt
- hearing mihashi caling abe, “a-abe kun” will cleanse your soul
- seeing mihashi smile helped me get rid of my acne 
- abe’s expression when he sees mihashi smile for the first time
- abe insists that mihashi call him by his first name “takaya”
- abe calls mihashi “ren” UBGUSIGYUABGYFST
- abe takes care of mihashi 24/7
- abe will literally fight anyone for mihashi

ar-tecon  asked:

Oooooo! Could you do the RFA+V+Saeran's reactions to MC having a big old fluffy mutt that's really well trained but cuddly? Thank you! <3

I!!!!!!!! Love!!!!!!!! Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want a dog sooo bad ;-;
(D/N) is the dog’s name of course.

-He is pretty indifferent about pets until now.
-If you like pets, then he likes pets.
-The dog manages to get along with Lisa too.
-Despite having previously not cared much about owning pets, the dog grew on him fairly quickly. It might’ve been because you loved the dog so much, maybe it was because they were so friendly. Maybe it was both.
-It was nice to have a dog after his experience with Sally.
-He loved that you and the dog would both greet him so happily when he came home.
-Also, the fact that they didn’t bark and tear up the whole house was a huge relief. He did not want to deal with that.
-Yoosung tends to give the dog treats a lot. By treats, I mean human food.
-He’ll sneak some food to the dog even though the dog doesn’t beg for food because of how well behaved they are.
-Something about giving the dog treats makes him happy.

-It’s not a cat, so he’s cool with it.
-He’s also a bit of a dog person himself, so he’s very cool with it.
-It’s a big relief for him that you’ll never be home alone. You have a big dog to protect you and keep you company whenever he’s away from home, or when you go out for a walk.
-Really, you have no relieved he is for that.
-The dog is so extremely well trained too. They never mess with anything around the house or make a lot of noise.
-There might be hair around the house, but you always take care of that so he doesn’t have to.
-He takes selfies with the dog sometimes, or with you and the dog.
-The dog also really likes Zen, but both the dog and Zen crave your attention.
-One of them will see you paying attention to the other and get jealous and try to get your attention instead.
-Who knew you actually had two puppies.

-She’s not big on pets, mostly because of her previous experiences with Elizabeth.
-She doesn’t like all of the hair and fur getting all over the place.
-Because of that, you’re nervous because your dog is fluffy.
-You promise her that you will take care of all of the hair and that they will never lay on her clothes like Elizabeth did because they were trained not to do things like that.
-When she hears how well behaved the dog is, she calms down.
-And, when she meets the dog, she is surprised of just how well behaved the dog really is.
-They aren’t rambunctious and they don’t make messes. She didn’t know animals like that existed.
-Jaehee is now okay with your dog.
-She enjoys giving them commands that they’ve been taught like “shake” or “sit” and then giving them treats as a reward.
-She grows to actually really love your dog. She loves them so much that she even helps clean up the hair they leave around the house.

-The dog makes you happy and you love it very much.
-But he feels like the dog could easily hurt his precious Elizabeth since it is such a large dog.
-You promise him that your dog is very well trained, but he still has his doubts.
-It’s not until you force him to meet your dog that he believes you.
-The dog is as well behaved as you had told him countless times and they are very friendly. They greeted him so happily when he first walked through the door.
-Much to everyone’s surprise, he warmed up to the dog.
-Even when he gathers up the courage to introduce Elizabeth to the dog, Elizabeth doesn’t seem very threatened by them. Eventually, even Elizabeth likes your dog.
-So all is well.
-All four of you have cuddle sessions together often. It’s very warm.

-Dogs are fine and all, but cats.
-Cats are so nice.
-He doesn’t dislike dogs, he’s just more of a cat person.
-But when he meets your dog for himself, he changes his mind.
-Your dog is awesome.
-It is so well behaved and friendly he finds himself really enjoying messing with them like he messed with Elizabeth, minus the running around with them in his arms because they are way too big and heavy for that.
-It’s just… they never get angry and snap at him when he messes with them?
-So he finds it hilarious.
-He plays with your dog all the time though, typically in normal ways like playing fetch or tug-of-war.
-Other times he does things like pretend he is also a dog and tries to wrestle it.
-I swear to god, Saeyoung
-Even though Saeyoung teases them all the time, they still cuddle up to him and love him.

-Your dog quickly grows on him because they’re so cuddly and well trained.
-V has always had a soft spot for animals, so he sees no problem with you having a pet. In fact, he likes that you have a thing for animals.
-The dog keeps him company if you’re ever not around. He appreciates that the dog does the same for you when he’s not around too.
-Because of his worsening vision, he has thought about getting a service animal. The fact that you like dogs and have one of your own makes him want a service dog even more.
-When he runs the idea by you, you’re obviously up for it.
-Your dog and his service dog get along wonderfully because they are both so well trained.
-Now, neither you, V, or both of your dogs are ever lonely.

Saeran: (this one is longer because I got a really fluffy idea, sorry)
-He doesn’t have experience with animals so he doesn’t really have any opinion on pets.
-But, your dog is so friendly and calm, it makes it easy for him to warm up to them.
-The first time you brought him to meet your dog was precious.
-Your dog went straight to him when you both walked through the door and started sniffing him and nudging him while waging their tail and panting happily. They didn’t bark, of course, which was a great thing considering it would’ve scared Saeran. The size of the dog was intimidating enough.
-Saeran just stared at you like an innocent, confused child silently asking what’s happening. You smiled to him before crouching down and petting your dog, bringing their attention to you instead. You greeted your dog in a baby voice because who doesn’t do that when they see a puppy.
-Saeran sat on his knees beside you, watching how you interacted with the dog. He was a bit nervous and you could tell.
-So, you took matters into your own hands. You gave him a light smile, seeing that he was still observing what was happening beside him like a lost little boy, and gently took his hand.
-Carefully, you brought his hand over to the dog’s head. When you let go, the dog began rubbing against his hand, still panting with delight.
-With the same lost expression on his face, he rubbed the dogs head cautiously.
-“Saeran, this is (D/N). (D/N), this is Saeran,” you introduced them.
-Saeran’s eyes didn’t leave the dog the entire time he was petting them. You saw him ease from his previously tense state slowly.
-That is, until your dog got a bit eager and started to climb onto Saeran, standing on his knees.
-You had a mini heart attack because you were afraid Saeran was going to be scared, but you heard light giggles instead.
-Saeran was giggling.
-He started to pet the dog with less caution, petting all over their huge body.
-He didn’t stop smiling and letting out smol small giggles the whole time. He was so mesmerized by how soft and friendly the dog was.
-The dog even rolled over and let Saeran rub their stomach.
-It was the cutest thing you’d ever seen in your life.
-Saeran was even doing little baby-talk noises under his breath.
-can you imagine
-He acted like a little boy seeing a dog for the first time because that’s exactly what he was.
-Needless to say, he loves dogs now. Specifically yours.
-Your dog is his new best friend.

February 2017

This is a compilation of fics that I’ve read/re-read over the past month. Faves get a star ( ★ ). There is also a separate fic rec page for my favorites here, if you’d like to check that out. :)

MONTH: February, 2017 | (older lists)

▶▶ A Start by Inell
Teen And Up | 1,458w
Derek’s acting like a jealous boyfriend. The only issue? He and Stiles aren’t dating.

▶▶ An RA’s Guide to Mutual Pining by alocalband
Teen And Up | 2,208w
“Stiles, this is the sixth time in two weeks that you’ve locked yourself out of your own room in the middle of the night and that Scott won’t pick up his phone to let you in.”

“Uh, yeah, man, tell me about it. He really needs to step up his roommate game.”

Derek seriously can’t take this anymore.

▶▶ Candy Hearts by dragon_temeraire
General | 1,133w
Stiles decides that, since they’re the only two single members of the pack, he and Derek should spend Valentine’s Day together.

▶▶ Cute Bus Stop Guy by leslieknopeismyspiritanimal
Teen And Up | 2,142w
The guy gave him a curt little nod and neatly sidestepped him, continuing on his way. Stiles snuck a look over his shoulder, and yep, the rear view in those tight slacks was pretty good, too. The guy stopped at the bus stop, leaning against the sign, and Stiles sighed. It was a dreamy sigh, even he could admit that.

He had a feeling he was going to become a morning person.

▶▶ Delivery Drivers: Unsung Heroes of the Restaurant Biz by DeliberateMisspelling
Teen And Up | 4,756w
Derek Hale is a Good Samaritan, okay? That’s how he got roped into helping out Laura in the first place. Helping the attractive stranger who just literally collapsed into his arms might be more fun, though. Not that he’ll ever admit it, especially since he got puked on first.

▶▶ Demanding Forever Series
[1] That Stalky Thing by wangler
Mature | 2,560w
Derek frowns, thrown off. Teenagers are confusing.

[2] Scientists Document This Stuff by wangler
Explicit | 3,264w
“Your arbitrary sex rules are getting really old,” Stiles says, lipping at Derek’s mouth like a goat at a petting zoo.

▶▶ Dog’s Best Friend by otter
General | 8,923w
Other people might have found the name of the place off-putting. Stiles didn’t. He was actually relieved, when Scott handed him a business card that said “HALEHOUNDS” across the top, because clearly, if anybody could recognize and understand the evil that lurked within his dog’s fluffy precious body, it was these people.

▶▶ Former Employment by dragon_temeraire ★
Teen And Up | 4,023w
Professor Stilinski is definitely not expecting to see his favorite porn star among the students of his Human Sexuality class.

▶▶ Help Wanted (But Not Really) by reillyblack ★
Mature | 20,525w
“Stiles, I’ll clear up your confusion about the position. Derek here needs someone to live with him. He’s a difficult person to live with, so I won’t sugarcoat that. But his responsibilities at the company right now make it impossible for him to actually take care of himself and his home. That would be your job,” Laura explained.

Both Stiles and Derek objected at the same time.“

▶▶ Hot Like Burning by leslieknopeismyspiritanimal
Teen And Up | 2,762w
In which Derek is the grumpy neighborhood firefighter, and Stiles is a bit of a lovestruck idiot.

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His Reaction ▾ Tom Holland

Note: Tom and (Y/N) are a bit older in this one, towards the end of the movie shooting for the Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel happening in 2019. They are close to their mid-twenties. And they still are growing stronger and stronger for the past few years after the release of In the Heart of the Sea, being introduced to each other by the one and only Chris Hemsworth. Not sure if Harrison lives with Tom (which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t), but Harrison does not live with Tom. Sorry if it feels kind of rushed because it kind of was. Also took me a while to write this because of writer’s block. Sorry for spelling and grammar errors. Enjoy <3

words: 2.1k
characters: 11.8k


“It’s pretty nice outside.“ Tom comments, the two of you looking up at the cloudy skies and very happy that the skies didn’t look like it was going to rain anytime soon. The two of you, walking hand-in-hand through the park in his hometown with Harrison and Jacob third and fourth wheeling behind the two of you.

“It is.” You agreed with a small hum. You snuggled a bit closer to your boyfriend of many years’ side when a small breeze slightly blew your hair back, a strand of your hair being blown into your face. A giggle escaping your mouth that didn’t go unnoticed by your boyfriend who chuckled when you showed your face that was covered by a few strands of your hair.

Your boyfriend, being the kind gentlemen that he was raised to be, lifted his hand up and moved the strands behind your ear which was the cause for Harrison and Jacob to making fake vomiting and gagging noises from behind the two of you.

“Fuck off,“ Tom swears at his friends, jokingly with a chuckle and playfully stuck his middle finger at his other mates. A laugh slips past your mouth as you tugged at your boyfriend’s arm for the two of you to continue walking through the park. Tom, Harrison, Jacob and your attentions’ were caught when hearing a baby’s soft cry, averting your attention to a woman sitting on a bench who held a crying baby in her arms.

“Look a baby.“ You cooed softly from beside your boyfriend. The four of you passing a young mother -probably in her early twenties- trying to soothe her -probably- newborn baby, but to no prevail as the baby continued to softly cry. 

Your heart aching a bit when the baby’s cries were getting a bit louder and you can see the tiredness in the baby mother’s eyes as she struggled to make a formula bottle for the infant, one hand holding the infant and the other trying to make the bottle.

“Poor mum,“ Tom sympathizes, looking away from the parent and child to give you his attention. Squeezing your hand, when your attention was still on the struggling mother, “Love?“

“Huh?“ You snapped yourself out of the trance and looked up at your boyfriend, “Yeah… Poor mum.“

“You really want to help her, don’t you?“ Tom asked with a smile. You bit your lip, nodding your head before making your way towards the young mother, Tom watching from a good distance with Jacob and Harrison beside the young British.

You took a seat beside the mother and turned your body to face the parent, “Hi, sorry but I couldn’t help myself from wondering; you look very young to be a mother.”

“I’m twenty-two,“ The young mother answers with an embarrassed side smile.

“Me and my boyfriend were just walking through the park with a couple of our friends and I couldn’t help but notice that you were struggling. Do you want me to hold your baby as you make a bottle?” You asked, adjusting the shades that somewhat covered your identity.

“I don’t know,“ The mother held her baby a bit closer to her body.

“Don’t worry,“ You lifted your sunglasses and gave the mother a smile, “I’m (Y/N) (L/N) and you are?“

“N-No way!“ The mother exclaims with so much excitement, jumping a little but was a bad idea as it startled the baby and made the baby cry a bit harder. The young parent soothing her baby as she started to fangirl, “I’m Amelia and I love you so much. I love your acting, I love your movies, I love your music. I just love everything about you from your personality to your character’s personality!”

“How sweet of you.“ You smiled, “Would you like some help with your baby?“

“Yes, that would be wonderful,“ Amelia smiles before gently handing the baby over, “Her name is Olivia.“

“What a beautiful name.“ You cooed, lifting the baby and started to gently bounce the baby, pursing your lips together and spoke to the infant in a baby tone, “Aren’t you the cutest thing ever!“

Your smile widened when the baby stopped crying and seemed to stare directly into your soul before erupting with smiles and giggles. You turned your attention to your group of friends and boyfriend, seeing the three already staring at you. You wiggled your fingers at them of not wanting to lose grip of the baby with a big smile before turning your attention back towards the tot.

“She’ll make a great mum, wouldn’t she mate?“ Harrison asked.

Tom smiled ear-to-ear when seeing your shoulders slightly shaking, indicating that you were probably laughing at something on what the mother said or what the baby did, “She would.”

A Couple Months Later…

“No..” You rasped, lifting your hands up to cover your lips of shock that this was really happening to you, “This can’t be true!”

But this was really happening. After a few weeks of feeling nauseous and your bras being a bit tight for you to fit into and after you missed your period. You knew something was up and you had a pretty good, but bad idea of what was happening to your body. 

When finished with your small shopping for the you-know-what, you were to quickly use the product and after waiting a couple minutes for the result, your concepts were very true as the results came out very positive. You were… pregnant. Being close to your mid-twenties and trying to balance your music career with your acting career was already stressful and now that a baby without a known gender was on the way was.. just the icing on the cake.

You wiped the tear the fell down your cheek just as your mind started to fill up with assumptions of how Tom would react to this big news; positively or negatively. Hell, you two weren’t even married yet so telling him would just shock the shit out of him.

Why now?! You thought to yourself, pacing around the bathroom that was in the flat that Tom’s mom bought for the two of you when the two of you were in your early twenties, Why not when the two of us are past our mid-twenties?! I think I’m gonna throw up.

And that’s what you did. After emptying your stomach for a minute or so, you came to a conclusion as you were heavily breathing over the toilet was that Tom had to know. And that you were to accept the consequences that were to come your way, but not before coming up with many ideas on how to reveal the news to him; good or bad.

Present Time…

Excitement flew through your body as the boxed package came through the mail. After throwing up when finding out that you were pregnant a few weeks ago, you were to quickly go online and find cute ideas on how to announce the news to Tom. Coming to a conclusion, that you would just buy a Spiderman onesie for the ungendered baby since Spiderman was Tom’s favorite superhero and was leading role as Peter “Spiderman” Parker in Captain American: Civil War, Spiderman: Homecoming, Infinity War, and Spiderman: Homecoming Sequel.

You were just browsing through the images of spiderman baby onesies (A/N: which was literally what I used to search up Spiderman onesies) when coming across the perfect Spiderman onesie that was sold on a website called Etsy, a website that focuses on handmade or vintage items and supplies. A bonus of the baby onesie being almost 12 dollars without shipping (about 14 dollars with standard shipping, a few cents over 15 dollars for 1st class shipping, and a couple dollars over 20 if wanting the package the next day).

Another bonus was that the business of the account’s location was somewhere in the UK so shipping wouldn’t take months if somewhere else, but you still bought with 1st class because of not wanting the package to be here the next day and wait with anticipation for your boyfriend could get home, which would be a week or so before he would return back to the UK from some press tour out of the United Kingdom. And not wanting the package to take a few weeks because the location of the business didn’t say where in the United Kingdom, just that it was shipped worldwide from the United Kingdom. 

You set the unopened box in your shared bedroom and waited for your boyfriend’s arrival who was just a few minutes away from walking through that apartment door. You quickly pressed the record button on your phone when hearing keys jingling behind the closed apartment door.

“Hi, baby.“ You greeted your long term boyfriend of 5 years when the door opened along with Harrison following after your boyfriend, “Hey, Harrison.“

“Hey, (Y/N),“ Harrison smiles before giving you a quick hug before pulling away to continuing, “I’m gonna go to the guest room and get some shut eye.“

“See ya later, Harrison,“ Tom and you say at the same time before Harrison waved the two of you goodbye and made his way to the guest room.

“Hey, love,“ Tom smiled, leaving his duffel bag and suitcase by the door before engulfing you in a hug, giving you a squeeze, “Why are you filming?“

“Why not?“ You asked with a small shrug of your shoulders, not seen in the video.

“Is there a surprise or something?“ Tom smiles, closing and locking the apartment door.

“Maybe.“ You sing-song, twirling around and motioned for your boyfriend to follow after you, to which he complied. The two of you coming to a stop in the shared bed and motioned for your boyfriend to take a seat on the bed, to which he acted. Quickly setting the recording phone to the side and made sure that the camera was catching the whole thing,  “I ordered something online a few weeks ago and I wanted you to open it.”

“Is it for me?“ Tom questions, grasping your hand in his when you returned back to your boyfriend’s side after closing the bedroom door shut. You stood slightly to the side of your boyfriend as he looked up at you through his lashes. Gently grasping the boxed package that laid on the bed with his free hand, you looked back to the camera and made sure the phone didn’t fall over.

“Yes, it is for you.“ You laughed, feeling somersaults jumping around in your stomach out of nervousness, “Open it. Tell me what you think about. Be careful, though.“

“Alright,“ Tom chuckles, giving your knuckles a quick kiss before slowly starting to open the box. Teasing you a little bit before starting to normally open the box after a slap on the arm and a small protest of his name from you, “How cool!”

“Is it?“ You smiled, nervous bubbles started to pop since he hasn’t really lifted the fabric up in the air yet, “You really like it?“

“Well, yeah,“ Tom laughs, reaching his hand into the box and felt the fabric, “It’s really soft, babe.”

“It is,“ You smiled when feeling the fabric, “Lift the fabric out of the box, Tom?”

“Yeah, sure,“ Tom gave you a quick kiss on the lips before grabbing the fabric and lifting it out of the box, “Wha… No.“

Tom dropped the baby onesie in his lap before covering his mouth in shock, “No! No way! Now way!! You’re… You’re pregnant?!”

“Yeah.“ You laughed a little bit with a small nod of your head, seeing Tom wipe his eyes with the back of his fingers, “Awe, baby.“

Tom wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled your body towards the grown male as you looped your arms around your boyfriend’s neck, “God, I love you.“

“You’re not mad?“

“No! Why would I be mad?!“ Tom questions, looking up at you with tearful eyes. Another awe escaping your lips when a happy tear rolled down his cheek, quickly wiping the tear away with the pad of your thumb, “I’m the happiest and luckiest man alive right now.“

“Really? You really mean it?“

Tom hummed, agreeing before lowering his head and pecking your covered stomach, “I love you so much, my growing baby.“

“You’re so cute,“ You smiled, running your fingers through his hair as your boyfriend returned a dreamy smile back.

“Me and the Ms’ with their baby.“

“You know you are gonna have to keep this a secret, right.“ You state more than questioned because your boyfriend was terrible at keeping secrets, even after years of hoping for him to learn from his mistakes but to no improvement, “I really want to surprise our friends and families and I can’t have you spreading the news because you can’t filter your mouth, honey.“


“Like I really want nothing to come out of that mouth of yours becau-“

“Can you stop roasting me, love?“


“But I’m serious though.“


I Knead You, I Loaf You (M)

Genre: Bread smut 

Length: 1,462 words

Characters: Jaehyun + You (ft. Johnny)

Warning: bread smut | grammar and spelling that will kill your brain cells

Originally posted by nctaezen

sorry jaehyun please forgive me for my sins but you deserve it cause you still dab and lied about living in america for 5 years when it was 4 u stupid bread whore

you fucking loves bread like to the point where you’ll fucking rip off both of your legs to have a life supply of bread. The commitment. Wish my ex-boyfriend had that.


you were craving some of those scrumptious grain products and head into a bakery down the street and you fcuking destroyed the entrance of the bakery and u stomp towards all the bread and grabbed as many of those delicacies as you could with your stubby arms. U drop all the bread in front of the baker that you didn’t pay much attention to cuz you were too busy picking out ur bread. When u did actually look at the baker, your panties dropped and ur heartbeat dropped like a sick beat

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Dating Lena Luthor (clingy and cuddly)

Originally posted by jediranger

Request: Dating a clingy/cuddly lena luthor would include

a/n: I’ve dabbled with this style of formatting in one of my earlier posts, but it really did not look as nice on the app at all as it does on desktop and mobile web browser. I’ve thought to try it again to give myself a little break from all my long exposition. If the formatting messes up monumentally when it’s translated to the app, then I fully apologize for how ugly it looks LOL

I say this often to the point of being redundant and annoying but I really do mean it; I love seeing what you folks come up with for me to write. So don’t be afraid to hit up that ask box! I’m going through them all at a steady pace and hopefully I can do it justice. Thank you all again for reading, I’m so happy some of you enjoy what I do :D

- - - - -

  • before you two ever started dating, you found she had a bit of an awkward way with her hands, seeming to not know what to do with them

  • you would never have suspected Lena to be all that much of a tactile person, but as anything Lena Luthor would have it, she flipped expectations right on their head and you found you were pleasantly surprised the more you got to know her

  • Lena loved working with her hands - if she really had it her way, she’d spend all her time in the research and development department of L-Corp, preferring to actually do something tangible rather than work the strings behind the scenes of her company

  • initially, she’d allow herself a few fleeting touches when it came to you. Each time without fail, you felt her igniting miniature blazes on your skin

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Paring: Wolf!auSehun/Pregnent!reader

Summary: not getting enough sleep was bad but messing with your werewolf boyfriend better.

Originally posted by sehurn

I was in the kitchen baking some chocolate chip cookies because of the baby craving it. Whenever I tried to ignore it and sleep the baby would kick me, keeping me awake. As I set the timer and waited ten minutes till they finished I saw a strange green item stuck under the couch in the living room. Waddling over to the couch and trying my best to lean over to grab it, I realized I couldn’t lean with my 8 month pregnant belly in the way. I was forced to ungracefully curtsy to get to whatever it was under the couch. Getting my hand around the spherical object, I pulled it free and stood up, examining it. It was an old tennis ball. Hearing the ding of the timer I walked back to the kitchen, forgetting to put the ball down till I went to put on the oven mit. I set it on the counter and reached for the cookie sheet, setting it on top of the oven. I heard the front door open, he must be back from his run with the pack “Y/N?” I heard Sehun calling me “in here Sehun” I called turning back around.

“Y/N what are you doing up, you should be sleeping!” he began to nag me as I looked up at him, he just kept rambling on about how it was crucial I got enough sleep in my current state, but I wasn’t really listening. While he was going on I slowly reached my hand behind me on the counter, grabbing the tennis ball bringing it around so it was in front of my body. “It’s not good for the baby you both need your sleep” he kept going but just as he was about to start on why it would be bad, I threw the tennis ball into the living room “not enough could mean th-” midway through his rant he stopped, his eyes following the ball watching it bounce and disappear under the coffee table. “What are you doing?” he said turning back to me, glaring slightly. “Whenever I throw a ball, I watch your eyes follow it and I can see you resisting the urge to chase it, and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

His glare intensified “I’m not a dog, stop doing that when you wanna distract me, besides you need to listen to me!” I rose one of my eyebrows at him “if you had waited, I would have told you that your kid wanted cookies and wont let me sleep unless we eat some, so I was baking” I said, turning around so I could eat my creations. Behind me Sehun wrapped his arms around my protruding stomach resting his head on my shoulder. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t know. They shouldn’t be keeping you awake either” he whispered in my ear. He reached around and picked a cookie up before I slapped it out of his hand. “No, my cookies” I said still eating the one I had, “why?” he whined looking at me with big puppy dog eyes “because this is your fault” I glared up at him, he looked confused “how is this my fault?” he asked “you got me pregnant so this is your fault” he just laughed and stared at me adoration in his eyes.

He got down on his knees and lifted my shirt till it sat just over my bump “do you hear her? If you had let her sleep she wouldn’t be mad at me, she’s very tired providing a home for you, you have to be nice to her.” he talked to the baby, nuzzling into my stomach and placing a light kiss on it. The baby inside kicking at his hands, causing him to smile wide at my belly. Standing back up he took both my hands kissing me as well. “Come on let’s go to bed, we all need it” taking both my hands leading me back to the bedroom, tucking me in first and crawling in beside me. Spooning me and placing both his hands over our baby. Finally going to sleep.

Requests are open