the curse of shiva

I’ll Just Take a Sickie

Request: Negan dropped all of his wives for Talia, an Australian beauty who is a killer marksman and fighter. Based around the events of the season finale.

Author’s notes: I am not Austrailan so I did my best with the slang. I’ve never had to write based on an actual episode, so I hope I did alright. Enjoy!

warnings: cursing, Smut, blood, death

Talia stood watching Negan speak to Sasha. His tone stern, but jovial. It made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. She watched as he bent down and his shirt rose and showed a small patch of skin. When he finally finished his meeting and came out, she felt like she could jump him right there.

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mythologicalnet event: Love Deities

*In Hindu mythology Parvati, another form of Shakti, is the wife of Shiva and the mother of the Gods: Ganesha and Kartikeya.  

One day, when Parvati was only eight years old, her father, Himavan, took her to see Lord Shiva. From birth, Parvati had always been very spiritual. She always wanted to know about God, so she was thrilled to see Lord Shiva. But Lord Shiva was in a meditative consciousness and he did not pay any attention to the little girl.

After that first encounter, Parvati used to come every day to see Lord Shiva. She would offer him fresh flowers, hoping that one day he would open his eyes and speak to her. In the back of her mind, she had formed the idea that this was the man she wanted to marry.

The days became years and Parvati grew into a beautiful young woman. Still Shiva remained absorbed in his eternal trance. How could anybody disturb Shiva’s trance? Once he enters into trance, he enjoys the highest and deepest bliss. So why should he come back?

One day, Parvati confided to her father, “I really want to marry Lord Shiva. He is meditating and meditating. How I wish that I could also meditate like him!

Himavan was very sad that Shiva was not paying any attention to his beautiful daughter, who was so spiritual in every way.. 


You cannot marry him, Parvati,” they said. “This Shiva has been insulting you for so many years now. You must not waste your time on him any longer.

But Parvati would not budge. “I am going to stay here,” she declared. “From now on, I shall eat only leaves, wet leaves.” With heavy hearts, Parvati’s parents returned home without their daughter.

For several years, Parvati stayed near Shiva, eating only wet leaves. Then she started eating only dry leaves. After a few more years, she gave up eating leaves altogether. When she gave up eating leaves, her name became Aparna, which means “one who does not eat even a leaf.” Parvati became the Goddess Aparna at that time because of her extreme tapasya, or spiritual discipline.

As time passed, Parvati went one step further. She stopped drinking water. She was living on nothing but air. Himavan saw that his daughter was becoming very weak. He knew that it was only a matter of time before she would die. So Himavan went to Lord Shiva and said, “Can you not see what you are doing to my daughter? All her life, she has wanted only one thing, and that is to marry you. But you have never even looked at her. If you are determined not to marry her, at least look at her. Otherwise, she will surely die.

Shiva condescended to look at Parvati, but to himself he said, “Let me test her one last time before I marry her.” Poor Parvati had endured so many tests and still Shiva wanted to test her love and devotion. He took the form of an ordinary man and approached her. “You are such a beautiful girl,” he said. “Why are you wasting your time here? I have heard that you want to marry Shiva, but what kind of man is he? He spends all his time in the cremation ground in the company of his ghost-friends. The garland around his neck is made of skulls. How can you marry someone as frightening as Shiva? Forget about him! Marry a normal man, like me.

Parvati’s eyes burned. “What you are saying is untrue. Go away from here and leave me alone! I know who Shiva is. Do not throw your doubts and suspicions into me. I will never marry you, never! I will marry only my Lord Shiva. If you do not leave me alone this instant, I shall curse you!

At that moment, Shiva assumed his true form once more. Parvati was so moved and overwhelmed to see him standing before her.Shiva said to her, “Any boon that you want, I shall give you.

You do not know by this time what boon I want?” asked Parvati. “I want only to marry you.

Granted,” said Shiva.

After Shiva and Parvati were married, Parvati came to know that she had been Shiva’s wife in her previous incarnation. Her name then was Sati and she immolated herself because her father, Daksha, insulted Shiva. But that is another story! 

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Goddess Sati was a Daughter of King Daksha. Daksha, depicted in legend as an arrogant king, did not get on with his renunciative son-in-law and basically cut his daughter away from her natal family. Daksha organized a prayer ritual and invited all the Gods, Goddesses and princes. But he did not invite Shiva or Sati because he was unhappy that his daughter had married Shiva. Sati learnt about the yagna and asked Shiva to go with her. When Shiva refused, Sati insisted upon going and was escorted by Shiva’s troops to her father’s kingdom. Upon reaching, Daksha got angry on seeing her and yelled at her telling her she was not welcome. Sati tried to make him understand but it was no use.It is said that when Daksha did not stop yelling, the angered Sati took the form of the goddess, Adi Parashakti. Lightning and thunder threatened to destroy the Earth. Adi Parashakti introduced herself as the Eternal Power to Daksha and cursed him to be killed by Shiva, inclusive of all the Gods, princ…


Aīrāvatīśwara Temple

Located near the sacred town of Kuṁbakoṇam in the Tamil heartland is the Aīrāvatīśwara (ऐरावतीश्वर) Temple. Built in the 12th Century CE by the Cola monarch Rājarājā II, it is a sparkling example of Dravidan style architecture as perfected under the Cola kings. While smaller than the Brihadīśwara Temple in Thanjāvur, the Aīrāvatīśwara Temple contains more finessed sculptural details. The main maṇḍapa is in the form of a chariot with large wheels and drawn by stone horses – a theme that is seen in other temples as well – notably the Sūrya Mandira at Konark.

The Aīrāvatīśwara Temple is dedicated to Lord Śiva – Mahādeva as the saviour of Aīrāvata – the resplendent white elephant who was the vāhana of Indra the king of paradise – relieving the supplicant from a complexion blemished by a curse.

(MY VERY OWN BITTY! I learned about the Bitty Bones AU and I just had to have one! This is for what was previously called Flowerfell. Due to the creator of that AU’s wishes about stopping Flowerfell, I’ll call this… ‘The Buttercup Curse AU.’ The drawing was done by my friend, @shiva-the-raging-red-head, specifically for me, so I didn’t draw it myself! Feel free to adopt a Goldie and draw them if you want! I just ask you stick to the turtleneck, don’t add the scarf back please.

Here is his info!)

Name: Goldie

Size: 4 inches tall

Origin: Buttercup AU

Appearance - Goldie has buttercups covering more than half of his face (the right half), including his mouth and nose. He cannot speak, and his expression is barely visible. His left eye, the one that glows with magic, is uncovered. There are buttercups all over his legs, making it very difficult for him to walk. There is a ring of buttercups around each wrist, but his hands are free enough for him to use sign language, or “speak in hands.”

Personality - He is a rather timid bitty, due to his disabilities. He can get scared easily if he thinks there is danger, because he can’t really protect himself or fight (and doesn’t really want to anyway). He is usually very gentle, and he will smile a lot even when sad. But he is prone to melancholy due to the buttercups, so he cries sometimes. He tries to hide it and give off a sweet vibe even then. He likes to give kisses. But he can, rarely, lash out in frustration, scratching you with his hands since he can’t really bite, and might curse you out a little too. But once he has calmed down he will feel guilty and try to make it up to you with more kindness. He might tie his scarf around one of your fingers to be playful, or crack puns just like most Sanses. He is very wary of pets and will try to avoid them. Might even get jealous if you are holding your pet and not him, and he would at that point hide his face in his scarf to disguise his jealousy, or if he is feeling particularly clingy he might demand you put the pet down to hold him instead. But if you have a very gentle, calm pet, he might learn to trust it in time, and might even snooze against it sometimes. This works best with cats.

How he gets along with other bitties:

Sansy - Too lazy to be threatening, so Goldie likes them. Sansy can cheer him up if they swap puns while he is sad.

Punny - They’re okay. Their name is a pun, which is a plus. Goldie is wary of them trying to chew on the flowers, though, as that would hurt

Edgy - Not good not good. Do not let the Edgy bite or harass Goldie, because Goldie will cry and everyone will feel bad.

Baby Blue - Goldie will like a Baby Blue, but Baby Blue might be too energetic for Goldie to keep up with, so Goldie might just sit back and watch Baby Blue do stuff with the occasional pun.

Cherry - They get along super well and lift each other up. Might grab hold of each other if equally scared of something. Might cry together. Might help each other be brave when necessary.

Soft Bones - Wonderful. Soft and harmless. Goldie will want to cuddle. Goldie’s smile will be genuine when hanging out with Soft Bones.

Papy - Awesome because Papy might carry him around to be helpful.

Boss - Will probably not do what Boss orders him to, but will also probably not call him ‘Batman,’ so they’re cool.

Meek - A+ will cuddle together, might teach Meek to be better at sign language.

Lil Bro - Very chill, so they get along great. But will avoid Lil Bro if the guy is smoking, Goldie has enough trouble breathing with the buttercups all over his mouth and nose.

Poppy - THE best babysitter for Goldie. A++ brotherly relationship

Teacup - cool if a bit too active. Will happily nap together

If you have any questions about Goldie, just ask!)