the curse of cornelius sigan

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posting this again with audio. 

“Bradley: This is an example of what I have to put with. Myself and Colin, on horseback and we had to do a scene where we had to go through a rain machine…both absolutely saturated, and someone goes, I think it was Carol went “Aww, poor Colin”. I’M RIGHT HERE. I’M…I CAN HEAR WHAT YOU’RE SAYING!

Colin: “Aw, Colin are you all right?” “Yeah…um, I need a towel. Just one, though.

Bradley: (whiny voice imitating Colin) “I need a towel and a hot water bottle. And somebody to dry me off please"

Bradley: “Carol, can I have a towel? “No, you’re fine.” 

Merlin commentary, The Curse of Cornelius Sigan