the cute woman

consider: Diana bonding with Victor and Barry.

With Victor, they socialize with folks after saving the day: talk to kids who say Cyborg is so cool, reassure the victims, help with clean up, grab ice cream afterward. They’re helping each other reintegrate into society as heroes.

With Barry, they train. She teaches him how to fight hand to hand, because she’s capable of taking the hits and keeping up with him. Through this, she gains more footing on the leadership role she’s still stepping into. Barry offers questions and multiple different suggestions and outcomes that his quick brain can provide.

Together, Barry also gets them to relax and eat pizza with him as he rambles about everything going on in modern culture, gets Victor to open up more and join the discussion, has Diana tell them ancient stories they’d never find elsewhere, and in return they ground him to the rest of the world’s pace.

(steadily they drag Bruce in)