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  • me: *trying to write a paper due in nine hours*
  • my brain: hey remember that show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
  • me: please don't start this I have work to do
  • my brain, utterly ignoring me: In the show, most of the characters we see were imagined by children who just wanted a friend to play with, but others were imagined by children with ulterior motives in mind, such as the monstrous ones kept chained up in the back or the ones imagined to look like food by children at weight loss camps who were on restricted diets. This has many existentialist implications about the purpose and nature of imaginary friends, as well as prompting questions about their society and culture.
  • me: please stop
  • my brain: How much of an imaginary friend's personality, by the time they are taken to Foster's, is shaped by the child who created them vs the culture in which they existed afterwards? Can an imaginary friend be taken forcibly by authorities and placed in custody of Foster's if they become a distraction to others or a threat to society at large? Can imaginary friends be specifically created for a certain purpose, eg with qualities that would make them suitable for thievery, etc? Can they change their purpose or personality, or are they forever trapped in how they were imagined? What about the nature of the imaginary friends themselves? This has broader implications about the existence and nature of the concept known as the "soul." If we presume that a soul exists, do imaginary friends have a soul? Is their soul wholly unique, or does it come from the human who imagined them, ie does the human impart part of their soul into the imaginary friend? Branching off from that, what is the religious structure like in the world of Foster's? Are there places where imaginary friends are worshiped as deities? Are gods just imaginary friends with supernatural powers?
Story idea

Setting is a world where Supers are not rare, but not common either. Their’s certain laws governing their behavior. One highly controversial one is that Supers who have children born without powers lose custody of them. They’re placed is foster homes and the super parent(s) is allowed no contact. This is because of how easily normal children living in a super family can be tricked with the promise of powers, if the jealousy doesn’t drive them to villainy in the first place. The law is constant fought but there’s enough precedence to keep it on the books

Protag is a normal teen who gains powers through a lab accident on a school trip. While they’re adjusting to having them, their parents sit them down for an important talk. Protag is adopted and is actually the child of one of the top supers in the world. And now that they have powers, their original parents are trying to sue for custody.


Character Relationship Flow Chart - Mikasa Ackerman

From Gekkan Shingeki no Kyojin, Volume 3

[Translation: @yusenki​; Editing: @fuku-shuu ; Image: @clevergirlraven]

Whichever military branch Eren chooses, she’ll go with him - that is Mikasa’s resolution. As the top graduate among the trainees, Mikasa chose to be in the SC instead of the privileged MP, because she wanted to be with Eren. Eren is the only family member she has and also her most important person, so the option to leave Eren has never crossed her mind at all.

  • Mikasa → Levi - Holds grudge towards him for hurting Eren.
  • Levi →  Mikasa - Highly values her skills.
  • Mikasa →  Sasha - Blames her as the source of noise.
  • Jean →  Mikasa - Is interested in her.
  • Mikasa →  Jean - Does not notice him.
  • Jean ↔ Eren - Cats & dogs-type relationship.
  • Hannes →  Shiganshina trio are like his own children.
  • Mikasa →  Armin - Friend.
  • Eren →  Mikasa - Noisy, like his mother.
  • Mikasa →  Eren - Important family.
  • Grisha & Carla →  Eren - Son.
  • Carla →  Mikasa - Entrusts Eren to her.
  • Mikasa →  Yeager family - Was placed in custody of.
  • Mikasa’s parents - Mikasa - Parents & child.
  • Crooks →  Mikasa’s parents - Killed.
  • Crooks →  Mikasa - Kidnapped her to sell her off.
  • Mikasa → Crooks - Retaliated against them along with Eren; later understanding the notion that the world is cruel.

Disclaimer: Please do not re-post the translation elsewhere without permission.


Parallel Lives: Elizabeth I & Thomas Seymour and Sansa Stark & Littlefinger

Elizabeth was the crown princess, third in line to the throne of England. Thomas Seymour had been brother to Jane Seymour and therefore uncle to the future king of England. His connections provided him with a position in court.

Sansa was born to House Stark, previously betrothed to King Joffery, and upon the death and disappearances of her brothers, is heir to Winterfell, seat to the Warden of the North. Littlefinger was a ward to Hoster Tully, and grew up close to his daughters Catelyn and Lysa. He became an influential member of court, and master of coin on the recommendation of Lysa to her husband Jon Aryn, who was hand of the king.

When Henry VIII died, his widow Katherine Parr, took Elizabeth into her protective custody, and placed her within her household.

Sansa escaped King’s Landing, with the help of Littlefinger. She was taken to the Vale, governed by her aunt Lysa Arryn, who offered her refuge.

Katherine married Thomas Seymour, whom she supposedly had loved during her marriage to Henry.

Lysa married Littlefinger, a man she had loved since she had been a young girl, and whom she had conspired to kill her husband Jon .

Thomas had apparently planned to marry eligible Princess Elizabeth before his marriage to Katherine. He made various advances on the 14 year old girl, including visiting her bed at night, and ‘tickling’ her.

Littlefinger had loved Catelyn and often remarked how much Sansa looks like her. He has made various advances on young Sansa, including kissing her.

A pregnant Katherine caught the two in an embrace, and sent young Elizabeth away. Katherine died days after giving birth to a daughter. Some suggested that Thomas had her poisoned so that he could marry Elizabeth, though it is believed she died from the same fever as her predecessor and sister-in-law Jane Seymour.

Lysa caught Littlefinger kissing Sansa, and flew into a terrible rage, in which she tried to kill Sansa. Littlefinger intervened, and threw his blushing bride out of the moon door and to her death.

Thomas was found guilty of treason on a number of accounts, including trying to marry Elizabeth. He was executed by her brother Edward VI. Elizabeth would take the throne, upon the death of her sister Mary. She never married.

maxprotectionsquad  asked:

How about.. David swears. Bring it any way ya want, just /David swears/. Sad? Mad? Accidental? We shall not know until CCITPFM writes something about it.

“Well let me adopt him!” David sputtered, tripping over every word. Max looked to him with wide unblinking eyes.

“Sir, listen. He can’t even be adopted yet, he’s not in the system, and he’ll have to stay at an approved home or facility for the time being, or atleast here in the station. Then if you’re going to get sole custody your place of living must be approved and taking on a child is a big responsibility!” Lindsay tried to explain, but David shook his head.

“Then put him in the system!” He shouted, drawing the looks of several officers.

“David, sit back down.” She sighed and rubbed her temples.

“I’ll check too see if Camp Campbell is even qualified to have children stay, and we’ll go on from there. I won’t you two to talk this over, while I pop in.” David nodded, and folded his hands in his lap after he sat down. Lindsay gathered up a few papers and

“I’ll send a text to Gwen to at least tidy up a bit. Fuck, max.” David buried his face in his hand and rubbed at his tiredeyes. They had been here for hours. Max being drilled with questions and David having to wait and wait just too find out the fate of his camper

“Language.” Max said absentmindedly, staring hard at the floor.

David chuckled and stroked back lose curls that fell in Max’s face.

“Sorry. This’ll work out, it has too Max so don’t worry okay?” David gave him a large grin that Max had come to find reassuring so many months ago.

Max nodded, and couldn’t help but smile himself. If David said it would be alright, it’d have to be. He was sure of it. – This is short but I’m in the middle of watching some of my own little campers haha! @fatherdavid Part two! I killed two birds with one stone on this one!!!! Thank you guys so much for the request, I appreciate them soooo much!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Man Down

We have recently marked 50 years since a great man’s removal from power, as a result of a successful coup enforced by the National Liberation Council (NLC), led by LT General Ankrah. Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is the man we all know as the father figure of our nation Ghana. We, as Ghanaians, have been taught numerous times in school that he gained independence for the country, as he worked tirelessly up the ranks from Prime Minister of the Gold Coast to the first President of the Republic of Ghana. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is to Ghana as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is to the Turks, as both shared similar visions for the good of their people, thus earning their trust. 

“The military had taken over the flagstaff house, which was the official residence of Dr. Nkrumah, and then had gone on to take over the broadcasting station. It was announced over the airwaves that there had been a coup d’état. All the ministers of state, members of parliament, district commissioners, chairmen and secretaries of the ruling political party as well as a long list of other people of interest were requested to report to the nearest police station for “their own safety”. Dad gathered a few things, got in his car and drove to the police station, where he was sent into interrogation and then, much to everyone’s surprise, placed into custody”

In the quote above, incumbent President, John Mahama’s publication “My First Coup D’état - Memories From The Lost Decades Of Africa” details his personal experience during the detainment of his father E.A Mahama (then a minister of state) by the NLC during the chaos of the coup and his resultant journey around the country in an attempt to find his father and other family members through the chaos.

As you can imagine these were trying times for Ghanaian political stability. The euphoria of independence from colonial rule appeared to have worn off, and Kwame Nkrumah’s vibrant image began to fade. Tales of corruption, economic mismanagement and an unrestrained thirst for power, followed Osagyefo and his cabinet. For some, the coup was incited by the fact he had turned Ghana into a one-party state, creating an unchecked dictatorship rule with which the people were fed up. Years later, the rumor that the CIA had a hand to play in this coup started to spread, as some speculated that the capitalist west was threatened by his ambition to unite African states under what they feared to be socialist ideologies.

The colossal figure shining upon us as a beacon of patriotism and pan-Africanism ruled Ghana for 9 years, second only to that of JJ Rawlings, which spanned from 1981, when he gained power, through to 2001. Whatever the catalyst, Kwame Nkrumah’s time at the helm was cut short by the coup of 1966. Since then, governments have come and gone, coups after coups, election after election. A question most Ghanaians still ponder over is: 

What would have come of this great nation if Dr. Nkrumah had been given more time to execute his vision?

Leave your thoughts on twitter @AccraWeDey.

Miami Rick/Sugar Daddy AU

I barfed up a Miami Rick fic outline featuring poolboy Morty. I’m probably never going to finish this but I still wanted to post it somewhere so here you go!

(warning: a lot of this is just outlining and some of it is actual scenes and then most of it is just bad grammar and me writing about my feelings)

edit: oh look it’s chapter one

shopping excerpt 

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Angel Eyes and Wild Hearts || Chapter 1

Fandom: Servamp
Characters: Licht, Hyde, Mahiru, Kuro
Pairings: LawLicht (main), KuroMahi (side)

Summary: Hyde planned to rescue his siblings by kidnapping the sheriff’s nephew but he accidentally took Licht instead. He couldn’t let him go without putting his family in danger so he is stuck with the delusional angel until he could think of a new plan. Licht didn’t care how dangerous the Servamps were, he was determined to bring his kidnapper to justice. Of course, it was difficult to tame the wild heart of a Servamp. {LawLicht//Historical Western AU}

(Ch.1) ||

“Here you go, Pegasus.” Licht spoke softly to his horse and held out an apple for it to eat. He smiled softly as it ate from his hand and he stroked its mane with his free hand. A part of him was tempted to take it out for another ride but he already rode through most of the afternoon and his horse was tired. He loved to ride because it was the closest he could come to flying like an angel.

“We’ll go to the watering hole next time,” He promised and Pegasus playfully nudged him with its nose. Some people would call him delusional but he always thought the white horse could understand him. He would’ve liked to ride Pegasus further than that but he knew that his parents would never allow him to. It was too dangerous to travel when the Servamps were still a threat.

Licht heard a commotion outside the stables and wondered what it could be. He locked Pegasus’s stall before he went out to investigate. Outside, people were lining the streets to watch a prison wagon pass. There was a woman with long violet hair inside and she was chained. He wondered what the woman did because it was rare for men to be so cautious of a woman’s strength that they had to chain her.

He searched the crowd until he found Mahiru and made his way to him. Mahiru’s uncle was the sheriff of the town so he would most likely know who the woman was. Licht called his friend’s name to catch his attention before asking, “Who is that woman?”

“She’s a Servamp.” He answered him and Licht’s eyes widened. Mahiru could understand the shock because it was unexpected that one of the infamous Servamps would be a woman. The Servamps were a family of fugitive that recently escaped the C3’s custody. They placed a large bounty on each Servamp that would tempt even a saint.

“With that woman captured, we have two of the eight Servamps now.” Mahiru mumbled with a concerned frown. The town needed the money but, according to all the rumours, the Servamps were a dangerous group. His uncle was keeping them in the town’s small jail and Mahiru was worried that the other Servamps would attack to free them. The only thing more famous than their crimes was their loyalty to each other. “I heard the other six haven’t been caught yet.”

“If they do show themselves, I’ll take them down.” Licht said confidently and Mahiru smiled wearily at his declaration. Ever since they were young, Licht had dreamed of going on sweeping adventures and he was proficient at fighting. Unfortunately, he never had the opportunity to leave their town because his family needed him to help take care of their hotel.

“You two shouldn’t concern yourself with the Servamps.” They both turned to see Kuro standing next to Mahiru. He walked so quietly that it was almost like he suddenly appeared beside them. “The further you two are from them, the safer you are. Mahiru, I know your uncle’s the sheriff but don’t go to the jail while they’re staying there. Promise me.”

“You know I bring my uncle lunch every day.” Mahiru argued with him lightly. When he looked up at Kuro, he saw the concern in his eyes. “Thanks for worrying about me but I’ll be alright. I’m only dropping off his lunch so I won’t go into the back where the cells are.”

“I’ll still feel better knowing that you’re safe. From now on, can I go with you?” Kuro asked and tucked Mahiru’s hair behind his ear. He blushed in reaction to that light touch and Licht subtly edged away from them to give them their privacy. They have known each other since they were young so Licht could easily see how smitten Mahiru was with Kuro.

A month ago, Mahiru found Kuro injured and bleeding in front of his home. Mahiru decided to nurse him back to health and the two had been close ever since. Kuro said his family was attacked by the Servamps and he didn’t have a home to return to so he stayed with Mahiru and helped him with odd jobs.

Licht turned away from the pair and watched the prison wagon. The woman inside had a hard glare but she appeared completely calm. Considering the rumours, he thought the Servamps would be more violent. He turned away from the woman and made his way back to his horse. At that time, he didn’t think would meet another Servamp and went about his day.

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Draco/Harry + EWE
featuring Hasnain Lehri as Harry Potter and Dylan Fosket as Draco Malfoy

Ten years after leaving Hogwarts, Harry Potter is lost. 

Washed out of the aurors training program after only one year, Harry has spent nine years rattling around Grimmauld Place. Gaining custody of Teddy when Andy passed five years after the war did give him a renewed sense of purpose, but when Teddy starts at Hogwarts, Harry once again finds himself at loose ends. He spends his time between his friends’ homes, Grimmauld Place, and the mosque, where even the imam has started giving him concerned looks; though his are nothing to the looks Hermione gives him as he sits in her living room playing with Rose. He knows that Hermione is right when she says that he needs to be doing something more. The problem is, he has no idea what that might be. 

Well, not until he quite literally runs into Draco Malfoy at Flourish and Blotts, the other man staring up at him from the floor, grey eyes flashing from beneath long white-blonde hair, books strewn around him. He doesn’t know what instinct drives him to ask Malfoy to get a coffee and catch up, as if they’re old friends and not bitter rivals turned… nothing. He really doesn’t know what makes him, after hearing Malfoy complain in his typically snobbish way about the state of the Manor and its gardens, offer to help him restore them. He does know what makes him stare at Malfoy’s arse when the git is bent over digging through his library shelves for some obscure book on 18th century landscape planning, he just likes to pretend he doesn’t.

Harry doesn’t have any idea what he’s doing. But if nothing else, it is something

Military law in the British Army during the Great War

Military law reinforces discipline

The maintenance of discipline in the army has always been considered a very serious affair. Whilst it is clear from statistics that there was much ill-discipline in the army throughout the war, most of it was of a non-serious nature. The instances of failure to obey orders are relatively few, and the number of men convicted and suffering from serious punishment was miniscule as a proportion of the whole. The acts of discipline outlined on this page were defined by the Army Act and the Field Service Regulations.

Small scale misdemeanours

These crimes included everything from matters of individual presentation such as being unshaven, untidy or losing kit; not saluting or addressing superiors correctly; dirty or incorrect equipment; being late on parade or after curfew, etc. They would be detected and dealt with by the NCOs and officers of a man’s own unit. NCOs often gave men extra fatigues or exercise as punishment for small matters. Being confined to barracks or losing a day’s pay was a torment too, for men who were eager for rest and amusement.

Moderately serious offences

For moderately serious crimes, a man could elect to be tried by a district court-martial, or be ‘convicted’ and sentenced by his Commanding Officer. The CO could sanction maximum punishments as follows: detention up to 28 days; field punishment up to 28 days; forfeit of all pay up to 28 days; for drunkenness, a fine up to 10 shillings. The CO could inflict minor punishments, with the offender having no right to a court-martial: confinement to camp for up to 14 days; extra guard duty; reprimand, severe reprimand or admonition.

Serious matters

These were tried by Courts-Martial. Some of these offences were ones that would have been tried by a civilian court if the man had not been on active service e.g. murder or rape. Other offences were purely military in nature, such as desertion.

Table of offences tried by Copurt Martial

Charge/Maximum penalty

Shamefully delivering up a garrison to the enemy/Death

Shamefully casting away arms in the presence of the enemy/Death

Misbehaving before the enemy in such a manner as to show cowardice/Death

Leaving the ranks on pretence of taking wounded men to the rear/Penal Servitude

Wilfully destroying property without orders/Penal Servitude

Leaving his CO to go in search of plunder/Death

Forcing a safeguard/Death

Forcing a soldier when acting as sentinel/Death

Doing violence to a person bringing provisions to the forces/Death

Committing an offence against the person of a resident in the country in which he was serving/Death

Breaking into a house in search of plunder/Death

By discharging firearms intentionally occasioning false alarms on the march/Death

When acting as a sentinel on active service sleeping at his post/Death

By discharging firearms negligently occasioning false alarms in camp/Cashiering or imprisonment

Causing a mutiny in the forces, or endeavouring to persuade persons in HM forces to join in a mutiny/Death

Striking his superior officer/Death

Offering violence or using threatening language to his superior officer/Penal servitude

Disobeying in such a manner as to show a wilful defiance of authority, a lawful command given personally by his superior officer/Death

Disobeying a lawful command given by his superior officer/Penal servitude

When concerned in a quarrel, refusing to obey an officer who ordered him into arrest/Cashiering

Striking a person in whose custody he was placed/Cashiering or imprisonment

Deserting HM service, or attempting to desert/Death

Fraudulent enlistment/First offence imprisonment; second penal servitude

Assisting a person subject to military law to desert/Imprisonment

Behaving in a scandalous manner unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman/Cashiering

When charged with the care of public money, embezzling the same/Penal servitude

When charged with the care of public goods, misapplying the same (applicable to Quartermasters)/Penal servitude

Wilfully maiming himself with intent to render himself unfit for service/Imprisonment

Drunkenness/Cashiering or imprisonment

Committing the offence of murder/Death

Notes to this table: (1) offences where cashiering is shown as maximum punishment applied to officers only; (2) in order to enable a court-martial to award a field punishment, it was essential to allege 'when on active service’.

Types of Court-Martial

The courts-martial process was meant to be thorough, well-documented and carried out in accordance with law expressed in the Army Act which was subject to annual re-consideration by Parliament. Men on trial were supposed to be represented, and much evidence gathered and considered. In practice, especially at times of stress due to action, both of these principles were ignored or only barely adhered to. Documentation was often scanty, the process quick; men were often not represented, and indeed were often tried by officers of their own regiment or corps.

The outcomes of Courts Martial

In all, 5,952 officers and 298,310 other ranks were court-martialled. This amounts to just over 3% of the total of men who joined the army. Of those tried, 89% were convicted; 8% acquitted; the rest were either convicted without the conviction being confirmed or with it being subsequently quashed. Of those convicted, 30% were for absence without leave; 15% for drunkenness;14% for desertion (although only 3% were actually in the field at the time); 11% for insubordination; 11% for loss of army property, and the remaining 19% for various other crimes. The main punishments applied were : 3 months detention in a military compound - 24%; Field Punishment Number 1 - 22%; Fines - 12%; 6 months detention - 10%; reduction in rank - 10%; Field Punishment Number 2 - 8%.

3.080 men (1.1% of those convicted) were sentenced to death. Of these, 89% were reprieved and the sentence converted to a different one. 346 men were executed. Their crimes included desertion - 266; murder - 37; cowardice in the face of the enemy - 18; quitting their post - 7; striking or showing violence to their superiors - 6; disobedience - 5; mutiny - 3; sleeping at post - 2; casting away arms - 2. Of the 346, 91 were already under a suspended sentence from an earlier conviction (40 of these a suspended death sentence).

Field punishments

Field Punishment Number 1 consisted of the convicted man being shackled in irons and secured to a fixed object, often a gun wheel or similar. He could only be thus fixed for up to 2 hours in 24, and not for more than 3 days in 4, or for more than 21 days in his sentence. This punishment was often known as 'crucifixion’ and due to its humiliating nature was viewed by many Tommies as unfair. Field Punishment Number 2 was similar except the man was shackled but not fixed to anything. Both forms were carried out by the office of the Provost-Marshal, unless his unit was officially on the move when it would be carried out regimentally i.e. by his own unit.

Military Police

Military Police matters came under the office of the Adjutant-General. On his behalf, the Provost-Marshal supervised military police duties of the army in the field. At each level of the army hierarchy, the AG and the PM were represented. Each infantry Division, for example, had an Assistant Provost-Marshal, who received orders from the Divisional Assistant Adjutant-General, and who was responsible for organising the police under his command. The military police ('redcaps’ from the red cover around their service cap) were responsible for arresting all persons found without passes, plundering, making unlawful requisitions, or committing offences of any kind. They were also responsible for collecting stragglers, and for guarding against spies. In case of emergency they could call upon any troops in the vicinity to supply guards, sentries or patrols. In the Indian Army, the Provost-Marshal could order corporal punishment without trial, of up to 30 lashes.

Of course, the real reason Lena Oxton is on house arrest is not at all because of the traffic warrants she had out against her. It’s because “Lena Oxton” assaulted two court marshalls and then escaped on foot only to be apprehended and placed in custody in a police operation at her flat that afternoon. 

to be honest, Sherlock’s face when he overheard Joan’s phone call broke my heart.

what felt like someone stomping on the pieces was Joan saying, “Yes, one person. No pets.”

No pets.

Joan. Joan. No, Joan, why?

“Dearest people of Light’s Glory,

I am pleased to announce my appointment to the highest seat within our fair city. While I know many of you may be timid about the great upheaval within our walls, I can assure you that I will work with all my strength to assuage those fears. This appointment is more than just a replacement of a central figurehead, but also a light blessed opportunity to heal our many wounds. Where Duke Waldemar, as gracious and steadfast he was, may have been too eager to rush to war. I assure you that I have seen the horrors that has come to our province and I will do anything to chase away these fears.

It is convenient that the arrival of the sin’dorei host known as the Sunguard has timed itself with the invasion of the damned. While these valiant elven warriors have done their part to bulwark the fury of the dead, we cannot deny that their crusade has entangled us into despair. As the war begins to wane and our armies become depleted, I promise you that I will find whatever means of peace at my disposal. The armies of Light’s Glory has a singular purpose, the defense of our provincial borders. From the coasts of the great northern sea to the peaks of the Winterspine Mountains, our knights stand at the ready to defend whatever threats await. Beyond those mountain walls, our purpose diminishes and I can see only death that awaits beyond the snows. It is with great deliberation that I decree that no argent soldier will cross the Winterspine Mountains. 

Furthermore, this war has entwined many sorrows upon our people and has further agitated many wrongs that our province once held. Previously under the reigns of Duke Waldemar, Light’s Glory recognized the noble birth of all those born within or outside our walls. These titles afford certain individuals a great amount of privilege that no other may obtain within a given lifetime. It is my belief that all children of the light are born equal, and no matter of high birth can truly increase the weight of one’s soul. 

It is decreed that Light’s Glory will no longer recognize the given titles of any highborn individuals. Let not the words of nobility be uttered within our walls, our vales, our meadows. Let the story of liberty and equality be the one which shall be passed down to generations yet to come. Let those born on the streets reign as equal to those born in featherbeds. Let the silverspoon be equal in weight to the wooden ladle. May our songs of equality ring all across Azeroth.

To ensure that noble privilege continues to no longer be recognized, we shall levy a tax of 1,000 golden coins per utterance of ‘Lord or Lady’ or any title similar that is spoken within our province.  

For those who continue to assume a higher station than any other, be placed into custody of our Argent Vanguard, so they may be reminded of their more simple beings. Let us show them modesty where it ought to be taught.

In continuance, it is with a heavy heart that I must look at the base magics that have brought about the undead that sit upon our doorstep. It is now my decree that any magics born of necromancy, fel, or the void be strictly prohibited within our walls. If someone were to be harmed by such profane arts, then it strains my heart to declare that crime punishable by death. Only such stringent safeguards must be placed to protect our souls.

I say to all of you, we children of the light, that this day shall be remembered for all eternity. 

Light Save Us All,

High Confessor Abigail Reddings”

Choices Must Be Made (Part 2/?) (Thor/Loki x reader)

Part 1

After a battle that didn’t really even involve Loki at all, but rather Thor and the one Midgardian with the apparently fragile ego and metal armor, Loki had allowed himself to be taken into custody easily, and placed into a heavily reinforced cage on the Shield helicarrier.  While agents locked him away, you joined Thor on the bridge to talk with the team there about plans, but your real focus was to get away and to talk to Loki on your own.

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This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Biscuits or Cookies?

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: While I generally try to do a bit of research for these fics (especially for historical accuracy), I simply don’t have the time to be able to go into all of the legal specifics for divorce law in 1958 Boston and/or 1958 UK/Scotland. As such, I’m sure there are discrepancies/inaccuracies, but since the legalities are mostly going to be dealt with off page, I hope you’ll forgive me for simply bending the factual law into fictional law to work with the story better. 

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anonymous asked:

how can i create a realistic batman?

The short answer would be, “you can’t.” No, Christian Bale growling at the camera doesn’t count. The problem is Batman is a very formalistic character, so pushing to the other end of the spectrum is going to require something gets tossed.

Or you can give your not-batman superpowers. It may sound slightly insane, but a character like The Shadow is, in many ways, more realistic than Batman, even though he’s literally a pulp era superhero. (And, incidentally one of the major inspirations for Batman.) The Authority’s Midnighter is another potential example of a “realistic” Batman, though, again, because superpowers make it possible.

The problem with a realistic Batman starts in the day. Specifically there aren’t enough hours in it to allow someone to do what he does. Maintaining a cover identity is a time consuming process. While billionaire layabout might seem like a pretty good gig, it actually involves a lot of micromanagement. He needs to show up to enough social events and make a mess of himself enough of the time to both convince people that he really is Bruce Wayne, and there’s no way this derp could possibly secretly be Batman.

I won’t pretend to be original in pointing out that this also means Bruce Wayne will habitually seduce a woman, leave a party, get a couple blocks from the event, feign a headache, drop her on the sidewalk, and then scamper back to the batcave, get changed, and then go hunting criminals for the rest of the night, before tormenting and then pounding on them. And he does all of this without developing any kind of a reputation for habitually dumping high society socialites on Gotham’s crime ridden streets.

Also, he does this without tipping off the paparazzi that something is seriously strange with this guy. I get that this wasn’t an element of the world when the character was originally created, but it also puts a time limit on how frequently he can duck into the batcave and drive off into the night before some freelance photographer realizes that Wayne Manor has a secret back exit for superheroes.

While we’re on the subject, I should probably also link the Cracked article about bodies being buried under the Batcave.

After that, he spends what’s left of the night hunting petty criminals and super villains indiscriminately. Returning to the batcave randomly, in an attempt to sort out whatever bits of evidence he’s found and anticipate some criminal conspiracy or deranged supervillain’s master plan. (We’ll be coming back to this in a minute.)

Depending on who’s writing the comics, Gotham’s nights have a nasty habit of being infinitely long. Thematically it’s fine, but since we’re talking about realism, it’s worth pointing out.

He sleeps for a few hours, and then staggers out in the afternoon pretending to have a hangover. And then goes and does it all again.

Until the sleep deprivation starts affecting his ability to fight, which would take roughly a day.

The second problem is, ironically, sidestepped by DC. Note: I didn’t say “intentionally.” We’ve gone over how much wear and tear fighting causes in the past. When you’re talking about a character who’s going out and roughing up street level hoodlums on a regular basis, he’s not going to be able to keep that up for any serious length of time before his body simply starts falling apart. This means he has, at best, a few years of crime fighting in him before his body is completely wrecked. But, ignoring things like Batman Beyond or Dark Knight Returns, Batman hasn’t aged since 1939. Of course, that also implies he’s going through Robins like popcorn.

This is assuming he doesn’t make mistakes and get injured, which will happen because he’s sleep deprived. When he does get injured, that will force him out of the action for weeks to months, depending on how serious it is. Except, we frequently see Batman going right back in immediately, on force of will alone.

For those of you who’ve never experienced a serious injury first hand… I envy you. Also, serious injuries basically come in two flavors. Ones where you literally can’t use the injured body parts, and ones that are waiting for you to ignore them so they can turn into the former. Trying to force your way through the pain is also a fantastic way of turning a minor injury into a permanent one.

Even if he somehow manages to avoid direct injury, the wear and tear of constant combat will still destroy him. Stress fractures are the first thing that occur to me, though that’s not the only possibility. Batman’s particularly vulnerable to nearly every common sports injury associated with leaping off of buildings at random. Which includes the day when his leg shatters in a spiral fracture.

And we’re not done. Batman’s “The World’s Greatest Detective,” because, honestly, when you’re a superhero, why not go all out for your business card? But, the problem is, he really can’t investigate a crime without muddling the whole thing up. In theory, that’s what he’s doing, investigating crime… and making sure The Joker goes free?

There’s three problems. First, Batman can’t testify, (unless he’s Adam West). Second, Batman’s “interviewing” technique is going to be inadmissible. Third, any evidence Batman touches can’t be used to prosecute the supervillains and petty criminals that ravage Gotham.

By nature, you can’t really put Batman on the stand. Who do you call? Where do you send the summons? Does Batman make himself available for depositions during business hours? How do you know the Batman who roughed up the defendant and left him hanging twelve stories above the city is the same Batman you managed to put on the stand? How did the police even know what the defendant even did? And, finally, “who is that masked man?”

Are the police supposed to simply incarcerate someone on this random animal themed lunatic’s say so in a city overrun with similarly themed lunatics running amok?

To prosecute a criminal (it doesn’t matter if they’re The Joker or a failed wannabe mugger from Burnley) you need to establish what they did. That involves opening up a large chunk of the police investigation and picking it over. If 90% of your work was done by Batman… that doesn’t really work anymore. It doesn’t matter if The Joker tried to nerve gas half of Gotham, if you can’t prove it court, you can’t lock him up.

Even if he confessed to Batman, that’s going to be inadmissible. It turns out dangling people by their toenails from the 23rd floor isn’t an accepted form of police interrogation. Suspects have civil rights. For example, the right to not be tortured by a deranged psychopath, and mock executions, like pretending to drop someone from a high rise, are torture. And, once one of the people investigating the case has started torturing the suspect, it taints the entire case.

Incidentally, that also leaves Batman open to a civil suit. Yes, that’s the plot from The Incredibles. Yes, it’s funny. Yes, it’s a real potential, and not even just in spurious litigation. Batman beats the living tar out of people on a night to night basis. If the prosecutor fails to get a conviction because Batman tortured the suspect, that’s a very plausible tort.

While we’re on the subject of technical legalities, Batman needs a warrant. This might sound insane, but if he’s investigating crime for the police, even if he’s pretending that he’s doing this on his own, he’s acting on their behalf. (I think the technical term is, “acting as an agent of the state,” but it’s been a long time since my pre-law classes.) Which means he needs to follow procedure, more or less. So, he can’t just break into a warehouse and rifle through the place looking for contraband. Or, at least, if he does, he can’t use anything he finds to further his investigation.

As a quick aside, when Batman was originally written, this wouldn’t have been an issue. Used to be, police could accept evidence from an anonymous informant, and the chain of evidence would start when the officer took possession of it. This led to “black bag jobs” where law enforcement officers (the early FBI was particularly fond of this trick) would burgle a suspect, make off with evidence, and then pass it to themselves, start the chain of evidence, and never request a warrant. So, today (well, any time after 1972), Batman needs a warrant.

That’s the other side of what happens when 90% of your work was done by Batman, then he’s been handling your evidence, turning it over, poking it with a stick, and trying to make sense of it. Sometimes this means he’s just staring at it, but a lot of the time it involves taking the evidence with him and conducting his own forensic tests on it. This is a huge problem.

In a criminal prosecution, maintaining the chain of evidence is vital. It’s not enough to know that “this bullet matches the suspect’s weapon.” You need to also be able to prove that the bullet is the same one the police dug out of the wall originally. This starts the chain of evidence, and everyone who handles it has to sign for it. The original evidence will be marked in a way to make it easily identifiable by whoever collected it originally. If it needs to undergo forensics testing, that is done under scrutiny. Wherever it goes, there is a trail of signatures for everyone that touched it. Again, this is absolutely vital, because the prosecutor needs to prove that this bullet matches the defendant’s weapon and that it is the same bullet a member of the GCPD pulled out of a wall in the Diamond District.

If Batman took the bullet off to the Batcave and came back with one that matches this gun he found… how do you know it’s the same bullet the GCPD surrendered to his custody in the first place? Any half-sentient defense attorney could tear apart any case Batman so much as touched. Which might explain why, half the time, Harvey Dent wants him dead so badly.

How do you make a realistic Batman? You don’t. Realism sabotages the fantasy that sustains superheros. Most of the time, when someone says they’re going to do a “realistic superhero,” they end up with either a retread of Watchmen or a bucket filled with gore and leftover ‘90s edgy.




Name: Thor Odinson
Also known as: Thorlief Golmen
Universe: Earth-1610 (Ultimates)
Height: 6’5
Weight: 235 lbs

Powers:  Superhuman strength, Superhuman stamina, Superhuman durability, Weather control, Teleportation, Flight


Thor was first seen in earth-1610 when Nick Fury contacted him for help with his team, the Ultimates.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Sonja! I just saw your post saying that this has been a weird week, it's not that I'va been disconnected but can you explain it a little? I want to know your thoughts (if you don't mind, of course :$) thank you :)

yeah np. i’m going to start by copying and pasting my tags because i’m inherently lazy:

#the sunset pictures#plus capitol’s random contribution to the sunset chain#the starbucks in calabasas#the papped outings with no real story to attach the pictures to#that weird comment from the sun about louis looking like he has something on his mind#the vegas stuff and annas involvement again#the sudden throwback ‘bump’ pic out of nowhere#as if to legitimize the 'pregnancy’ and shut down all discussion from us from reaching the gp#and now louis’ post/picture about jay#which i’m SURE he does miss her#but he’s being very public about it for once#which makes my spidey senses tingle

this reminds me of the initial custody battle story in late february/early march. initially we got these random pap pictures of louis on the phone but there was no story accompanying them we were all like … okay?

and then a couple of weeks later BAM they use those same exact pictures in a story about louis talking to his lawyer or whatever because he and briana were in the middle of a custody battle.

this band is a fan of repetitive patterns so i’m automatically suspicious and i have the feeling everything will end up fitting together just like all the loose puzzle pieces assembled to form the custody battle story.

like the ingredients are all there: pap pictures with no story attached, a non headless bump picture to pre-emptively shut down any ‘she wasn’t pregnant’ speculation from the general public when we do get the paternity denial, louis looking sad at the calabassas starbucks in fan pics, and now this post about missing his mom even though he’s never posted anything like that before and actually saw her pretty recently. 

also maybe it’s just me but i can’t help but notice he chose the picture of his mum and him at the brits (where he’d been talking about how great things were with ‘freddie’ and how everything was wonderful) and then literally DAYS LATER we got the ~shocking custody battle~ story that directly contradicted everything louis had just said at the brits.

then you throw in the sunset pictures a year to the DAY that we’d been speculating the sunset clause (if there is one) likely ended and … 👀

Stephen and “Clock” Gate

Oy. Oy oy oy. You know it’s gonna be one of those posts when it starts with “oy” and I just used four. Mentally prepare my friends.

First and foremost, this post will have absolutely NOTHING to do with television other than to discuss a television star’s recent comments about an event in the news. Feel free to turn away now.

But I’m getting a lot of questions about it and even though this might be a GIGANTIC mistake, I’m going to write a post about it. Why? My priest said something very important yesterday. “The more we talk about evil the less power it has.” It’s important to talk about issues like racism. I think too often we don’t because we are afraid of offending people. But I think that just gives racism more power. 

These are my opinions and my opinions only. Nothing too shocking since this is my blog. You are more than entitled to disagree, however I won’t tolerate hate. If you are hateful you will be blocked or your comment with be deleted. The better option is to avail yourself of the unfollow button. I’m going to approach this from a position of understanding, respect and God willing a little humor. The humor might be an EPIC fail, but the rest I hope will not. So I expect the same in return.

In the immortal words of Xander Harris, “I don’t like racism. I’m gonna take a stand and say it’s not good.” (Xander was actually talking about vampires, but I think the quote still works).  I would certainly hope everyone can agree. There. A little common ground. Let’s build a bridge.

I think when we’re discussing issues of racism it’s very important to keep two words in mind: world view. Your world view is crucially important in these types of situations. It means your experiences in the world help shape your view of the world. Said another way? You don’t know what you don’t know.

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