the cute manifesto

can we please, for like two seconds, talk about enjolras being the most secretly adorable boyfriend????

like, he and grantaire are on the sofa watching a movie or something and enj just pulls out his phone and yanks grantaire over and takes a hideously cute smooching selfie

and grantaire’s like, “the fuck?” and enjolras smiles indulgently and takes like ten more photos and sets one as his wallpaper

he always wakes grantaire up with sweet smooches and always insists on holding hands whenever they are within arm’s length of each other

even though he is awful at writing them, enjolras sends grantaire love letters. in the post. they live together why does he send them in the post????

grantaire is not the most romantic soul but he just shrugs and goes along with it because even though enjolras is a massive dweeb, he is grantaire’s dweeb and he loves him.

Meta category: “Homage to Paul Jaisini” Art Series Collection. Gleitzeit International Group.  Art Project Titled “Art About Art” Started 2013 - Ongoing.

Categpry: Artwork

Subcategory: Image
Tag: Black Hole Sun, Stelly Riesling, Art Series,

“My guide and I came on that hidden tunnel to make our way back into the shining world and with no time for rest, we climbed - he first, that I - until I saw again the stars.”  Dante writes

Monochrome with red accents.

The trees of this dark woodland remind of a web.

The title is on the picture’s darker foreground.


The picture plane consists of a foreground, the darker area that by the possible interpretation could define the “underground” the permanent darkness that have no way out. It sure makes the impression of the beneath the ground viewpoint with someone or something that is trapped or buried having the last glimpse at the trees. The middle ground is detailed with the tree brunches and trunks stylized narrow and elongated. They unite the picture plane by the one direction in which everything moves to evolve and reach towards the “Hole” opening.

The composition seems to mimic a photographical wide angle lens as if the photo was meant to express the illusion of depth. As if the camera would focus on the foreground and have the trees blend into infinity, or making the subtle tilt shift effect for the trees to appear as a misty wholesome picture plane.

There is no importance or emphasis on the technical side here.

The main impression that could be considered as the well-accomplished here is to communicate the emotional human condition by showing the dark woods as in Dante’s Inferno.

It is wonderful how this picture communicates the human emotion while there’s no human presence. It adds more weight to the emotion it seems.


“…from my BHS series of works… will elaborate on this most special series to me later on. Stelly Riesling”