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(Unpopular?) Opinion: Amethyst deserves her own big solo song. Garnet's got "Stronger than You" and Pearl's got "It's Over, Isn't It?" The only solo song Ame's got so far is "Tower of Mistakes," and that didn't have nearly as much of an impact on the fandom as the other two.


I also really wanna see an Amethyst and Steven duet- have them singing out their issues together! I just really love both their singing voices, and it’s been a while since either of them really got to do it.

I  was thinking about how Lapis got cheated out of a proper character arc, and how she stays on earth only because she has no other choice. Unlike Peridot, she never chose earth over Homeworld, never made the conscious decision to turn against everything she’d known, never had a proper motive other than necessity for defending the earth and siding with the Crystal Gems.

And then I realized… neither did Amethyst.

She was born after the Rebellion. She sided with the only Gems remaining on earth. She had no way of getting to Homeworld, and even if she did, she would be shattered, first for being associated with the rebels, and then for being defective. In the theme song, Garnet, Pearl and Steven state ideological reasons for fighting for earth; Garnet fights for freedom, Pearl to preserve Rose’s vision of equality, and Steven to protect the planet in all its life.

And Amethyst? “The earth is everything I’ve ever known.” Not that isn’t an equally valid reason, but it’s notably different from the others. This doesn’t make her selfish - it makes her smart and self-preserving, but it also makes her values and beliefs less clearly stated, as well as her alignment.

I’ve said before how much I wished this had been more of a focus of Amethyst’s character - considering defecting to Homeworld and doubting the earth, or taking the opposite path and wishing she had fought in the Rebellion and truly “earned” her place in the Crystal Gems, and envying Pearl, Garnet and Peridot, who had proven they had the courage to leave everything behind to protect the earth. There’s SO MUCH room for character development here, and not just with Amethyst, as she and Lapis share this trait. They could have bonded over it, or argued over differing views of it, or not interacted at all, and just had it addressed separately in their own arcs.

Either way, being robbed of personal choice in the matter of defending earth is a big part of both Lapis and Amethyst’s stories, and I so wish it been addressed.

(Also, semi-related, but this means Lapis is just as much a Crystal Gem as Amethyst is, even if she never officially stated it, because y'know what? Neither did Amethyst, really.)

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Hey Manda have you seen SliceofOtaku new theory video "Amethyst and Holly Blue Agate Closer Than You Think!?" If so thoughts?

I watched the video earlier, and lemme tell you- HELL YES.

Quick summary for the folks who haven’t seen the video; it was talking about how Amethyst’s whip is incredibly rare for an Amethyst, as it’s a symbol of keeping in charge and holding the ranks, and how that could translate into her possibly leading the Famethyst one day.

There’s much more to it, of course, and here’s a link to the video for those interested. (I’m not gonna spoil an entire theory video for ya’ll- that’s not fair to the creator) 

I haven’t said much on the topic of Amethyst’s arc as of late, mostly because I didn’t know where it was going. Now that Amethyst has Steven, what was next? Confront the Gems? That’s not her style. Reform Jasper? I’m betting on her being a key player, but that will be Jasper’s arc, not just her’s. 

I was waiting for Tiger Philanthropist, seeing how it sounds like a possible Amethyst-Steven-Smoky Quartz episode (wrestling was coined as their thing season one), before making any real remarks either way.

And this… this would be epic!

The Famethyst deserve a great leader, and while I like Holly Blue (pleasegetaredemptionarcpleasgetaredemptionarcpleasegetaredemptionarc) she certainly ain’t it. If they end up on Earth permanently (PLEASE LET THE FAM AND THE RUBIES LIVE ON EARTH) they’ll need someone Earth-savy to help them find their place- their Ohana, so to speak- who knows how they think and how they learn. 

Who better than Amethyst?

Amethyst herself has far outgrown her original immaturity. She loves a good prank, as always, but she’s done so much for the Crystal Gems. Just look at the Week of Sardonyx alone. It would be an amazing turnout for her to become leader of the Fam.

It’d also be a great learning experience for the Famethyst. The moment they see her whip, they’ll see her as their leader. But Amethyst wouldn’t accept that. She wouldn’t accept anything having to do with Homeworld’s teachings in comparison to her.

They won’t put her in charge because of her whip. They’ll put her in charge because she’s their Littlest Sister and they believe in her.

Damnit, I’ve fallen in love with Leader Amethyst…. give me more….

(Also, on an off note… imagine Pearl and Garnet’s reaction to Leader Amethyst. Like holy cow when did our Amethyst get old enough to lead a mini-rebellion… we’re so proud of her….)

  • Albus: I don't have a thing for older women!
  • Albus: (muttering under his breath) I don't have a thing for women at all.
  • Scorpius: What was that?
  • Albus: NOThiNg. I SAID N OT H I NG.
Figuring Out Poly

(@smudgedtoon gave me the idea of ‘How about the troubles of being poly especially if its new ground’ So I wrote this.)

Relationships were a weird thing for gems.

Back on homeworld they weren’t really a thing. They happened sometimes, sure. But it would be rather subdued because frankly they would just get in the way of work.

And ever since the whole Garnet… thing thousands of years ago, different gem relationships were really frowned upon. You either had to prove you would never ever fuse, or just break up.

With that said, a gem poly relationship was just unheard of.

But that’s what Amethyst had told Peridot and Lapis. It was human thing, and Peridot insisting on not being able to choose between the two of them almost exploded when excitement when she realized there was a possibility of being able to have both.

Lapis and Amethyst were unsure, but really how in the stars do you say no to Peridot when she was being adorable and happy.

When they told Steven, he was excited. But hearing Lapis and Amethyst made him worry. It seemed more that they both were just in this for Peridot and weren’t very comfortable together.

Despite both of them insisting they were fine, Steven wouldn’t hear it.

“Guys. The whole point of a relationship is to be happy with the person, or people, you’re with. It’s not just about what makes Peridot happy. It’s about what makes all of you happy.”

Lapis sighed “But not doing this forces Peridot to choose. And she doesn’t want to do that. So that’ll make her and the gem she doesn’t choose unhappy.”

“Yeah.” Amethyst added “And if we don’t have any relationships, all of us will be unhappy.”

“And Amethyst and I have learned to…” The blue gem thought for a moment “Tolerate each other enough to not totally hate the situation. Given the circumstances, this is the best case scenario.”

“AND if we just place Peridot in the middle, we can pretend the other’s not there.”

“But you guys ARE there.”

Amethyst placed a hand on Steven’s shoulder “Look buddy. It’s nice of you to care and junk, but there really just isn’t a better way.”

“What if… You don’t just ‘tolerate’ each other. It seems you really only hang out when Peridot is around. What if you got some time to talk together alone. Try and become friends.”

“Steven…” Lapis wringed her hands together “I don’t know if that’ll work. We’re both really different from one another.”

“Well, um… You both like Peridot. And you both like me. And you both like jokes. And you both like Earth.”

“And you’re both high class gems.”

Hearing Peridot’s voice made the other three almost jump out of their skin. When she really got into her tablet, she could practically disappear.

“Well, class doesn’t really matter on Earth.” Amethyst flopped on the couch “Besides, I’m small.”

“Sure. But it’s still apart of you two. Even if it doesn’t matter to you anymore. And even if you are small.”

“See? You already have a ton in common. And I’m sure there’s more. If you just got to know each other better.”

“Fine.” Lapis unfolded her arms “I’m sure we can at least not wring each other’s necks for a couple of hours.”

All three looked at Amethyst. Two hopeful and one uncaring. “Yeah. What’s the worst that can happen?”

“Good.” Steven grabbed Peridot’s hand. “I can help Peridot with her powers to give you some privacy.” And with that, they were gone.

“So. What are we supposed to do?” The shorter of the two asked while the taller took a seat next to her.

“I’m not sure.”

“Well, how do you and Peridot get so close? You were able to go from hatred to head over heels for her. Obviously, something went right.”

“I’m not head over-“ Lapis was shut up by Amethyst lifting an eyebrow teasingly “Ok. Maybe a little.” She shrugged “I started warming up to her after the baseball thing. And then that whole thing with Jasper happened. I just really needed someone by my side. And she was there. Right by my side.” She glanced over at Amethyst “What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Well, you went from always trying to prevent her plans to being head over heels. What happened?”

“I know she’s told you about the drill. That just like gave us some time to get to know one another. Show her the beauty of Earth. Have her become a crystal gem. All that junk.” She shrugged. “One day I realized I didn’t see her as a friend anymore and started crushing pretty hard.”

Lapis eyes went wide as she scooted away from Amethyst “Crushing?!”

“Oh! No. It is so not what you think. A crush is a human thing where you like someone, but don’t know if they like you back.”

“Oh.” Lapis hand rested on her chest “Thank stars.”

“Yeah. Don’t worry. I won’t shatter her or anything.”

“I didn’t think so. I just…” Lapis slightly laughed in relief. “You scared me.”

Amethyst chuckled “Well I am pretty strong.” She flexed, which got one of the biggest eye rolls from Lapis.

“So.” Lapis was uneasy to break the calm state they had. The teasing friend-like state. But there was something that needed to said “We both have something else in common.”

“Yeah? What’s that?”


“I never fused with her.”

“Well yeah, but she still got to you. Trust me, when I saw you before you three went off to go fight her… I just. I recognized myself in you.”

“Heh. It was almost like we switched places.”

Lapis laughed slightly “Seriously.”

“Ya’ know. She’s not all bad. She just… Had different views on Earth and junk. She just wanted revenge. Which to be honest I can’t go around bashing on her for that considering how I’ve been lately.”

Lapis watched her hand as she ran her finger over her thumb “I guess so.”

Amethyst placed a hand on Lapis’s arm “Not saying she didn’t do bad junk. I don’t expect you to forgive her.”

“Well, Malachite was my fault too.” Lapis heaved a heavy sigh a slumped back against the couch “And now she’s trapped in a bubble. Good. She needs the break. At least she won’t be conscious to know she’s trapped.”

“Is that the opposite of what the mirror was like?” Amethyst cursed herself for asking the minute the question came out. “I mean…”

“No. It’s fine.” She pressed on her different body parts to keep her in the knowledge that she wasn’t trapped anymore. “And yeah. I constantly knew what was happening and going on but could never do anything about it.”

“I’m sorry. We knew there was a gem in there. We just never figured… We never thought… We didn’t know what to do.” Amethyst looked down, guilty. “So we just used you for your purpose.”

Lapis shut her eyes “Can we talk about literally anything else?”

“Right. Sorry.”

“It’s fine. I’ve learned telling the most personal stuff can really bring you closer to someone.” She opened her eyes and sat up straight again. “Just, I need to keep it in small doses.”

“Yeah. I get it.”

“What about you? Anything you hate about your life.”

Amethyst shrugged “I’m small I guess. My existence is what started the war. Well, not me personally. But my kindergarten. I’m trying to get over it. And I think I pretty much am. But…”

“Every once in a while, it hits you like a ton of bricks?”



There was a short pause.



“Do you think that we may be too much for Peridot?”

Lapis lifted an eyebrow “What do you mean?”

“Like, we both seem to be recovering from some pretty hard stuff. I know she wants to help. But can she really handle both of our burdens? Can she even handle one of our burdens?”

Lapis thought for a bit. “Well, she doesn’t have to be here now. And we’re both pretty heavy at the moment. Maybe one of us can help her help the other and vice versa. And she doesn’t always have to be around.”

Amethyst nodded, letting it sink in. “And she’s great at helping us. Lord knows what she’s done to help us. But, sometimes the best person to heal is someone who’s been hurt too. Just to have someone to relate to.”

“So. What does this make us?”

“I think we can both date Peridot. And date each other. Like, we might like Peridot more than one another. But this feels more than toleration for Peridot’s sake. Like we can actually be around each other alone without it being awkward.”

“Just like Steven wanted.” Lapis chuckled at the realization of how right the boy always seemed to be.

Amethyst slightly chuckled too “Yeah. Hey, do you wanna kiss? Just to feel what it’s like. Peridot seems to like kissing both of us.”

Lapis shrugged “Sure. Why not?” She turned her body to face the purple gem and they both leaned in for a sweet and gentle kiss. Both pulling away with a feeling of ‘That didn’t suck too much. We could do that sometimes.’

“Well, this should make Steven and Peridot happy.” Amethyst stood up and reached her hand down to help Lapis up, who gladly accepted.

“It better. It got too deep in here not to.”

With that, they joined the other two outside.

Talk Dirty To Me

Steven takes it upon himself to teach Lapis and Peridot Earth slang when he worries they’re not fitting in with humans. The lessons are going well until Amethyst finds out and abuses their eagerness to learn more about the intricacies of the English language by offering “advanced courses.” How will Beach City react when the naïve Lapidot duo is unleashed with a full arsenal of curse words?

Smoky is twice the brash outburts (listen Steven may be more polite but if he’s just relaxing he has no filter), twice the mom-d Gem, and has Amethyst’s adult tongue and language.

So just imagine Smoky (with teenager Steven) preparing to beat up some droids and in the midst of the adrenaline presenting all three middle fingers, screeching “YOU MOTHERFUCKERS READY TO BE SHATTERED!”, and then collectively freezing, mid-battle leap, slapping two hands across their mouth while the third reaches to join, eyes the size of balloons. Pearl has magically heard them, and nobody in the Quartz household is allowed to curse. None of them. 


“oh, shit.”


“That was bad.”

“YOU SEE!?!?!?!?!”