the curve of your back will end me

Love Always Wakes the Dragon

(and suddenly flames everywhere)

It could be worse. You do have all the luxuries befitting a princess, though one charged with treason. But a gilded cage is still a cage. And the prospect of withering away in this, the tallest tower of the Palace of Asgard, in the same place where your once-betrothed will live and marry and rule from, it’s almost too much to bear.

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Thor x Jotun!Reader
word count: 4067
warnings: brat prince Thor, unprotected sex, oral sex, hair pulling, choking

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It’s a sunday when Cas gives up his grace. He and Dean are sleeping in and the angel is tickling his husband’s naked back, drawing Enochian symbols in his skin with a lazy finger. Cas does this sometimes. Writes poems no one will ever hear, etched into Dean’s skin. Sometimes Dean will ask what Cas writes. Sometimes Cas will tell him.

But then, there are other times when Cas sends words of adoration to his hunter that don’t translate. Language that only an angel could understand.

But always, there is one symbol Cas ends with. It’s curved with soft unbroken lines, and it reminds Cas of an ocean wave, beautiful and strong. Like Dean.

“Tell me,” Dean whispers.

Cas smiles. He scoots closer, but still leaves room between their bodies for him to work and slots a bare foot between Dean’s calves.

“Today, I’m writing about your eyes. Your skin,” then, Cas’s hand runs up the back of Dean’s neck as he thumbs the bristles of hair. He kisses the spot softly, pulling back as he feels Dean shiver.

“Your hair,” Cas says softly.

He can’t see Dean smiling, but he knows he is when Dean scoots back into Cas’s arms, letting the angel wrap around him until they are back to chest, breaths unified.

And, this close, Cas sees it in the morning light, the soft, gray hair peeking out behind the hunter’s ear. He touches it, lovingly, the little symbol of time and growth and the fleeting moments he has with the man he loves. So small compared to the length of his existence, but more than anything has ever meant to him before.

He and Dean haven’t talked about it—the point when immortality and mortality will become important for them. But, they both know. Cas thinks of it as he traces the beautiful wave on Dean’s back. The symbol of the fallen angel.

He’s been carving himself into Dean’s back this whole time they’ve been together. Creating permanence below the hard cut of the hunter’s shoulder blades.

It’s just a Sunday. Not a special day with any kind of significance. But Dean is here, and the sun is shining through the windows like a blanket, and he suddenly knows that today is the day.

So, with a steady hand, he takes a breath. And, he calls his grace to the tips of his fingers.

“I love you, Dean,” he whispers.

Then, he’s placing his palm along the place on Dean’s back that holds their poems and stories. Slotting it in the space where he traced the story of the fallen angel who loved his hunter so much that he would give him anything in the whole world. Even part of himself. Slowly, he lets his grace float from him into the hunter, pouring from the angelic vessel that could hold it, into the human he loves where the grace will finally dwindle, diminish and die without its host.

It’s a death of its own as he watches the stories of his millions of years as an angel slowly disappear with the dying of his timelessness.

It’s painful, raw and beautiful. And, when the final bits of his grace descend into Dean, Cas is shaking, crying silently with the wonder of it all.

He’s staring at Dean’s back, watching as his shoulders raise and lower with every breath, the hunter sighing contentedly unaware of the sacred space the two of them just created.

Cas smiles, pulling the hunter to him and kissing his back with reverence, letting his tears fall silently on the pillow.

It’s just an ordinary Sunday. But in this moment, Cas knows that it’s the happiest day of his life.

Tour Surprises

Summary: You hadn’t seen Shawn in over 5 months and you couldn’t handle it, so Geoff helped plan the perfect surprise for Shawn.

Requested: Not really, but my groupchat girls wanted some fluff

Word count: 1.9k

Warnings: None, other than being disgustingly fluffy and sappy at one point.



You hadn’t heard from Shawn all morning and that was odd. He normally would send you a text when he woke up, but not today. You worried, did he know you were here. This was supposed to be a surprise that only you and Geoff had known about.

Fixing the zipper of your boots, you took in one last deep breath before you stood to look yourself over in the mirror. Your black lace buttoned shirt accentuated your curves in just the way he liked, your light washed jeans hugged your thighs, and your black thigh high boots fit your legs perfectly. Your hair looked perfect, considering it took you an hour to get all your products in your hair to get the natural curls to stay. Your makeup done, probably a little too heavily for the occasion, but you were so excited that you couldn’t help to just keep adding.

The walk out of the hotel and down to your awaiting car felt like forever. You were a complete ball of nerves and couldn’t wait for the moment you would see him again. It had been almost 5 months since you had seen Shawn in person and he had no idea you were here. The facetime calls and late night texts were never enough for you. You hated the idea of long distance, but you loved the idea of being with Shawn. You knew he was the love of your life and he always told you he loved you with all of his heart.

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Secret Desires (M)

=> Park Jimin. Hushed lips. Unsuspecting eyes.

Warnings: Strong sexual content. Public Sex. This is really filthy okay.

Words: 2, 919.

a/n: Basically you and Jimin have sex in a movie theater. This ruined me.

“Jimin, I’m not sure about this..”

With a wary gaze from the deserted back row of the medium sized theater, you looked upon the other twelve people occupying once empty chairs. The closest to you was a couple sitting three rows in front, directly in the middle and not much older than you and your very persistent boyfriend.

“They can’t see us, as long as you keep your pretty mouth shut for me.”

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Mirror and stone

Sameen’s voice in Farsi is liquid and gentle. At least, it seems that way to you now, hearing her speak for the first time, your head in her lap and your eyes closed. One hand weaves through your hair; the other holds her father’s battered copy of Rumi’s love poetry.

It’s late, but neither of you can sleep. The spring night is unseasonably warm, so you’ve folded back the sheets and are currently sweating in a tank top and a pair of boxers from Sameen’s drawer. Seemed fair to steal, since you’re the one who dropped off and picked up her laundry at the wash-and-fold around the corner. The shirt you’re wearing is old enough that, even freshly laundered, it smells like her.

You don’t know what the words mean; you simply let them wash over you and through you. Sameen reads limpidly, fluently, in musical phrases. She smooths hair over your temple, cards through the strands, winds a curl around her finger.

The heat is making your shoulder ache; the painkillers you reluctantly took have only just started to work through your body and soften your thoughts. None of that matters much now, with your cheek resting on Sameen’s inner thigh and her voice pouring over and into every part of you.

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Don’t Leave Me

Request: Hey! Just found you’re account a few days ago, and I was just wondering if I could request? I honestly love your write so much. ❤️ if you could wright a newt scamander imagine where Newt leaves the reader for Leta (set in hogwarts) and they don’t talk until like some point? Idk. please make it angst but with a happy ending? Thanks!

Word Count: 2,288

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @caseoffics and @red-roses-and-stories

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

You spot Newt’s lanky frame curled up in the grassy spot near the lake, knees against his chest and hands around his knees as he stares out over the water, His shaggy hair blows like the waves in the breeze. You can’t fight your smile as you watch him absentmindedly brush his hair from his eyes. You reach into your pocket, forgetting that your gift is back in your room, hidden between the pages of your transfiguration textbook. You remind yourself that it’s only one more day before you can give it to him. One more day.

He doesn’t hear you approaching, jumping at your voice when you call out to him.

“There you are.” The words are a routine, a joke from nearly a year ago when Newt had approached you with shaking hands.

Newt starts to stand, but stops when you shake your head and toss your books onto the ground, plopping down next to him. “Here I am.” He says, scooting over as you take his hand.

“Studied any amazing creatures lately? It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you.”

Newt’s smile is small. “It’s only been a week and a half.”

You raise your eyebrows and lean back. “Sure feels like forever.”

Newt stares at your joined hands. “Maybe.”

The breeze slows, leaving only the warm sunshine to brush your face. “It’s beautiful out. I hope it stays this way for tomorrow.”

“About tomorrow…”

You don’t notice the change in Newt’s tone as you chatter on. “Wow, can you believe it’s been a year? Isn’t a picnic the perfect way to celebrate a year together?”

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Confessions (part 2)

Summary: Bucky and the reader - who are madly in love with each other - are locked in the tower for who knows how long so Bucky starts a confession cam.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: not that anyone cares but I FINALLY got my ABH palette and I be lookin’ poppin’.

The next day around 5 in the afternoon, you’re in Natasha’s room trying on all the clothes that she left behind. While you were doing this, Bucky quietly made his way into an empty room across from his. He looked towards the stairs, making sure you weren’t coming down before bringing a chair inside the room along with a camcorder and a tripod.

Bucky flicked on the light and set up the tripod near the wall. After setting that up, he put the chair in front of the camcorder before reaching over and pressing the record button.

When he saw that it was recording, he sat back and ran his fingers through his hair. “Alright it’s day two of being locked up in the tower and I have to say it’s not bad. I mean, I love Y/N. She’s amazing.”

Bucky paused, listening to see if he heard you but when he heard nothing, he turned back to the camcorder. “I thought I heard her. Anyways, today we had, I guess it’s called a Nerf battle? We each had three lives and it was so fun. She ended up winning and it was so cute seeing her gloat about it up until I shot her with the little rubber bullet…”

2 hours ago

Bucky pressed himself against the wall, gun in hand as he kept quiet.

“Bucky, where are you?” you sang.

He was trying to be more careful. He had to be. He had only one life left while you still had two. The only reason for that being he had bragged about how good he was with guns, real or toy ones.

You shot him two times.

He just stood there in shock while you quickly ran away from him, laughing.
Coming back to the present, he moved his finger to the trigger when he heard your footsteps get closer and closer. When it sounded like you were close enough, Bucky jumped out from behind the wall and shot at you.

The rubber bullet hit your chest and you look up at Bucky before shooting him as well.

“Dead!” you cheered.

Playing along, Bucky fell to the floor.

“Yes! I win!” you do a little dance and Bucky laughs at you from his ‘dead’ position on the floor. While celebrating your victory, Bucky grabs his gun that was beside him and shot you once more. It hit you on your right side and you stop dancing to look down at Bucky.

“Dead!” he smiled.

“What? But I killed you!”

“Careful. This is the moment when the supposedly dead killer comes back to life for one last scare.” he smirked and you groan.

Scream.” you grumble.

“I had to.” Bucky chuckled. “Now die.”

You drop your gun and dramatically collapse to the floor. You gasp for air, one hand on your throat while the other reached up to grab nothing in particular before falling right next to Bucky.

Bucky laughed, rolling on his side and you pick your head up, smiling.

“Truce?” you stick your hand out.

Bucky nods. “Truce.”


Bucky blushed at the memory. “I’m happy I get to spend so much time with her. It’s like… I can’t even explain how I feel when I’m with her. I can’t explain how she makes me feel. All I know is that it feels right. I know I haven’t made very good decisions but loving Y/N has been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

The brunette’s phone goes off, causing him to jump. “Crap.” he mumbled, pulling the device out from his pocket. “It scared me.” he looks at the caller ID and sighs, flashing the camcorder his screen. “It’s Steve. I gotta answer. Peace.”

He reaches over and pauses the video before standing up and exiting the room. Once he’s in the hallway, he answers.


“Bucky, what’s up?” Steve’s voice blares through the phone. “I just wanted to call and check up on you.”

“I’m not a child, Steve. You don’t have to check up on me.” Bucky scoffed.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” his friend responds. “So how’s everything going?”

“It’s fine. Nothing major has happened. Me and Y/N had a Nerf battle earlier, that was fun.” he says, walking down the hall.

“Who won?”

“She did.”

Steve laughs. “Bucky I swear you’re so…”

The soldier stopped paying attention to his longtime friend when he looked up and saw you walking down the stairs in a little red dress.


“Bucky? Bucky, hellooo?” Steve called.

Bucky gulped. “Steve I gotta go.”

He hung up instantly.

You made it all the way downstairs, standing in front of Bucky. “Ugh. I dunno how Nat wears this. It’s suffocating my boobs.” you pull the dress up, trying to cover your chest.

“Oh god.” he gulped again.


“You look so fucking good.”

You smirk. “Oh really?”

Bucky takes a step back and shoves his hands in his pockets. “I-I mean you look amazing in that – it looks amazing on you – you… you look really beautiful.”

You giggle at his flustered appearance. “Thanks Bucky.” you smooth out the front of the dress. “Ima go take this off. I’m losing air.”

Bucky nods and watches you go back upstairs. When you turn the corner, Bucky bolts to the room that he now calls the Cam Room – I know, not very creative but it was all that he could come up with in 5 minutes.

He shuts the door, sits down on the chair and presses the record button.

“Okay I know it has only been like, eight minutes but jesus fuck Y/N just came downstairs in a little red dress that made her look amazing. I mean the thing hugged her curves just right and-”

Bucky’s eyes fall to his lap and he smiles. “I can’t even describe how she looked because there aren’t enough words in the world to explain how good she looked.”

You calling out to him caused him to turn his head towards the door. He waited a few seconds before turning back around.

“That was her. I gotta go.” he says. “I really need to man up and ask her out already.”

And he ends the video.

A/N:  I’ll fix any mistakes tomorrow! Tell me what ya think! Goodniiiiiight


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Wicked Games (Jungkook x Reader)

“Consider me surprised.”

Warnings: bondage, dirty talk

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Constant | Part 6

 Vernon x Reader

3756 words

Synopsis: after attending the wedding, you and Vernon decide to head back to the hotel room

Warnings: smut finally

I update this series every Sunday at 6 pm EST

Part I | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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Truth or Dare

Originally posted by arkhamcutie

REQUEST: can you do a dylan obrien imagine where the reader and him are doing an interview with the rest of the teen wolf cast and they have to play truth or dare (or something along those lines)? and the rest is up to you!! i’m sure you’ll make this idea much better, but there’s just the foundation 😂❤️

SUMMARY: An innocent game takes a dangerous turn

WARNINGS: cursing, mentions of smut, some fluff, mentions of daddy kink

NOTES: so this was my first request :)))) sorry it took so long i’ve been so swamped with school recently; also the title sucks but it’s all my uncreative brain could come up with so; also, Dylan has a daddy kink y'all can alllll fight me on this; might make a part two with smut?? Who tf knows


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by: mldrgrl
Rating: R
Summary: For @thebowisstillhere who asked for Mulder being more jealous and territorial in all things.  2 out of 3 ain’t bad…

She comes to his bed just before midnight.  He’s still awake, knowing it was only a matter of time.  He could’ve carried her away from the couch, but he likes it more when she comes to him of her own volition.  He puts the book in his hand on his night table and pulls the sheets back on the empty side of the bed as she slowly peels off layers of clothes.

“Sorry I fell asleep,” she says from inside her shirt, arms crossed above her head.  She shakes her hair and turns her shirt outside in.

“Wouldn’t be the first time you’ve crashed out in the middle of a conversation,” he says.  “Are we positive you’re not narcoleptic?”

She makes a non-committal noise as she searches his drawers in her bra and panties.  He tilts his head as she bends down to pluck one of his shirts from the bottom.  She holds it to her face for a few moments before she slides the drawer closed with her toes.

“It’s clean,” he says, watching her chest expand as she breathes deeply.

“I know.”  She smiles and drops the shirt at the foot of his bed to unhook her bra.  Her arms needlessly hide her breasts as the straps slide free and she turns to drop the bra on his dresser.

“Hey,” he says, sitting up a little taller and then scooting forward as she opens his t-shirt up and slides her hands inside.


Mulder stretches forward and stops her when she’s up to her elbows in his t-shirt and her fingers have just poked through the arms.  He peels it away and tosses it aside and then crawls out from the covers to the edge of the bed where she stands.

“How come I didn’t know about this Waterston guy before tonight?”

“Jealousy is very unbecoming, Mulder.”

“I’m not jealous.”  He shakes his head as he lays down on his chest and props himself up on his elbows.  “I know I have nothing to worry about.  You belong to me.”

“I belong to you?”  She arches her brow and crosses her arms over her breasts.

“Well, yeah.”  He leans his weight on one elbow and hooks his arm around her waist to bring her knees into the edge of the mattress.  He flicks his eyes up to hers and then dips his head to kiss her hip.  “This belongs to me,” he says, lifts his eyes again and then moves over to kiss her belly button.  “This belongs to me, too.”

Scully’s gut clenches involuntarily as Mulder’s lips tickle her skin.  He smiles and then stretches up to put his mouth to the underside of her breast.  “This belongs to me,” he whispers, and flicks his tongue out, tracing the curve from end to end.

“I’m not your property,” Scully protests, but her hands have moved to Mulder’s head, guiding him down.

Mulder’s stubble rasps against her belly and when he lays his head down, his teeth graze the outside of her thigh.  He turns his head up to her as his fingers dance along the edge of her panties.  “This belongs to me,” he says, voice deep and serious, as his whole hand disappears inside her underwear.

Scully takes a deep breath and her head falls back.  Her lips part and her eyes slip shut.  It doesn’t take long for her knees to weaken and every exhale to become a staccato whimper.

“Those are mine too,” Mulder says.

Scully moans Mulder’s name and her head rolls forward.  Her abdomen quakes and she throws her hand down to his shoulder for balance.  He grins as he pulls his wet hand out of her and then gets onto his knees to step off the bed.  She’s already stepping out of her panties as he pushes his sweats off his hips.  As he sits down on the edge of the bed, he wraps his slick hand around himself and coats himself with the evidence of her pleasure.

Mulder grabs onto Scully’s hips as she straddles his thighs and when she sinks down onto his lap he pulls her closer and looks into her eyes.  “This belongs to you,” he says, flexing his muscles to give the slightest of thrusts up into her.

“More,” Scully says.  Her forearms are draped loosely over Mulder’s shoulders and he reaches up to cup her elbow and slide her arm down so that he can grasp her hand.  He places it against his chest, fingers splayed, over the thump of his heartbeat.

“This belongs to you,” Mulder says.

Scully groans, lifts and clenches her thighs while Mulder bucks up and holds her steady.  The room grows musky and damp from their heat and sweat.  After the final swell and crest of euphoria breaks, they stay locked together, breathing hard, foreheads pressed together.

“You belong to me, Scully,” Mulder says.  “Just like I’ve always belonged to you.”

Scully holds Mulder tighter because she doesn’t want to admit that it’s true.

The End

Always ~ Fred Weasley imagine

Originally posted by outofmindsayo

Hi!Can I have a fred weasley imagine where it’s the final battle hogwarts the reader is like a female harry so voldemort is after her and after going into the hall she finds her parents Remus and Tonks injured along with Fred, so when she tells them she’s going to the forbidden forest to confront him they get upset but they let her go when fred sees her “dead” he loses it along with tonks And you can include 19 years later too?basically the ending of deathly hallows pt 2 alot of dialogue please

mentions of blood.

[A/N: (Y/F/N) means Your Full name :).]


The day had finally come. The Battle of Hogwarts. Death Eaters were seen fighting the staff and students around every corner. You entered the great hall, and you felt your heart break at the sight.

Classmates. Teachers. Friends. All either injured or dead.

You searched for Remus and Tonks. You knew what you had to do.

As you searched among the faces, your eyes finally landed on them, and you immediately ran over to them and into their arms.

“(Y/N), thank goodness you’re alright,” Tonks breathed, holding you tightly.

“We were so worried,” Remus choked.

“I’m okay, you guys.” You paused and looked at them.

“What’s the matter?” Tonks asked, searching your face for an answer.

You took in a breath. “I have to face him.”

They both looked extremely puzzled.

“I have to go to the forbidden forest and face Lord Voldemort.”

“(Y/N), you will not! We’ve lost enough in this war, we aren’t losing you too!” Remus shouted, his eyebrows furrowing in anger.

You were about to speak, but a loud cry caused you to turn your head.

Across the room, you saw Mrs. Weasley leaning over a body. You ran over to her.

When you saw why she was crying, all the color drained from your face.

Your boyfriend of nearly 4 years, Fred Weasley, lied there on the floor as stiff as a corpse with a bloody gash on his cheek.

You brought your hand up to your mouth as tears began welling up in your eyes.

“Mrs. Weasley… He isn’t… Please tell me he isn’t,” you sobbed, getting down on your knees next to her.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N),” she cried, taking your hand in hers.

You felt sick looking down at his lifeless figure. Memories of the two of you rushed into your mind like a tsunami. You thought of when you first met him on the train; you became a victim of one of his pranks by accident. The moment your eyes met, you both felt a spark.

You’d never be able to gaze into his eyes again.

Everyone thought he was dead. But, no one could see his chest ever so slightly rise and fall. His breathing was faint and so was his heartbeat. He was trapped in his head. His limbs felt like they weighed tons. He wanted desperately to tell you he was alive, but he couldn’t move.

You leaned down, placed a gentle kiss on his lips, your lips trembling as you did, and stood up.

Anger and sadness took over your entire being. You began to make your way to the exit, not stopping for anything, until someone grabbed your arm.

“(Y/N), don’t. Please…” Remus begged, holding onto you tightly.

“People are dying! My friends! My teachers! Fred!” Your voice cracked as you said his name. You looked away from him.

“I can’t let any more people die,” you whimpered.

Remus stared at you with a sad and scared look. Then, he slowly let go of your arm and wrapped you in a hug.

“Come back alive… Please.” He held you close to him. You buried your face, crying into his shoulder.

You pulled back from the hug and wiped away your tears. “I’ll try.” And with that, you left the Great Hall.


The forest was dark and cold. You made your way into a clearing where you saw them.

The Death Eaters. And Lord Voldemort.

They all turned around when they heard your footsteps.

You looked around, your wand in your hand, and saw they had Hagrid tied up.

“(Y/N)?! No! What’re you doing here?!” He cried out.

“Quiet!” A Death Eater hissed.

Your eyes focused on Voldemort. His pale eyes were piercing into yours, making you feel uneasy, but you had to shake that feeling.

You had to face him. And you had to die.

“(Y/F/N),” Voldemort began, his voice raspy and cold. “The girl who lived…”

“Come to die…”

As he finished his sentence, he slowly began to raise his wand, and pointed it directly at you.

You took in a breath and closed your eyes, awaiting impact, drowning out everything.

“Avada Kedavra!” He shouted. A green light shined, you felt a massive explosion, and when you opened your eyes, you were in someplace quiet and white.

But, you weren’t dead.


Narcissa proclaimed that you were “dead” to the Death Eaters, and Hagrid carried your body all the way back to Hogwarts, doing his best to hold back tears.

As they all marched up to the school, everyone inside began filing out once they saw Voldemort leading his army.

“Who is that… Who is Hagrid carrying? Who is it, Neville?” Ginny questioned, worried she already knew the answer. All the students were staring, trying to figure out who was in Hagrid’s arms, including Fred, who was very much alive.

“(Y/F/N) is dead!” Lord Voldemort announced.

Those words shot Fred right in the chest. “No…” he whispered, shaking his head. “No!” Fred cried loudly. He tried to run to you, but George grabbed him and held him back as he tried to fight to get away.

“(Y/N) is dead. From this day forth… You’ll put your faith in me.”

Everyone was dead silent.

“(Y/F/N) is dead!” He cackled once more as the Death Eaters laughed along.

He then told everyone to either join him or die.

After Draco was forced to go to his parents, you heard Neville’s voice.

He was giving a speech. At the end, he unsheathed a sword.

There was your opportunity.

You tumbled out of Hagrid’s arms and stood up, causing a chorus of gasps to fill the air. Tears welled up in Fred’s eyes and he began to smile.

“Confringo!” You yelled, causing a distraction. Then, you ran.

Voldemort desperately threw spells your way, hoping one would hit you, but you were gone and out of sight.

Death Eaters began to flee as all the students ran inside the school, including you. One of the teachers put up a barrier in front of the entrance once everyone was inside.

You were going to win this fight.


The battle against Voldemort was gruesome, but as Neville destroyed Nagini, the final horcrux, Voldemort grew weak enough for you to defeat him.

Hogwarts had won.

As you walked through the Great Hall, covered in cuts, dirt, and blood, the room was warm. No worries or fears. It was the calm after the storm.

You gazed around the room, looking at all the broken bits of the hall that now laid on the ground as rubble.

“(Y/N)?” A familiar voice shouted.

You slowly turned around and saw Fred standing at the entrance of the Great Hall. You both started walking towards each other. Then slowly the two of you broke into a sprint, and slammed into each other’s arms.

“Freddie, I-I thought you were dead,” you sobbed into his shoulder, gripping tightly onto his torn shirt.

“I thought you were dead,” he cried back, burying his face in your neck.

You both broke away from the hug and gazed at each other for a moment. Fred caressed your cheek with his thumb, placing his free hand on the small of your back.

“You know, even when you’re smudged with dirt and smoke and blood… You’re still just as gorgeous as the first day I met you,” Fred smirked, staring deeply into your eyes. You let out a laugh.

“You mean the day where you got orange paint all in my hair and all over my robes? And I bloody yelled at you for it but ended up laughing it off with you?”

“Yes, that day,” he smiled. “The day I knew you were the one for me.”

Your lips curved into a smile as you rested your head against his chest, so thankful to hear his heart beating.

“Don’t ever leave me, Fred…”

He let out a sigh. “I don’t plan on that, love.”

There was silence until Fred gently pulled you away from his chest.

“What’s the matter?”

Fred took both of your hands in his and looked down at his feet.

“(Y/N), I…”


“I-I need to marry you.”

Your eyes went wide. “Come again?”

“God, this is a mess. I know this isn’t romantic whatsoever; if this were in any other place, I swear to you, (Y/N), I’d have bloody fireworks and roses.” He paused.

“But, this whole war has made me realize that… Life is short… And, (Y/N), I need to spend the rest of my life with you. I am so madly in love with you and there’s no one else I’d rather be together with. I want to wake up next to you, and cook breakfast with you, and kiss you whenever I want.”

“Freddie…” you smiled.

“I want to start and end my day with you, every day for as long as I live,” he stopped to gaze at you, placing a hand on your cheek.

“Marry me, (Y/N). I promise I’ll be the best husband I can be, and make you laugh, and smile, and live every day to the fullest.”

Your eyes began to well up with tears again. You didn’t speak. Instead, you grabbed Fred by his shirt collar, stood up on your tippy toes, and pressed your lips against his.

A smile from Fred crept its way into the kiss. He snaked his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. The two of you threw every bit of passion you had in your bodies into that kiss.

Eventually, you both broke away.

“So, was that a yes?” Fred teased.

“Of course, you git,” you laughed, playfully smacked him on the chest. He then pulled you into another kiss.


“Got everything, dear?” You asked your daughter. She nodded gleefully, glancing at her cart of luggage.

“Remember, young man; if you’re going to cause any trouble…” Fred paused from speaking to his son to see if you were listening.

“Don’t get caught,” he finished with a wink.

“Okay, you two. Give mum and dad some love,” you smiled, holding your arms open.

Your children attacked the two of you with hugs.

The Hogwarts train let out a hiss, signaling for everyone to get on.

“Here are your tickets. Stick together, be safe, and don’t go near the whomping willow!” You stressed, handing them their train tickets. They both gave you a strange look.

“You’ll know what she’s talking about when you get there,” Fred added.

The two of you watched your kids board the Hogwarts train. They waved goodbye as the train began to leave.

“Don’t forget to write!” You called out.

You let out a content sigh and rested your head on your husband Fred’s shoulder as he placed an arm around yours.

Your life had become wonderful. A few months after the battle, you married Fred. Not long after that, you had two beautiful children. Life was grand.

You gazed up at Fred and he smiled back down at you. He then gave you a sweet peck on the lips and the two of you watched as the train left the station.

Life couldn’t be better.

~The End~
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Keep The Change  [ J.T ]

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Request: 57 and 64 with Jason Todd please



56: “Are you flirting with me?”

64: “You’re so beautiful.”

From This Prompts List

Word Count: 


Tagging: @speedypan @alwaysinnarnia @just-a-girl-maybe @chuckennuggets1213

A/N: This is trash lol I’m sorry. It’s also really short lol. Also I’m thinking of writing a Dark! au for Dick soon–just an idea though and it’s totally irrelevant at the moment. Quick reminder; my requests are open so send them in!


“Are you flirting with me?” You blush, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear with a shy smile playing on your lips. Jason smiles, grazing his bottom lip with his pearly whites as he takes the hot cup of coffee that you had just sold to him.

“Of course. Who wouldn’t?” He shrugs, pulling out his wallet from his pocket. Jason takes pride in the new redness of your cheeks, his eyes following your every move. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Oh,” You mumble, your eyes dropping to the till as you quickly mumble the price of his drink. “But it’s quite the contrary actually.”

“What? Are you saying you’re not beau-”

“No, no,” You shake your head, your lips turning upwards at the corners. “I’m saying that a lot of people wouldn’t flirt with me, is all.”

“Well,” Jason says, placing the money on the counter in front of you. “I guess that’s an advantage on my end. Gives me more of a chance.”

You laugh, taking the change and placing the money in the drawer of the till you so often work with. You pull out the change needed to give him back, your eyebrows raising as he shakes his head, placing his hand on top of your own. The sound of your laugh sends a wave of a foreign sort of happiness through Jason’s body, his lips curving unintentionally.

“Keep the change.” He smirks. “Only if I can get your name, that is.”

“Y/N,” You reply, glancing at the change in your hand and then back to the insanely attractive man standing in front of you.

Jason smiles, mumbling his own name to you before taking a napkin from the holder in front of the till and pulling a pen out from the pocket of his leather jacket. He places it in front of you, leaning forward and placing is elbow on the surface of the counter, resting his chin in his hand. His blue eyes hold a cheeky glint as they rest on your own.

“What about your number?”

You smile sheepishly as you quickly glance to your boss, happily nodding as she gives you a wide grin and two thumbs up. You pick up the pen, quickly scribbling your number onto the napkin before handing it back to him.

Jason tucks the napkin into his pocket, his eyes trained on your own as he flashes you a smirk, adjusting the way his jacket sat on his shoulders. He holds his drink with a single hand, waving once with the hand that wasn’t being used. You watch him shove his wallet back into the back pocket of his jeans before he makes his way to the exit without saying a single word. Your eyes follow him to the door, your bottom lip finding it’s way between your teeth as a smirking Jason turns around and sends you a wink before disappearing from your sight.

Monsta X reacting to you feeling unconfident about your body.

Summary: How Monsta X would react to their partner telling them that they’re unconfident about their body.

A/N: Dealing with some body issues at the moment and needed some Monsta X comfort

[Remember, if you’re unconfident about yourself or need someone to talk, my inbox is always open~]

You walk into the bedroom and sit down on the bed next to him, a concerned look on your face. Shownu puts the book on the bedside table and looks at you, smiling at you. 

“Am I ugly?” You ask, genuinely meaning your words and looking down, squeezing your body fat. Shownu ironically laughs at your words and opens his arms. “Come here.” He says and you take the place on his lap, his arms wrapped around you. He places his head down on your shoulder and kisses it gently. “To me, you are more than perfect princess.”

He’s sitting in his work room when he hears your violent sobs coming from the bathroom. He takes off his headphones and slowly walks through the apartment, worrying about you.

He opens the door to the bathroom half-way and peaks at you through the mirror, your redened eyes looking at him. He lets out a silent sigh before entering the bathroom and kneeling down in front of you. “I’m so disgusting. Why are you even dating me?” You whisper loud enough for him to hear. Jooheon laughs at your silly words and reaches out to wipe the wetness off your cheek before lifting your head slightly. 
“I’m dating you so we can be the most disgusting couple that exsists babygirl~” He answers, winking at you smugly.

When he walks into your shared apartment, he sees you looking at your reflection in the mirror, the remaining tears glistening on your flushed cheeks. You look at yourself with a disgusted expression, your eyes focused on your stomach fat. Wonho slowly walks over, wrapping his arms around your hips from behind and smiling at you from behind. “Tell me, Y/N. What’s bothering you?” He asks, knowing you’re upset.

You let out a deep, frustrating sigh and lock eyes with his. “Why are you dating this disgusting person when you can date so much more beautiful fans?” You ask, feeling tears starting to prickle your eyes again. Wonho kisses your ear gently and whispers into it “Because to me, you’re that perfect fan.”

You’re out for dinner on valentines day together when Minhyuk notices you barely even touching your food and just stabbing the meat with your knive.

You’re on your way back to your apartment, your fingers intertwined when he stops in his step. He has thought about your eating behavior all through the night and it was starting to worry him. He turns to look at you, his eyes glistening in the moon light. “Why did you stop eating?” He asks and you just shrug, cold to his words. “I’m already ugly enough.” You answer. Minhyuk pulls you closer, his words dropping by the harsh words that escape your lips. He shakes his head, feeling his heart ache. “Jagiya, please don’t ever call something you’re not. It might end up hurting more than it has to..”

He watches you muster your outfit in the shop, really liking the way it compliments your curves and when he’s about to compliment you on it, you turn to the sellswoman and ask her for a bigger size. “I think this makes me look even fatter.” You say, your cheeks burning with fire. 

His heart drops when he hears you admit your body insecurities for the first time and leans in closer, not being able to comprehent what you just said. On your way back, he pulled you closer to his body, tears filling his eyes. “If I had any idea about the way you feel about yourself, I’d have told you every morning what I truly think of you. That you’re the most breathtaking women I’ve ever come across.”

You walk into the kitchen with an oversized hoodie and sweat pants and sit down across from him, hiding your face behind your hair and leaning down on the table. “Babe.” You say, gaining his attention. He looks at you lovingly. 
“What made you think that I’m the one?” You ask, your voice calm and quiet.

Kihyun thinks about it for a moment, seeing by your heartbreaking face that you’re worried about yourself. He places his large hand on top of yours and gently circles the back, smiling at you. “That you’re still the most sexy woman even in sweatpants and a large hoodie.”

“God I’m fat.” You whisper, looking at your body in disgust and feeling anxiety raise inside of you. Changkyun looks up from his laptop, his eyes widening by your words. 

He quickly raises from his chair and walks over to you, shaking his head at you in the mirror. “If I told myself I’m ugly often enough, of course I’d believe it some day.” He explains, growling at you and rolling his eyes. “And also, if you’re actually fat, would I be able to do this?” He asks, picking you up and spinning you around.

Love, Youngmi~

It Takes Time (Gang au)

A/n: I figured out how I want to do this series for now which is introducing each member on their own. So heres Jungkook first. It’s not very climatic right now. Also I’m sorry it’s so short I just wanted to get something out because its been a long time since I’ve last updated this whoops plus I’ve had some anons rushing (which I understand, I mean its literally been months.) Enjoy!


He threw you into the room and you landed on the cold floor. “Now stay here until someone comes to get you,” he turned and laughed, “if someone ever comes to get you.” Jimin shut the door and left. Out of sight out of mind for him. You backed up to the corner of the room, not staring up to meet the other girls. “H-hi I’m Neni but everyone calls me Pip-” Jimin barged back in and threw a piece of cloth at you which you realized was a dress. 

“Wh-what’s this?” You asked him. 

“Your new uniform!” He said cheekily. 

“Here? In front of everyone?” You asked softly. 

“Well yeah?,” he laughed, “do you see any other rooms? Unless you wanna change out in the hall? But if someone comes out I won’t stop them from touching you.” He looked down at you and grin. “So what’s it gonna be girly?“ You pointed to the door. 

"No-” Neni started saying but was cut off by Jimin, “Hey! Shut it!” He lifted his hand up to her to make her flinch then put it back down, “That’s what I thought. Now come on girly let’s get you changed.” He grabbed you by the arm and pulled you out. “Go ahead don’t be shy.” He shut the door behind you. You started taking off your shirt when Jimin started running up and down the hall slamming and banging against the walls yelling, “Fresh meat! Fresh meat! A cute little gal! Get it while it’s hot!” You realized you made a big mistake when men started coming out of their rooms. 

“Hey what’s all the ruckus?” A brown haired man asked as he rubbed his hair looking as if he just woke up. 

“Well Hobi and comrades, we have a new one with us today. It’s her first day, in fact, it’s her first hour.” Jimin answered. 

“So the freshest of the fresh I see.” An evil smirk popped up on his face. “Guess I better get to it before they do.” He walked faster towards you along with the other men. You quickly put your shirt back on and backed up against the wall at the end of the hall. Tears making their way down your face. All the men looked down at you like a group of hound dogs ready to attack. 

“She’s very pretty.” One said. 

“Yeah look at that hair.” Another spoke picking up a sliver of your hair. 

“Look at her curves. Wooh, mami let me getta slice of you?" 

They all kept saying sexual things about you, making you crying even harder. "Alright alright alright alright, that’s enough pigs. Go back to your room.” A man got in between you and the crowd but none of them listened. “NOW!” He yelled making everyone drag themselves back into their rooms and slam their doors.

“Man, Jungkook you’re no fun.” The guy named Hobi said while putting his hands against the back of his head and walking away nonchalantly. 

“And you’re a dick.” He said back, “Jimin she’s coming with me.”

“We gotta take it up with Namjoon first though?…" 

"I said she’s coming with me, so that means she’s coming with me.” He hovered over Jimin with his teeth clenched. Jimin put his hands up in surrender.

“Whatever man but if he comes by, I’m blaming you." 

"Yeah, yeah whatever wimp. Now come on.” He turned to you. “Stop crying and let’s go!” He waited for you to pick yourself up and wipe your sleeve against your face. You looked up at him to see his still face. He twirled back around and headed down the other side of the hall then took a right. You guys walked to the third door then entered. He closed the door then sat at the edge of the bed. You stood there, confused on what to do. “You could sit down if you want.” He said patting the bed. “If you wanna lay down take your shoes off okay?” You nodded in response. “Your not much of a speaker are you?” You shrugged making him chuckle. “Hey it’s okay, it’s just me. Jungkook! I just saved you, well kind of.”

“Kind of?” You questioned softly. 

“Even if I didn’t step in, Jimin wouldn’t have let anything happen to you. I mean I hope.” He put his head on his hand as if to think about it. “Nah, nah, he wouldn’t have. Well I mean if you haven’t done anything to him but I heard you’ve only been here for an hour so I don’t think you’ve fucked up already. Have you?” You shook you’re head furiously. “Didn’t think so. Waah you’re so pretty. What’d you do to get down here?" 

"M-my brother got into some trouble with another gang, a smaller one. They wouldn’t leave him alone and I didn’t know what to do so I tracked down Namjoon to help. I told him I’d repay him back for the damage but I couldn’t gather up all the money. So here I am, for exchange of my brothers freedom really.” Jungkook just stared at you with wide eyes. 

“That’s the most you’ve talked and your voice is so light and pretty.” You smiled and looked down. “Well I’m going to shower… don’t try to escape okay? It’s much worse out there than in here.” He grabbed a shirt and pajama pants from his drawer. “But if do escape, don’t get caught. They’ll take care of your family in front of you then you after… trust me, it’s not something you want to see…” he looked down and slowly walked to the bathroom that was connected to his room. He shut the door and ran the water. You took this as a chance to change your outfit and look around. There wasn’t a closet, just a drawer with a tv on it and a nightstand. The window above the bed had bars. 

“I’m being held captive…” you looked outside only to see crates next to crates next to crates. Behind them all was just forest. You took a peak into Jungkooks nightstand and found a small picture. It was of a lady with an older woman next to her and two kids in front of them. “Oh. That kind of looks like Jungkook.” You set it down and kept looking. Not much was in there and all the other drawers were filled with flimsy clothes. You’d think for a gangster they’d have better quality clothing but I guess this isn’t a fashion business. You heard the water shut off and quickly jumped onto the bed, sitting on the side closest to the wall. “I see you’re ready for me.” He smirked as he walked into the bedroom. “I’m just kidding I know Jimin had you wear that.” You nodded your head making it known you heard him. “So what do you wanna do?” He asked but all you did was shrug. “Uhm you wanna watch tv? Here.” He handed you the controller.

“No thank you.” You handed it back. 

“Okay then I’ll watched tv and you could just sleep?” You nodded. “Okay cool.” You laid down, not going anywhere near Jungkook. “Here.” He handed you a blanket. 

“Thank you.” You said softly.

The last thing you remember was falling asleep as Jungkook watched tv and now here you are up while he’s sleeping. You sat up a little and looked out the window, curling your knees up to your chest and hugging them. “I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry dad… I’m sorry Jay. I wish I could’ve done better for this family. I should’ve done better for this family. I got Jay away though… I hope you can look after him okay?” You felt a warm stream roll off your face. They wouldn’t stop coming and you started to breathe heavier. You couldn’t stop yourself from crying frantically. And that’s when you felt the body next to you start moving. He shifted his weight towards you. 

“Can you keep it down?” He said in a harsh tone. “I said shut it!” He raised his voice but you couldn’t stop. “Goddamn it! I’m trying to help you! But I can’t if you won’t let me sleep! I have to work tomorrow…” so you tried. You really did but all the loud sniffling and small squeaks irritated him. “That’s it!” He grabbed you by the back of your neck and slung you across the bed onto the floor. “You’re going back to the flower room!” He got up, still having a grip to your neck, squeezing it so you wouldn’t get out of his hold. He opened the door and walked down the hall. 

“No no please!” “I don’t want to go back there!” “My neck! My neck! Let go!” You shrieked, trying to grab at his hands. All your screaming woke some of the men up. They peeked their heads through their doors looking tired and disoriented. One caught your attention. You guys stared at each other for what seemed like a while but was only mere seconds. You were in too much pain to actually see any features to the male other than his eyes. 

“Brought her back already? Poor thing wasn’t up to your standards? Aish Jungkookie, maybe you need to stop being so rough!” Jimin smirked as he opened the door. “Let the bitch in.” He said with a slight bow and his hands gesturing towards the inside of the room. 

Jungkook threw you down on to the floor only to leave with one phrase, “I tried.”

anonymous asked:

Do you have a specific method for making sigils?

I do, yes. I’ve talked about it before - the old post can be found on @thesigilwitch [here] - but that is over two years old now, so I suppose I can update it, lol.

First, I come up with a statement of intent - a sentence that will dictate what my sigil does. All of my sigils are based off a sentence - I do not draw symbols without an intent or desire in mind, and if I do I don’t consider them sigils.

For an example intent, let’s go with “wellness and positive energy permeates my life.” This was a recent sigil I did, so I can give you examples of my steps.

I write that statement at the top of a piece of paper. I use all uppercase letters, because I think it adds more power, but that is a personal choice.

From there, I break down the statement, make it more abstract, by removing any duplicate letters. I only want one of each letter occurring in the sentence. Some people say to remove the vowels as well, but I like to keep them - it adds more variety to the shapes I can use when making my sigils. Thus, my intent of “wellness and positive energy permeates my life” ends up looking like “welnsadpoitvrgymf.” Try pronouncing that, lol.

The next step, for me at least, is to break down those letters further into their basic shapes. A W becomes \ / \ /, e would be | - - -, and so on. (Again, I always use uppercase letters when doing this.) This gives me more building blocks to create my sigils with, and more variety for their creation. I don’t like my sigils to look like a bunch of letters thrown together - I prefer it to be more abstract, and it is more visually appealing to me that way. When I break down the letters, I tend to only draw one of each shape, instead of all the individual lines and curves. So, doing that, “welnsadpoitvrgymf” becomes | \ / - ~ ) ◯ ( .

At this point, the top of my sigil sheet looks like this:

I often glance at that when I am actually sketching my sigils, to use it as a focus and help reinforce the intent in my mind.

Now that I have that done, I start sketching. Sometimes I use the pieces of the letters, sometimes I use the whole letters, sometimes I use neither and just wing it. There have even been cases where I combine some or all of those techniques for one sigil. It mostly comes down to what I “feel” the sigil needs. In certain cases, that means attempting new creation methods, which tend to be some I have found posted by others here on Tumblr. For the most part, however, I stick to my creation method, if it can even be called that lol.

However I decide to draw the sigil, I do a few sketches of different designs until I get one I like, which means it has to aesthetically appeal to me. Sometimes this happens in one sketch, sometimes it takes two or three (the average). I once filled two sides of a sheet of paper with like 16 sigils for the same intent, which took over an hour, and I still didn’t like any of them. I learned that it was important that the sigil looks good to you, because it connects it to you on a personal level - much the same way I believe it is important to like how a tarot deck looks. That may not be true for all, but it is true to me now.

The sketch page for the sigil “wellness and positive energy permeates my life” looked like this when I was done:

Generally, I don’t keep drawing after I find a design I like. I typically star the one I plan on keeping and using. I didn’t on this page; however, I went over the design a few times to solidify the lines exactly how I wanted them. The final design is the one on the top right, this one:

However, when I drew that particular design, I had the page flipped, so it technically should look like this:

As you can see, there are erase marks from where I tried lines out, but decided I didn’t like in the end. I don’t feel that has any impact on the sigil’s effectiveness.

The one right next to it was the first one I drew, and I almost went with that one as the final design, but I was concerned it looked too much like a very infamous racist symbol, so I passed on it. I was told it didn’t; however, since I had those negative connotations already in my mind and associated with that design, I felt it would be and for me to go with it in the end.

At that point, the sigil is ready to be used. However, I tend to make digital copies of my sigils, because I do post them online for other people’s use. This sigil was actually made for an intent suggested by a friend.

I either scan the page to upload my sigil, or I take a crappy picture with my cell phone and email it to myself. Either way, I get it on my computer and open it with Paint Tool SAI. From there, I redraw the sigil, which also adds another element of aesthetic to it, because I really enjoy how clean and sharp the sigils look when done with the line tool in SAI. 

When the sigil is made digital, I tweak some of the lines a bit further to keep them looking exactly as I want, how I intended the design to look in the first place, even though it may not have come across so well on the page. I also like to play around with line thickness.

Mostly the sigils are made transparent, with a white glow around the edges for visibility purposes; sometimes I create simple color backgrounds with the color corresponding to the sigil’s intent. It depends on what I feel like doing with it. 

When I post them online, they tend to get watermarks, if I can remember to do it. For a while they didn’t, because you can’t create text layers in SAI, but I have Photoshop back now, so I’ve begun utilizing the watermarks again.

The final version of this sigil ended up like this:

Now that I look at it again, the large curve needs fixing, lol. 

And that is how I make my sigils! I dunno if I needed to go so in-depth, but here it is. I hope you made it all the way to the end, and I hope it helps you, or provides inspiration for your own method, or whatever. I don’t really know why you asked me this tbh. But you know, enjoy!

Lipstick stains | Wonho (2)

Genre: fluff

Synopsis: Blond hair and pouty lips pulled into an insanely attractive smile but the first thing you notice on his face are lipstick stains.

Author’s note: finally~ sorry for such a long wait.

It has become a routine for you and your best friend to meet up every Sunday morning for breakfast or brunch. It began when you were children. It initially started off as study date together but now it has become almost like a tradition. So you are here at a newly opened cafe near your studio. Sipping your latte in disappointment. Not too long ago, your best friend texted you saying that she couldn’t make it because her boss has called her into work extra hours as a punishment for leaving early from work on Friday. A sigh left your lips as you scroll mindlessly on phone with a bored expression. If you would’ve known that your friend was going ditch you today, you would’ve bought your sketchbook or a novel to read. Since this cafe opened not so long ago near your studio, you come here very often. The unique interior caught your attention and your love the desserts they serve. You’d spend your mornings here just relaxing before going to your studio.

Another sigh left your lips as your eyes shift to your untouched slice raspberry cheesecake then back to your phone. You want to tell your best friend about Hoseok. She sounded so excited when you had told her about how you had a little adventure after you left the bar. Ugh. You hate her boss!


You were reading an article on your phone when the chair across from you scrapes against the floor, causing you to jolt and break your focus. Startled, you look up. Wide eyes and mouth agape as blond hair and handsome face with an attractive smile came into view. “Wonho!” you stare at him surprised as he chuckles at your reaction and waves at you. You weren’t expecting to see him here.

“What are you doing here?” you ask, keeping your phone aside and leaning forward. You tried to stop a smile from dancing on your lips.

“This means my gut feeling is right!” Hoseok ignores your question and smirks at you. You lean back into your chair and narrow your eyes suspiciously at him “Too soon. I think you’re stalking me” you tried to smirk back but it just turned into a smile. You’d be lying if you said you said you aren’t happy to see him. He ran his fingers through his blond hair. They look so soft and fluffy. “Or maybe it’s just destiny that brought us together” He winks at you. You pull a face at his cheesy line and shook your head.

You let your eyes scan Hoseok. His blond hair looks prettier and brighter in the daylight.  You can see his face a lot clearer now under the bright light. Hoseok is very handsome. Or more like drop dead gorgeous. You have seen tons of handsome men but Hoseok beats them all. He’s stunning. His warm coffee brown eyes set on you and his pouty pink lips pulled into a beautiful smile. This attire is different from before. White formal shirt and black pants replaced with a casual black oversized hoodie and denim jeans.

“Are you here alone?” Hoseok asks, his resting his pretty face on his sweater paws that were tugged under his chin. “I was supposed to be here with a friend but not anymore,” You tell him. He could see the disappointment that flashed on your face for a brief moment.

“Rubbish” Hoseok snorts and you look at him confused. Did he just snort at you?  “I’m here” He adds with a wide grin and then wiggles his eyebrows at you, his hand gesturing his glorious presence. You roll your eyes and shook your head “You’re not my friend” you say but Hoseok ignores you again. He leans forward scoops a spoonful of your raspberry cheesecake and shoves it in his mouth. Chewing on it blissfully, Hoseok points the spoon at you and gives you a shit eating grin “I am now” and you couldn’t help but laugh.

You met Hoseok so often you began thinking he was actually following you. Turns out the manager of the cafe, Kihyun is Hoseok’s friend and he also works near your studio. Coïncidence. You also began to learn about Hoseok. Shin Hoseok is 23-year-old gym trainer in the morning and works as a host in the nights. He used to be roommates with Kihyun but now he lives in alone in his apartment.

The other things you learnt about Hoseok is that he’s vanilla. He’s not what he looks like. Shin Hoseok is a 5-year-old stuck in a man’s body. The smallest things get him excited and giddy like a child. He cries about almost everything, He cries when he talks about his family and friend and cries every time you mention your mother who passed away when you were 14. Hoseok is kind and caring. He’s the sweetest and the most adorable person you’ve ever met. He loves his friends and family a with all his heart, seeing them upset makes him upset too and he’ll do anything to make them happy. You always have to double take to see whether this is the same flirty Hoseok who took you home that night.

When Hoseok is not being a grown man in a bunny suit, he fucks around. In all literal sense. He walks into your studio covered in bruises and smelling like different women every morning. He doesn’t remember the name of half of the girls he has slept with. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve walked into him making out with some random girl at the bar and you have to drag his ass home because he’s drunk out of his mind. You guessed this is the Wonho side of him.

When you asked him why he works at the host club when being a gym trainer pays him well, he has said that he enjoys making women happy. You didn’t ask him anything after that and he didn’t look like he wants to answer any more questions about it. Shin Hoseok is also a kind of man that does not believe in relationships and commitments. He says he likes to be free and doesn’t want to be tied down.

Another thing you have learnt is that he treats you differently. He calls you his closest friend and around you, he can be himself without worrying about being called over sensitive. You never understood why anyone would want to call him any of that because you love spending time with him no matter what he does. He makes you happy and brings the best out of you. He’s an amazing person and you know you can rely on him. Something you don’t usually do.

“So how your daddy dearest search for a suitor going?” Hoseok asks. He was currently devouring the fruits in the fruit basket you always keep in your studio. You looked up from your sketchbook and grinned “Horrible” you replied.

Hoseok guides you to get rid of the assholes your father sets you up with, without making it look as though you rejected them. Recently he told you to take your blind date to the nightclub. The next day you found your blind date sleeping naked next to the handsome bartendender from the club. He told you it was love at first sight and now you have become his friend that helped him find the love of his life. It was such an entertainment for you. Hoseok has become your life saviour.

“When is your father going to stop?” He pops a grape into his mouth and leans forward to take a peek of what you’re drawing. His lips pull into a wide grin. You’re drawing him. You sigh and then went back to your sketchbook “Hard to tell. Probably if I date a guy he absolutely despises” you said matter-a-factly as you watch Hoseok pop another grape into his mouth chewed it happily. You make a mental note to keep more grapes in your fruit basket. “Then why don’t you do that?” He looks at you as if you are stupid. “Where will I find such a guy?” you snatch the grape from between his fingers and pop it into your mouth. Hoseok pouts and narrows his eye at you “Tell me what kind of guy he hates and I’ll help you look for him” He offers.

You licked your lower lip and leaned back into your chair. This idea might actually work. Biting onto the back your pencil, you watched the blond rampage through your fruit basket for more grapes but gives up and decides to eat a banana. The ends of your lips curve into a dangerous smirk. An idea popped into your mind.



You snatch the banana from his hand and toss it into the bin close by. You don’t mind when he’s eating (which is all the time) but he pays only half attention to anything around him when he is. Pulling your chair close to him “My father hates you!” you announce cheerfully. Grinning do wide your cheeks would tear. Hoseok frowns “Wow. thanks” he looks longingly at his half eaten banana lying in the trash can.

You roll your eyes and grab the ends of your chair, sliding towards Hoseok who is looking at you deadpanned. Cupping his face in small palms, you look into his eye “My father hates you. If you pretend to be my boyfriend for awhile. Dad will be so annoyed that he’ll forbid me from dating anyone and eventually stop his search!” Wide smile and eyes twinkling with delight, you wait for his reply. Hoseok just looks at you as if you grew another head right in front of his eyes. “No. You’re crazy” He pulls away from your grasp.

“But it’s a brilliant idea!” You whine.

“No. It’s a very bad idea and I’m not going go through with it” He answers firmly wearing as he moves to the other side of the sofa. You cross your arms over your chest and pout at him “Why not?”

Hoseok lets out a sigh and presses the bridge of his nose with two fingers “Because my friend Minhyuk did the same thing with his girlfriend and now he’s stuck in his huge mess with her family. I don’t want to be a part of that kind of a mess” He points an accusing finger at you “So no. I’m not going to pretend you be you boyfriend” Hoseok adds and pulls the large fruit basket over his lap.

You stomp your legs on the ground and flare your arms “But Hoseok!” You whined again trying your best to throw a small tantrum. But you ended up looking like a monkey. You bit your lower lip angry when Hoseok just ignores you and resumes his rampage through the fruit basket, mumbling something about keeping more strawberries. Head tilting back you slide down your chair. You’ll just have to find a new way of stopping your father’s stupid venture.

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Accusations || Jungkook

Request - hi! can i request a jungkook angst where jungkook keep accusing the reader is cheating when she’s not and later he regretted it? thankyou 😊    

Pairing - Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre - Fluff, Angst

Summary - You’re met your best friend after years of separation, and you continue to meet him. This particularly pisses Jungkook off.

Jungkook came over to you on the couch as you smiled up at him. With the bowl of popcorn in his hand the movie ready to watch, he settled down next to you as you snuggled up to him, wrapping your arms around his waist as he placed the popcorn on his lap.

Both of you were munching on the popcorn, intent gazes on the screen as his hand absent mindedly ran the length of your arm in a comforting motion, when you heard your phone ring. You immediately reached out for it and you didn’t have to see the caller ID to know it was your best friend.

‘Taehyung, hi!’ You squealed, Jungkook’s hand stopping mid way on your arm. You didn’t notice this and simply took his hand off yours and placed it on his lap before leaving the room and going into the bedroom, to talk to him.

Jungkook huffed as the movie went on, the scene being a steamy kiss being exchanged between the two actors.
‘And I thought I’d make out with her,’ He rolled his eyes. It was the umpteenth time this week that you would always - outside and inside the house - answer the call some place where Jungkook wasn’t there.

He heard you laugh really loud, and he felt a pang of jealousy heavily coursing through his blood. Were you even paying attention to him? Did he even matter to you?

He had had enough and was ready, standing up front the couch, making his way to the door of the bedroom, when you opened it. You jumped a little at the sudden appearance of him.

'Oh, you scared me there,’ You giggled before walking past him.

'Fucking unbelievable.’ Jungkook mumbled under his breath as you sat down on the couch. You looked over to him and sent a smile to his direction, 'Not watching?’

He literally stormed through, thundering steps taken as he made his way in front of the T.V before switching it off and turning to face you. You sat up, very alarmed by his actions.

'You okay, Jung-’

'No. I’m not fucking okay.’ He said through clenched teeth. You stood up and attempted to make your way through to him.

'Jungkook why are you-’ He stopped you in your tracks with a hand in the air. He glared at you, like he wanted you dropping dead right then.

'Are you going to meet that guy later?’ He asked, his voice low but very firm. Your eyebrows furrowed slightly as you answered him.

'Jungkook, really, is that-’

'ARE YOU, OR ARE YOU NOT MEETING THAT DOUCHEBAG?’ He yelled, making you flinch. In the entirety of your relationship with him, he had never let his anger take over him. This was new, and it scared the utter hell out of you. You stayed at your place, but Jungkook could tell you wanted to run away from him.

'I am,’ You said and his expression changed in a flash, like that which resembled a strangely victorious look.

'So, you’re seeing him behind my back aren’t you?’ He smirked, and for a mere second, you thought he was crazy.

'What? No, Jungkook. He’s just my best friend.’ You tried to reason, but he began laughing.

'Best friend, my ass. How many times have you gone out with him already, Y/N? Enough to start dating him? Enough to break up with me?’ He asked, but he didn’t have the smirk on. He just simply looked at you.

You shook your head vigorously, desperate to get him to listen to you.

'No, no, no, Jungkookie. I’m not cheating on you, trust me!’ Your eyes at the brink of tears as you knew your relationship was literally hanging on the edge of a cliff at the moment.

'Being an Idol, is hard, Y/N. I’m dating you during the peak of my career. And to top it all off, the fans are either celebrating that fact, or creating a ruckus. Right now, I can’t help but really believe the fact that you’re with me because of the fame-’

'JEON JUNGKOOK!’ You yelled, the tears breaking free from the confinement of your eyes. He didn’t flinch, but he knew you were mad. You never used his full name unless so.

You glared at him while he stared daggers at you.

'I have stayed up late into the nights waiting for you to return, praying that you are still healthy and not injured. I have let you hang out in clubs, trusting you that you will still come back to me. And you fucking accuse me of using you for your fame? You’re fucking cheap, Jungkook.’ You snapped, and immediately turned around to leave.

Jungkook stood there, his face still curved into a frown. He refused to listen to what you just said, as his consciousness drowned in thoughts of you leaving him. He heard the door close with a loud bang, before he dropped to the floor.

He groaned as he rubbed his head with his hands, unable to think straight.

You weren’t home yet, by the time he had woken up from the nap he ended up taking as he cried on the couch earlier that afternoon. He was beginning to feel the unfamiliar feeling of regret and guilt claw at his stomach as he anticipated your return.

By midnight, you weren’t back, and this worried Jungkook beyond all thoughts. Just as he decided to get out and search for you, his phone began ringing in his pocket.

The moment he saw the caller ID, he answered it, 'Y/N, oh my god, I’m so sorry for saying all those things to you, I though something happened to you, where are you baby?’

'Um..’ A male voice responded, getting Jungkook confused than ever. He checked the caller ID to make sure it was you and when he did, he heard the person speak again.

'Yeah, my name is Taehyung,’ Jungkook heard labored breaths coming from the other end and the worst thoughts slipped themselves into his mind. He stayed quiet and let your friend speak.

'Dude, I’m really sorry but- Y/N.. Y/N is in the hospital. She was in an accident.’


Hope you liked it :))))))

P.S - There will be NO second part for this.

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bucketofbarnes  asked:

Hi! For the softer world prompt... Shiro/Ulaz & 32? :D :D :D

(Wondering what this is?  This is the 800 Followers Special!  Find out more here.  These requests are now closed.  Don’t wanna see these because there’s a lot of them coming over the next couple of weeks?  Blacklist ‘800 Followers Special’.  Hate reading on Tumblr?  These will be going on AO3 as ‘This Paradox Place’ a couple of days after posting.  Thanks to Xagrok for betaing!)

I think you are beautiful and I would like to kiss you. I can think up some clever lines, if you’d prefer. But I wanted to say that, first. (None of those lines seemed to be about you or me.)

Ulaz was strange.

At first, Shiro thought it was just alien strangeness.  After all, he was still often blindsided by some of the differences between Alteans and Humans, who were much closer in form.

But then Allura kept giving Ulaz wild looks, different from the constant, cold glares she’d been shooting him.  It was something a relief, because there was only so many times he could repeat we can trust him before he wanted to throw his hands up and scream.  They fought the same battle over and over, with Shiro backing Ulaz and being proven right, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Now, though, something had changed.  Allura’s glares had dried up, replaced with expressions like she’d been slapped, and then like she wanted to lie down.

Which got Shiro concerned.

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Harbor In the Tempest (3/5)

After an attack by the Lost Boys, Emma and Killian find themselves in an impossible situation. Canon divergence from 3x07.

A/N: This chapter is the reason I wanted to write this fic in the first place. Please don’t kill me. Endless gratitude to @caprelloidea for letting me yell at you about this.

Rating: T

Word Count: 4272

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 4

AO3 |

The sun slowly crawls across the sky, passing its zenith and giving way to soft late-afternoon light. Neither Killian nor Emma really know what to do with themselves, and they fall into an odd type of silence the likes of which he’s never felt before. It’s not exactly uncomfortable, not even sitting as closely as they are, not even with the full weight of what’s happening to her hanging between them. It’s not uncomfortable but defeated, like waiting for a ship to slowly sink on the open sea.   

Every time he’s lost someone it’s happened quickly, going far beyond just Liam and Milah. Crewmen lost in battle or knocked overboard in violent tempests, first mates taken down by a knife fight in a tavern, a father gone without warning in the middle of the night. Death and loss are abrupt, sudden things for him, a simple flick of a wrist and a severed hand.

This is new. He knows what’s happening as well as she, both of them helpless to do any more than listen to the cliff up above, hoping for the sound of her parents or Regina coming through the woods overhead and frightened that it will never come. That’s new for him too, the fear crawling up his spine, an emotion that hasn’t seized him so completely in centuries.

For awhile he contemplates taking her hand again, lacing his fingers with hers to keep them warm, give her something to hang onto. He eventually decides against it. She’d accepted his touch earlier, even seemed to welcome it when he placed his hand to her forehead. But a sort of grim acceptance seems to have come over her ever since Pan’s visit, and he’s reluctant to try and talk much - he knows the topic of conversation would likely drift into unpleasantness soon enough.

He doesn’t know how to be there for her, but he aches to try.

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