the cutest and also best behaved

The Original Paladins as Children

I really wanted to write this one, okay?

Zarkon was a quiet child.He enjoyed reading and especially enjoyed learning about things such as military strategy. Growing up in the middle of a war, he was taught early on how to fight. He eventually learned to love the art of fighting as much as he loved reading. He didn’t have very many friends; the class/caste system on Daibazaal prevented him from hanging out with children of a much lower status than him, and there were no nobles’ children his age. For much of his childhood, he somewhat hero-worshipped his dad, even though the man wasn’t the most loving and doting father. He was raised to believe in power and to believe that the best thing he could have in life was more of it, but as a child he didn’t really understand the thought process.

Alfor was a mess as a child. He did stupid things all the time, and got constantly injured way too often for his parents’ taste. The most common reasons were that he was trying to help someone or that he “just wanted to see what would happen”. Often, when on any sort of diplomatic trip with his parents, he would get bored and vanish shortly into the day to find something fun to do. He and Coran met at a young age, and they wreaked havoc together. The two were attached at the hip, and if their parents thought they could cause trouble on their own- oh, boy, they had to see the chaos the boys caused together. His father tried to get him into something academic to mellow him out, but that something ended up being alchemy. He was a prodigy at it, fantastically smart, but things like common sense ocassionally escaped him and he still had the mindset of “I bet this would be cool, let me give it a shot”. Needless to say, he continued to cause trouble well into early adulthood, even if he always meant well. 

Trigel was super loud and curious as a child. She was not afraid of anything or anyone, and the moment a question struck her she would ask it. She was also insanely smart, and proud of it. If she wanted to know something, nothing short of death or some other utter catastrophe could stop her. Despite this, she was also very responsible. She grew up learning the responsibilities she would face as a leader someday and embracing them as early as she could. Sometimes she could come off as a bit bossy, but her family and close friends weren’t really bothered by it. She was generally well-behaved as a child, and the most trouble she ever got into was speaking when she shouldn’t have been (usually to ask some question that was bothering her).

Blaytz, like Alfor, was a wild child, but unlike Alfor, he often went looking for trouble. A bored Blaytz was a very bad thing for everyone else involved. Also unlike Alfor, he had enough dumb luck to get out of most situations unscathed. Like Zarkon, he grew up in the middle of the war, and he too was taught how to fight from a young age. He enjoyed the thrill of the fight, but preferred for it to end in smiles and no hard feelings- friendly spars and the like. When the kid learned what flirting was, he immediately began testing out his new skills on pretty much everyone he knew. He personally never actually understood why anyone would restrict themselves to one gender, especially as a kid and teenager. He also never understood the war with the Galra, and grew to despise the Galra for it and the pain it cause his planet- hatred that would take a long time to dissipate when he grew older.

Gyrgan was probably the best behaved out of all of them. Everyone that met him adored him. He was the cutest kid, full of smiles and super polite. It was almost impossible not to love little Gyrgan.He was a bit shy with other children his age, and he was never really much of a talker. With his closest friends, he could talk and joke with them easily- even when he was a kid, Gyrgan was the master of sass. When he was comfortable, he was also a pretty big bundle of energy. It wasn’t difficult to get him excited about something. He started cooking at an early age, and love figuring out just which foods tasted good together and which didn’t. However, he was much better at taking an already existing dish and improving it than he was at creating new dishes altogether. 

Had they all met as children, Blaytz and Alfor would have gotten on extremely well- much to the chagrin of both of their parents. The two of them together would probably mildly scare the other three, though Zarkon would never admit it. It was probably better for the general health of the universe, in the end, that the alliance didn’t form until they were adults.

best things about the OVA

  • kazuma and veena basically being on a date. bones ships kazubisha
  • ebisu being both the beginning and the ending of the episode. (also kunimi freaking out)
  • yato and hiyori’s moment, like I don’t even ship it, but Bones did SUCH A GREAT JOB, it totally made up for the sign thing. I thought they were gonna kiss, like how can you deny it’s 100% CANON?! also Yato’s voice was like WOAH
  • yukine actually behaving like a kid and being the cutest thing the world has ever seen
City of Angels || Puckleberry

It was the weekend of their trip to L.A. and Rachel was actually excited. This would be their first trip as a family, and Caroline’s first trip ever, they haven’t even been to Lima, and her first trip would be to the beach and to meet Beth. Rachel had been running around all week, she had to buy all this beach things for Caroline and get everything ready at work and school for them to miss out on two days of them. They would travel Thursday morning, and then on Friday they would meet with Shelby and Beth for dinner so Shelby could see Caroline, and Saturday Beth would be with them all day at Disneyland, so they would only have Thursday and Sunday for the 3 of them alone to go to the beach and tour L.A. before they came back Sunday evening. 

With the help of Kurt, Rachel had bought Caroline the cutest little swimsuits and hats and sun dresses, and sandals, her baby girl was all set for her days at California. She also got Noah and herself some new beach clothes and bought baby sunscreen and sunblock, flooties, baby life vests, everything to keep Caroline protected. She had spent all of yesterday packing and getting everything ready and she had it all set. Noah had been so happy and smiling this whole week, and they were having sex almost every night, she could tell he was really excited.

They were now at the airport and Caroline was being the best behave little baby. She was happy in her stroller playing with her stuffed unicorn that Noah got her and she was in love with the new toy. They were waiting to be called in to board the plain, she was alternating between watching Caroline and watching Noah pace in front of their seats, “Baby you’re going to make a hole on the floor, please sit down. We’ll be in L.A. in a few hours…Care bear is handling this trip better and she’s 5 months 3 weeks and her first time on a plain”. Rachel told him and chuckled.