the cursed memoir

books I want to re-read


Not sure if I ever shared my Fatal Frame collection on here. And if I already did my bad! 

In the pic
All Fatal Frame games in English and Japanese
Spirit Camera in English and Japanese
Fatal Frame movie (it was meh)
North American 3DS XL and a Japanese New 3DS XL

Books & Cupcakes August Book Photo Challenge 

August Day 2: TBR Pile

These are just some of the books I own, that I still have to read. And a light up jelly fish. :)


Kindof really want this~

Didn’t realise it was out so soon, otherwise I’d have saved money to preorder or send someone to get me it. :CC

Anyone of y'all played it? Pretty sure it’s been out for a while everywhere but here~ > w> How was it?